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Cities and towns play a significant role in the expansive universe of Starfield, offering explorers much-needed places to rest and refuel, but some settlements are better than others when it comes to vibes. Starfields Settled Systems have several cities that stand out among the abundance of civilian outposts on remote planets, each showcasing the distinct culture and lifestyle that blossomed from the type of planet they are on and factions associated with their community. The intricacies of each citys culture and faction considerably impact how they feel and which are better places to visit.

Many will visit most of the major cities in the Settled Systems as part of Starfields main questline, but the smaller towns can be easy to miss. These settlements typically offer a perspective that is lacking in the city hubs and has some unique gear that cannot be found elsewhere, particularly when it comes to Starfields ship-building feature. Despite the potential gear benefits, most may find that they spend more time in some settlements than others, based on the citys location and convenience of navigation. However, atmosphere and community also play a considerable role in determining which of Starfields cities have the best vibes.

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Gagarin Landing is one of Starfields toughest small towns. It began as a factory settlement that built mechs during the Colony War. When the war ended, however, and mechs were outlawed, Gagarin Landings economic prosperity ended with it. Currently, its a rough, industrial town that relies on mining to keep it afloat. Its community is relatively small compared to other towns of its size, with only a couple of shops to visit. As a result, Gagarin Landings vibes arent so great.

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Cydonia is the oldest settlement in Starfield, and its age certainly shows. The city is situated under the surface of Mars, which causes a host of health problems for its residents, including breathing dusty air due to the proximity to its mining facility. Frequent explosive detonations shake the city, knocking dust loose from the enclosed surroundings. Cydonias mining industry is crucial to the United Colonies, supplying precious metals the Deimos company uses to outfit the UC Navy. Its community is full of hardworking, charming people, but its plain to see that Cydonia doesnt have the best of vibes.

Hopetown is a quaint little settlement built around the ship manufacturer HopeTech. It was established by the companys founder, Ron Hope, as a colony to house the employees of the starship factory. Its community is made primarily of these workers. Aside from the HopeTech factory, there is little to see or do in HopeTown, which has only a bar and a small weapons shop, so it doesnt see many tourists. At the same time, it leaves little in the way of luxury for the residents. While its a peaceful settlement, HopeTowns vibes could certainly be better.

The Key is home to Starfields pirate faction, The Crimson Fleet, so its the perfect den for the galaxys criminals. The spaceport was used to serve its corresponding prison, The Lock, on the planet below. However, a massive prison break led to the spaceports capture, and pirates have inhabited it ever since. There is no denying that there is a certain camaraderie that develops between the outlaws, but its worth noting that whatever friends a pirate makes could be willing to sell them out for a better paycheck, which makes The Keys vibes sketchy at best.

Neon is one of Starfield's most visually striking cities, but its seedy reputation makes it a place worth visiting for only brief amounts of time. The city is officially known as a pleasure city, where people go to unwind, sometimes with the hallucinogenic drug Aurora, which is legal only in Neons Astral Lounge.

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However, the city is mired by poverty and criminal syndicates in the Ebbside and Underbelly districts, making Neons Core the safest place for tourists. The bright lights and party life are enough to give Neon some great vibes, but there are better places to look in the Settled Systems.

Paradiso is Starfields dedicated resort colony with some of the best vistas in the game. It has a relaxing beach area and a lively rooftop bar for guests to enjoy. Its an expensive hotel to stay at and certainly attracts wealthy clients, but there is no doubt that Paradiso offers a good time to those who can afford it. However, it cant be ignored that the resorts staff are treated poorly and live in run-down shacks on the opposite side of the hotels property. Paradiso has a lot going for it, but it is admittedly an acquired taste.

New Atlantis is the first major city people visit in Starfield and is a testament to the ideals of the United Colonies Faction. On the surface, it is a very welcoming city that people from many walks of life can call home. Its home to Constellation and the capital of the United Colonies.

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However lovely the surface is, the UC government does a remarkable job of pushing the less desirable aspects of New Atlantis underground to an area known as The Well, where the citys impoverished residents live. However, New Atlantis is an excellent place to visit overall, and its scenic architecture and nature help bring some great vibes to the city.

New Homestead has some of the most enjoyable vibes out of all of Starfields settlements. While it is only a small colony boasting a couple of shops, it has one of the most charming communities in the game, making it a lovely place to visit. Characters can embark on a guided tour led by one of New Homesteads most enthusiastic residents, where they can learn about the colonys history and culture.

The settlement is also home to the longest-standing restaurant in the Settled Systems, the Brown Horse Tavern. New Homesteads peaceful nature and dedication to preserving old-earth culture make its good vibes stand out among the rest of Starfields cities.

Akila City is one of the most down-to-earth cities in Starfield. In the heart of Freestar Collective space, Akila City was founded on humble beginnings by a lone explorer named Solomon Coe. It started as Coes small camp, which he hoped would grow into a city, and this hope came true in spades. Akila City is home to many families, businesses, and the Freestar Rangers.

Unfortunately, as with other cities, Akila City has its share of residents whove fallen on hard times. However, the reliance on community is strong in the city, so its common for more fortunate residents to look out for the less fortunate. Moreover, Akila City is one of the most beautiful locales in the game, especially during sunset.

Starfields massive open world creates the opportunity for many ways of life to emerge, so each settlement is worth experiencing to get a better feel for what its like to live in this universe. Doing so will deepen the players investment in the story and the lore behind the games many factions. No matter the city's vibe, players should make a point to explore everywhere in the Settled Systems to see what Starfield has to offer.

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