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Live Updates: Nearly 100,000 Americans Have Died From Covid-19 – Barron’s

Posted: May 24, 2020 at 3:48 pm

Nurses talk through a glass door of a coronavirus Covid-19 patients room in the intensive care unit of a medical center in San Jose, Calif. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Getty Images

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Heres what you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak to navigate the markets today.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended his advisor Dominic Cummings, who has come under fire for traveling hundreds of miles to see his parents while he and his wife had coronavirus symptoms and the country was under lockdown orders. In every respect, he has acted responsibly, legally and with integrity, Johnson said. I think what they did was totally understandable. I think any father, any parent would understand what he did.

Nearly 100,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, data collected by Johns Hopkins University show. There were just under 23,000 new cases in the U.S. on May 23. Nationally, the number of new cases has begun to rise slightly, despite a continued decline in New York, the center of the pandemic in the U.S. All 50 states have now announced at least a partial loosening of lockdown rules.

Hong Kong riot police shot tear gas and water canons at crowds to break up thousands of pro-democracy protesters on Sunday, Reuters reported. Chanting Hong Kong independence, the only way out, the crowds protested the Chinese governments plan to amend the law governing the semi-autonomous city and outlaw a wide-range of political activities. That so-called national security legislation could lead the U.S. to impose sanctions on China, White House National Security Adviser Robert OBrien said Sunday on NBCs Meet the Press. OBrien also said that the U.S. would likely be unable to say that Hong Kong has a high degreee of autonomy from Beijing if the law is put in place, a move that could threaten Hong Kongs status as a global financial and trade hub.

Unemployment could be north of 20% for May and keep rising after that, White House economic advisor Kevin Hassett told CNN on Sunday. My expectation is that since theres still initial claims for unemployment insurance in May, that the unemployment rate will be higher in June than in May, but then after that it should start to trend down, he said.

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Live Updates: Nearly 100,000 Americans Have Died From Covid-19 - Barron's

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KBC Winner Binita Jains Journey As A Single Mom After Losing Her Husband To Terrorists – SheThePeople

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Winning one crore in prize money is no mean feat and winning it sitting across veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan is well a dream come true for many in this country. Such is the story of Binita Jain who won 1Cr in season 10 of the popular quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati. Binita is a single mother. Life changed forever for her and her two kids when her husband was abducted by terrorists and never came back.

Guwahati-based Binita is now a senior coordinator in a school. She talks to SheThePeople about being a single mother, on mental health, how life has changed after fame and popularity and shares some tips for KBC aspirants for the upcoming season.

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Tell us how life has changed in the time after winning Kaun Banega Crorepati. How have you used the prize money?

Life has taken an about-turn after winning KBC. I never imagined life would see a drastic change upon returning from KBC. I began to be recognized everywhere; there was a different kind of respect was there in everybodys eyes. I got the opportunity to join the Royal Global School, Guwahati as a senior coordinator. Life has been very generous to me after winning KBC.

As a single mother, my only aim is to see my children settle down well. My son is an orthodontist, I dreamt of making a clinic made for him with all the facilities, maximum part of the prize money is getting utilized in that.

You have been a single mother and there are a lot of prejudices associated with that status. With fame and popularity do you think there is a change in societys perception towards you?

In the society people do view single mothers or single women with a lot of prejudice, I too had faced a lot of it. But I stuck to my ground, as I knew I had to look after my children, so I had to look after myself and I had to be mentally fit. And to be mentally fit I had to keep myself occupied.

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I do not know why the perception of society changes when they realize a lady is a single mother, she could be a divorcee, a widow or alone because of unfortunate circumstances. I have seen peoples attitude change towards me as if I have committed some mistake as if it was because of some fault of mine that I was in that position. It really pains, because in that moment when you need people to support you find them judging you.

When KBC happened there was a 360-degree change in peoples perception, I was the same, before going to KBC and after coming back.

I have seen peoples attitude change towards me as if I have committed some mistake as if it was because of some fault of mine that I was in that position.

How did you pick yourself after your tragedy?

When I was left all alone with my two kids, my children where the only source of strength and motivation for me, other than that there was nothing in my life that could push me. Looking at them, I realized that I have to be doubly responsible now. I have to be there for them every time, now they have only me to look up to and that is was what kept me going.

I knew if I had to look after them, I have to be away from depression. During the first one or two years (after the tragic loss of her husband), I would often feel I was depressed or there would be a feeling of hopelessness. It was very difficult to find someone around who would understand me, there were friends but everybody had limitations. I felt I was in a position where only my own help would get out of the situation. I realized it is when you help yourself that others also lend you a helping hand.

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I started a coaching institute so that I could also stay at home for my children and work. Gradually, I began to feel self-confident, I was feeling stronger as days passed by.

During the first one or two years (after the tragic loss of her husband), I would often feel I was depressed or there would be a feeling of hopelessness. It was very difficult to find someone around who would understand me, there were friends but everybody had limitations.

And when the time came, I was ready to send them outside (of Guwahati) for studies. When my son got through his BDS people would come and dissuade me from sending him away. But I was like he has to make his own life, and I readily send him outside for five years. And at that stage, I did my masters and my B.Ed too.

How have your children reacted to your success? What did you tell them about dealing with fame and popularity?

My children were very excited when I got selected for KBC, they helped me out in the preparations. They had seen me struggle, they had seen all the toil and turmoil I had gone through, in fact, they were the ones who tolerated me during my bad days. And when I won, said that you got what you deserved. And for me, that was more than the prize money I had got.

Regarding fame and popularity, I was very clear that when my bad days did not change me, I do not want the good days to bring any change in me either. I did always tell my children that never let fame and popularity get into your head. It is so important to remain grounded because in life you can never say you have achieved everything there is always more to achieve.

Tell us how you prepared for the contest. Your tips for aspirants.

I was a contestant in season 10, that was a time when you had to send SMS through a particular provider to get selected. Now there are so many platforms through which you can apply. This year the entire selection procedure is online. Even though I had to travel to Kolkata for an audition, this year the auditions are also going to happen online.

You should be very alert and agile when the questions are put out immediately answer them and then leave it upon luck. People get selected through a randomizer and there are a huge number of correct entries. So, anyone has a probability of being chosen. And after you are shortlisted keep your phone near you.

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As a nation, we are crazy about Bollywood. And most people in India will be in awe of sharing screen space with Mr Amitabh Bachchan. How did you overcome the nervousness?

I was so nervous, the only thing on my mind when I was playing fastest finger first was that I want to see him. The moment Mr Amitabh Bachchan entered my hands became numb. But then I gathered my senses thinking I am here for achieving something, it has been a long way, I have been through various selection processes and cannot let it go now.

But when I reached the hotseat I again got nervous, but Mr Bachchan really makes an effort in making the participant feel comfortable.

How important is financial independence for women?

Financial independence allows women to grow within, that sense of independence and security which women can have because of financial independence makes them grow as a person. In this part of the world, we are accustomed to seeing womenfolk dependent on the menfolk for money. Your own hard-earned money instils confidence in you that is something different, you cannot get that confidence by being a multi-millionaires wife.

What will you tell young women who are beginning their professional careers on the importance of taking independent financial decisions?

Nowadays, girls are very smart, they want to stand on their feet. My daughter always wanted to earn her own money. And from the day she started earning, I have seen her confidence grow. It has helped her to be more confident. It is also important for young girls to make sensible financial decisions, often we end up in jobs because of money and they dont give us satisfaction or we are working very hard but not getting financially rewarded. Also, girls need to think about whatever is being done with their money is being done wisely.

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KBC Winner Binita Jains Journey As A Single Mom After Losing Her Husband To Terrorists - SheThePeople

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Surprising money lessons we have drawn from Covid-19 – Daily Nation – nation.co.ke

Posted: at 3:47 pm

Whether we like it or not, we will continue to have conversations around and about Covid-19.

It is after all our new normal. I spoke to a few people who were happy to share what learning opportunities this pandemic has offered.

Meet Neema Kamau - entrepreneur and founder of Elimubox, mother of four and a book lover

Before the pandemic, Neema had events lined up her love for books led her to start a business for childrens story books.

She had bookings before the pandemic for childrens events and parties. Now this is not feasible given that social gatherings are prohibited. Ive had to rethink my business model and set up a website to connect with customers.

Asked about the impact of the pandemic on her finances, she says: Cash flow has been affected. On the home front, I'm more conscious of how and what I am spending my money on. I look out for supermarket bargains, and I am now part of a group that buys fresh produce directly from small-scale farmers.

I am deliberate about supporting fellow small business owners because I know fully well that in this season every penny counts. We are also teaching our children the value of giving and sharing and involving them in our giving initiatives, Neema says.

Is there a silver lining? Neema says she has become more intentional in her parenting and is using this time to teach life skills.

The children are watching us, and how we respond to this crisis will shape how they respond to crises in life. I am also involving them in my business they help with sorting and coding books. We are also learning new things together like doing crafts and making home-made toys. Im teaching them to be grateful for what they have and the importance of sharing with the vulnerable.

Her biggest lesson? Simplify your life.

Jennifer Pariken - Human Resources expert. She has worked in HR for 14 years with non-profits

Jennifers biggest learning is the value of savings and investments. I now know that I will have to put a bigger emphasis on savings and financial independence. I read somewhere that how you are during this pandemic is exactly how your retirement will be if you are broke, lonely and idle, thats your future. I also know I need to focus on retirement now and think of at least three revenue streams.

On the home front, she says shes teaching her boys that things are not the same. We are not ordering pizza we are learning how to make the pizza. Im also teaching my oldest that if he wants something, he has to work for it and save for it. For instance, he has seen a gadget that he wants and he is actively looking for work around the house and our plot on the outskirts of town, so that he can get pocket money.

His dad recently put up five beehives on the plot. So as a family, we are actively seeing what else we could do, and involving our boys on that financial journey.

Her biggest lesson? Save, save, save and look for other ideas that will generate that extra shilling for the family.

She says that since the pandemic, they have not travelled to the village they used to go twice a month. We miss the trips, but clearly there have been savings, especially on fuel. Plan for retirement now!

Financial Adviser Noah Meely agrees that the pandemic has caused Kenyans to reflect on their financial habits and practices. Meely has been in the financial space for over 20 years.

If theres one thing that all Kenyans have learnt, its the value of having savings. Everyone can and should save, whether you have Sh10,000 or Sh100,000. If you havent been saving, then clearly, going forward, this may become a new habit.

Meely predicts that there will be a huge uptake in savings and investments products, as people prepare to cushion themselves against the effects of any other similar upheaval.

Its unfortunate that one of the negative effects of the pandemic has been job losses and pay cuts. Perhaps this is an opportunity to focus on how to prepare for the post-Covid future and what one can do. You may want to rethink your spending habits so that you start putting away some money towards a safety net and start growing your investment portfolio. Its never too late to begin. You could join a Sacco or get expert advice. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, its to save for a rainy day.

There is a silver lining in the cloud, after all. The pandemic is causing us to redefine our lives, priorities, parenting, think on financial lessons for our children and prepare for our financial future and retirement.

What does the future look like for you? What would you like it to look like? Start taking steps towards your future, now.

Siaanoi Marima is an AoEC Certified Executive Coach. She offers executive coaching, career consulting and resume writing services. Linked in: SiaanoiMarima

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Surprising money lessons we have drawn from Covid-19 - Daily Nation - nation.co.ke

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They fought and died, and we remember – The Register-Guard

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Lane County military members went where they were sent.

Lane County military men and women fought where they were deployed.

Lane County military veterans died in war after war after war.

Memorial Day celebrates and honors those who didnt come home. Killed in combat, lost to the deprivations and dangers of battlefields, far from homes in Eugene, Springfield, Veneta, Florence and elsewhere, Lane County veterans served and they died.

Immortality through remembrance is the best Americans can offer them.

In honor of their service to their country, these are the names of the soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen from Lane County who died serving in American conflicts since the nation entered World War I in 1917.

Remembering Lane Countys fallen veterans

These are the names of Lane County veterans who died serving in American conflicts since World War I in 1917. Information provided varies because different sources provide different information; when available we listed branch and rank of military and city of residence.


Charles Ackerman, Florence

John Ashworth, Springfield

Raymond Barnes, Eugene

Louis Belshaw, Eugene

James Blakely, Marcola

David Bowers, Wendling

Fred Brummond, Eugene

Howard Callaway, Eugene

Herman Carlile, Eugene

William Carson, Eugene

Edwin Cecil, Eugene

Lester Collins, Eugene

Love Conrad, Springfield

Riley Crow, Lorane

Waldo Farnham, Walterville

James Fountain, Walterville

Calvin Funk, London

Marion Garoutte, Cottage Grove

John Gibson, Eugene

Frederick Graham, Eugene

William Hoffman, Cushman

John Hurd, Eugene

Davis Johnston, Swisshome

Niels Johansen, Junction City

Kenneth Kellems, Eugene

Delbert Kelly, Dorena

Frederick Kingsbury, Eugene

John Kuykendall, Eugene

Earl Lewellyn, Junction City

Charles Man, Reed

Leland Matthews, Florence

John Maurer, Eugene

Jesse McDole, Cottage Grove

Dale Melrose, Eugene

Frank Miller, Landax

Riley Murray, Eugene

Victor O'Rourke, Thurston

Marion Pennington, Eugene

Peter Peterson, Junction City

James Pierce, Creswell

Earle Powell, Springfield

Henry Schade, Walton

John Schall, Eugene

Fern Sidwell, Springfield

Raymond Sims, McKenzie Bridge

Wilbur Sloneker, Ada

Glenn Southwick, Leaburg

Boswell Tolliver, Springfield

Emil Trombley, Eugene

William Ware, Springfield

Othmar West, Eugene

Frank Whittaker, Thurston


Army Maj. Wayne Akers

Marine Corps Cpl. Robert Alexander, Springfield

Navy Seaman 2c John Almasie, Swisshome

Navy Reserve Ensign George Anderson, Eugene

Army 1st Lt. Leonard Arnold

Army Cpl. Wilbur Barger

Army Pvt. Paul Barkemyer

Army Sgt. Cletus Beatty

Navy Reserve Qt. Master 3c James Bennett, Eugene

Army Pvt. James Bigger

Marine Corps Cpl. Joseph Bishop, Eugene

Army Cpl. Manley Bishop

Army Lt. Ralph Blake

Army Lt. Ralph Breshears

Army Pvt. Elton Briggs

Army Pvt. Henry Bunch

Army Pvt. John Bunt

Marine Corps Pfc. Alvin Caldwell, Eugene

Army Pvt. Wayne Caloway

Army Pfc. Bennie Campell

Army Tech 5 Charles Chappelle

Army Capt. Donald Childers

Army Cpl. Howard Clark

Army Pvt. Paul Clun

Navy Machinist Mate 3c Paul Cochran, Eugene

Army 1st Lt. Walter Cole

Navy Reserves Aviation Radioman 2c Orvill Collingwood, Eugene

Army Tech. Sgt. Byron Cook

Army Pfc. Guy Combs Jr.

Navy Seaman 2c Charles Cornelison, Mable

Navy Seaman 2c Joel Cowden, Eugene

Army Staff Sgt. Clifford Cravens

Army Pfc. Jack Crowley

Army 1st Lt. Aaron Cuddeback

Navy Fireman 2c James David, Coburg

Army Sgt. Malcolm Davis

Navy Seaman 2c Harold Dawson, Creswell

Army Pvt. Donald Dellage

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They fought and died, and we remember - The Register-Guard

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Grafite: The Tale of One of the Bundesliga’s Greatest Ever One-Season Wonders – 90min

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If a single part of Grafite can be sure of immortality, it's his right heel.

Across a 17-year career, the Brazilian with the footwork of an assassin found numerous ways to hurt opponents, methods as spectacular as his trademark chipped finishes across the goalkeeper or as simple as a deft layoff to Edin Deko.

The subtlest and most devastating weapon in his arsenal will live longest in the memory, however, in the Puskas-nominated goal which saw Grafite's graceful waltz send four Bayern Munich players spinning while the back of his heel sent the ball pirouetting in the other direction.

To get us started with a heavy-handed metaphor, the brief but unforgettable contact of the ball with Grafite's heel encapsulates the fleeting fascination he had for European audiences in a career which seemingly flickered out as quickly as it exploded into life.

The result? He has become a player whose story can be all too easily condensed into the glories of a single season, or even worse, a single YouTube video.

Yet Edinaldo Batista Libnio is a player who has lived multiple footballing lives, and whose diverse, strange and trophy-laden CV is so much more than one two-minute video.

Al-Ittihad v Sao Paulo - FIFA Club World Championship Toyota Cup Semi Final

The man who grew up selling bin liners door-to-door in his hometown of So Paulo found glamour hard to come by in the early stages of his career, getting his professional start with fourth division Ferroviria.

After a breakthrough year with Santa Cruz, where the young Grafite couldn't stop the Recife club's relegation to Serie B, he struggled to grasp hold of the progression that was meant to follow, with frustrating stints with Gremio and FC Seoul following.

Even before his arrival in Germany, Grafite had to prove himself, and just like with Wolfsburg an unprecedented period of success followed.

Grafite, delantero del Sao Paulo de Bras

A successful return to Brazil with Gois led to Grafite's hometown club So Paulo recruiting the marksman, who returned the favour by helping them deliver the 2005 Copa Libertadores - Liverpool fans might remember his 15 minute cameo as the Tricolor shocked them in the 2005 Club World Cup final to cap off a glorious period in their history.

That year was a momentous one for Grafite, who had to contend with the contrasting emotions of a surprise Brazil call-up, which saw him score on debut against Guatemala, and then be at the centre of global headlines after Argentine defender Leandro Desbato was arrested under suspicion of racially abusing him in a match.

Perhaps both this affirmation of his talents and the vortex of controversy in which he found himself contributed to his 2006 move to Le Mans, where he came close to overhauling the legendary Pauleta in the Ligue 1 scoring charts in his first full season in Europe.

Le Mans's Brazilian forward Grafite jubi

He didn't stay for long in France, checking into Germany just in time for the most storied chapter in his career to begin.

Of all the coaches he could have been lumped with, Grafite must thank his lucky stars every day that his 2007 arrival in Lower Saxony saw him meet Felix Magath for the first time.

He might not have been so thankful at first, with the famed disciplinarian - known for the 'Mount Magath' hill which he loved to install at each of his sides' training grounds - causing his new signing to pass out during a particularly taxing pre-season run in the Swiss Alps.


Once Grafite recovered a bit of puff, however, it were Bundesliga defenders who were hitting the floor.

Magath's charges had a promising first season together, but nobody could have anticipated the sequel, with Wolfsburg winning their first ever German top-flight title and doing it rather stylishly.

Grafite was front and centre as the Bundesliga's top goalscorer with an obscene 28 goals, forming a record-breaking 'Sturmduo' - what a brilliant word for a strike partnership - with Edin Dzeko. He contributed a total of 54 goals combined with Dzeko, outdoing the previous 53-goal record of a certain Gerd Mller and a certain UliHoene.


With another hyper-talented Bosnian, Zvjezdan Misimovi, breaking another Bundesliga record with his 22 assists, Germany's next dynasty was ready for lift-off.

Until it wasn't.

Magath took advantage of an early exit clause in his contract to leave for Schalke, and with him the control he exercised over the club was gone.

While Grafite added to the increasing list of his extraordinary achievements by scoring a Champions League hat trick on debut, a rudderless Wolfsburg slipped to eighth.


Growing old, dogged by knee injuries and having struggled to reproduce his form of the previous season, a 32-year-old Grafite dutifully departed for Al Ahly.

Typically of a career where surprises were commonplace, the beginning of Grafite's decline also saw him achieve the career landmark of representing his country in a World Cup, albeit in a five minute cameo against Portugal.

Even in retirement mode, however, Grafite was determined to add to the narrative of his career.

Brazil's striker Grafite gets a hug from

Despite losing out to none other than Asamoah Gyan in the goalscoring stakes, Grafite was voted the UAE Pro League's International Player of the Season after blasting in 24 goals in 20 games.

After a short spell in Qatar, Grafite was set for a poignant final act in Brazil, where he righted the wrongs of his first spell at Santa Cruz.

Flown in by helicopter to a baying mob of fans, Grafite, now the highest-salaried player in the club's history, took them back to the Brazilian top-flight.


With the ageing Brazilian also instrumental in securing Copa do Nordeste and Campeonato Pernambucano glory in 2016, closure was finally possible in a career where he had needed to prove himself so many times.

After one last shot at the big time with Athletico Paranaense, Recife's prodigal son would end up retiring at Santa Cruz.

It was a quiet, humble ending for a player who had so emphatically announced his footballing gifts to the world in 2009, but with Grafite, who was important to so many more clubs than just Wolfsburg, it was a way of giving back.

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Grafite: The Tale of One of the Bundesliga's Greatest Ever One-Season Wonders - 90min

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‘Henry tried every day to be the best’ – Vela says Jordan’s Last Dance documentary conjured memories of Arsenal icon – Goal.com

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The LAFC star says he was inspired while watching the 10-part series on the Chicago Bulls

Like virtually every sports fan across America and the world, Carlos Vela developed a Sunday routine over the last five weeks.

For the first time since Game of Thrones went off the air in summer 2019, the U.S. was united by a true television phenomenon: The Last Dance. The documentary, a 10-part event broadcast over five weeks, followed Michael Jordan's rise to his place as the most revered basketball player of all time while focusing on his final season with the Chicago Bulls in 1997-98.

With American sports suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Last Dance became a phenomenon. The series of episodes offered deep dives into one of the greatest athletes and one of the greatest teams of all time, filling everyone's Sunday with larger-than-life stories about Jordan and his six NBA titles.

Vela, a massive basketball fan, was instantly hooked.

"Of course. Every Sunday I was there," Vela told Goal. "My wife wasn't happy. But I said, 'these two hours, these are for me'."

The Los Angeles FC star has long been a fan of the NBA. In the past, Vela has stated that he actually prefers basketball to soccer and, in his free time, he chooses to spend his moments away from his own sport by following the NBA.

Vela recently uploaded a video of him, in full Los Angeles Lakers gear, dunking on his own hoop while the Mexicointernational also expressed excitement at starring alongside James Harden in a new ad for sports drink BODYARMOR.

Over the last five weeks, Vela, like the rest of the country, was offered an insight into Jordan's mindset as a leader, for better or worse. The series detailed the famous grudges and perceived slights that fueled his career. It discussed Jordan's gambling, or as he calls it "competition", problems.

Most poignantly, the series revealed Jordan's leadership style, which often pushed teammates to their limit physically and mentally. At the end of the seventh episode, an emotional Jordan reflected on criticisms of how far he pushed those that played alongside him before tearfully calling for a break in the interview.

"When people see this they are going say, 'Well he wasn't really a nice guy. He may have been a tyrant'.Well, that's you. Because you never won anything," Jordan said.

"I wanted to win, but I wanted them to win to be a part of that as well. Look, I don't have to do this. I am only doing it because it is who I am. That's how I played the game. That was my mentality. If you don't want to play that way, don't play that way."

Throughout his career, Vela has played with a number of big players. And, having watched Jordan's leadership style and his ability to push teammates further than they thought they could be pushed, the Mexican star says he was reminded of former Arsenal star Thierry Henry.

Henry and Vela never took the field together at Arsenal, as Vela was loaned out throughout his early years with the club due to a work permit issue. But Velasays Henry's leadership still stood out, giving him a Jordan-like presence.

"Thierry Henry was a really hard guy," he said. "He tried every day to be the best and he pushed the young guys to work more, to be professional, to try to bring everything to every training.

"He would say, 'if you train hard, you can play hard'. Thierry Henry was an inspiration to me and you can see the career he had. I'm proud to have said I can play with him. He's a good leader."

Vela's personality, meanwhile, is a bit more laid back, but he's still found plenty of success since making the move to MLS ahead of LAFC's expansion season.

The winger smashed MLS records last season by scoring 34 goals in 31 matches, helping guide LAFC to a Supporters' Shield and an MLS record for points in a season.

But, as he looks to add an MLS Cup to his resume, Vela says he learned a lotfrom watching Jordan's rise to NBA immortality.

"I wasn't surprised. You are not there to see it day by day, but when you see what Michael Jordan did, you feel something special, something different than the rest," he said.

"I feel like I have a lot of things to learn from Michael Jordan to try and be the best. I take it as motivation. Maybe I have to be more hard, do more things to help my teammates to be better so we can win more championships."

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'Henry tried every day to be the best' - Vela says Jordan's Last Dance documentary conjured memories of Arsenal icon - Goal.com

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The last days of history – Part 13Sunday Magazine – Guardian

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The Rapture Cont.(1) Just prior to the rapture, as Christ is descending from heaven for His church, the resurrection of the dead in Christ will occur (1 Thes 4:16). This is not the same resurrection described in Rev 20:4, for the latter is an event occurring after Christ returns to earth, destroys the wicked and binds Satan (Rev 19:11-20:3). The resurrection in Rev 20:4 relates to the martyred dead of the tribulation and possibly to OT saints (see Rev 20:6).

(2) At the same time as the dead in Christ rise, living believers will be transfigured. Their bodies will be clothed with immortality (1 Cor 15:51,53). This will happen in a very short time, in the twinkling of an eye (1 Cor 15:52).

(3) Both the resurrected believers and the transfigured believers will be caught up together to meet Christ in the air, i.e., in the atmosphere between earth and heaven.

(4) They will be visibly united with Christ (1 Thes 4:16-17), taken to His Fathers House in heaven (see John 14:2-3) and united with loved ones who have died in Christ (1 Thes 4:13-18).

(5) They will be removed from all distress (2 Cor 5:2,4; Phil 3:21), from all persecution and oppression (see Rev 3:10), from the entire realm of sin and from death (1 Cor 15:51-56); Christ thereby delivers them from the wrath to come (see 1 Thes 1:10; 5:9), i.e., from the great tribulation.

(6) The hope that our Saviour will soon return to take us out of the world to ever be with the Lord (1 Thes 4:17) is the blessed hope of the redeemed (Tit 2:13) and a major source of comfort for suffering believers (1 Thes 4:17-18; 5:10).

(7) Paul uses we in 1 Thes 4:17 because he knows the Lords return could have happened in his own lifetime, and he communicates this same anticipation to the Thessalonians. The Bible insists on a continual waiting with eagerness for the return of our Lord. Believers today must be ever watchful and hopeful for Christs return to take them to Himself (cf. Rom 13:11; 1 Cor 7:29; 10:11; 15:51-52; Phil 4:5).

(8) According to this view of the rapture, professing Christians who do not have a saving relationship with Christ will be left behind (see Mat 25:1; Luke 12:45), will be left with a false system of religion (see Rev 17:1), and be subject to Gods wrath.

(9) Following the rapture is the day of the Lord, a time that brings distress and wrath to the ungodly (1 Thes 5:2-10). That will be followed by the second stage of Christs coming when He comes to destroy the ungodly and to reign on earth (see Mat 24:42,44).

The Events Of The Rapture 1 Cor 15:51, 52; 1 Thes 4:16, 17 Christ will return visibly, with a loud command

There will be an unmistakable cry from an angel

There will be a trumpet fanfare such as has never been heard

Believers in Christ who are dead will rise from their graves

Believers who are alive will be caught up in the clouds to meet Christ

While Christians have often disagreed about what events will lead up to the return of Christ, there has been less disagreement about what will happen once Christ does return.

The Timing Of The Rapture: Different Views

RAPTURE Gods taking the church out of the world instantaneously. The Latin term rapio, which means to snatch away or carry off, is the source of the English word.

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The last days of history - Part 13Sunday Magazine - Guardian

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Elliott Mortuary to host events in Madisonville | Local News – The Messenger

Posted: at 3:45 pm

With Gov. Andy Beshear requesting Kentuckians to light their houses and businesses green to honor those that have died from COVID-19, Elliott Mortuary is hosting a tree-lighting ceremony Saturday evening.

The ceremony is open to anyone to attend as long as you adhere to social distancing guidelines, said CEO Peter Bowles.

Were doing our part in the community to help healing to come, he said. Thats what were having on Saturday at around 8 p.m., at dusk, to show and give hope.

Michael Lowery, a staff member at the mortuary, said the reason they want to host this event was rooted in the color greens meaning. Green represents the Word of God and also symbolizes immortality, he said.

We are trying to show that these people, although they have passed and gone, that we are still looking at them in the light that there will be a resurrection, he said. We want to give light to the community and to let them know that this is something we can deal with and show that God is involved in this. Together we can pull through this. Thats one of the reasons we want to have this; we want to give hope to the hopeless.

Because of the restrictions that have come from COVID-19, Bowles said he understands if people dont want to physically come to the lighting ceremony, so they will attempt to have a live video streaming of the service. Bowles said it could be found on their Facebook page.

At noon on Memorial Day at Elliott Memorial Gardens, they are holding short service with a song and a prayer. Then they will decorate the graves of veterans, said Lowery.

One of the things we want to do is look at it from a historical perspective, he said. In days past, Memorial Day was called Decoration Day to decorate the graves right after the Civil War. They had decorated all of those who had fallen in battle. In the African American community, it was a day when people would meet and greet one another and talk about their loved ones, and it would be an all-day celebration.

The tree-lighting ceremony will be held at 8 p.m. Saturday at 151 E. Noel Avenue. The Memorial Day ceremony will be at noon Monday at Elliott Memorial Gardens, which is located on Halson Avenue. Both events are in Madisonville.

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Elliott Mortuary to host events in Madisonville | Local News - The Messenger

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Read this before you watch The Old Guard – Looper

Posted: at 3:45 pm

The form of immortality that members of the Old Guard are gifted with is apparently rare so rare that Andy and her team haven't met another like them in a very long time when they first encounter Nile. They connect with each other through dreams, and sometimes dream of each other's faces for years before they actually meet in real life. When they're mortally wounded, their bodies simply heal and they move on, no matter how gruesome or seemingly life-ending the injury might be. Despite all that, it was important to Rucka to introduce another key rule into this world: The characters are not fully immortal. They can die, and their death might come at any time. They just have no way of knowing if the next bullet will be the one that kills them.

"There was always the sort of existential uncertainty that at some point, it may end," Rucka explained. "And for Andy, who is extraordinarily old, the question has really become, 'Why hasn't it ended?'"

Though there are several clear rules that govern the world of The Old Guard, that question of why lingers over everything. Why can't these people die? Why does their time one day even if it's been centuries? And why has Andy, who has seen so much death around her, managed to avoid it for millennia? These are the questions at the heart of the larger narrative of the comic book series.

Go here to read the rest:

Read this before you watch The Old Guard - Looper

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10 New Switch Titles Releasing This Week – SwitchWatch

Posted: at 3:45 pm

Juan over at SwitchWatchTV has dropped a hot video for 10 New Switch Titles Releasing This Week. There are some huge video games coming, but do not forget to check out Bug Fables, a brilliant Paper Mario-like RPG that will charm your butt off. Look for our review from Will Heath on May 28th! Enjoy Juans video below of 10 New Switch Titles releasing this week, or you can continue scrolling down to read it here on SwitchWatch.co.uk.

I am Juan Romero from SwitchWatch, and welcome to a colossal Nintendo Switch release schedule for the week ahead. Get yourself a drink maybe, check your bank account, and get ready, because no doubt cash is leaving the wallet this week. This is a wallet buster week, so lets get started and take a look at all these great games dropping on Switch. Maybe we should call it the Double Dipper week! Here are 10 New Switch Titles Releasing This Week.

May 26th16,74 $19,99 19,99

Minecraft Dungeons is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and is set in the Minecraft Universe. You can go solo or with a team of 4 online. There is treasure to find and loads of action in the varied levels on offer here all in aid to save the villagers and take down the evil arch-illager. I think this one will excite a lot of people in this game packed week. Is this one you are looking forward too? Little Miss fortune In a week like this it is easy for games like this to get a little lost but this is one I am looking forward too. An interactive story game which focuses on exploration and its characters. There is darkness here and choices have consequences. If you have heard of the video game Fran Bow which was created by killmonday games then this should be something to look forward too.. Certainly one I am going to pick up and

May 28th$24.99

An RPG with bugs and adventure, I am certainly up for something maybe a little different here. These 3 heroes are looking for treasure as they embark on an epic quest of immortality. When are RPG quests ever Unepic, there is a game called that which is actually pretty epic, I digress, Here we have platforming where you can explore using the characters unique abilities and also mixes in some turn based combat. I actually quite like the sound of this but with so many games releasing this week will this be lost among it all.

May 28th $29,99

Shantae is one of my favouite games to kick back and enjoy on my Switch and I have enjoyed all previous outings this now being the 5th instalment where she gains new Fusion magic abilities where she will be exploring a vast sunken city. Which is going to mean water and I love exploring sunken citys in games, always gets my imagination working overdrive, will their be sharks, dolphins some unknown creatures, anyways this is going to be her biggist adventure yet. This is going to be some week!

May 28th in America but was already available in EU 35,99 $44,99 39,99

For the singers among you lets sing 2020 allows you to sing solo or with up to 6 people in total with a wide variety of songs featuring Rita Ora, Queen and more and will allow you to buy song packs later on and even use your phone as a mic. This is not for me but I am sure this will be enjoyed by those aspiring singers or who just want to have fun singing with friends and family.

May 28th13,49 $14,99 14,99

Atomicrops had me looking as soon as I saw that the publisher was RawFury, always publishing some great indie games and this looks like it could be a winner with a mix of Stardew Valley and Enter the Gungeon. Thats a buy for me right there, then the visuals when I saw the trailer and the humor and my money has already left my account for a pre-order. Here the farm gets blown to crap due to an atomic bomb but you survive as you were lucky enough to be in the bomb shelter. Now you have all sorts of bizarre post nuclear pests to take down who want to eat up your crops. So you are a farmer and a killer and between all that you can even get married. I mean there is always time to get married right.

May 28th17,99 $19,99 19,99

Resolution is an indie which has a bit about it, I like the visuals style as soon as I saw it, here as an old killer you escort an AI through chaotic combat and solve puzzles. The future is fractured but it is one you get to explore to unravel its mystery.

May 29th 39,99 $49,99 49,99 EU

Well if you have not heard of borderlands by now then you have been missing out. Its been on other platforms and in this collection you get Borderlands: gameof the year edition, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Tre Sequel along with boatloads of added on content which amounts to over 100 hours of gameplay all off which can be enjoyed solo, two player split screen or 4 players online co-op, this really covers all basis. If you love shooters especially with a friend then no doubt this is one you need to pick up wether its a double dip or for the first time,we just cannot wait to play this on the move.

May 29th 39,99 $49,99 49,99 EU

Another massive collection from Take-Two interactive we have the amazing Bioshock which has Bioshock remastered, Bioshock 2 remastered and Bio shock infinite with all single player add on content included. If you have never had the chance to explore the undersea city of rapture then now is the time to do it because this is a fantastic FPS game and even now stands the test of time. Againa collection I cannot wait to get my hands on to play at home and on the move.

May 29th39,99 $49,99 49,99 EU

Lastly this week from Take 2 if 6 games was not enough they are relasing xcom 2, all on t he same day, I mean they could have spread it out a little to give our wallets some breathing space! This is an award winning strategy which can now be played on your Switch including all DLC and again is one we cannot wait to double dip on.

May 29th49,99 $59,99 59,99 EU

Xenoblade Chronicles comes in a wonderful Physical which I am sure Jordan will tell you about on Monday but another game dropping in this jaw dropping week of games. After the excellent Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is releasing after almost 10 years when it was first launched on the Wii U. Most of the English cast have returned to voice their parts and there is also a new adventure to take on too. The first game was already great and this remaster looks to be a most buy for any RPG fan.

Ladies and gentlemen that concludes this colossus episode for 10 New Switch Titles Coming Out This Week. What are you looking forward to playing and picking up the most? If you had to make a choice, which would it be from all of these? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this 10 New Switch Titles video and article. We hope it was helpful!

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10 New Switch Titles Releasing This Week - SwitchWatch

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