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Posted: November 7, 2021 at 12:13 pm

Nothing says Kiwi summer like a giant ice cream.

But with countless dairies and parlours offering cones in every flavour under the sun, its easy to become frozen with indecision.

Thats why weve put together this list of our favourite ice cream spots. Whether youre after the wackiest flavours, the best plant-based alternatives, or the biggest scoops, here are some top shops to seek out on your travels.

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For experimental ice cream flavours, you cant go past Duck Island.

Since launching in an old underwear factory in 2015, these Hamilton-based ice cream makers have become known for their Willy Wonka-like creativity when it comes to flavours, whether theyre taking inspiration from childhood favourites like fairy bread and lolly cake, or experimenting with unconventional ingredients and combinations think black sticky rice, and roasted white chocolate miso.

Price for a single scoop: $6

One to try: Toasted marshmallow


Little Liberty Creamerys plant-based ice creams are so good youll think theyre the real deal.

If you want an ice cream without the belly ache, Little Liberty Creamery could have the frozen treat for you. This Taranaki scoop shop uses a special recipe consisting of cashew nuts, cacao butter and coconut milk, which becomes a base for beloved flavours like caramel swirl, double espresso, and raspberry ripple. Even the most diehard dairy fans have been tricked into thinking these ice creams are the real deal.

Price for a single scoop: $5

One to try: Almond Mocha


Little Lato serves up traditional Italian-style gelato.

Little Lato founder Hannah Wood studied at the famed Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy, before returning to Aotearoa to share her newfound skills with Kiwis so you can be assured this lato is legit. Whether you opt for a trusty favourite like salted butterscotch, or branch out on something a little more unexpected like massaman curry, youll find every cone filled with rich, velvety goodness. Its truly *Italian chef kiss*.

Price for a single scoop: $6

One to try: Speculoos


Toad Hall is a one-stop shop for delicious treats, including real fruit ice creams.

Theres something about being surrounded by orchards that just makes a real fruit ice cream taste better, which is why Motueka the fruit bowl of the Nelson Tasman region is the perfect destination for those craving a fruity hit. Toad Hall is a go-to spot, twirling ice creams (or frozen yoghurt) filled with every fruit you can think of, with berries sourced locally. Pop by for a quick cone, or make a leisurely afternoon out of it theres also a cafe, juicery, brewery and taproom on site.

Price for a single scoop: $5.50

One to try: Mixed berry


Rush Munro's historic ice cream gardens in Hastings.

Slurp up some history on a visit to New Zealands oldest ice cream producer. To this day, the iconic Hawkes Bay ice cream makers use the same basic recipe pioneered by Rush Munro himself back in 1926. Flavours are dependable favourites hokey pokey, boysenberry, cookies & cream and made using the finest ingredients. They even have a pretty little garden area where you can enjoy them.

Price for a single scoop: $6.65

One to try: Maple & Walnut


Youll find Pattis & Cream parked up at St Clair Beach on the weekends.

Whatever the weather, most weekends youll find hardy Dunedinites queuing up for handmade ice creams from Pattis & Cream at St Clair Beach. While the retro Bedford truck might hark back to an old-school Mr Whippy experience, the flavours are anything but traditional think plum balsamic, olive oil, and pumpkin dulce de leche. If you miss the truck, you can head to their scoop shop in Mornington.

Price for a single scoop: $6

One to try: Donut Raspberry Ripple

John Kirk-Anderson/Stuff

Darfield Dairy owner Errol Barnes and his version of a single scoop.

Size matters when it comes to ice creams. And while many dairies offer multi-scoop monstrosities in an attempt to lure in ice cream lovers, Darfield Dairy in Canterbury knows the real generosity test comes down to the single scoop. They really have to be seen in person (ideally using a small child for scale) to be believed, but they're at least twice the size of other dairies. All flavours on offer come from the Kiwi brands Tip Top and Chateau when theyre that big, you want something tried and true.

Price for a single scoop: $5 (or $3 for a small one)

One to try: Gold Rush

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