The creators of Dark have a new mystery ready for Netflix: 1899 – Gearrice

Posted: September 14, 2022 at 12:45 am

Netflixs new mystery series has it all to rock this fall. 1899 arrives, from the creators of Dark.

One of the things that has contributed Netflix to the world of television, is that it has allowed us to enjoy series that go beyond the typical Spanish and North American productions that dominated the grill in our country. Thats how we discovered the German series Darkand now his relief arrives, 1899.

Dark is a mystery, drama and science fiction series that revolves around a missing child. 1899 Its not a sequel or anything like that. The only thing they share are their creators, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friesewho have formed a new production company called DARK WAYS, specialized in filming with virtual sets with LED technology.

We already talked about 1899 a few months ago, but now Netflix confirms its upcoming premiere, surely in the fall. Here you can see the promising poster of the series:

1899 is a period series that takes place in the year that gives it its title. All the action will take place, at least initially, in a ship of European migrants traveling from London to the United States to seek a better life in the new century that is about to begin.

The migrant ship will meet another ship on the high seas, and that is when the nightmare will begin.

Passengers on board of different nationalities, including Spanish actor Miguel Bernardeaufrom the Elite series, they will speak in their language, so you will have to read subtitles. It is an important part of the plot and its creators have already confirmed that certain dialogues will not be dubbed.

1899 will share with series like Stranger Things that mixture of mystery, terror and science fiction that has worked so well for Netflix.

As we mentioned in the introduction 1899 has been shot with a virtual set technology called LED, where is it used a game engine to create complex scenariosallowing greater camera freedom than classic green screens.

Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese want 1899 to be a demonstration of this new way of shooting, and other series to use it through their new Dark Ways studio.

1899 has everything to take over from stranger thingsand become one of the best Netflix series.

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The creators of Dark have a new mystery ready for Netflix: 1899 - Gearrice

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