90 pct of Kiwis getting first COVID-19 vaccine proves New Zealand isn’t a ‘divided nation’ – Grant Robertson – Newshub

Posted: December 3, 2021 at 5:03 am

Robertson says just a handful of regions are beneath the 90 percent first dose threshold.

"Of the eligible population, we now have 93 percent with a first dose and 87 percent with full vaccination," he said.

"Of the remaining five DHBs still to reach 90 percent first dose, the Lakes DHB has just 785 more vaccinations to go and the West Coast DHB 284 to reach the target."

He says getting more than 90 percent of Kiwis to agree on anything is a "highly unusual achievement", and gives the lie to the insinuation that vaccine mandates have divided New Zealand.

"When we have over 90 percent of New Zealanders with their first dose, I'm simply not gonna accept that we're a divided nation," he said.

"There are people who hold different views about vaccination - people are entitled to hold those different views - but I think as a country we have come together amazingly over the last few months to see those vaccination rates rise.

"We have set up a framework that is designed to keep New Zealanders safe, and I believe we'll do that."

Another 92 new COVID-19 cases were reported in New Zealand on Friday - the lowest daily total in more than a month. Of these, 80 were in Auckland; two in Waikato; five in the Bay of Plenty; two in Taranaki; and one each in Lakes, Northland and Nelson.

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90 pct of Kiwis getting first COVID-19 vaccine proves New Zealand isn't a 'divided nation' - Grant Robertson - Newshub

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