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Ever since the dawn of civilization, luck-based games were a quintessential part of human entertainment. Throughout history, this evolved into an industry with casinos as its living embodiment. Since the emergence of online gaming and online casinos, people had one more option to choose from. Now, not having enough time or energy to leave their home was no longer an excuse.

In moments of crisis, like the one were currently facing, online casinos provide an integral service in a simple and safe manner. Finding entertainment and hope in these trying times is pivotal. This is one of the core tasks of platforms like Casino Horse. Heres a brief rundown of why this particular platform stands out even amongst the best of its competitor casino affiliates. So, those looking for the best UK online casinos might want to use Casino Horse as their source of information.

The majority of players cant wait to get a hold of their favorite game in any form or format. This is one of the main reasons why they hate the idea of long sign-up forms on review sites and newsletter formats. With Casino Horse, this is not a concern. All one needs to fill in is some basic information like ones name, username, and email address. Then, one needs to choose a strong password and agree to terms and conditions (which also confirm that one is at least 18 years of age). This way, theyll be right on track to receive all the most relevant information regarding new and upcoming online casinos.

The best bartender is the one who remembers your favorite beverage. The best barber is the one who doesnt have to ask about the haircut you want (they remember it from the last time). This same kind of preferential treatment and personalized experience is offered by Casino Horse. The platform keeps track of all your favorite brands and gives you a quick update whenever theres new news. Regardless if youre playing your favorite game or betting on a football match, you must have patterns of your own. This way, youll always know where to find the best bets.

There is a lot of psychology behind running an online casino or a casino affiliate. Betting is a form of risky behavior by the majority of societal norms, yet, it still keeps people coming back for more. Its not just about a potential gain or loss. Some of the worlds most passionate gamblers are the richest individuals, yet, this doesnt stop them from craving more. It is about the thrill that comes from the unknown, the uncertain, and the unexpected. Until the ball lands, the card is open or the jackpot machine stops spinning, everyone is both a loser and a winner at the same time.

In other words, its about providing people with a unique thrill that they cant get from anything else. With this being the case, it is clear that betting is about more than just odds. Its about the end-to-end experience. Theres a reason why brick and mortar casinos all have the same layout and the same color palette. Casino Horse is one of rare casino affiliates that actually takes this into consideration when composing reviews. It provides a great insight into where you can actually find the best end-to-end gambling experience that youve been looking for.

One of the winning features of Casino Horse is the fact that everything is in one place. You have access to online casinos, mobile casinos, and casino reviews all in one spot. Theres even an option to sort casinos listed here by country. Now, different countries have different gambling restrictions. The legal age for gambling is just one such issue. In some countries, there are even restrictions on how much you can place in a single bet. With Casino Horse, you get all the relevant information that you need in order to identify the best place to bet your money today.

One of the biggest pitfalls of the luck-based games industry is the fact that rules and regulations are always evolving. This means that the platform youre using may be compliant with all the regulations at the moment but you have no guarantee that the same will be true in the future. In the case of Casino Horse, the team behind it is so vigilant that no major change can go unnoticed. Whenever something shifts in the gambling industry, Casino Horse is following closely behind with an update and a new review.

At the end of the day, Casino Horse does the same thing that so many casino affiliate platforms do but more efficiently and seamlessly. It is an outstanding platform that provides immense value to its users, whether through a unique insight into exciting opportunities for financial gain. Moreover, it is informative, handy, and gives the user a ton of interesting betting-related content to explore. Needless to say, when you put all of this together, the result is more than impressive.

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Between Takes: Space is the Place for Sun Ra and John Sinclair – WDET

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Welcome to Between Takes; where artists and musicians tell stories about what happens behindthescenes.

WDETs Sam Beaubien has been dedicated to making music in Detroit for 20 years, and this series connects you with the stories he has heard on gigs and atrecordingsessions.

Get a look into Stevie Wonders audition for Motown Records, sessions with funk master George Clinton, renowned hip-hop producer J Dillas first days with a drum machine, and many more stories about what shaped the legacy of thismusicalcity.

John Sinclair in an important figure in the activism and music movement in Detroit during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Between hisimprisonment for marijuana, his role as manager for the MC5, opening the Artist Workshop, and helping found the White Panther Party, John had a huge culturalinfluence at thattime.

As a way to bring people and messages together, John hosted many free concerts and festivals. At these events, you would find cutting-edge music, protestsand public speakers talking about change that needed to happen for a better society including conversations about race, police brutality, and the freedom ofexpression.

Doug Coombe


John had a deep love for all genres of music that were a genuine expression of creativity. Jazz, soul, funk and rock all were welcome at his events. One artist who was known for his freedom of expression and far-out views was Sun Ra. A free-jazz and experimental musician whose music encapsulates the entire history of jazz in a single song, Sun Ra was THE Afro-Futurist of his time. His music was about the cosmos, planets, higher-beings and his whole band lived and worked together day-in and day-out. It was more than music it was alifestyle.

John was infatuated with Sun Ra and his music, which was also influential to the MC5. John was interested in meeting and working with Sun Ra. He interviewed Ra and also booked his band to perform in AnnArbor.


Essential Conversations: John Sinclair Still Hates the CIA

When John Lennon Supported JohnSinclair

John Sinclair, The MC5, and Kickin Out TheJams

WDET is here to keep you informed onessential information, news and resources related to COVID-19.

This is a stressful, insecure time for many. So its more important than ever for you, our listeners and readers, who are able todonate to keep supporting WDETs mission. Please make a gift today.

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Between Takes: Space is the Place for Sun Ra and John Sinclair - WDET

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Louisahhh crafts industrial pop on debut album, The Practice of Freedom – The Vinyl Factory

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Published onJanuary 20, 2021


Mixing techno, electro, rock, and punk.

Louisahhh is releasing her debut album, The Practice of Freedom, via HE.SHE.THEY this March.

Listen next Exploring the sounds of Nine Inch Nails, with Louisahhh

Incorporating influences including Nine Inch Nails, Patti Smith, and Judith Butler, The Practice of Freedom brings together industrial with electro distortions, techno, and rock, all united by Louisahhhs punk ethos.

The album is informed by her entrance to the world of BDSM, and finding a new identity as feminist/submissive.

I find typically that music is a premonition, that i think its about something when its being made and it winds up being kind of a prayer galvanising me (and perhaps the listener) forthe future, explains Louisahhh.

The Practice of Freedom follows her Ascender 12 with Maelstrom, on Discos Atnicos last year.

Pre-order The Practice of Freedom here in advance of its 12th March release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Love Is A Punk2. Like A Shot3. Chaos4. Ferocious (Contained)5. Master6. No Pressure7. Not Dead8. Corrupter9. A Hard No10. Hunter Wolf11. Numb, Undone

Photo by: Ella Herme

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Louisahhh crafts industrial pop on debut album, The Practice of Freedom - The Vinyl Factory

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Keller Williams, the one-man band – Livemint

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On Instagram, until this week, a whopping number of 10 million posts had been dedicated to the hashtag of ramen alone. Featuring countless variants such as miso ramen with pan-fried spam and pork bone ramen, these had been put up by food enthusiasts from all over the worldfrom New York and San Francisco to Tokyo and Goa. During the pandemic, ramen has proved to be consistently popular, winning over short-term food fads such as dalgona coffee. Clearly people have been craving a warm and comforting one-bowl meal, featuring complex layers of textures and flavours.

The fact that it has emerged as an urban food phenomenon is obvious by the surge in deliveries and takeaways of ramen at Asian restaurants. Part of the reason is also that a typical broth needs to bubble away for a long time, often spanning 48 hours, thus making it easier for people to order in, rather than attempting it at home. Guppy in Delhi is one such example. We started deliveries in June, which was the peak of summer. One would have thought that people would want to order cooling salads, but ramen was a hit from day one, says Vikram Khatri, executive chef of the restaurant. Guppy is also offering DIY ramen kits as part of its delivery menu.

A similar story can be seen playing out in Panjim, where Chef Pablo Miranda runs Patraos Deli, known for its cured meats, weekly specials and other culinary curations. During a visit to Japan two years ago, he had ended up tasting over 200 varieties of ramen dishes. Inspired by this experience, just before the pandemic-induced lockdown, he had plans of opening a ramen house, which unfortunately had to be put on hold. Last May-June was the start of the monsoons. It was gloomy being locked up inside. And suddenly one day, an image of a ramen bowl popped up on my Instagram history. I realised it would be great to make this at home in this kind of weather, he says.

Miranda tried to put together a bowl of tonkotsu ramen, or a velvety pork bone broth recipe. It took him nearly a week to get the noodles right. When he perfected the bowl and put up an image, Miranda was flooded with messages on Instagram about whether he was taking orders or not. I wondered why not. And since then things have really kicked off. People cant travel right now, so they would like a taste of international flavours, he says. The ramen on Mirandas menu is made with hand-rolled alkaline noodles, a 24-hour tonkotsu broth, chashu pork belly, mayu or black garlic oil, chilli oil, shredded leeks, shiitake mushroom, an Ajitsuke Tamango or marinated egg, nori and spring onions.

Yet another chef who has taken to experimenting with ramen during the pandemic is Kavan Kuttappa, who works with The Permit Room and Toit Brewpub in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune. With some time on hand last year, he decided to recreate his experience of tasting 30 bowls during a 21-day-trip to Japan in 2018. Kuttappa started by making small portions for his friends, but seeing the demand, moved on to bigger batches. The ramen that he makes is of a different style each time and is numbered in Japanese. The names are based on the type of dish he makes. So far, he has gotten till six. He usually announces the variant on social media most Wednesdays for delivery that same weekend, and every batch is sold out within minutesa response that has Kuttappa baffled. "A Japanese ramen chain, which is a giant player in Tokyo, is coming to the country. Clearly, it has gotten wind of this trend and wants to tap into it, says Kuttappa.

Lobster ramen at Guppy, Delhi

However, while the pandemic might have brought ramen into the sudden spotlight, it has been making its presence felt on restaurant menus for the past six to eight years. Khatri, for instance, introduced it at Guppy six years ago, with 15 variants featuring noodles of all kindsthick, thin, egg, eggless, and more. At one point, we were the only restaurant doing vegan ramen, he says. Fatty Bao too started offering ramen seven years back in Bengaluru, and has seen it being embraced as a comfort meal by the diners. It has taken some time for people to get used to the runny yolk, par-cooked veggies and the soupy broth. When I launched it, I remember people saying, yeh tho maggi noodle hai, paani wala broth hai. I learnt to acquire a thick skin to such comments, says Manu Chandra chef-partner, Olive group of restaurants. People just couldnt wrap their heads around the fact that a simple broth cooked for hours and hours, without many added extracts, could be delicious. Taste has, over time, become so synonymous with spice, that people take time to accept something in its bare simplicity.

He made a decision right at the beginning to provide an array of broth and noodles to cover a middle groundoffering an elevated experience to those who crave ramen, while also easing the rest into the dish. Ramen, truffle and blue cheese have had a similar trajectory in India. There has been a shift now, with more people enjoying the real deal. They dont mind the runny egg, the slippery alkaline noodles. This gives the chef to launch more products in that headspace, he adds. It helps that restaurants such as Guppy and Fatty Bao are located in urban centres, which are home to well-travelled young professionals, who have been exposed to the dish over time. The uptake is good and continues to be so. It offers a lot of comfort, while also working really well if you are peckish, he says.

Love for ramen has also changed lives. It is one of the reasons that Benpramar pivoted from a corporate job towards becoming a chef. During his travels abroad, he would make it a point to try out the various ramen dishes. And when he would come back to Mumbai, Benpramar would sit at his desk and dream of ramen. I used to live in Pali Naka, with a meat shop located below my house. So, I would get the bones easily. And during my travels, I would pick up a lot of ingredients like kombu and bonito flakes, he explains.

Benpramar started out with quick broths simmered for two to three hours and then kept slowly extending the cooking time. He enjoyed cooking ramen so much that he started weekend pop-ups for 10-11 guests, for which he would slow cook the broth for nearly 48 hours. Benpramar had plans to open a ramen bar in Bandra but that didnt materialise. Meanwhile, he quit his corporate job to study the culinary arts in Buenos Aires. When he came back to India three years back to open a restaurant in Goa, he made sure to include ramen on the menu. Since the lockdown, I have been staying in Bengaluru, where I run a delivery kitchen from my sisters kitchen. And we get at least 30 to 40 orders on a weekly basis for ramen. While I may experiment with the spice levels, aromatics and toppings, I mainly stick to making a pork bone broth, either tonkotsu or shoyu, which are truly a labour of love, he explains.

Pablo Miranda tried to put together a bowl of tonkotsu ramen, or a velvety pork bone broth recipe

What also works is the versatility of the dish and its ability to adapt to local ingredients and flavours. In fact, contrary to popular perception, ramen is not an entirely Japanese dish, but has its roots as a Chinese noodle dish, which spread to Japan, and integrated with the local food culture, mentions the website of the unique Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum in Yokohama, Japan. From France and Germany to America and even Australia, Japanese born-and-bred ramen is presently taking the world by storm. The style now sweeping the world is one that's true to Japanese form, but eventually, as has been seen in Japan, it will be drawn to intermix with the local climates, environments, and food cultures of each country, giving way to new regional ramen styles from around the globe, it adds.

In India too, it has sparked off innovation. At Fatty Bao, for instance, one can see a confluence of influences in dishes such as the Via Malaysia veg ramen, Fatty Pho ramen featuring an aromatic chicken broth, the Soto Ayam Lamongan ramen or an Indonesian aromatic chicken broth with coconut milk and the Chinese Mixian ramen. According to Prashanth Puttaswamy, executive chef of The Fatty Bao, ramen is all about soupy noodles, versions of which one can find across southeast Asia. So, the team worked on ramen dishes based on those variants. For one dish, instead of the rice vermicelli noodles, he created black alkaline ones with activated charcoal powder. The idea has been to experiment with flavours while keeping some of the benchmarks of a ramen intact: slippery alkaline noodles, complex broth and an array of toppings such as the menma or seasoned bamboo shoots, green onions, nori sheets, and more.

At The Bombay Canteen, Chef Hussain Shahzad has brought together these staples with flavours from Sikkim in a dish called Thukpa Ramen, made with pork. It is part of a rotating section called, Just Because we Love it So Much, featuring ideas and concepts that the team likes. The thukpa is, perhaps, the closest to ramen in India, with its rich heritage of broth, dumplings and noodles. The team does a tonkotsu-style thukpa ramen, with trotters, bacon, aromatics and charred barley coming together in an intense, milky broth with a layered, velvety finish to it. The fat is not skimmed away but blended into the liquid, with the gelatin extracted from the bones. The team gets onto the broth as soon as it comes to the kitchen in the morning as it has to simmer away on a slow flame, he elaborates. This is served with noodles, hand-rolled in-house, slow-cooked pork belly and accompaniments such as chilli crisps, furikake, and more. When we started deliveries a couple of months ago, this was the one thing that everyone asked us to put on the menu, adds Shahzad. Its no wonder then that ramen has emerged as a warm embrace in these difficult times for people.

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Keller Williams, the one-man band - Livemint

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When Paul McCartney Braved the Set of Roger Cormans The Masque of the Red Death – Den of Geek

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So, I got a directors chair, sitting next to mine, during the shooting. And it was a nice, young guy, and we talked during the shooting. And I explained to him a little bit between shots, how it all worked. And then we all, Jane, and he and I, had lunch together. And it all went very well. And at the end of the lunch, I said, Jane tells me youre going to London. What are you going to be doing in London? He said, Well, Im with a singing group from Liverpool, and were going to be making our debut tomorrow night in London.

Yes, it was Paul McCartney.

By that point, Corman had already made the jukebox movie Rock All Night, which featured the music of The Platters, and would go on to produce the 1979 punk movie classic Rock n Roll High School. That film starred The Ramones, who got their name from Paul McCartney when he tried out the stage name Paul Ramon. But Corman had no clue who he was talking to back then, and the Mersey musician kept up his part in the masquerade of red sauce.

He was very cool, Corman says. He knew that as an American, I didnt know who The Beatles were, or what he was. And as he left, I said, Well, good luck, Paul, on your debut in London tomorrow night. And I remember he was very cool. He understood, and he didnt want to say, Listen, buddy, were the number one group. He just said, Well, were a singing group.

Whatever show it was Pauls singing group was in town for, the band apparently passed the audition. Then I saw the paper Sunday morning headlines, Beatles conquer London, Corman remembers.

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When Paul McCartney Braved the Set of Roger Cormans The Masque of the Red Death - Den of Geek

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Here Are the 9 Online Casinos You Can Play in Michigan Right Now – Crossing Broad

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Michigan launched online casino appstoday, and there are nine different online casinos you can play right out of the gate.

Here are the nine online casinos available in Michigan right now.

Large local casino brand Rivers has been ahead of the curve among legacy physical casinos in bringing their product online.

Operating under the BetRivers and SugarHouse names in other states, BetRivers will instantly become one of the top online casinos in Michigan.

They have an unbelievable slew of online slots, connection to the Rush Rewards Program, and the widest array of deposit options were aware of.

New users who sign up here can get a $250 deposit match.

This is one of the most straightforward signup bonuses in Michigan because players only have to wager the bonus money once before it is eligible for withdrawal, unlike some competitors who require up to 25x play-through before you can withdraw bonus money.

Perhaps the biggest name in gambling, MGM has dramatically increased their online product over the last year in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Theyve become one of the first casino apps out of the gate in Michigan with the biggest signup bonus to boot.

BetMGMs casino, like many of its peers, includes an online sportsbook as well, which also launched today.

So players who sign up here can get $25 free and up to a $1,000 deposit bonus.

DraftKings Online Casino is among our favorite hybrid betting options.

While considered to be one of the best online sportsbooks, DraftKings also offers its players a slew of slots, table games, and live dealer. For those of you who expect to bet on sports and want an online casino complement in Michigan, DraftKings Casino might be your best option.

Similar to DraftKings, FanDuel Casino in Michigan launched today as well. They, too, are known for being a sports brand but have bolted on a robust online casino offering inside their app in Michigan. Users can seamlessly hop between slots, table games, and more.

In addition to these five, there are also online casino offerings in Michigan from WynnBet, FOX Bet, William Hill (promo code available), and Golden Nugget.

Online casinos in Michigan allow players in the state to wager real money by playing online slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and video poker.

Michigan also has live casino offerings, which means you can play Blackjack with a real dealer. From our efforts in other states, it is truly a surreal experience to be playing Blackjack with a human dealer on your mobile phone.

Traditional poker is not available because it requires you to play against other players.

The competition will be fierce in Michigan, as the state has allowed the most operators to launch in a single day yet in the United States. All of them come out of the gate with aggressive signup bonuses of upwards of $1,000 (if youre BetMGM).

Since most of these apps include a sportsbook option, the ability to cross-sell players from sports betting to online casino is significant, meaning casinos are willing to spend more money to acquire new players. Given the fact that the Super Bowl is next week just adds to the hysteria. You can click on any of the links in this post to sign up for an online casino in Michigan and claim your first-time deposit bonus.

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Here Are the 9 Online Casinos You Can Play in Michigan Right Now - Crossing Broad

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Kindred Group – Unibet launches Eagles Online Slot – first ever professional sports themed slot in the US – PRNewswire

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VALLETTA, Malta, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Unibet announces the launch of "Eagles Online Slot", the first ever professional sports themed slot in the US. Continuing their successful collaboration with the Philadelphia Eagles and Pala Interactive, Unibet has put together a gaming experience unlike any other for their customers in Pennsylvania.

On the heels of the successful launch of the first ever professional sports themed casino game in the US with "Eagles Blackjack", Unibet has now brought the same level of excitement to slots with the launch of "Eagles Online Slot", a jackpot game that gives players a chance to win big while enjoying their favorite team.

Made possible by Unibet's partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles for both Casino and Sportsbook, it is the first time a slot game will be Philadelphia Eagles themed. The game will be available on the Unibet Betting & Casino mobile app andpa.unibet.comfor customers inPennsylvania.

"With the tremendous response we have seen to the release of `Eagles Blackjack', we are thrilled to be able to deliver a second sports-themed game to the Pennsylvania market, this time within the slot category. The partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles continues to be a source of innovation and delight to fans and customers of both organizations, and we are excited for what the future holds," says Jonathan Aiwazian, VP Product US.

"When we launched `Eagles Blackjack' earlier this season with Unibet, we were thrilled to see the enthusiasm around it and how quickly Eagles fans responded to the online game experience," said Catherine Carlson, Senior Vice President, Revenue and Strategy, Philadelphia Eagles. "We are always seeking new and creative ways to connect with Eagles fans throughout the year. We are excited to roll out `Eagles Online Slot' to fans and look forward to growing our innovative partnership offerings with Unibet."

For more information:

Jonathan Aiwazian, VP Product US[emailprotected]

Maria Angell-Dupont, External Communications Manager+46721651517[emailprotected]

This information was brought to you by Cision http://news.cision.com


The following files are available for download:

SOURCE Kindred Group

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Kindred Group - Unibet launches Eagles Online Slot - first ever professional sports themed slot in the US - PRNewswire

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What Games Have the Highest Cost to Win Ratio – South Florida Caribbean News

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Virtually any game is good as long as you have high chances of winning. More so when the win is rewarded like a wad of cash. If you have frequented casinos before and cant do it now because of so many restrictions, dont despair. You can still enjoy the thrill of betting and winning in online casino games.

Well, it would depend on your loss appetite. Generally, you would have to lose three, four, or even more rounds before winning. And thats if you know what youre doing. But lets bank that for a second and see what sort of online games will give any player, novice or advanced, the winning hand.

Though scratch cards are not one of the high roller online casino games, it still has the thrill. Plus, it has been known that you get to win 1 out of 5 from the cards you scratch. A fairly good stats if you consider the chances you got in winning the lottery. This game is also very simple to win, not tricks or anything like that that you have to learn and remember. Just choose a card, set your stake, and hit play to scratch away.

Blackjack is a fairly simple game too with you just playing against the dealer

(though others could still join the game), which in this case, is the computer or the software that runs the program. As per BalanceEveryday.com, you get to have a 49% chance of winning in Blackjack. This is because you only need to beat the computer and not everybody else.

Blackjack, though, needs a fair amount of skill to give you the upper hand. You and the others only need to come close to a score of 21 but not over it and you win. Simple and gives you a lot of chances to win.

Online poker used to be the most profitable online gambling game even for the average player. Now it isnt. You would need to be really skilled in playing online poker but the returns are limitless once you get the hang of it.

Poker is a game where the player has more control over if youd have a winning hand or not. Yes, luck plays the part when you are dealt with random cards but how well you manage and play those cards does do the trick in winning this game. Whats good in poker is you ultimately get what you have staked for especially when you play at least 4 to 5 hours a day and spend two more hours in strategy. If that doesnt seem good to you then maybe this is not your game.

Scratch games, online blackjack, and poker are just some of the online games that you more or less have a higher chance of winning. Other games with a high cost to win ratio are baccarat, craps, roulette, online slots and sports betting. But whatever game you choose, make sure that you clearly understand the mechanics or else, youre just wasting your time and money.

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What Games Have the Highest Cost to Win Ratio - South Florida Caribbean News

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21 or the Gambler is the Most famous gambling film? – Film News

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Over the years, gambling in various forms has featured in major Hollywood movies. One of the most popular settings, particularly in the USA, is a casino (usually in Las Vegas). Often, watching these movies will inspire you to hit a casino too, but if you cant quite afford a trip to Nevada, you can always go to the live casino online from Novibet. With so many gambling movies out there, were asking the question what is the most famous?

The GamblerReleased in 2014 as a modern remake of the 1974 classic, The Gambler follows the story of Jim Bennett, a literature professor from Los Angeles, California. Gambling is obviously illegal in the state of California, and so Jim must associate himself with underground illegal bookmakers, to whom he ends up owing $200,000. In a bid to repay this debt, he falls even further into the red and so must hatch a plan to repay the near half a million dollars that he owes to some very dangerous people.

Jim fixes a college basketball game that one of his students is playing in and sends someone to Las Vegas to place a huge bet on it, with the winnings leaving him able to pay off his debts and get him back in the black. Its not all plain sailing though and the game has added importance, as the lives of his family and his girlfriend all hinge on his ability to repay his debts.

Starring Mark Wahlberg as the titular character, The Gambler really delves into the incredible lows that are associated with gambling, especially when its done illegally. However, it is guilty of glorifying gambling slightly, as Jim eventually gets out of his jam by doing the one thing that got him into the mess in the first place gambling. Nevertheless, its still an enjoyable movie with a simplistic storyline.

21Named after the popular casino game blackjack, 21 was released in 2008 and focuses on a mathematics major from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Ben, who is accepted to Harvard Medical School, but is unable to afford the $300,000 to attend. After applying for a scholarship, for which the competition is intense, Ben is informed that its unlikely he will be accepted for the scholarship and must find another way to pay the tuition fee.

Micky Rosa, a professor at MIT, challenges Ben with the Monty Hall Problem and, after he successfully solves it, invites him to join his blackjack team, consisting of fellow students. The team uses card counting and secret signalling to increase their chances of winning and over the various trips to Vegas, win vast sums of money. The security team at the casino catch onto them though and so begins a thrilling cat and mouse storyline as the team try to win big and the security team try to stop them.

Starring Jim Sturgess in the lead role, with great support from Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne and Kate Bosworth, 21 is a fun movie based on the real-life story of the MIT Blackjack Team.

Box officeIn terms of relative success, 21 is definitely the more successful movie, grossing almost $160 million at the box office. Unfortunately, The Gambler struggled to break even and only just made a profit, making it a pretty big flop by the 21st century standards of Hollywood movies.

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21 or the Gambler is the Most famous gambling film? - Film News

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I’m a First Amendment scholar and I think Big Tech should be left alone – The Conversation US

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Twitters banning of Trump an action also taken by other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat has opened a fierce debate about freedom of expression and who, if anyone, should control it in the United States.

Ive written and taught about this fundamental issue for decades. Im a staunch proponent of the First Amendment.

Yet Im perfectly OK with Trumps ban, for reasons legal, philosophical and moral.

To begin, its important to point out what kind of freedom of expression the First Amendment and its extension to local government via the Fourteenth Amendment protect. The Supreme Court, through various decisions, has ruled that the government cannot restrict speech, the press and other forms of communications media, whether its on the internet or in newspapers.

Twitter and other social media platforms are not the government. Therefore, their actions are not violations of the First Amendment.

But if were champions of freedom of expression, shouldnt we nonetheless be distressed by any restriction on communication, be it via a government agency or a corporation?

I certainly am. Ive called nongovernmental suppressions of speech to be violations of the spirit of the First Amendment.

Every time CBS bleeps a performance of a hip-hop artist on the Grammys, the network is, in my view, engaging in censorship that violates the spirit of the First Amendment. The same is true whenever a private university forbids a peaceful student demonstration.

These forms of censorship may be legal, but the government often lurks behind the actions of these private entities. For example, when the Grammys are involved, the censorship is taking place out of fear of governmental reprisal via the Federal Communications Commission.

So, why, then, am I OK with the fact that Twitter and other social media platforms took down Trumps account? And, while were at it, why am I fine with Amazon Web Services removing the Trump-friendly social media outlet Parler?

First, a violation of the spirit of the First Amendment is never as serious as a violation of the First Amendment itself.

When the government gets in the way of our right to freely communicate, Americans only recourse is the U.S. Supreme Court, which all too often has supported the government wrongly, in my view.

The courts 1919 clear and present danger and 1978 seven dirty words decisions are among the most egregious examples of such flouting of the First Amendment. The 1919 decision qualified the crystal-clear language of the First Amendment Congress shall make no law with the vague exception that government could, in fact, ban speech in the face of a clear and present danger. The 1978 decision defined broadcast language meriting censorship with the even vaguer indecency.

And a government ban on any kind of communication, ratified by the Supreme Court, applies to any and all activity in the United States period until the court overturns the original decision.

In contrast, social media users can take their patronage elsewhere if they dont approve of a decision made by a social media company. Amazon Web Services, though massive, is not the only app host available. Parler may have already found a new home on the far-right hosting service Epik, though Epik disputes this.

The point is that a corporate violation of the spirit of the First Amendment is, in principle, remediable, whereas a government violation of the First Amendment is not at least not immediately.

Second, the First Amendment, let alone the spirit of the First Amendment, doesnt protect communication that amounts to a conspiracy to commit a crime, and certainly not murder.

I would argue that its plainly apparent that Trumps communication whether it was suggesting the injection of disinfectant to counteract COVID-19 or urging his supporters to fight to overturn the election repeatedly endangered human life.

Given that Trump was still president albeit with just a few weeks left in office when Twitter banned him, that ban was, indeed, a big deal.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, appreciated both the need and perils of such a ban, tweeting, This moment in time might call for this dynamic, but over the long term it will be destructive to the noble purpose and ideals of the open internet. A company making a business decision to moderate itself is different from a government removing access, yet can feel much the same.

In other words, a company that violates the spirit of the First Amendment can feel much the same to the public as government actually violating the First Amendment.

To be sure, I think its concerning that a powerful cohort of social media executives can deplatform anyone they want. But the alternative could be far worse.

Back in 1998, many were worried about the seeming monopolistic power of Microsoft. Although the U.S. government won a limited antitrust suit, it declined to pursue further efforts to break up Microsoft. At the time, I argued that problems of corporate predominance tend to take care of themselves and are less powerful than the forces of a free marketplace.

Sure enough, the preeminent position of Microsoft was soon contested and replaced by the resurgence of Apple and the rise of Amazon.

Summoning the U.S. government to counter these social media behemoths is the proverbial slippery slope. Keep in mind that the U.S. government already controls a sprawling security apparatus. Its easy to envision an administration with the ability to regulate social media not wielding that power to protect the freedoms of users but instead using it to insulate themselves from criticism and protect their own power.

We may grouse about the immense power of social media companies. But keeping them free from the far more immense power of the government may be crucial to maintaining our freedom.

Excerpt from:
I'm a First Amendment scholar and I think Big Tech should be left alone - The Conversation US

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