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Daily Kickoff: Peyton Manning in Jerusalem + Kentucky Jews frustrated with Rand Paul – Jewish Insider

Posted: October 13, 2021 at 7:46 pm

Keystone Race:Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat,is expected to announcehis entrance into the 2022 gubernatorial race to succeed term-limited Gov. Tom Wolf.

Big Win:Israeli-American economist Joshua Angrist wasawardedthe Nobel Prize in Economics for his work using real-world data to test big theories about labor markets, including evaluating the effect of education on later earnings.

Saying Goodbye:KKR co-founders Henry Kravis and George Robertswill step downas co-CEOs of the private equity firm.

All the News:The New York TimessBen Smithspotlightsa 40-year debate between two Boston journalists over media objectivity, and how it can be applied through the lens of the present.

Funny Friends:Dirk Smillies new biography of Harry Guggenheimlooksat the businessman and aviators friendship with Charles Lindbergh, which continued as Guggenheim worked to save Polish Jews from the Nazis.

Guilt by Association:The Zurich Kunsthaus museum hascome under firefor opening a new exhibit featuring artwork that once belonged to Emil George Buhrle, who sold arms to Nazi Germany and bought mills from Jews who were forced to sell their assets at reduced prices.

Lasting Land:Israeli Prime Minister Naftali BennettsaidIsrael would retain its sovereignty over the Golan Heights and pledged to double the size of the population there, regardless of the geopolitical climate in Syria.

Bad Note:Singer Billie Eilish wastargetedby anti-Israel bots after posting a video to promote a new album to Israeli audiences.

No Translation:Irish author and Israel critic Sally Rooneyis refusingto let her third novel be printed in Hebrew.

Good Air:Israels Ministry of Healthapprovedan air filtration system from Aura Smart Air that destroys airborne coronavirus particles in enclosed spaces.

Mark Your Calendar:The Red Hot Chili Peppersannouncedthey will be performing in Israel in 2023, after canceling a planned show in 2020 due to the coronavirus.

Booster Bummer:Many young Israelisare hesitantto receive COVID-19 booster shots, raising concerns among experts regarding the continued spread of the virus.

Mars Life:A group of six researchers from the Austrian Space Forum, Israel Space Agency and D-MARSare livingunder simulated Mars-like conditions in southern Israels Ramon crater, as a proof-of-concept test before a possible mission to Mars.

Fine Wine:A 1,500-year-old winery has beendiscoveredin the city of Yavne in central Israel.

Likud Race:Israels former health minister, Knesset Member Yuli Edelstein,announcedon Monday that he will challenge Benjamin Netanyahu for the leadership of Likud, Israels largest political party.

Under Fire:Israels Intelligence Minister Elazar Stern is facing furthercriticismafter saying in a radiointerviewSunday that he had shredded anonymous complaints of sexual harassment.

Transition:Ronen Bar wasconfirmedas the new head of the Israel Security Authority (Shabak).

Remembering:Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity CEO Jim Fleischerdiedat 52. Industrial furniture designer Richard Schultzdiedat 95. Former Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, who led the country through both the 1979 takeover of the U.S. embassy and the Iraqi invasion of Iran the following year,diedat 88. Eddie Jaku, who survived the Holocaust through a series of camp escapes and ultimately settled in Australia,diedat 101.

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Daily Kickoff: Peyton Manning in Jerusalem + Kentucky Jews frustrated with Rand Paul - Jewish Insider

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World Series of Poker 2021: Pocket aces defeated by worst hand of 2-7 – For The Win

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The 2021 World Series of Poker is currently taking place in Las Vegas, and heres a hand you need to see to show how lucky one player was.

As you might know, the best hand in Hold Em this was the final table at the $3,000 No Limit Hold Em tourney is pocket aces. The worst? A 2-7.

Here, we have Brandon Caputo, who has a pair of aces with 1.8 million in chips, which at this point at the final table wasnt much. But he wanted to get as much value for his aces as possible, so he called the big blind.

Harvey Mathews (over nine million in chips) had the 2-7, except and this is important they were suited diamonds. He was the big blind, so he simply checked.

The flop was 10-2-3, with the 3 of diamonds showing up. Caputo bet 160,000 and Mathews called with his pair of 2s.

The turn? The 8 of diamonds. Uh-oh. The flush draw was in play. But Caputo bet 300,000 and Mathews thought about it for a while before going all in, which Caputo called.

Guess what came out on the river? Yep. A diamond, specifically the queen. Mathews hit his diamond flush and eliminated Caputo with what started out as the worst hand against the best hand.

Watch this whole thing unfold:

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World Series of Poker 2021: Pocket aces defeated by worst hand of 2-7 - For The Win

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Resorts World Poker is Doing it Right – CardsChat.com

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October 13, 2021Latest Poker News

Its been years since a brand new poker room opened in Las Vegas. And, over that time, a good number of rooms have closed, some of them permanently. So when I saw plans for a poker room at the new Resorts World, I didnt get my hopes up. Photos of what the new room would look like were shared on social media, but I still had my doubts until the room finally opened a few months ago.

Players have been saying good things about the room ever since the doors opened. Now that Ive been there myself, I can see why. This poker room isnt an afterthought; something they decided to try after the place was built. It is a part of the building, a feature of the casino floor, and one of the jewels in the crown of the Strips newest resort hotel.

To be honest, the name Resorts World didnt conjure visions of luxuriously appointed rooms and high-end dining experiences. But the name doesnt do the property justice. This is a legitimate, high-end casino and hotel on par with anything the Strip has to offer. Once people have had a chance to visit, I expect Resorts World to be in the conversation when people talk about the nicest casinos in the city.

And, great news for us poker players, theyre serious about poker. I stopped by a few days ago and poker room manager Gary Higgins gave me a tour of the room and the surrounding hotel. Gary has worked for some of the worlds best poker rooms, including The Venetian, Wynn Las Vegas, Wynn Macau, and Encore Boston. Gary showed me a poker room with amenities that blew me away way beyond what Ive seen any poker room offer.

As my old poker buddy Dave used to ask, Sure, but hows the coffee?

Well, the coffee is a good example of just how far Resorts World has gone to treat poker players like valued guests. Im a bit of a coffee snob and its not easy to impress me. Ive had Wallenford at the actual Wallenford Estate in Jamaica, Terrazu fresh roasted on the side of the volcano in Costa Rica, Guatemalan coffee that fell out of the roaster and into a grinder two minutes before my cup was brewed. Fresh roasted Kona in Hawaii hardly caught my attention. So, I guess, maybe Im a bit more than a casual coffee drinker.

Resorts World went the extra mile and bought a Franke A1000 coffee system straight from Switzerland. Its the finest automatic coffee maker on the planet. The machine itself starts at $15,000, and they bought all the extras and add-ons to go with it. I would be shocked if they put less than $25,000 into the coffee machine in their poker room.

Yes, of course, I tried it. And yes, it was as good as advertised. A flat white that wouldnt have been out of place in Australia or New Zealand where it is the standard caffeinated beverage. Brilliant.

Stop by for a cup, even if you dont have time to play. Tell them you just wanted to check out the poker room and that Fox raved about the coffee machine. Theyll invite you to try a cup for yourself. And you will be impressed.

The coffee machine illustrates how they do everything at Resorts World. From the tables to the dealers and staff, the appointments and decor, and the multiple private rooms everything is top-notch and the very best available.

While the room is classic in appearance, its also completely modern. The Franke machine has a touch screen. They use the Poker Atlas app, which allows you to join cash game lists from your phone (no more calling in to get on a list). The food menu includes a dozen restaurants in the casino, and you can order it right from the touch screen and pay with reward points or a credit card right there.

The room is set far enough off the casino floor enough to avoid the din of slot machines, but not tucked in a back corner as if theyre ashamed of it. The air is clean and smoke-free. The food is great. And the rake is low. What else can you ask for?

Poker games? Oh yeah, sorry, I got lost in the coffee. I guess its just a fancy coffee shop if there arent good poker games. And Resorts World is doing a great job there too. They run some of the biggest mixed games in the country every day. They love smaller mixed games too, and there are always No-Limit Holdem games running.

The No-Limit games looked friendly and soft, though I have heard some players fear that there wont be enough walk-by traffic to bring recreational players in off the casino floor. I understand the concern. Its really nice when the occasional club patron stops by at Caesars because the line was too long to get into Omnia. Similar things happen at Wynn or Bellagio, though not as often, and Im not sure that they are a big part of the value of the games.

The biggest concern for me, as a working pro, is how many grinders are in the game. A table with backpacks and headphones everywhere is miserable, even if a random tourist drops in once in a while. I didnt see any backpacks at Resorts World.

Ill let you know how the games are after Ive had time to play some more hands in the room, but they seemed fine to me, with a nice relaxed group and multiple games running midday on a Tuesday. I think that we should all be supporting this room right away rather than waiting to see if they get the games we want before stopping by.

Resorts World made a real investment in poker. In fact, theyve made a bigger investment than any room Ive ever seen. We should be supporting that. If nothing else, it sets a standard for the other poker rooms in town. And, the rake is some of the lowest in the city, which tells me that they understand that poker isnt the big moneymaker, but rather a feature to bring people in to see the casino and bring their spouses or friends back to gamble or see a show. Other poker rooms could learn from this, and I hope they do.

You can bet Ill be letting all the other rooms in town know that their coffee is garbage the next time I have a cup somewhere else. Making sure the other rooms know that they need to step it up in all kinds of ways to compete with the high bar set by Resorts World might just light a fire under them. And if it doesnt, we can just move all the games to RW and toast with a fresh cappuccino.

Written by

Chris Wallace

Professional poker player, HORSE world champion, author.

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Resorts World Poker is Doing it Right - CardsChat.com

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Basic Manners and Etiquette to Remember at the Live Poker Table – Play Pennsylvania

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Poker tournaments are back in Pennsylvania at Rivers Casino Philadelphia, Live! Casino Philadelphia, and many more casinos. For a lot of live grinders, poker tournaments were unavailable for 18 months in the region, but they have come roaring back. With the return of live poker, its a good idea to remind players of some basic etiquette.

I havent played in a live tournament since pre-COVID says Joseph Shinn, a poker player from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I am looking forward to knocking off the rust soon and getting back on the felt.

To most people, most of these rules may seem like common sense. Though a lot of poker players dont always make the best decisions. Here is PlayPennsylvanias Tips for Good Poker Table Manners.

If the plan is to spend all day sitting at a poker table grinding, can we at least agree on taking a shower and using soap before you head out to the casino. One of the biggest pet peeves players have is when you sit down next to the player who hasnt cleaned themselves in days. Not only is this a rule of etiquette, but WSOP took matters into their own hands and now has made it official.

According to WSOP live action rule #14:

This rule shall include, but is not limited to, any Participant whose personal hygiene has become disruptive to the other Participants seated at their table. The determination as to whether an individuals personal hygiene is disruptive to other Participants shall be determined by the WSOP Tournament Staff.

So now tournament directors can literally send you to the showers.

This is another rule that is standard across the board, but isnt always enforced. If a player is dealt in a hand and decides to play said hand, then put the phone down. It will help action move faster and will also allow for a player to be more focused and make better decisions when the action is on them.

Everyone is due a bathroom break or a little time to walk off a bad beat. But dont be the player that leaves for 20 to 30 minutes at a time to go bet on sports, play blackjack or just to kill time. Especially when there is a waiting list and players are trying to get in on the action.

Most poker rooms have dinner lists. If a player is going to eat, they can request to be put on the dinner list. This allows for the player to get right back in action when they get back from eating. Most dinner lists will allow for 30 mins to one hour to let a player return. Ask the floor if you are not sure of the rules of the dinner list.

Hygiene is so important that it is on this list twice! Now more than ever, we must wash our hands. If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it should be that proper hand washing is effective. Nothing is more gross than a player that goes to the bathroom and doesnt wash their hands. Only to come back and touch chips that everyone is using throughout the day.

Moving forwards, casinos should continue to have hand sanitizer at each table available for players to use on a regular basis.

Player X is all in, and player Y now has to make a decision for all his chips. The last thing player Y needs to hear about is Mr. Johnny TalksAlot telling everyone about how the restaurant down the street messed up his order. A good rule to follow is when a player is in a big hand and you are not involved, please be quiet.

Playing for large amounts of money can be very stressful at times. So keeping your mouth closed during these intense moments makes it easier for everyone involved in the action.

Players make mistakes. Bad players make a lot more mistakes. Good players make money off the bad players. This seems like a simple concept, yet players will go out of their way and berate players when they make bad decisions.

A good saying is Dont tap on the aquarium. Yelling at a player or telling them how badly they played a hand is not good for the poker ecosystem. If it is a newer player, they are now being deterred from the game and not enjoying themselves. This is also not good for anyone.

If a player decided to muck their hand, it is extremely bad etiquette to show your hand to other players. It is even worse to say what was in your hand. Even just remarking at the texture of the board when its laid out in reference to the hand you folded is not good for the game.

Making remarks or showing a hand can change the course of action. This will cause players to play differently and can cost players money.

When a player has a hand, please pay attention to the action. Wasting a tables time is a quick way to frustrate everyone. If you muck your hand, feel free to watch the game or order a drink, but dont do it while you are actively engaged in a pot.

If you have to ask who the action is on, its probably on you, said Patrick Jankowski, a poker player from Philadelphia.

This has to be said. No one cares about your bad beat story. Lets repeat that for clarification, no one cares about your bad beat!

Everyone gets bad beats. Its part of the game. Sitting around telling bad beat stories is annoying and makes for a negative atmosphere. We get it, the player hit a 3-outer on you on the river. Guess what? It happens.

The final rule of etiquette is the simplestbut the one people forget about the most. Respect. Respect the game, the players and especially, the dealers. Treat the staff fairly and keep integrity in the game. Learn to respect each other and enjoy the game.

Lead image c/o Dreamstime

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Basic Manners and Etiquette to Remember at the Live Poker Table - Play Pennsylvania

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How Learning Poker Is Being Used to Recruit Women Into Money Management Roles – Yahoo Finance

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KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images/iStockphoto

You may have heard people declare, Id be a horrible poker player, or, the opposite sentiment, I wouldnt want to play poker with them! Typically, it means the person cant hide their emotions and their face shows exactly how they feel.

See: What Is a Hedge Fund Manager? How Much Do They Make?Find: Useful Lessons for Average Investors Following Archegos $30 Billion Hedge Fund Disaster

But there are other key skills involved in poker, too, including risk-taking and knowing how to read others. And, it turns out, all these skills that can improve your poker game can also help women in the workplace. At least, thats the thought behind Power Poker, a dozen course program developed by billionaire options trader Jenny Just.

Just is the cofounder of options trading firm Peak6 Capital Management and has amassed a net worth of $1.5 billion, according to Forbes. She started the poker course as a way to recruit more women into money management roles, according to Bloomberg. Thirty-five percent of traders at Justs company identify as women, but only 14% of the 25,000 fund managers worldwide are women, according to a report from Morningstar Inc. Sadly, that number has not risen in the past 21 years.

Justs course first teaches the basics of poker and then applies that knowledge, such as how to read people, knowing when to fold and understanding when its beneficial to go all in, to workplace scenarios, including salary negotiations. Poker skills are taught by seasoned players, Bloomberg reported.

Then, the entire group gets together on Zoom for games of Texas Hold Em with no money at stake. The course is free for women to play as individuals, and you can also get private lessons with one of the teachers for $55/hour. Nearly 4,000 women across the world have signed up to play, Bloomberg reported. Many of the students come from corporate clients including investment management firms and Northwestern Universitys Kellogg School of Business who pay a fee to provide the course to their workers or students.

Story continues

While its unlikely a poker course will break the glass ceiling or change the dynamics of negotiation that occur when women ask for raises, it is helping women build confidence, resilience and assertiveness, Gail Berger, deputy director of the Kellogg Center for Executive Women told Bloomberg.

Theres really this behavior change that happens, she said.

Using poker to hone boardroom skills is not unprecedented. A 2019 University of Alabama study found that hedge fund managers who are good at poker are, on average, also more successful. In 2018, billionaire hedge fund manager David Einhorn placed 6th in a World Series of Poker tournament, while managers John Sabat and Whitney Tilson chair the Take Em to School poker tournament fundraiser, Bloomberg reported.

See: Hedging Your Bet? Everything You Need To Know About Hedge FundsFind: Women Who Are Changing the Landscape of Finance

Just told Bloomberg, Some of the most senior leaders in the financial industry teach their kids poker at 5, 6, 7 years old. Its a constructive, strategic game.

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How Learning Poker Is Being Used to Recruit Women Into Money Management Roles - Yahoo Finance

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Does Twitch Help the Growth of Poker? – PokerTube

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08:1412 Oct

Theres no doubt that Twitch.tv is one of the biggest recent success stories in the online gaming space. Increasingly powerful tech has given the opportunity for a great number of people to stream their own content and for others to enjoy the show in hi-definition.

Originally aimed at computer gamers, Twitch ushered in a new era of esports that now rivals the support of many mainstream sports. Online poker hitched a ride on this powerful beast , but was it a net winner or loser overall?

Soon after, other players, such as Jaime Staples, decided to try and emulate Somerville and a whole new genre was born. The problem for poker was that it would have to compete with esports to attract new players.

Its almost impossible to accurately analyse the demographics, but many claim that online poker streams on Twitch are almost exclusively watched by people who already play the game on a regular basis. It doesnt look as if Twitch is where pokers new recruits find and fall in love with the game.

This has provided one useful support mechanism to the online poker community in that many players who dont have time to study and play can still get behind their favourite streamer and follow their poker journey.

The streamers can also now support each other with the raid feature. Once their stream has ended they can send their viewership to a friends channel, some of whom will undoubtedly become fans of both channels.

Overall, Twitch poker probably does a good job of supporting online poker but it isnt likely to be responsible for enough of an influx of new players to have a significant impact on traffic. Esports is now firmly established and too much of a monster for poker to overcome.

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Does Twitch Help the Growth of Poker? - PokerTube

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Do You Want To Gain An Edge At The Poker Table? – PokerNews.com

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Can you focus like the pros? Phil Hellmuth, Jeff Gross & Jonathan Little know they need to stay sharp at the poker table, especially at the World Series of Poker where it can be especially difficult to maintain mental sharpness and focus for long hours and late nights, day after day.

We talk to Colton Horn, Co-Founder @ Breinfuel to find out about this new cerebral beverage, and we put it to the test with some familiar faces at the World Series of Poker!

Developed by a pharmaceutical scientist and surgeon to help fuel the brain to respond with alertness for mental focus and physical productivity, Breinfuel contains natural caffeine from green coffee bean extract and green tea leaf extract. Teamed with a blend of low-glycemic sugar, hydrolyzed collagen peptides, and MCTs , Breinfuel helps provide appetite-suppressing, premium, time-synchronized fuel support. Zinc, L-theanine, glycine and an antioxidant blend futher provide brain-boosting support to give you that edge at the poker table.

For more information, see: https://breinfuel.comOr follow along at:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/breinfuelFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/breinfuelTwitter: https://twitter.com/Breinfuel

For more coverage of the WSOP, follow PokerNews at:

Website: https://www.pokernews.comhttps://www.instagram.com/pokernewsdotcomFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/pokernewsdotcomTikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pokernews.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/PokerNews


Do You Want To Gain An Edge At The Poker Table? - PokerNews.com

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Finn Wolfhard practices his poker face while Jimmy Fallon asks about Stranger Things rumors – The A.V. Club

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Finn Wolfhard, Jimmy FallonScreenshot: The Tonight Show

Impatient fans of Stranger Things can attest that its been a long, long time since the shows third season left off with one of its signature, season-ending cliffhangers. No spoilers, but some people might be dead, de-powered, or otherwise touched by the Down Under, leaving viewers to ponder their favorite characters various fates for a lot longer than theyd hoped. We just finished shooting, and it was day 300, said Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard on Mondays Tonight Show, explaining that, while the shows cast and crew might be a little worn out by the series COVID-extended filming schedule, creators the Duffer Brothers are still fully engaged.

Im so glad they still care, the now 18-year-old now-former child star said of the directing Duffers, promising that the grind of four seasons and five eventful years has done nothing to dampen the creators desire to freak people out. Its going to be really messed up, is how Wolfhard put it concerning the long-in-coming fourth season. How messed up? Well, Jimmy Fallon attempted to ascertain that with an exercise is late-night host spycraft, preparing the game Wolfhard before asking about four of the most pressing internet rumors about the show.

The actor and musician, whos been in the business of keeping show biz secrets since he was 12 or so, told Fallon to go ahead and shoot, putting on his spoiler-spoiling poker face, a ready prop at hand for actorly misdirection. Whats up with David Harbours seemingly-dead Jim Hopper? Wolfhard only nodded and sipped from his mug of water, noncommittally. Will Wolfhards Mike and Millie Bobby Browns Eleven get back together? Nod, drink, shrug. Okay, but will the lab-raised Eleven get her powers back this season? And what about that spooky Creel house, where a Season 4 trailer revealed will play a big part in the series action this time around. Buh, eh, uh..., was Wolfhards response, so interpret that as you may.

As for the other supernatural franchise Wolfhard is now part of, the actor told Fallon that working on the direct sequel, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, was equally freaky. Especially as legacy Ghostbuster Wolfhard (playing the nephew of late buster Egon Spengler, alongside screen sister Mckenna Grace) did spill the tea about the films long-rumored return of the originals, in some capacity, at least. Its like being in the room with the Apostles or something, said Wolfhard of working with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, pretty much conforming that the ever-dubious Murray will, in fact be leading the charge against the sequels supernatural hordes. In slightly less scary news (if the sight of an 18-year-olds industriousness doesnt make you feel bad about yourself), the busy actor also confirmed a November 5 release date for his most recent band The Aubreys album, Karaoke Alone.

Stranger Things Season 4 will be out in 2022, sometime.

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Finn Wolfhard practices his poker face while Jimmy Fallon asks about Stranger Things rumors - The A.V. Club

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The biggest poker room PokerMatch has opened its offline residence in Kyiv – iGaming Business

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PokerMatch opens in-person residence in Kyiv.

The biggest poker room in Eastern EuropePokerMatchdecided to move from the online to the real world. The company announced the opening of its offline residence. Now, the PokerMatch Residence, which is located in the heart of Kyiv, is open for the fans of the most popular card game in the world.

PokerMatch notes that no other online poker project in the world has such a home.

PokerMatch Residence is designed not only for playing pokerplayers can chat with the rooms team, spend time with their friends, take part in various activities, and just relax in a casual atmosphere and stylish location.

The offline poker room residence is definitely something new and very interesting, says Ruslan Bangert, CEO of PokerMatch International.

I am sure that there should be a synergy between online and offline, as these are inseparable. PokerMatch is planning to build closer relationships with players offline, so we can meet in person and discuss relevant niche issues. And also just play in tournaments and participate in promotions. Im very glad that we have such a great location with unbelievable atmosphere. Im looking forward to seeing the first residents! This location will become the main venue for our regular tournaments and parties, and Im sure well be able to surprise everyone.

The opening party was held on Saturday, October 9, with a vibrant entertainment program, prize draws, and, of course, a big poker tournament with a guarantee of 300,000 UAH.Along with many popular poker streamers and poker stars, PokerMatch ambassador and the most successful poker player in Ukraine Eugene Katchalov attended the event, as well as a popular Ukrainian showman Vadim Michkovsky, who recently became the media ambassador of the poker room.

During the opening of the residence, PokerMatch also introduced its new ambassadorone of the best poker players in Ukraine, Mykhailo Gutiy.

Mykhailo is a member of the Ukrainian national sports poker team, the world champion in match poker and the best player of the Nations Cup2020.

The ambassadors trophy collection includes a championship bracelet from the prestigious series WSOP Europe and dozens of other rewards.

Knowing PokerMatch teams passion for surprises, they wont stop there: Our goal is to unite all poker fans in Ukraine into a large community, and the opening of the residence is another step in that direction.

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The biggest poker room PokerMatch has opened its offline residence in Kyiv - iGaming Business

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Keep An Eye On In The 2021 World Series Of Poker – FTNnews.com

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With this years World Series of Poker tournament kicking off on September 30 until November 23, fans are anticipating which players they should be monitoring over the course of the two-month long poker extravaganza.

With a number of last years big names missing from this years event, it is anyones game. Continue reading to find out who you should be keeping an eye on in the 2021 World Series of Poker.

As one of the greatest poker players of his generation, Hellmuth is known for topping the list of most bracelet wins by a single player in the history of the World Series of Poker since its inauguration in 1970 with 15 in total. During this time, he has also found himself on 64 final tables and, as a result, was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. As if this wasnt enough, he also ranks fourth when it comes to his total earnings during the course of his participation in the coveted event so far. His forte may be No Hold Em but he is expected to dominate this years tournament by also winning big in Seven Card Razz. As one of the biggest, and most well-known, names in poker, his influence on the professional poker scene cannot be overstated.

As one of Phil Hellmuths greatest competitors and the face of online poker at GGPoker, Negreanu is one of the most successful Canadian poker players of the past couple of decades. He was named the Player of the Year at the 2019 and 2020 World Series of Poker tournaments and has earned over $20,000,000 in total during the course of his professional poker playing career so far. He may only have won six World Series of Poker bracelets but his performance and hold on the event is undisputable. As a result, he is worth keeping an eye on during this years event as it kicks off at the end of the month.

As is the case every year, the World Series of Poker attracts amateur poker players with meagre career earnings as well as high rollers with millions in career earnings. This is largely due to a series of high stakes matches and the opportunity to walk away with the most coveted non-monetary prize in the professional poker industry in the form of a bracelet. For Iran-born Esfandiari, this couldnt be further from the truth. As a former magician, he currently tops the list of the highest earners at the World Series of Poker with over $22 million accumulated during the course of his participation in the tournament so far. This is over $3 million more than Daniel Negreanu who currently stands in second place.

When it comes to professional poker, no player is more celebrated and well-known than Doyle Brunson. Despite winning 10 bracelets during the course of his participation at the World Series of Poker, the 87-year-old poker legend confirmed that he would be turning his back on retirement and participating in a select number of events at this years tournament. As a result, poker fans and players alike are anticipating the welcome return of what may be the last time the two-time World Series of Poker Main Event winner plays on a professional level.

With this years World Series of Poker tournament kicking off at the end of the month, a number of players are gearing up for the event of their professional careers so far. This includes Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, and Doyle Brunson.

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Keep An Eye On In The 2021 World Series Of Poker - FTNnews.com

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