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Posted: August 23, 2022 at 12:03 am

Morals are on our side, science is on our side, the law is on our side, and the Nuremberg Code is on our side.

Thousands of people from many different countries gathered on Aug. 20, 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Nuremberg Code. Many activists, physicians, musicians, and others came to speak or perform during the afternoon at an event set up by the World Council for Health, whichwas set up on amultilingual livestreamso that viewers from across the world were able to join in.

The Nuremberg Code is a 10-point document highlighting a set of ethical research principles in experiments involving humans. Initially disregarded when the code was created in 1947, it has come into conversation in light of recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Vera Sharav, a medical doctor, Holocaust survivor, activist, and founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, was one of the speakers at the open-air event. She spoke about how human experimentation and eugenics never ended with Nazi Germany; how after World War II, thousands of Nazi scientists who operated closely with Hitler, were smuggled into the United States to continue their work.

These were brutal scientists, engineers, and technicians who actively participated in the human eugenics program during the Nazi era, she said, and they dont see people as humans. They legally infiltrated the United States and educated the next generation of scientists and taught them to be indifferent to humans, and ruthless. Sharav says that the reason President Dwight Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex during his farewell speech was precisely because many people in the military and weapons sector were no longer interested in the basic rights of humanity.

She refocused the speech on modern times and said that this mode of thinking had never gone away; it has been passed down until today and applied during the COVID-19 pandemic. There were many inhuman aspects to the development of the vaccines, she said, and many of them violated the Nuremberg Code established decades ago, such as waves of mass testing, vaccination, and medical passport efforts.

Sharav drew parallels between the Nazi eugenics movement and the transhumanist theories being promoted today, especially by globalists. The opinion that humans are perfectible through electronic components and biotechnology is known as transhumanism, and many pandemic response measures were in line with this vision.

Another speaker was Dr. Rolf Kron, who came under heavy scrutiny in Germany because he was one of the first doctors to question the COVID-19 narrative. After speaking out against the official policies, he was woken up one day by the police who came and searched his house. This act, however, did not intimidate Kron, and for the past 15 months he has continued to speak out against the vaccine mandates among other things.

Kron said he knew many doctors who were fired because they had written medical certificates for patients exempting them from wearing a mask in public. Doctors in Germany, he said, were under strict scrutiny of the government and had no choice to obey the government because they would otherwise face unemployment, social scrutiny, and other forms of pressure. Doctors are now being looked at like criminals [if they put the wrong foot forward].

He called for an end to the medical tyranny as it seemed like a repetition of the medical offenses that led to the Nuremberg Code in the first place. He strongly reemphasized the codes as the baseline of scientific experimentation and that which should never be violated.

Although the Nuremberg Code is not officially a part of any law in the world, it is still enforced internationally, much like laws against slavery and piracy, said Mary Holland, the president and general counsel of the non-profit organization Childrens Health Defense. It is an international standard established by lawyers and doctors, and the importance thereof cannot be reemphasized enough, especially given the current situation, she said.

Dr. Holland says that although the current situation seems unappealing, it is still not too late. We have been winning for the last two years! The narrative that these injections work is over, [along with testing asymptomatic people and similar former regulations]. Dr. Holland highlighted how crucial the Codes are today, and how vital it is for us to fight back.

Morals are on our side, science is on our side, the law is on our side, and the Nuremberg Code is on our side.

Overall, the energetic event went on for the entire afternoon and hosted many more speakers from a multitude of nations as well as contributing professional musicians.

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