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You can’t tell the Republicans from the Democrats in state Legislature – Gaston Gazette

Posted: June 11, 2021 at 12:21 pm

David Hoesly| The Gaston Gazette

We're being played for fools!

Per this morning'sGazette, the Republicans in the N.C. legislature increased spending for 2021 by 3.45%, to $25.7 billion.

And they had the gall to simultaneously say they're committed to cutting taxes "for the vast majority" of us Tar Heels!

Where do they think those billions are coming from?Unless they're advocating deficit spending - big surprise, huh? - that means one of two things: either they are a) going to increase taxes on some minority in N.C. or b) they are going to kick the can down the road by passing the cost of that spending on to our children and our children's children.

The former implies they're going to tax businesses and those considered "wealthy" who are arguably the sources of investment that produces the jobs we sorely need.

The latter implies a morality so repugnant I can't find words to describe it.

How very sad that the GOP, which once stood for limited government, has become now hardly distinguishable from big-spending Democrats!

Perhaps it's time to consider the Libertarian Party, the true champion of fiscal responsibility and personal freedom, ya think?

David Hoesly is an executive committee member of theGaston County Libertarian Party,

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You can't tell the Republicans from the Democrats in state Legislature - Gaston Gazette

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Paul Krugman’s 10-Year History of Being Wrong About Bitcoin – Reason

Posted: at 12:21 pm

Nobel Prizewinning economist Paul Krugman is one of the most influential individuals in his field, which means people listen when he talks about bitcoin. Unfortunately, most of what he has had to say about the cryptocurrency over the years has been misguided, uninformed, or just plain wrong.

It's sometimes difficult for the average person to understand what economists and politicians are talking about when they debate policy, but the value proposition of bitcoin can be easily understood by anyone through its NgU technology (NgU is an abbreviation of Number Go Up and is a meme based around bitcoin's deflationary monetary policy). While Krugman has stated that his 1998 prediction that "the Internet's impact on the economy [would be] no greater than the fax machine's" was supposed to be a fun and provocative thought experiment, it may be much more difficult to explain away his many confused and oftentimes arrogant takes on bitcoin over the past ten years.

Krugman first wrote about bitcoin in The New York Times back in September 2011. In this post, Krugman mainly compared bitcoin to gold in a rather negative light. "To the extent that the [bitcoin] experiment tells us anything about monetary regimes," he wrote, "it reinforces the case against anything like a new gold standardbecause it shows just how vulnerable such a standard would be to money-hoarding, deflation, and depression."

In other words, Krugman made a moral case against the adoption of bitcoin as money. In Krugman's telling, a bitcoin standard would make the world much worse off because bitcoin has a fixed supply and central bankers would not be able to increase the money supply to stimulate the economy during economic recessions.

Even if you accept the idea that the world would be much better off under a more inflationary monetary system where central bankers have the power to stabilize the economy (I don't), individuals tend to respond to incentives related to the betterment of their own lives, not necessarily the greater good of society. If holding bitcoin theoretically makes the world as a whole a bit worse off but acts as a better form of savings for an individual, is the average person going to choose to put his savings in fiat currencies that lose value over time out of the kindness of his own heart, or will he choose to just hold bitcoin? It's also important to remember that the entire point of bitcoin is to persist in the face of governments that try to force their citizens into only using the government-approved form of money.

In April 2013, Krugman invoked Adam Smith to make another moral case against bitcoin, this time claiming that the use of gold, silver, or bitcoin as money was a waste of resources. "Smith actually wrote eloquently about the fundamental foolishness of relying on gold and silver currency, which as he pointed outserve only a symbolic function, yet absorbed real resources in their production, and why it would be smart to replace them with paper currency," Krugman wrote. "And now here we are in a world of high information technologyand people think it's smart, nay cutting-edge, to create a sort of virtual currency whose creation requires wasting real resources in a way Adam Smith considered foolish and outmoded in 1776."

This was an early version of the energy and climate changebased arguments being made against bitcoin today. This is a faulty argument, however, because it assumes there is no difference between bitcoin and traditional bank accounts. The entire point of bitcoin as an asset is that, unlike Venmo or traditional bank accounts, users can retain full control over their digital money and are not simply holding IOUs. Claiming that this is a waste of resources is a subjective argument. It is no different from saying automobiles or YouTube are wasteful due to the amount of energy that is used to power them. People use bitcoin because it provides value for them, so the resources expended to make bitcoin possible aren't a waste.

Later in 2013, Krugman simply declared that "Bitcoin Is Evil" because, as science-fiction writer Charlie Stross put it, "BitCoin looks like it was designed as a weapon intended to damage central banking and money issuing banks, with a Libertarian political agenda in mindto damage states ability to collect tax and monitor their citizens financial transactions." That said, Krugman did at least go into the argument that bitcoin lacked any sort of fundamental price floor and contrasted that characterization with gold's use in jewelry and the U.S. dollar's use for paying taxes.

Krugman would go on to use bitcoin's lack of a price floor mechanism as his key argument against the cryptocurrency for many years to come. For example, as he argued in a 2015 interview, bitcoin "is a technically sweet solution to a problem, but it's not clear that problem is one that has much economic relevance. It's certainly not a reason to hold that currency.If you're looking for the idea that a currency doesn't really have to be something physical, it can be something that is virtual, that's the system we already have."

But this misses the point of bitcoin, which is actually nothing like the monetary system we currently have. For one, bitcoin's long-term monetary policy was "set in stone" when the network launched in January 2009, and it is not subject to changes by a trusted third party such as a central bank. Additionally, bitcoin solves the problem of centralization that is found in the digital equivalents of both the gold and fiat-based currency systems. Bitcoin users are able to retain full ownership over their coins with no counterparty risk; a bitcoin is not an IOU. Further, due to the censorship-resistant nature of the bitcoin network, a new financial system can be built on top of the bitcoin blockchain through the use of smart contracts to enable a greater degree of user privacy for a wide variety of activities, operating in a manner that contrasts the current surveillance state.

In addition to calling bitcoin evil, Krugman has also dismissed it as "libertarian derp" on multiple occasions. He even took pleasure in the crashing bitcoin price in early 2018. Notably, some of Krugman's negative comments toward bitcoin popped up around the absolute bottoms of two consecutive cryptocurrency bear markets. In other words, it may be a good time to buy bitcoin whenever you see Krugman taking a victory lap.

Unfortunately for Krugman, the "libertarian derp" cryptocurrency hit a new all-time high once again in 2021, 10 years after his initial criticisms of the crypto asset were first published in The New York Times. Instead of acknowledging the reasons for bitcoin's staying power, however, it appears that Krugman will continue to claim there is no utility for this technology and keep dismissing bitcoin as a cult that can survive indefinitely.

Fortunately for bitcoin, it can rebut Krugman by simply continuing to exist and thrive in the marketplace.

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Paul Krugman's 10-Year History of Being Wrong About Bitcoin - Reason

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Best things to do with kids in the Bahamas – Lonely Planet Travel News

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Sprawling beaches, pristine waters and more than 700 islands full of tropical playgrounds make the Bahamas one of the most family-friendly getaways. Whether youre looking for waterslides, waterfalls or underwater adventures, the Bahamas are an unexpected hotspot for kids.

Modern resorts on most main islands have evolved to incorporate activities for children to experience this island paradise withor withouttheir parents. From all-inclusive resorts to more boutique options,kidsclubs and young explorer programs abound in the Bahamas.

Combined with short flight times and a world of natural beauty on the other side of the lobby, family-friendly travel options in the Bahamas are top notch.

This 141-acre water park located on Paradise Island is connected to Nassau via two great arcs.The parkoffers a Disney-like atmosphere that puts visitors insidea fantasy world built to evoke the lost city of Atlantis. Attractions include water slides themed on Mayan pyramids and junglesincluding one slide that transports riders through an underwater tunnel surrounded by sharks.

Just a short ride from Aquaventure, Pirates of Nassau Museum puts visitors face-to-face with replica pirate ships and the actual legacy of pirate lore in the Bahamas. Historically, the Bahamas played host to a rogues gallery of infamous pirates including a pirate republic dominated by the likes ofBlackSam Bellamy andBlackbeardEdward Teach. At the Pirates of Nassau Museum, families can explore the history of those famed pirates alongside women counterparts like Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

This 18th century, limestone fortress peers out over the eastern end of Nassau Harbor. Fort Montagu is the oldest remaining fort still standing on New Providence, andactually playeda role in the American Revolutionary War, becoming the location of the first ever successful amphibious assault by United States Marines.

Kayaking, off-road tours and beaches highlight Grand Bahamas Lucayan National Park, a playground for all ages. Located near Freeport, this sprawling jungle landscape allows families to load up for a paddle tour through mangrove forests or pile into a jeep for a Jurassic Park-like tour of the rainforest.

The Baha Mar Ecological Aquatic Conservation Habitat hosts a variety of sea turtles, rays and sharks that families can interact with. Inside this New Providence sanctuary, guests can participate in daily animal feedings, wade into tidal pools and kayak on the nearby Hobby Horse Nature Preserve. BEACH Sanctuary also features a kids club program and a young Explorers Badge program.

One of the worlds preeminent coral farms, Coral Vita, is located on Grand Bahama.Here, researchers are working to understand the ways warming oceans are impacting coral and engineering methodsfor coral to adapt to climate change. Coral Vita offers guided tours for visitors who want an in-depth look at the biology taking place beneath the waves.

This Nassau gardenis home to more than 130 species of animals in a four-acre complex thats perfect for toddlers. Families can feed birds and interact with mammals at the petting zoo. Swans, macaws, peafowls and lory parrots flutter and walk about here under the shade of mangos and coconut palms.

Atlantis Paradise Island hosts this program designed specifically for children ages three to six years old. Sea Squirts is a one-hour, interactive marine program that allows children to hand feed fish and baby stingrays and includes a swim shirt as a keepsake.

The one-two punch of Atlantis and Baha Mar resorts make Paradise Island the top destination in the Bahamas for kids. While we are huge fans of off-the-grid adventure, this pint-sized island off the coast of New Providence is perfect for education and fun just a short distance from Nassau.

Freeport offers an easily accessible alternative to New Providence that comes with a more do-it-yourself attitude for the kids. While families wont be fully remote here, attractions like Lucayan National Park, Coral Vita and Gold Rock Beach offer ready-made adventures for families of explorers.

The idyllic hamlet of Harbour Island just east of Eleuthera is completely navigable by golf cart. Here, pink sand beaches blend with the tranquil confines of Dunmore Town for a destination that offers flawless fun for older children.

Many islands offer car rental services that will deliver a vehicle to the local airport when you land, while shuttle services on main islands provide hassle free transport for families in a hurry.

The Bahamas can be cooler than other Caribbean nations throughout the year due to its location under the trade winds. Average summer temperatures range from 80F to 85F and can dip into the 70s during winter months. Prepare for warm, sunny days with comfortable, breezy evenings.

Hurricane season runs from June to November, though you shouldnt sweat the big storms too much during your trip. Typically, the Bahamas has several days of notice before the threat of an incoming hurricane draws near.

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Best things to do with kids in the Bahamas - Lonely Planet Travel News

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IDB highlights international good practices and lessons in post disaster reconstruction in The Bahamas – EyeWitness News

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NASSAU, Bahamas The Inter-American Development Bank has highlighted global experiences following natural disasters in a publication on best practices in post-disaster reconstruction in The Bahamas.

Presented in a virtual event for the government, organized by the IDBs country office in The Bahamas, a summary document entitled International Good Practices and Lessons in Post Disaster Reconstruction in The Bahamas offers insight on strategic efforts deployed in the wake of disasters in other countries around the world, including Myanmar, Japan, and the British Virgin Islands.

The examples in the publication were outlined in an earlier webinar featuring The Bahamas National Emergency Management Agency and the Bahamas Disaster Reconstruction Authority.

We are pleased to publish this brochure presenting creative solutions to developmental challenges, said IDB Country Representative Daniela Carrera-Marquis.

Globally, experiences and lessons learned on post-disaster reconstruction efforts are still being systematically developed. This brochure provides an outline of what can be tracked, evaluated, and learned from post-disaster reconstruction efforts around the world.

The IDB Bahamas office remains committed to working with the government to propose more effective reconstruction projects.

The deadly hurricane Dorian in 2019 caused loss of life and billions of dollars in damage. Experts provided several recommendations for recovery, including customized reconstruction based on the unique culture, investing in well-conceived resilient construction as well as in governance, public-private coordination, and financial and legal structures to enable resilient livelihood recovery and rapid and resilient reconstruction when there is significant national or localized catastrophic impact.

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IDB highlights international good practices and lessons in post disaster reconstruction in The Bahamas - EyeWitness News

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We Took a Bahamas Yacht Trip to See Swimming Pigs and the ‘Thunderball Grotto’ – Maxim

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Jordan Riefe

A significant discovery by many execs during the pandemic was that private jets arent necessarily for business only. The good people at Magellan Jets jets saw their business rise 58 percent over 2019, itself a record year for them, as families desperate for lockdown relief took to the skies for havens that take socially distancing to a whole other level, in a good way, like the Exumas in the Bahamas, a series of remote islands a couple of hundred miles from the nearest subway stop.

Catch a flight out of Boston?? and Fort Lauderdale to winter destinations like Aruba, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Leeward Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks and Caicos, U.S. Virgin Islands, Windward Islands, Bermuda and, all year round, the Bahamas where your pleasure ship awaits the Loon.

Jordan Riefe

From stem to stern shes 180-feet with walls of lacquered cherrywood, tasteful muted tones, pile carpet and elegant marble floors. She accommodates up to 12 guests in six spacious cabins with the main deck full beam master including a jacuzzi and separate shower.

On the lower deck are four large ensuite cabins for two. The sixth and final cabin is an extra single located just aft of the master. And if its just the two of you, the pair of aft cabins can be joined to create a single luxurious VIP suite with a queen and king bed.

The sun deck includes shaded lounge seating, jacuzzi, barbeque and a four-person sunbed. And when youre through lounging around, take to the water with a seemingly endless selection of gear including matching Yamaha Waverunner jet skis, Seabobs, Lift e-foils and stand up paddle boards.

Jordan Riefe

Other options include a flyboard, water slide, water skis, junior water skis, wakeboard, inflatable kayaks, snorkeling and 12 sets of scuba equipment, spearfishing gear, kitesurfing gear, fishing equipment as well as tons of water toys for the kiddies.

And if you prefer to keep dry, there are free weights, yoga, bands and balls for an onboard workout. But if youd rather burn no calories at all, there are board games, jigsaw puzzles and a menu listing hundreds of movies to choose from in your own private screening room.

And if youre not quite versed in the ways of the sea, your talented crew of 14 includes a professional surfer, pro kite boarders and divemaster who will escort you to a vibrant tropic underwater world populated by barracuda, reef sharks, sergeant majors and the invasive lionfish.

Jordan Riefe

The Exumas are a shallow playground where cruise ships cannot venture, making it ideal for private yachts. So hop aboard the 43' Everglades towed tender, or the 21' Novurania, for some of the richest underwater exploring in the Atlantic.

And if youre not certified, you can still hit Staniel Cay to snorkel the plane wreck of one of Pablo Escobars drug runners. It was discovered in the 1980s, a day after it crashed ten miles from its destination the airstrip at Normans Cay. Inside it was packed with marijuana and two dead pilots.

From the surface shes less than impressive, just some steel skeletal bones piercing the water at the breakpoint in the fuselage. Once you dive in, youll find much of the structure intact, allowing you to swim the length of the plane from within, or explore the wingspan of the World War II craft resting on the sandy bottom.

Jordan Riefe

Sure it gets busy, but the Thunderball Grotto is a must. Its where Sean Connery carried out that full-scale underwater assault against the forces of SPECTRE in the 1965 Bond classic that gives the grotto its nickname.

Swim between the rocks into an open cave-like area, where the garden below is teeming with life and the ceiling above is a bit too tight.

Through a groove pass into the pool of the grotto, domed like a cathedral, with two perfectly placed skylights illuminating breathtaking natural beauty, colorful parrot fish, coral and angelfish. And if youre feeling your oats, you can swim out to the beach, hike to the top of the rock, and hurl yourself through 40 feet of shadow into the turquoise pool below.

Jordan Riefe

Stop for a pig, now. How the sows and boars got to Big Major Cay, otherwise known as Pig Island, is a bit of a mystery. Were they set loose by a group of sailors to provide protein for return visits? Are they the survivors of a shipwreck? Are they migrants from a local island? Or were they stocked in the 1990s by residents of nearby Staniel Cay?

The sound of the boat summons them not just to the beach, but into the surf where they blithely paddle their way out in search of a celery stalk or carrot. While they're large and can appear intimidating, the pigs are good company and won't force the issue if you're empty handed.

In fact, theyre a bit less pushy than the iguanas over on Bitter Guana Cay (Iguana Island). Like the pigs, they hear the skiff and come flopping their way down the beach for a snack. Grapes on a wooden skewer are their preferred comestible, but they can be a little eager, and might draw blood in the process.

Jordan Riefe

Of course youd be mad to try to do it all in one day, but you dont have to. For a mere $300,000, you have the Loon for a week. So take breaks back on board for specialty cocktails prepared to your liking, and meals to match your tastes.

A preference form is offered ahead of time, affording the chef and his team all the info they need to prepare bespoke meals made to your specifications.

The Exumas are an ideal playground, but its the getting there that makes this trip special. From the easy in and out at Jet Nassau in the Bahamas, with the good people at Magellan graciously handling visas and COVID paperwork, to the Loon itself, providing the comfort and luxury of a five-star hotel with the ocean under your feet, theres no better way to reward yourself for the hardships of the past year.

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We Took a Bahamas Yacht Trip to See Swimming Pigs and the 'Thunderball Grotto' - Maxim

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Lewis says Bahamas Games will return in 2023 Eye Witness News – EyeWitness News

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NASSAU, BAHAMAS Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Iram Lewis yesterday outlined his ministrys plan to reintroduce the Bahamas Games with the hope of providing exposure for Family Island athletes.

During his contribution to the 2021-22 fiscal budget communication in Parliament, Lewis said the plans for the sixth edition of the Bahamas Games have already begun and that a launch date would be announced in the very near future.

I am excited to announce that my ministry is preparing for the sixth edition of the Bahamas Games, a national, Olympic-style, multisport program designed to promote national unity among the people of The Bahamas, Lewis said.

The first Bahamas Games were held in 1989, and the last one in 2001, some 20 years ago. The attempt to host such an event every two or three years was interrupted by the economic and physical impact of a number of hurricanes and other international events.

All previous versions of the games were successful in their intent as reflected by the revelation of world-class talent in Nassau and in the Family Islands. It is our chance to bring them to Nassau and give them the exposure theyll need to develop. The upcoming edition of the Bahamas Games will coincide with the anniversary of our nations golden jubilee, or 50th anniversary of Independence in July 2023.

To be as inclusive as possible, Lewis said the ministry will put together a Bahamas Games secretariat, which will be made up of volunteers from sporting federations and associations around the country.

We will not be able to host these games without the support of every Bahamian and corporate Bahamas. I encourage everyone from every party to step up to the plate, Lewis added.

Previous versions of the Bahamas Games featured several sporting disciplines, including track and field, baseball and basketball. Athletes represented their respective islands and competed against other islands.

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Lewis says Bahamas Games will return in 2023 Eye Witness News - EyeWitness News

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NOT THERE YET: Forbes says The Bahamas remains in third wave, despite positive signs – EyeWitness News

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NASSAU, BAHAMAS Director of the National HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Programme DrNikkiah Forbessaid yesterday that slowing of new coronavirus cases in The Bahamas was a positive sign, but it was too early to determine if the country was turning the curve of the third wave.

In an interview with Eyewitness News, Forbes said other indicators such as the positivity rate, the seven-day average to eliminate daily variability; hospitalizations, as well as COVID-related deaths, gave pause for continued concern.

Those are some of the other metrics that we monitor to have an idea of what is happening in the outbreak.

As you have correctly identified, over the past two weeks there has been a slight decrease in the number of cases as it relates to weekly number of cases.

However, let me point out that there is a percentage positivity rate this last week of 11 percent down from 14 percent, so there is a slight improvement in that.

But hospitalizations are unchanged. Hospitalizations tend to lag behind and were still recording deaths.

The deaths are still continuing to be recorded that gives us an indication when youre having persons who are critically ill and dying we know there are other numbers of persons who are asymptomatic with mild disease who may not be coming forward.

In the last week, 149 new infections have been recorded 37 last Wednesday, 42 last Thursday, 15 last Friday, 17 on Saturday, 20 on Sunday, three on Monday and 25 on Tuesday.

In the week before, 246 new infections were recorded, a decline of 39 percent.

However, 41 cases remain hospitalized, three of which were in the Intensive Cre Unit at Doctors Hospital.

Two more people, a 64-year-old woman of New Providence, and a 62-year-old man from Abaco, died last Wednesday and on Sunday respectively as a result of the virus.

The latest deaths pushed total COVID-related deaths in the nation to 234.

Another 55 cases died from other illnesses and 28 deaths remain under investigation.

A total of 100,530 RT PCR COVID tests have been performed In The Bahamas to date.

According to the Ministry of Health, 353 tests were performed on Tuesday, of which five were repeated tests and four had inconclusive results.

This placed the nations positivity rate for the virus on Tuesday at just over seven percent, more than the World Health Organizations recommended five percent.

The Bahamas positivity rate earlier stood at around 14 percent in recent weeks, however, as pointed out by Forbes.

It is good that the seven-day average or the weekly cases are going down a bit, but were not out of the woods yet because there are still metrics that are concerning, said Forbes, who noted that adherence to public health measures and vaccinations will go a long way.

More than 62,000 people have been vaccinated.

Of the 12,052 total cases since the onset of the pandemic in mid-March 2020, 654 remain active.

The Bahamas flattened the curve of the second wave in February.

The second wave began in early July 2020.

Breaches of the emergency orders, international travel and the presence of new strains have been attributed in part to the third wave of the virus.

The Bahamas has yet to determine which additional COVID variants or variants exist in-country, though health officials have said it is believed certain strains arrived on the countrys shores as of March.

Asked how concerning was this, Forbes said: We have to determine if these variant strains are in-country. There are countries where these strains are undermining progress in the fight against COVID-19 including vaccinations, so we do need to have that information, so we can mitigate against that.

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NOT THERE YET: Forbes says The Bahamas remains in third wave, despite positive signs - EyeWitness News

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6-Banner Sunday: Indiana set for Bahamas trip and recruiting heats up this month – Inside the Hall

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6-Banner Sunday is Inside the Halls weekly newsletter in partnership withThe Assembly Call. Nearly 8,000 Indiana fans receive the newsletter each week. In addition to appearing each week on the site, you can also opt to receive 6-Banner Sunday by email. A form to subscribe via email is available at the bottom of this weeks 6-Banner Sunday.

Welcome to another edition of 6-Banner Sunday, a joint production betweenThe Assembly CallandInside the Hallwhere we highlight the five most essential IU basketball stories of the past week, plus take a look at how the other IU sports programs are doing.

Indianas offseason continues to hum along this week with more good news surrounding the Hoosier basketball program. The biggest item we learned is Indiana is headed on a mid-August trip to the Bahamas for a pair of exhibition games.

We also have a closer look at incoming freshman Logan Duncomb, Tamar Batess arrival in Bloomington, some official recruiting visits set for June and an NCAA rule change.

Also, on this weeks Assembly Call Radio, we are joined by special guest Mark Titus to discuss Mike Krzyzewskis retirement and IUs offseason in general.

Indiana is headed to the Bahamas Freshman Focus: Logan Duncomb Tamar Scoop Bates arrives in Bloomington Four class of 2022 official visits set for June NCAA rules change allows non-coaching staff members to work with players Hoosier Roundup

In easily the biggest news of the week, the Hoosiers are headed to the Bahamas for a pair of exhibition games in August.

This is a great chance for the new staff to get some extra practice time in and for the players to gain some experience playing together before the season begins.

Inside the Hall took a closer look at incoming freshmen Logan Duncomb this week. Duncomb is the 6-foot-10 big man from Cincinnati Moeller High School. Duncombs arrival provides the Hoosiers some much-needed depth in the frontcourt.

Before Indiana made the change from Miller to Woodson, it looked likely that Duncomb would play a major role as a freshman. Jackson-Davis seemed to be on his way to pursue a professional career, which would have thrust Duncomb into a prominent role in his first season.

But Woodsons ability to keep Jackson-Davis in the fold, retain Thompson and add Durr should give Duncomb a chance for some development time as a freshman.

There is some speculation that Duncomb may have a hard time competing for minutes as a freshman, but the opportunity is going to be there for him to earn his way into the rotation. Having frontcourt depth is always a good thing. Foul trouble and injuries can sneak up on a team, and having another big to plug into the frontcourt is a luxury.

Tamar Scoop Bates arrived in Bloomington this week, ready to begin his career as an Indiana Hoosier. It was refreshing to see how Scoop and his family are already embracing the Hoosier fanbase. So refreshing that I (Matt Moore) wrote a story about it for Busting Brackets. All indications are that Scoop is going to be an instant fan favorite in Bloomington.

Scoop also made an appearance on AJ Guytons podcast, House of Hoosier. If you get a chance, take a little time to listen to the episode.

The month of June is going to be a big recruiting month for the Indiana coaching staff. Four 2022 recruits have visits scheduled for June.

Among the prospects scheduled to visit are Kaleb Banks, Justin Taylor, Kyle Filipowski and Jalen Hood-Schifino.

This week the NCAA announced a waiver that will allow non-coaching staff members to provide instruction to players this summer.

The decision was made to allow the coaching staff to be on the road recruiting during the summer recruiting period this year while ensuring the players will continue to receive instruction. It will be interesting to see how Indiana is able to leverage this waiver.

By Aaron (Ari) Shifron

Baseball closed their disappointing end to the season on a high note with a victory over Maryland. However, it was too little too late to earn a bid to the NCAA Tournament. As a result, the Hoosiers will not participate in postseason play for just the second time in eight years. On a happier note, several players were honored by the Big Ten.

Mens Soccer had two athletes awarded CoSIDA Academic Honors. One of those players announced they will be back at IU for another year.

Womens Soccer had their goalie earn a similar academic honor.

Womens Basketball had a player named to represent Australia in the U19 World Cup Selection Camp

Football had the Scholar Athlete of the Month and a former all-time great put on the College Football Hall of Fame Ballot.

Several Hoosiers were selected to USA Divings High Performance Squad.

Mens Golf had a participant selected a PING All-Region Honor.

Water Polo had three Hoosiers earn ACWPC All-American Honors.

The Hoosiers as a whole are in 14th place in the Learfield Directors Cup when all 24 sports are combined.

Thanks for your continued support for The Assembly Call. Well be back next weekend with a new roundup.

Now go enjoy yourself a 6-banner Sunday.

Matt Moore (@MattHoopsGuy1)Staff WriterThe Assembly Call

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6-Banner Sunday: Indiana set for Bahamas trip and recruiting heats up this month - Inside the Hall

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USMNT Fans No Longer Have To Sleep With One Eye Open; Trinidad Has Been Slain – The18

Posted: at 12:20 pm

The past weekend was about as good as it gets for USMNT fans. The result top of mind will be the exhilarating, tumultuous triumph against Mexico in the Concacaf Nations League final. But there was another interesting result that happened in the Caribbean that American fans might have missed.

Trinidad and Tobago has been eliminated from World Cup contention.

The country that has haunted the dreams of American soccer fans for the past four years cant hurt the USMNT anymore. Shockingly, Trinidad and Tobago fell at the first hurdle of Concacafs World Cup qualification process after failing to top its respective group.

Trinidad and Tobago had the highest FIFA ranking in Group F, sitting at 103 in the world. Filling out the rest of Group F were elite soccer nations like St. Kitts and Nevis (135), Guyana (165), Puerto Rico (178) and the Bahamas (201).

In an odd twist of fate, Trinidad and Tobago needed a result against bottom of the group Bahamas to have a chance to advance to the next round. A win against Bahamas would've set up a winner-takes-all showdown against St. Kitts and Nevis on Tuesday.

The situation was eerily similar to the USMNTs failure against Trinidad and Tobago four years ago. Get a result against the team bottom of the group and hope to advance. The Bahamas had nothing to play for. The ninth-worst soccer nation in the world had failed to score a single goal in qualification and had a -15 goal differential.

But the Bahamas national team dug their heels into their native soil and held off every Trinidad onslaught that came their way. Incredibly, the minnows of the Caribbean thwarted the favorites at every twist and turn. One last Trinidad and Tobago attack fell short and just like that, the group favorites were eliminated.

Americans can finally rest easy knowing that 2022 World Cup qualifying wont see the USMNT have to travel back to Trinidad and Tobago.

To celebrate the incredible defensive performance of the Bahamas, I shall play A$AP Mobs song "Bahamas".

Way to go Bahamas. The United States sends its regards.

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USMNT Fans No Longer Have To Sleep With One Eye Open; Trinidad Has Been Slain - The18

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SpaceX Drone Ship Travels to the Bahamas Before Flying to California – Tech Times

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(Photo : SpaceX)

SpaceX's most prolific and veteran drone ship finally departed Port Canaveral several days right after the preparations seem to have begun. It is a few-thousand-mile travel period starting from Florida, with California as the leading destination.

The drone ship is famous for its name -- Of Course, I Still Love You (OCISLY).

Its name came from one of the late Iain Banks' books called "Culture Universe." This specific drone ship took part in supporting its first Falcon booster landing back in March 2016, and it successfully recovered one booster after two months.

Within the span of five years after its inaugural ocean landing, OCISLY has successfully assisted 52 attempted Falcon booster landings. It also recovered Falcon 9's first stages 45 times, and all of its recoveries occurred in the deep areas of the Atlantic Ocean.

Before OCISLY's launch, another drone ship called Just Read The Instructions (JRTI) was transferred from the Port of Los Angeles to Port Canaveral. It was then inspected and gravely upgraded from August 2019 to May 2020.

SpaceXrelocated it to give their East Coast fleet a new pair of drone ships, enabling a launch boost that is otherwise unachievable. This decision ultimately allowed SpaceXto use both of the drone ships efficiently.

As a result, they got a total of 35 successful booster recoveries in just 12 months ever since JRTI entered the mission, together with OCISLY on the East Coast.

However, the private space agency once again needs a drone ship on the West Coast to support their rising polar Starlink launches, and missions for the U.S. government. It is essential to know that they just finished two launches outside Vandenberg Air/Space Force Base or VAFB within the last 24 months.

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According to Teslarati, SpaceX targets one VAFB launch each month. The first phase of the Starlink constellation, 4,400 satellites, will need at least two dozens of dedicated Falcon 9 launches to complete three shells of polar-orbiting spacecraft.

When the constellation is finally hooked with laser interlinks, the polar-orbiting Starlink satellites will officially assist SpaceX in delivering internet anywhere within the Earth's vicinity. At the same time, they can also start enabling access to rising markets focused on in-flight and maritime connections.

Teslarati mentioned that NextSpaceFlight and SpaceXFleet.com's Michael Baylor recently confirmed that the OCISLY drone ship would travel to the Bahamas right before flying to the Panama Canal.

Based on his statement, he added that OCISLY would be transferred by a semi-submersible, heavy-lift apparatus called Mighty Servant One.

Despite having usual duties such as lifting numerous stacked barges and building-sized gas and oil equipment, Mighty Servant One will now transport the drone shop throughout the Panama Canal, going to Port of Long Beach.

The reason behind it is not precisely apparent.

However, using a transporter such as Mighty Servant One could expedite the entire journey by at least 30% despite being expensive. It also makes placing a 53-meter-wide barge right through a 55-meter-wide canal easier to process. The trip also allows SpaceXto stay true to their schedule, kicking off West Coast Starlink by July.

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SpaceX Drone Ship Travels to the Bahamas Before Flying to California - Tech Times

Posted in Bahamas | Comments Off on SpaceX Drone Ship Travels to the Bahamas Before Flying to California – Tech Times