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Rootz announces the launch of third online casino – Yogonet International

Posted: January 15, 2021 at 2:41 pm


heelz is built on Rootz's own gaming platform that allows for seamless navigation and the provision of real-time rewards, wrapped in a colourful and engaging interface.

Since debuting with flagship brand, Wildz in 2019, the developer has been recognised for their rapid ascent through numerous industry award nominations. With their third portfolio addition, the veteran crew is hoping to wow even more online casino enthusiasts by leveraging machine learning that has proved so successful with previous ventures, fine-tuned over the course of several years.

In-house smart systems comprise an essential component in Rootz's toolkit, with their influence felt across all key areas of the business, such as AML and Rewards. Payment times at Wheelz are also some of the fastest in the industry, supported by robust processes developed over time. As to the face of the brand, there is one recent revelation that is giving the Malta-based operator particular cause for excitement.

Rootz has agreed to partner up with showbiz legend David Hasselhoff - of Baywatch and Knight Rider fame, to act as Wheelz brand ambassador. "The Hoff", as he is affectionately known in circles worldwide, is expected to return to his acting roots as the star of Wheelz TV ads, and the collaboration will even see the Hollywood megastar Hoff feature in his own dedicated bonus games at Wheelz. The Hoff admits to feeling at home in the casino environment, even telling Wheelz: "If I had to pick a favourite casino game, it would definitely be craps."

Hasselhoff may be happy to hear his favourite game, plus a host of other dealer-dealt live streamed table games, are on offer at Wheelz - along with hundreds of popular video slot titles. As he has done throughout life, the star will be looking to bring his own brand of cool to the party at Wheelz, stating: "That word cool, is a real big word to me."

Pulling off a major coup in the capture of Hasselhoff, the trailblazers at Rootz are confident they've acquired arguably the biggest global star ever to represent an MGA-accredited online casino. As yet there has been no word on whether The Hoff will be travelling to Malta as part of his obligations, but the situation was left marked 'watch this space' by a Rootz representative when pressed.

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Rootz announces the launch of third online casino - Yogonet International

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Is 2021 the year for online casino growth in the USA? – The Game Haus

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From poker to baccarat and slots to blackjack, people love to play casino games. But, while other countries and continents such as the U.K. and Europe have regulated internet gambling for years. America is yet to jump in with both feet. Even though their neighbours Canada have legalised the use of online casinos, so long as the casino company is not based in the country.

But, in the past decade, America has proved its attitude towards gambling is changing. And 2021 could be the year that sees exponential growth. Read on for more details why.

Banning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018 marked a progressive step towards Americas approval or tolerance of gambling online.

Since then, twenty states, including Colorado, Iowa, and Pennsylvania, have decided to legalize sports betting.

PASPA intended to stop American states (except Nevada) from participating in sports betting. However, according to the American Gaming Association (AGA), of the $150 billion spent on sports betting in the U.S each year. Despite the legislation, 97% was spent on illegal sportsbooks and offshore companies.

With people choosing to place bets and gamble regardless of the legislation. It stands to reason why states are slowly coming around to the idea of permitting gambling to make it accessible, yet safe, and fair for everyone.

The Department of Justice authorized all states to determine their online gambling legislation.

Most states which have permitted online gambling have done so to serve their state. Here are four states that have approved online casinos in the last decade, accompanied by their reasons for doing so and success so far.

Several states have already passed and legalised online casino use by their citizens.

New Jersey passed an online gambling law in 2013. The law intended to expand N.J.s gambling market. And fill the void of lost gambling revenue that occurred in Atlantic City around this time. The dip in revenue was due to an increase in competition from gambling facilities in other states.

Now, the garden state draws in $225 million a year from online gambling. And N.J. owns the largest share of the online gambling market in the U.S.

The Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012 allows land-based casinos to create gambling platforms. Just a few years after legislating internet gambling, Delaware amassed $3 million in revenue from this sector in 2016.

Following Governor Tom Wolfs approval of a bill for online gambling in 2017. Online casino games emerged in Pennsylvania in 2019.

Pennsylvania intended to legalize gambling to enhance the state and boost the economy. As of 2019, the state accrued $33.9 million from online gambling.

Today, P.A. owns the fastest-growing gambling market in the U.S. Due to increased demand for online casino games. Pennsylvanias casino providers are forming partnerships to facilitate the needs of iGaming enthusiasts.

Once the West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act was introduced in 2019, the Mountain state-permitted online casinos. A year later, the first regulated casinos on the internet commenced.

The launch of authorized online casinos proved to be more popular than West Virginias legal sportsbooks. In October 2020 alone, West Virginias online casinos accrued over $53 million.

In addition to the above, there are many reasons why online casinos benefit state governors and the public. The USA only have to look at their neighbours Canada to see the benefits the industry could bring. With many Canadians opting to play at online casino Canada, Canadas economy is boosted due to things like taxes and employment, all which could help benefit states in America.

The Government

Licensing:States can be selective about what casinos they permit and can limit the risk of gambling institutions backed by organized crime from operating in the state.

Audits:The government can regulate gambling activities online to ensure iGaming providers are safe and fair to use.

Lucrative Sector: Permitting and licensing iGaming platforms allows the government to charge for license fees and tax. Which can fund and improve the state.

Taxes gained the online gambling companies can help benefit the community.

For the people

Safe and Fair Gaming:The public will have access to approved licensed casino sites.

Accessible Gaming:Residents can play from their desktop, mobile, or tablet without visiting the casino.

Privacy:New casino players can gamble in private without the fear of being judged at a land-based casino.

According to a United States online gambling market report. Americas online gambling market will increase by a CAGR of 15.41%. Suggesting a steady yet impressive growth over the years to come.

Alongside the report, factors that will encourage the growth of the online casino in the USare as follows;

The positive impact on the economy, coupled with safer places for US residents to gamble online, presents states an opportunity thats too good to refuse.

As such, you will probably see an uptick in states instigating online gambling laws in 2021 and beyond. In a bid to protect the states public interests from organized crime groups. And to put the money from online gambling sources to fair use.

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Is 2021 the year for online casino growth in the USA? - The Game Haus

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5 Things To Watch As NJ Online Casino Revenue Nearly Crosses $100-Million Mark – Play NJ

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The NJ online casino industry is on the verge of having its first-ever $100-million month.

Knocking on the door is more like it.

All it takes is one look at Decembers internet gaming revenue released by theNew Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. The number came in at$99.4 million, a little less than $600,000 shy of the latest benchmark.

This is of course a new all-time monthly record, shattering the previous mark of $93.4 million set in October.

For 2020 as a whole, NJ online casino revenue was $970.3 million, which is another record. It crushes the $482.7 million set in 2019, and marks a 101% year-over-year increase.

Clearly, New Jerseys internet gaming business is showing no signs of slowing down. Here are five reasons why the momentum will extend well into 2021.

Nobody knows what month Atlantic City casinos will be allowed to operate at full capacity again. The current pandemic is resulting in more players gambling at home versus visiting AC.

Casino floors continue to operate at 25% capacity while restaurants and bars stop serving at 10 p.m. The impact shows in the combined 43.7% drop in casino win for the nine properties ($1.5 million for 2020 versus $2.7 million the previous year). The bulk of it is the result of gaming floors being shut down from mid-March until Fourth of July weekend.

Business is typically slower during the winter months, but the added unknown of when restrictions will be lifted leaves a giant question mark surrounding the land-based business.

If we look back to February 2020, which was pre-pandemic, casino win came in at $218.3 millionversus $51.9 millionfor online casino.

Looking back at the February totals, the $51.9 is hard to ignore. Sure its small compared to where the NJ iGaming industry is now. However, at the time, hitting $50 million in monthly online casino revenue was once considered a milestone.

Last January marked the first time ever internet gaming license holders saw a $50-million month. Here we are one year later, and $80 million would now be considered a disappointing month.

Like the NJ sports betting industry, records are being broken on almost a monthly basis. Yes, there are times where we will see a slight percentage drop like October ($93.4 million) versus November ($91.8 million), but then its followed up by a big jump.

So with the first $100-million month looking like a realistic possibility for January, could the first $150-million month be coming soon?

With so many unknown factors, its hard to predict.

Looking back at 2020s top performers, theBorgataandBetMGM results are eye-opening (the Borgata and Party casino brands, among others, also operate under the license).

In December alone, the license holder reported $27.1 million in online casino revenue, good enough for a jump of more than 194%. Its PlayNJs understanding that the BetMGM online casino brand accounts for a large portion of it. The result is good enough for a 27.3% market share.

Golden Nugget, led by Golden Nugget online casino, remains the clubhouse leader, for now, with $29.4 million, which is up 70.2% from the same period last year. However, their market share is 29.6 percent.

Combined, the two license holders account for nearly 60% of the monthly revenue. Borgata and Golden Nugget saw increases of 167.7% and 164.7%, respectively, for 20.

So besides chasing the $100-million milestone, its looking like the tight competition between No. 1 and 2 is going to be one tight race.

The NJ online casino industry will also see more operators launch in 2021. Now that Ballys AC is owned by Ballys Corp. and not Caesars Entertainment, it shouldnt be too much longer before the new license holder jumps into the game.

At this point, it seems at least three brands will roll out via the Ballys license. Last year, the company announced separate online casino deals withPointsBetandtheScore, with both currently live in the NJ online sports betting space. Plus, a Ballys-branded app is a no-brainer.

New apps mean new business (along with welcome offers and promos). Sure, it will be challenging establishing their respective brands in a mature market. At the same time, there will be additional revenue opportunities.

Now its just a matter of how soon these new apps hit the market and what kind of impact, if any, theyll have on the more established brands.

The NJ online casino success continues to coincide with the record-setting pace of NJ sports betting. The latter remains in hot pursuit of its first-ever $1 billion month.

For December, the 19 sportsbook operators took in$996.3 million in bets. Besides it being an all-time monthly record for any legal U.S. sports betting jurisdiction, the total pushed New Jersey over the $6 billion line, adding to the record year.

Online casino brands are benefiting from the cross-selling of sports, casino, and poker. The table is set for an extremely strong Q1. With Super Bowl betting and March Madness, the two biggest sports wagering events of the calendar year, coming soon, $100-million-plus months for NJ online casinos are looking more and more realistic.

For now, $99.4 million is the new number to beat.

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5 Things To Watch As NJ Online Casino Revenue Nearly Crosses $100-Million Mark - Play NJ

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Why Slots are the Most Favorable Online Casino Games – Chiang Rai Times

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One of the reasons why gamers enjoy casinos is because its available both physically (on land) and online. This particular reason has caused a massive increase in the rate at which people play casinos and has generated huge traffics to most online casinos.

One of the several games and most sort after casino games, both online and physical is the slot games. It is regarded as the most comfortable and most convenient casino game because it requires no stress and no technical experience. All you need to possess is your money and try your luck at a well-known online casino, as Casino Genie. If you are high on lucks and you get your game on, you should try playing online casino slot games. Since it requires no specific technique.

For new players, slot games are often the first theyd probably walk up to or select if they are playing online casino games. There are several reasons behind this, although table games are equally enjoyable, most gamers prefer slot games.

As a newbie, slot game allows you to get conversant with the game before playing for real money. It means you could play the trial version of the game, which is more like taking sample questions before the main examination. Until you are sure of yourself and ready to play with real money, you can always play the slot machines free game. Take as much time as you can!

Playing the slot game is pretty basic as theres nothing technical to learn, unlike most table games. Its also one reason why most persons tend to place the slot game above other online casino games. The instructions in playing the game are all on the screen at one end with just 3-4 lines. Since its just you and the machine, you could take as many times as you want to understand the principles behind the game

The slot game offers a lot of choices as there are different types of slot game machines. They range from the three-reel slot machines to the five-reel slot machines amongst others. These machines have their unique features, with varying outcomes and potential payouts.

One of the core features of this game is its soundtrack and 3D design. The theme is helping detective Jerome catch an art thief named Jacques and win a reward. This slot game has stayed relevant since its release in 2011. This games theme will always put you on your wondering outfits as poor Jacques tries to outrun the muscular and towering Jerome and his sidekick Pierre. Watching the animation effects between these three funny characters can be very relaxing and amusing.

With a vast RTP of 96.5%, the game has been loaded with unique features bonus picks, free spins and instant prize depending on multipliers. A progressive jackpot which you might want to keep safe has also been made available for reasonable measures. If you are looking for A Night in Paris game, look for some listed on online casinos at the comfort of your home.

This game has been made available on mobile phones, making it accessible even to new gaming users. Some users even play it for fun since most slots games come with free trials. Some, however, use this game to improve their detective skills while relaxing.

The game has gained stardom and is one of the few slot games that has made the slot machines popular in online and physical casino outlets. Its an adventurous game where you get to try your luck and make some money if you are playing with real money.

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Why Slots are the Most Favorable Online Casino Games - Chiang Rai Times

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How to Withdraw Money Easily and Fast in an Online Casino? – UrbanMatter

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Withdrawing money from your online casino players account is one of the most important parts of gambling, so if you want to learn which are the best casinos online to withdraw without sending any documents, keep on reading.

Withdrawing funds from a casino account looks almost the same regardless of the operator. So if you want to make a safe and fast payout check the Playamo casino review first and enjoy your winnings. Heres what you need to do once you are ready to withdraw your winnings:

Depending on the gambling laws, jurisdictions and other factors, you might need to provide a government-issued document to prove your identity. This is usually done to prevent under-aged gambling and frauds. Moreover, the operator might ask you to provide some sort of ID upon the registration.

The withdrawal time usually depends on the casino itself and the payment methods offered. Some brands even offer users to pay by Bitcoin in online casino. Logically, when a bigger amount of money is concerned, you will probably have to wait a little bit longer. However, slow withdrawals can be quite burdensome when you are in for some recreational and occasional gambling.

Some of the most popular casino withdrawal methods are:

In addition, top-rated casino brands usually offer fast withdrawal and convenient banking options such as Apple Pay as a casino payment method. Being able to have the funds in our hands as soon as possible is a dream come true of any casino player. If you dont feel like waiting up to a few weeks for the payout, here are some of the fast withdrawal methods you can opt for:

There are many reasons why your casino payouts could be delayed. Sometimes the culprit might be the operator itself. However, there have been cases when the third-party money processor has failed due to some reason.

Take a look at these most common reasons why the payouts are delayed:

One has to be really careful when choosing the right online casino and avoid unlicensed websites. Apart from some minor issues and reasons why payouts can be delayed, there is always the possibility that the casino refuses to pay.

To sum up, the best way to withdraw money from an online casino account in a fast and easy way is to opt for a really good operator. Besides, make sure to choose the most convenient banking method with the fastest processing and payout time. Once these are crossed off your list you can rest assured that you will have your winnings on your bank account soon.

Withdraw Money Online Casino Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

Frankie Wilde is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.

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How to Withdraw Money Easily and Fast in an Online Casino? - UrbanMatter

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UK Bookmaker Goes Live in New Jersey to Much Fanfare – The Island Now

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After quite a tumultuous period in most peoples lives, when something shiny and new comes along its always great to take notice. One of those is surely the much-anticipated launch of the William Hill NJ sportsbook app that now proudly bears the casino icon. As much as this launch was treated as a surprise to the industry, it was nevertheless one of the worst kept secrets.

The launch itself was not as big as some other online casinos, but it didnt need to be. Thats because the excitement really lies in the experience of what the new offering will bring to the world of online casinos and sports betting. The casino will be operated under the Tropicana AC license.

The casino, which is one of the latest additions to the New Jersey online casino gaming industry, is currently in its testing phase and is being quite overt in getting proper feedback from its first customers. If it wasnt clear, the What do you think? Give us your feedback on the new casino and check back often for new games! message on the home screen should have given it away.

Due to the fact that competition is very stiff, first impressions when it comes to trying out a new online casino are very important as the operators find it hard to maintain customer loyalty on their brand power alone. Many casinos games and experiences have actually become a commodity, thereby having to compete with one another on freebies, welcome bonuses and refer-a-friend incentives.

Thats why William Hill has opted to go to market in a more methodical way. By testing each phase of its launch, the casino will be able to capture the right data and feedback to optimise as they add new games, thereby ensuring that the playing experience is based on what their customers want, and not what the casino thinks they need.

Online casino operators know that slots games will always be a huge money-spinner as these games attract a large array of players from newbies to serious online gamblers. However, in terms of NJ online casinos, William Hill cannot yet compete with the amount of slots games on offer, so they are starting relatively small with just 5 games to choose from on their app. These include American Roulette, European Roulette, Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack and Casino Holdem Poker.

Things are a bit more diverse on the desktop version where those who play on desktop typically stay logged in for longer periods of time, being able to immerse themselves more in the overall experience than those who are playing on the go. The biggest additions are a few progressive slots games which are popular amongst slots players. These include Divine Fortune, Mercy of the Gods and the ever-famous Starburst.

Many online players do not stick to one single game, such as slots vs table games. They also do not stick to one single gambling genre, often choosing between offering online casino games and online sports betting. However, there are few online casinos which do offer both.

With William Hill casino being integrated with the sportsbook app, this will allow their players to have a shared wallet. This simple streamlining of the process will be more likely to keep players within the casino ecosystem, because we all know that switching between gambling sites and payment methods really doesnt make the casino experience fun. In fact, it breaks a winning streak.

Although there are some other casinos which allow a shared wallet, it is not the norm and is such a simple development step that many casinos have missed out on, possibly losing out on customers in the process.

Not many online casinos are fortunate enough to be able to launch so slowly and methodically test their products and services on their customers before going to market. That takes a considerable investment and trust, as fewer games and players mean less income that the casino can generate.

With Casino giant, Caesars, set to buy William Hill for a staggering $3.7b, beating out Apollo Global Management for their stake, it will give the combines casino/sports betting site the freedom it needs to grow into a truly formidable force.

The buy is a foregone conclusion, with just the paperwork and legalities needed to be authorised and should come to fruition in mid-2021. This cash injection should pay off relatively quickly, as the addition of sports betting to the casinos arsenal will rake in up to $700m in the first couple of months alone.

NJ online casinos already generate millions of dollars in revenue, reaching a record $87m in August 2020, after several months of over $80m per month. William Hills sports betting offering will complement these numbers quite nicely, making the full experience a huge player in the industry.

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UK Bookmaker Goes Live in New Jersey to Much Fanfare - The Island Now

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Eating Good: Penn Stock Hits New Highs as Gaming Company Allies with Choice Hotels – Play Pennsylvania

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On the day after Penn National Gamings stock hit a record $105.95 per share at closing, the Pennsylvania-based gaming company announced a planned alliancewith Choice Hotel International.

The companies plan to offer reciprocal earning and redemption benefits across each companys loyalty program.

Robert McDowell, the chief commercial officer of Choice Hotels, explained:

Teaming up with Penn positions our more than 47 million Choice Privileges members to easily book a casino resort directly with Choice while continuing to earn points. Plus, there are more than 1,500 Choice-branded hotels within an hours drive of one of Penns casinos, racetracks or sports betting locations, so Penn loyalty members will similarly have the chance to use their mycash on stays at Choice-branded hotels across the country. Penn will also benefit from our award-winning global reservation system, which drives more than $9 billion in revenue to the 7,100 hotels in our system annually.

The agreement adds nearly 7,000 upscale rooms to Choice Hotels network as part of its related Ascend Hotel Collection.Members of both programs will enjoy the following features as the alliance is implemented in multiple phases this year:

Penn offers a variety of stay and play casino resorts for Choice Privileges members at the following properties:

Jamie Russo, vice president for loyalty programs and customer engagement at Choice Hotels, said:

Our new collaboration offers a great opportunity for Choice Privileges members to enjoy thrilling experiences at Penns properties around the country. Our research shows that not only do many of our Choice Privileges members already enjoy gaming, but a significant number live within driving distance from a Penn property so we know they will be excited to visit these top casino brands and be part of the action.

Jennifer Weissman, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Penn National, added: Our guests will find a great deal of value in being able to visit destination hotels and resorts in the Choice Hotels portfolio.

Choice Privileges membership is free. The program is named a top hotel loyalty program by USA Todays 10 Best Readers Choice Awards and U.S. News & World Report.

For more information or to enroll, see Choice Privileges.

$PENN stock crossed the $100 a share threshold earlier this month and continues rolling. Thats an amazing turn-around for a stock that had dropped below $4 a share last March in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The companys embrace of online betting during the pandemic, coupled with their 36% share of the Barstool Sports brand, which is rolling out across jurisdictions, appears responsible for the turnaround.

After launching the Barstool Sportsbook first in PA, the Barstool brand is now in Penn retail properties in Colorado, Michigan, and Indiana. The company wants it in every jurisdiction where they operate and where sports wagering is legal.

Penn National also has a Hollywood online casino in PA and recently, BetMGM launched an online casino and sportsbook under Penns PA gaming licenses.

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Eating Good: Penn Stock Hits New Highs as Gaming Company Allies with Choice Hotels - Play Pennsylvania

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Help from Above? Pittsburgh Bettor Credits Late Grandmother for $125k Win in BetRivers Football Pick Em – Play Pennsylvania

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This ones for grandma.

Pittsburgh resident Jason Schwartz just earned $125,000 by winning the grand prize in the BetRivers.com and PlaySugarHouse.com Pro Football Pickem. He finished this season with the most correct picks out of all the entrants in order to capture the six-figure prize.

Its a massive payday that Schwartz still has a hard time believing.

But perhaps the most interesting part of his story belongs to the person who he credits with helping him win.

His grandma.

Schwartzs late grandmother was an avid sports bettor. He used to call her every football Sunday to talk about NFL betting and the days wagers.

Sadly, this past fall was the first NFL season that Schwartz had without her. But that doesnt mean Schwartz didnt feel her presence somewhere out there, maybe helping him along.

I like to think she played a part in this, Schwartz said. Its a bittersweet win.

Schwartz, 37, started out the season by picking games purely on instinct. But as the weeks passed and his correct picks piled up, he knew he had a chance to win. So he started digging a little deeper, doing more research, analyzing stats and data and trends and anything else that might give him an edge.

Then, he got the call and heard the news.

You won.

The top prize $125,000! was his.

I never imagined this, Schwartz said. Not even in my wildest dreams. I didnt sleep for two days.

He plans to use the money to pay off some debts and maybe take a nice vacation this summer.

$250 Bonus

100% Match On First Deposit

Sportsbook And Casino

ONLY 1x Play Through!

Use Exclusive Bonus Code: PLAY250

Perhaps hell even try it again next season, when Rush Street Interactive (the parent company of BetRivers and PlaySugarHouse) rolls out another edition of the online Pro Football Pick Em contest.

After all, you dont have to be the grand prize winner to get paid. The top 500 entrants receive cash prizes at the end of the season. The entrant with the most incorrect picks also receives a $2,500 payout. And each week, the top score earns $2,500.

Overall, $500,000 was paid out to entrants this season. Mattias Stetz, C.O.O. of RSI said:

This was certainly an unusual NFL season, and this was a great way for sports betting fans to stay involved and get in on the game action. After seeing its popularity last season, we were excited to offer this Pick Em contest again. We love when our players win huge cash prizes.

Schwartz isnt the only big winner in 2021 already at BetRivers. Rush Streets two PA online casinos have also paid out big time to two online slot players.

Just after New Years, a 40-year-old woman from La Belle, PA hit the Divine Fortune jackpot for $425,278 at BetRivers online casino on a $1 bet.

And just this week, another hit. A Harrisburg, PA woman hit on the same slot for $127,247 on an $88-cent bet. Amazingly, she hit it while playing on her mobile phone at PlaySugarHouse.com. Stetz commented:

We love when our players win large jackpots, especially with small bets. It shows that no matter the size of the bet, anyone can be a winner!

The Divine Fortune progressive slot has hit 18 times since RSI launched online casino back in July 2019.

So Schwartz ends this season as the grand champion and the poster child for Rush Streets Pro Football Pick Em. But the NFL season isnt over just yet. There are plenty of playoff games remaining and certainly many bettors who will make their own wagers in the weeks ahead.

Then next season, the third edition of the contest will begin.

And before long, a new winner will be crowned.

But this one is for grandma.

Lead image credit: AP Photo/Justin Berl

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Help from Above? Pittsburgh Bettor Credits Late Grandmother for $125k Win in BetRivers Football Pick Em - Play Pennsylvania

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Casino Horoscope: What is it and is it Really Working? – UrbanMatter

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Even if 2020 wasnt the luckiest years for the humankind and the planet, it was a pretty good year for online casinos and gambling in general. The beginning of 2021 and the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn might be promising even a better year for casino players.

So, if you are planning to try your luck this year at Canadian low wagering casinos, you must be thinking is the casino horoscope working?

Casino horoscope is nothing more than a horoscope targeting casino players exclusively. If you believe in the zodiac signs and horoscope, and you also like to gamble you might find it interesting just like this Caxino casino review.

With the help of casino horoscope, you will be able to discover predictions about your potential lucky day for playing. It works the same as any other horoscope making the predictions of certain events based on interpretations of the orientation of the planets.

Just like any other Zodiac predictions, Gambling Horoscope is not 100% certain. Moreover, these predictions are interpretations of star readings sometimes these interpretations might mean something slightly different. All in all, this will be one special year for all the gamblers and Zodiac signs.

Some days will be luckier than others, and one thing is almost inevitable you will definitely have fun. And that is why believing casino horoscope is not useless.

Whether you will belive this horoscope or not is completely up to you. Casino horoscope his there to show the players if it is their lucky day, or should they leave the gambling for some other time. Hopefully, you had fun reading these and we wish you tons of casino luck in 2021!

Casino Horoscope Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

Frankie Wilde is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.

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Casino Horoscope: What is it and is it Really Working? - UrbanMatter

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Winning With Online Sports Betting, I-Gaming, and … | INN – Investing News Network

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Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, has published reports on the latest comments and insights from leaders at: GAN Limited (NASDAQ: GAN), FansUnite (OTC: FUNFF) (CSE: FANS), DraftKings Inc. (NASDAQ: DKNG) and fuboTV (NYSE: FUBO).

Multiple trends are converging, creating massive opportunities for the new paradigm of wagering. As millions of millennial consumers embrace online sports betting, esports, and I-Gaming governments are increasingly eager to legalize, and drive desperately needed tax revenues. Online sports betting is emerging as the dominant growth theme of the decade, with billions of dollars in revenues generated worldwide from video games, streaming to online casinos and sports betting. Wall Street Reporter highlights the latest comments from industry thought leaders:

FansUnite (OTC: FUNFF) (CSE: FANS) Positioned for Exponential Revenue Growth in iGaming, E-Sports, Online Sports Betting

In a recent presentation at Wall Street Reporters NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream, FansUnite (OTC: FUNFF) (CSE: FANS) CEO Scott Burton explained how the companys latest distribution deal with an online casino games aggregator, sets the stage for exponential revenue growth opportunities. In the next 12 months, FUNFF plans to expand its current line from three games to twelve while adding multiple aggregators for each game reaching millions of new online casino customers worldwide. With each game generating as much as $500,000 in revenue per month for FUNFF per online casino and the potential to be in hundreds of online casinos these numbers can quickly add up.

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January 14 FansUnite (OTC: FUNFF) is presenting at Wall Street Reporters NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream 12:30EST. Click here to join: http://bit.ly/2PX0SpH

December 16 FUNFF gains first-mover advantage into the U.S. esports betting market, as its long-term partner GameCo joins US Bookmaking and Sky Ute Casino to establish the first dedicated esports sportsbook in the United States. FUNFF wholly-owned subsidiary Askott Entertainment will supply its iGaming platform, Chameleon, as part of a fully integrated esports betting solution. Through GameCos partnership with Sky Ute Casino and US Bookmaking, FansUnite will be the first iGaming solutions provider to receive significant exposure in the U.S. esports betting market.

December 7 FUNFF receives Malta Gaming Service License and Critical Gaming Supply, and will now be able to offer a full spectrum of online gambling services in Europe, covering Casino, Fixed Odds Betting, Pool Betting and Controlled Skilled Games. With MGA approval received, FansUnite will be joining other highly respected gambling companies such as PokerStars, Betfair and Unibet in operating their business within MGA regulations. Watch FansUnite (OTC: FUNFF) NEXT SUPER STOCK Video: http://bit.ly/3phwp53

January 14 FansUnite (OTC: FUNFF) is presenting at Wall Street Reporters NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream 12:30EST. Click here to join: http://bit.ly/2PX0SpH

DraftKings Inc. (NASDAQ: DKNG), CEO Jason Robins: Huge Pent-up Demand for Sports Betting

As sports have started to return, we saw revenue improve sequentially each month in the quarter, with June revenue increasing 20% year-over-year on a pro forma basis. This strong overall results and improvement are due to our product innovation, our entry into new jurisdiction, and pent-up demand for sports betting as Live Sports like Golf, European Soccer, NASCAR and UFC started to return. In the first two weeks of MLBs return, we saw three times the handle compared to the first two weeks of the 2019 MLB season. In the first week of the NHLs return, our handle is more than twice the handle of first week of 2019 NHL playoff

We significantly expanded our eSports offering and have seen exponential growth in this category. We added popular Madden simulated games and began to include streaming sports within our app, which has become a very popular feature. In fact, since the return of the NHL, the NBA, and Major League Baseball, users have continued to engage with eSports, which gives us confidence in that products future.We believe eSports is going to be a huge category its when not ifwe believe ultimately eSports betting will be if not the biggest, certainly one of the biggest categories of sports betting over the long-term.

DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG) Earnings Call Highlights: https://bit.ly/2Hg4wcV

GAN Limited (NASDAQ: GAN) CEO Dermot Smurfit: On Path To $100 Million Revenue with Online Sports Betting and Casinos

..While both the consumer attention and client demand remains focused on sports betting, the real core of the U.S. internet gambling profit opportunity lies inherently within the online casino, which is only unlocked by the mass market appeal of sports betting being a technical and operational capability, we will shortly possess

When you combine online casino gaming with internet poker, and of course, internet sports betting, New Jersey generated in excess of $132 million of gross operating revenue in that single state in the single month of October. This amount would have seemed implausible just two years ago. New Jersey is now on a path where internet gambling revenues could be on a monthly run rate to exceed pre-COVID retail gaming revenues by the end of 2022. Ill state this again, because it is incredibly important for everyone to understand the magnitude of the structural shift in the retail casino industry. New Jerseys internet gambling market is on a growth path to exceed pre-COVID monthly retail casino gaming revenues within 18 months, possibly less. This all points to bright line a truth that COVID combined with the advent of internet sports betting and the associated strong cross-sell of sports gamblers into online casino gaming has manifestly altered expected future growth opportunities in this industry for decades to comeOur continuing mission is to bring retail casinos online with our technology platform focused principally on delivering all forms of internet gambling content, including casino gaming and sports betting.

GAN Limited (NASDAQ: GAN) Q3 2020 Earnings Highlights: https://bit.ly/32QlM0m

fuboTV (NYSE: FUBO) CEO David Gandler: At Intersection of Sports Streaming and Wagering

From an execution standpoint, Q3 was by far the strongest quarter in the companys history. Our results have exceeded previously raised guidance with solid growth across every KPI we track. Revenues were up 47% to $61 million. Thats well ahead of the guidance range we provided of $52 million to $55 million. Paid subscribers at quarter end totaled 455,000, and thats 58% above the 288,000 last year. Net additions came in at 167,000. Thats up almost 100% year-over-yearFUBO sits firmly at the intersection of 3 megatrends: The first is the secular decline of traditional television viewership; the second is the shift of TV ad dollars to connected devices; and the third is online sports wagering, a market we absolutely intend to enter. Our growth opportunities are numerous, and there are great many reasons for us to be optimistic given the optionality in the business

Were super excited about wagering. I would say that weve already started executing on our strategy. And at the appropriate time, well provide more details. But the way we think about wagering is we look at it from a 3-bucket perspective: we have an acquisitions advantage, we have an engagement advantage and we have a monetization advantage. For acquisitions, you should think of it that were starting with 500,000 paying subscribers. And what youve heard from our ability to sell attachments this quarter, we think that were going to be able to also sell in a lot of wagering opportunities. Number two was on the engagement front. We have over 50,000 sporting events on the platform, and were getting people to watch over 120 hours per month. So there are going to be ample opportunities for us to really sort of drive that forward fuboTV (NYSE: FUBO) Q3 2020 Earnings Highlights: https://bit.ly/2HcPk0I

David Gandler CEO Interview: https://bit.ly/38SlrOr


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