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Prosper Teams up With AWS Machine Learning Marketplace to Expand Access to China Consumer Targeting Models – Benzinga

Posted: May 17, 2020 at 4:46 am

Prosper Insights & Analytics, in cooperation with the AWS Machine Learning Marketplace, has expanded their suite of China consumer marketing models. The models are created from data derived from the largest continuous survey of Chinese consumers, the Prosper China Quarterly. Prosper has been collecting the China Quarterly since 2006.

The propensity models are developed using AWS SageMaker advanced analytic tools and can be accessed through the AWS Machine Learning Marketplace. All Prosper models are 100% privacy compliant and never use any PII in any part of the process from collection through analysis.

All models are scored with metrics for accuracy, updated regularly and provide marketers with an enhanced targeting opportunity for the China market. Bespoke models available upon request. For more information, click here.

About Prosper Insights & Analytics

Prosper Insights & Analytics is a global leader in consumer intent data serving financial services, marketing technology, retail and marketing industries. We provide global authoritative market information on US and China consumers via curated insights and analytics. By integrating Prosper's unique consumer data with a variety of other data, including behavioral, attitudinal and media, Prosper helps companies accurately predict consumers' future behavior and optimize marketing efforts and improve the effectiveness of demand generation campaigns. http://www.ProsperModelFactory.com

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Prosper Teams up With AWS Machine Learning Marketplace to Expand Access to China Consumer Targeting Models - Benzinga

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Kriya Therapeutics announces $80 million Series A financing to advance gene therapies for highly prevalent serious diseases – PRNewswire

Posted: at 4:45 am

PALO ALTO, Calif. and DURHAM, N.C., May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Kriya Therapeutics announced today that it has raised $80.5 million in a Series A financing to fund the development of transformative gene therapies for highly prevalent serious diseases. Kriya was formed in the fourth quarter of 2019 and has an industry-leading gene therapy team that includes former senior leadership from Spark Therapeutics, AveXis, Sangamo Therapeutics, and other gene therapy companies. Kriya's pipeline today includes multiple AAV-based gene therapies for the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, severe obesity, and other indications. The company is located in the Bay Area, California and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and is building a platform infrastructure in partnership with leading academic institutions and industry pioneers.

Series A investors include QVT, Dexcel Pharma, Foresite Capital, Bluebird Ventures (associated with Sutter Hill Ventures), Narya Capital, Amplo, Paul Manning, and Asia Alpha. This Series A round follows an initial seed financing completed by the company in the fourth quarter of 2019 led by Transhuman Capital, who also participated in the Series A round.

Kriya is focused on developing gene therapies for diseases affecting millions of patients, expanding the field of gene therapy beyond rare monogenic disorders. Kriya is targeting diseases where the underlying biology is well-understood, with the goal of rationally designing one-time gene therapies to durably express therapeutic proteins within the appropriate human tissues.

"There have been numerous successful gene therapies focused on rare monogenic diseases in recent years," said Shankar Ramaswamy, M.D., Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Kriya Therapeutics. "We see tremendous potential to expand the field and apply gene therapy to highly prevalent serious diseases. We are focused on designing gene therapies using algorithmic tools, scalable infrastructure, and proprietary technology to optimize the efficacy and durability of our treatments. We look forward to accelerating the development of our pipeline, platform technologies, and internal GMP manufacturing capability with the funds raised in this Series A financing."

Kriya's initial pipeline includes multiple AAV-based gene therapies for the treatment of metabolic diseases including type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and severe obesity:

Kriya's founders and leadership team have deep experience in the design, development and manufacturing of successful gene therapies and biological medicines:

"Kriya is building a leading team and cutting-edge infrastructure to engineer best-in-class gene therapies for severe chronic conditions and accelerate their advancement into human clinical trials," said Roger Jeffs, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Kriya. "The company is committed to incorporating the latest advancements in the field into the design and development of its therapeutic constructs. Through its R&D laboratory capabilities in the Bay Area and in-house process development and manufacturing infrastructure in Research Triangle Park, I believe that Kriya will be uniquely positioned to become a leader in the gene therapy field."

About Kriya Therapeutics

Kriya Therapeutics is a next-generation gene therapy company focused on designing and developing transformative gene therapies for highly prevalent serious diseases. With core operations in the Bay Area, California and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Kriya is establishing a platform for the development of gene therapies targeting serious chronic diseases affecting millions of patients. The company's initial pipeline includes multiple programs for the treatment of metabolic diseases including type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and severe obesity. For more information, please visit http://www.kriyatx.com.

ContactNachi Gupta, M.D., Ph.D.Chief of Staff[emailprotected]

SOURCE Kriya Therapeutics


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Kriya Therapeutics announces $80 million Series A financing to advance gene therapies for highly prevalent serious diseases - PRNewswire

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Wisconsin Bars Flooded With Traffic, Or Are They? – TheStreet

Posted: at 4:44 am

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the state shutdowns were illegal. Bar traffic results vary widely.

Nicks Bar

Brown County

Fox News - Bars Flooded

Fox News reports Wisconsin Bars Flooded with Patrons hours after state Supreme Court strikes down stay-at-home order.

Nicks Bar in Platteville, Wis., shared a photo on Twitter with the caption: 45 minutes after the bars open in Wisconsin showing the establishment packed with mostly young people, none of whom were wearing masks or observing social distancing.

A photo taken by the Green Bay Press-Gazette showed that the State Street Pub in Green Bay had briefly reopened with about a dozen customers inside after the state Supreme Court ruling. Decorations for St. Patricks Day, the March 17 holiday, remained on display the first day of the reopening. Neither the bartender nor the customers had masks.

But that bars reopening was also short-lived. By Wednesday night, Brown County Health Officer Anna Destree issued a local safer-at-home order to replace the now resolute state rules, requiring all county residents to remain home until at least May 20.

Star Tribune - Rolling the Dice

The Star Tribune reports Bars and other businesses quickly reopen in Wisconsin for now.

Ted Mosby couldnt help but feel conflicted Thursday as he finished his drink at Jonesys Local Bar and Grill a day after the Wisconsin Supreme Court quashed Gov. Tony Evers stay-at-home order.

The virus is real. We supposedly havent reached our peak yet. Thats the scary part, said Mosby, a carpenter and retired EMT worker. Well reach it sooner now that were open.

But its also good, he admitted, to once again sit at a bar and quench his thirst after work. Im rolling the dice. People are getting antsy. Theyre stir-crazy.

At Hop and Barrel Brewing, half the tables had been removed and as well as half the seating at those tables that remained. No one will be allowed to sit at the bar when it reopens Friday. Workers will wear masks and gloves.

At Abigail Page Antique Mall, owner Linda Weiser is allowing only five customers in at a time. Everyone must wear a mask. She offers them a pump of hand sanitizer for free, a mask for a $1 and gloves for 50 cents.

CNN - New Rules

CNN Reports Wisconsin bars reopen after court throws out stay-at-home order -- some with new rules

Seven customers showed up at BK's Bar in Shullsburg, Abby Gilbertson-Cottington, who owns the bar with her husband, told CNN. Most patrons stayed at least 6 feet apart, except for one couple who she believed may have been married.

The owner of Limanski's Pub, Kathy Goedde, was watching the news when she saw the order was overturned. "I was pretty happy about that," she told WTMJ. She's limiting capacity to a third of what the bar could hold and reminding patrons to keep social distance, WTMJ reported.

This is It!, an LGBTQ+ bar in Milwaukee, posted a note on its Facebook page telling customers it wasn't ready to reopen just yet."We, like you, want life to return to normal, but we will not force any actions or decisions that compromise health and safety," the post said.


Perhaps there was a flood of traffic, if a dozen or so people at several bars constitutes a flood.

My concern is the complete lack of any attempts at social distancing at two of the bars. Those people are begging for another wave of infections and another crackdown.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Lockdowns Are Illegal

Yesterday I noted Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Lockdowns Are Illegal

Conservative justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Democratic Gov. Tony Evers monthslong stay-at-home order in a ruling released Wednesday.

The 4-3 decision marked the first time a states highest court has overturned a stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus pandemic and sided with Republican leaders who argued the governors administration had overstepped its legal authority.

Bizarre Ruling

In a bizarre ruling the Supreme Court ruled that the State could not order closings because it constituted Tyranny, yet the court allowed local politicians to do the same.

As a result, Madison and Milwaukee immediately reimposed the lockdowns,

The result is 72 counties doing their own thing,

Partisan Judges

We can debate the case all day, without changings anyone's mind on what should be done.

But this seems like a half-assed decision that will please no one, or perhaps half the people, half the time, depending on the county.

One question lingers: Why are there elected partisan judges in the first place?


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Wisconsin Bars Flooded With Traffic, Or Are They? - TheStreet

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Mohamed and the Mountain | Annette Poizner | The Blogs – The Times of Israel

Posted: at 4:44 am

Mohamed, (not his real name), was a Muslim in his 30s, an migr from Iran who had built a life for himself in Canada. Sadly, a blanket of personal problems marred his efforts to thrive. He sought out psychotherapy. For the sake of rapport, I made a mental note to avoid mention of Jewish insights into human nature, normally a staple in my work.

As the therapy progressed, my apprehension dissolved. So relevant were the ideas of Rabbi Akiva Tatz and other Jewish thinkers that I began to introduce Mohamed to concepts that spoke directly to the challenges with which he grappled. He was intrigued and one day reflected, Ive read a lot about Buddhism and new age psychology but I know nothing about the Jewish approach. Can you recommend a book? I suggested Rabbi Tatzs Living Inspired and when our session ended he went to a local Judaica shop and picked up that book and three others.

Mohamed made nice progress in the work. He implemented important changes and I commended him; these changes were quite dramatic. To demonstrate just how so, he described an incident that had occurred 10 years earlier when he stood in army fatigues with 250 other Iranian soldiers, all heavily equipped with weapons. The men participated in a familiar ritual: the burning of the American and Israeli flags as the men shouted, Death to Israel! Death to America! He looked me dead in the eye and said, Ten years later, Im buying books at the Judaica store!

I was shocked, but shouldnt have been. As we approach Shavous, the commemoration of receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, we can remember that Jewish thought is part of the arsenal we are given to change the world. This body of knowledge contains timeless wisdom that can help individuals change, both Jew and non-Jew.

Case in point: I would argue that, right now, the most widely recognized mouthpiece for any number of important Jewish concepts is a Gentile, Dr. Jordan Peterson. When I stumbled upon his work, I was amazed at the resonance between his ideas and those of Rabbi Akiva Tatz, author of both Living Inspired and Worldmask. Indeed, my excitement about this resonance and the way the Rabbis ideas inform those of Peterson compelled my writing of two books: This Way up: A Faith-Based Introduction to Jordan Petersons Maps of Meaning and In Good Standing: Using Jordan Petersons Insights on the Structure of Self to Sort Yourself Out.

Its ironic that so many Jewish psychotherapists seeking to anchor their work in a wisdom tradition pursue Buddhist studies. These practitioners dont realize the wealth of resources that are rightly theirs, if only they would look in their own backyards!

But dont take my word for it. Take Mohameds. His ancestors werent included in the Sinai experience. But maybe his experience shows theres a basis for the old proverb: if Mohamed cant come to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohamed. And every year at Shavous, the mountain comes to you.


Annette Poizner is a Columbia-trained clinical social worker who graduated with a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology. As an Israeli-trained graphologist, she specializes in projective personality assessment, as well as strategic psychotherapy. Her work has been featured extensively in the media and in academic venues. She founded Lobster University Press, an imprint which explores the work of Jordan Peterson. Her books, the most recent being, "From Chaos to Order: A Guide to Jordan Peterson's Worldview," summarize Peterson's ideas and explore the intersection between his insights and Jewish wisdom. She also produces animations which relay some of Peterson's insights in short soundbites.

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Mohamed and the Mountain | Annette Poizner | The Blogs - The Times of Israel

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Congratulation To All 278 Class Of 2020 Graduates – Los Alamos Reporter

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Los Alamos High School Principal Carter Payne has announced the names of the graduating Class of 2020. They are as follows:

Anna Maria Abeyta

Haley Anna Adams Brown

Nichelle Hailey Aguilar

Lexi Anastajia Alcala

Laila Amin

Samuel Fidelis Anderson

Matthew Brandon Archuleta

Samantha Jasmine Archuleta

Dara Ann Armstrong

Michael Owen Aslam

Natalie Megan Aulwes

Aelma Azad

Jonathan Baca

Samantha Baca

John Alexander Baker

Jade Leonarda Banuelos

Jeremy Joseph Baros

James Zachary Beck

Talia Miriam Ben-Naim

Jacob Marc Benelli

Thomas Gary Benson

Ogden Berry

Abigail Beus

Drew Bingham

Catherine Mary Bitteker

Claire Elizabeth Bluhm

Samuel Adam Bond

Casey Michael Borden

Sarina Nicole Borden

Jackson Ray Bowles

Zachery Robert Michael Brown

Rebecca Anne Brug

Michael William Budge

Vaclav Budzileni-Maldonado

Lillian Love Bueck

Dimitri Robert Bullock

Zoe Jean Butler

Elektra Caffrey

Gavin Diego Campos

Helen Tabea Caparone

John Marcus Caparone

Eric Carney

Laila Fernanda Carrillo Garcia

Joshua David Carson

James Carl Cassel

Jayme Elizabeth Cayton

Carlos J. Chacon Cuesta

Miguel A. Chacon Cuesta

Celeste Anne Chandler

Elizabeth Marie Chapman

Olivia Tess Chavarria

Lucario Alan Lujn Chvez

Michael Anatol Chigaev

Caden Matthew Cionek

Erik Timothy Cleland

Amaya Coblentz

Preslie Austin Coffey

Jonathan Cox

Isabel Crooker

Sarah Michelle Crotzer

Santiago Angelito Culin

Connor Michael Dale

Olivia Grace DeCroix

Isabella Maria Delgado

Alexandra Viktoria Dolin

Kevin Martin Dors

Allegra Sue Dougherty

Sean Martin Dougherty

Dennis Adam Drew Vazquez

Javier Duarte Gastelum

Dakota James Duran

Mia Felice Durn

Ariel Edkin

Tayra Jenna Eidenbenz

Awan David Carson Ellenwood

Gage Charles Ellis

Jenna Mercedes Espinoza

Mei Belle Eutsler

Sydney Elizabeth Favorite

Suyana Renee Ferreira

Anna Filina

Joseph W. Foley

Daniel Aedan Fryer

Riley Brighten Fullbright

Natalie Ellora Gallegos

Alexis Lee Ann Garcia

Bernadette Alexia Garcia

Liliana Garcia

Ryan Jacob Garcia

Sruthi Garimella

Adam John Garrett

Ona Anisha Piu Gartz

Alex Jordan Geyer

Isabella Nichole Gillie

Amber Nichole Gould

Rebecca Lauryn Green

Calixta Kayla Guerrero Gonzales

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Congratulation To All 278 Class Of 2020 Graduates - Los Alamos Reporter

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FM Announces Second Trance Of Economic Package, Aims At Farmers, Migrant Workers, Street Vendors And Affordable Housing – Business Standard

Posted: at 4:43 am

Finance Minister (FM) Nirmala Sitharaman announced the second tranche of economic stimulus of Rs 20 lakh crore to suppot the migrant workers, small farmers, street vendors and affordable housing. The FM noted that 3 crore marginal farmers availed loans at concessional rates. These 3 cr farmers had already benefited from Rs 4.22 lakh crore of loans given to them. Interest subvention and prompt repayment incentive on crop loans, due from March 1, extended up to May 31, 2020. 25 lakh new Kisan Credit Cards sanctioned with a loan limit of Rs 25,000 crore.

FM also notified Liquidity Support to Farmers & Rural Economy provided post COVID. This includes 63 lakh loans of Rs. 86,600 crore approved in Agriculture between 1.3.2020 to 30.04.2020, refinancing of Rs.29,500 crore provided by NABARD, to Cooperative Banks & Regional Rural Banks in March,2020, support of Rs. 4,200 crore provided under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund to States during March, 2020 for rural infrastructure and working capital limit of Rs. 6,700 crore sanctioned for procurement of agriculture produce to State Government entities since March, 2020.

For affordable housing, the Government is to extend the Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme or CLSS up to March 2021 about 2.5 lakhs middle income families to benefit during 2020-21. FM announced that affordable Rental Housing for migrants and urban poor is set to be launched under PM Awas Yojana.

PDS ration cards are to be portable across India, can be used in any part of the country. Around 67 crore beneficiaries - 83% of all PDS population - to be covered by this 100% coverage by Mar 2021. Free food grain to be supplied to around 8 crore migrants for 2 months. Those who do not hold central / state ration cards will be given 5 kg of rice/wheat and 1 kg of chana for next two months.

FM noted that Government would support nearly 50 lakh street vendors via Rs 5000 crore Special Credit Facility. Government of India will provide Interest subvention of 2% for prompt MUDRA-Shishu Loans payees for a period of 12 months Relief of Rs 1500 crore to MUDRA-Shishu loanees.

To create job opportunities for Tribals /Adivasis -Plans worth Rs 6000 crores to be approved shortly under Compensatory Afforestation Management & Planning Authority (CAMPA) Funds.

Powered by Capital Market - Live News

(This story has not been edited by Business Standard staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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FM Announces Second Trance Of Economic Package, Aims At Farmers, Migrant Workers, Street Vendors And Affordable Housing - Business Standard

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Lady Gaga has given$ 52, mi-for a project, and it is in a trance – Matzav Review

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Lady Gaga is giving everything he has in order to raise funds and help the fight against the coronavirus. For participating in the talk show with Jimmy Fallon, the singer has made a video call with the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, to commit to a donation of us $ 10 million approximately$ 52.8 million for their project, One World: Together, At Home.

The singer was in true bliss, when the giving on the part of Cook, was established. The project is in the voice of Bad Romance, it is in partnership with Global Citizen and the World Health Organization (WHO).

I dont think that we ought to turn for a Cook. I dont know if he knows that it will be on TV, but were going to call him and find out, he said. After talking with the CEO of Apple, she asked about the donation, and if you could commit to that promise. I can confirm that. We are very proud to be a part of it, he said.

Concert to celebrate the donation with a loud cry, My next single is called, Tim Cook. Im going to post it tomorrow. You just got to help a lot of people. Thank you so much, he said to her, falling down in laughter.

Gaga has also revealed that Jimmy Fallon will be the host for the transmission of fund-raising, which takes place on the next day, the 18th, in company with Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert.

It brought together artists of the time. Will participate, Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong, from Green Day, Chris Martin, David Beckham, Eddie Vedder, Elton John, Paul McCartney, and Stevie Wonder, with performances by the various social networks.

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Lady Gaga has given$ 52, mi-for a project, and it is in a trance - Matzav Review

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The Trout Were Socially Distant, but Not the Family Memories – The New York Times

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ATTLEBORO, Mass. I distanced myself from my son Patrick, not as a precaution against the virus though he is an emergency room nurse and in the thick of things but because a novice fly fisherman poses enough danger.

Stand too close and that whip of line he has aloft, tipped with a tiny hook masquerading as a bug, can take a wayward path and snag your shirt. Or your ear. I know this.

The sun was low in the trees and the stream now slid by like ink. A trout nosed the surface beside a half-submerged log and Patrick was in range if he could just keep that line out of the brambles around him. I watched the scene play out from the road bridge while I blew cigar smoke at the midges flitting around my head.

Years ago I sat along streams like this with my oldest brother, Dennis, and watched him roll cigarettes while we scanned the water for the telltale ripple of a feeding trout to target. We were younger and more irresponsible, dropping everything in spring to travel to the Catskills, or the Rockies or the White Mountains anywhere for the chance to catch magic hours like this when hungry trout rise in waning light and a trance-like stillness closes in.

Now, as I watched Patrick, I felt a twinge of melancholy. Denny, now in his 70s and a dozen years older, lives hours away and we share fewer spring adventures. It didnt help that in this time of self-isolation and daily death toll announcements he said during one of our more frequent phone calls now that he and his wife, Devina, were getting their affairs in order. All of them. It just seemed timely and prudent, he said.

Weve settled on cremation, he said.

Our mother once termed the early 1970s the worst years, so much societal unrest and worry over Dennis, her oldest. Fresh out of college and then the Peace Corps, Denny had a wanderers spirit that took him from coast to coast and to Denver in between. He would light home for a time but then with little warning hed shoulder his backpack and hike for the highway, to hitch a ride somewhere.

Why dont you ask Dennis to take you fishing? she once asked, her motive clear even to a boy barely a teenager. Keep him close.

PATRICK AND I LEFT THE STREAM without fooling a fish. Two nights later we were standing on the bank of a nearby pond, ready to try again. Patrick, who is 27, had not until recently shown much interest in my fly-fishing passion. But this virus, he confided one day after another 12-hour shift caring for the gravely ill, has everyone appreciating things more. Teach me, he asked.

He watched closely as I tied different flies on our lines and spared me any wise remark as I expounded on the life cycle of trout bugs, from their submerged origins as crawling creatures to their transition to flying adults. Just pay attention to whats coming off the water, I said.

I hooked a nice trout on a submerged nymph pattern and it jumped completely out of the water to try to shake the hook. I handed my rod over to Patricks girlfriend, Meg, so she could feel the fish. The trout swam in close and with slack in the line, eventually slipped off. L.D.R., I said. Long distance release.

We kept at it for a while but grew frustrated as the magic hour commenced and the trout were leaving bull's-eyes all over the water but beyond our casting range. Wed decided to call it a night when a stranger walked up holding a plastic shopping bag sagging with something heavy inside.

He spoke with a Russian accent, and with his few words of English we came to understand he had a big trout in the bag he wanted to give us; he didnt know how to cook it and did not want it to go to waste.

Caught four, he said. Let go the others.

Four?, I said, impressed. What were you using?



He nodded. Mini, he said, and pressed his thumb and forefinger together to emphasize the small variety.

So much for weighted nymphs and artificial gnats.

We accepted his generous offer, and Meg snapped a photograph of Patrick and I with the fish.

Well, that was different, Patrick said, and as we laughed, I thought how Id retell the story to Denny the next morning, sending first just the photograph as a tease and saving the best part for the question I knew would come: What fly did you use?

Perhaps someday Patrick will remember that the first trout he ever held with the fly rod I bought him, came that spring of the virus when we were all social distancing and simultaneously being drawn closer together.

Thomas Mooney is a journalist in Attleboro, Mass., and a lifetime practitioner of social distancing each spring with the advent of trout season.

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The Trout Were Socially Distant, but Not the Family Memories - The New York Times

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Exclusive Interview with Top EDM Singer… – One EDM

Posted: at 4:43 am

HALIENE, born as Kelly Sweet in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is an electronic music singer who has worked with the likes of Seven Lions, Ferry Corsten, and Illenium. As someone growing up in a musical household, HALIENE began singing at state fairs, community festivals, and stage theaters during childhood. When HALIENE started her music career, she sang pop tracks under her real name for advertisements and TV series such as Passions, One Life To Live, and Believe. As a pop singer, HALIENE released two albums, We Are One in 2007 and Ashes of My Paradise in 2014. Since transitioning to EDM in 2015, HALIENE has become a recognizable voice in the genre, particularly in dubstep and trance. Here is One EDMs exclusive interview with EDM singer HALIENE, who is currently based in Los Angeles.

HALIENE: I am rewatching the entire series of my favorite TV show, Battlestar Galactica! Its still SO GOOD. I have also enjoyed watching all my DJ and producer friends doing their live streams. It is amazing to see everyone be so creative lately in finding new ways to reach our fans.

It was magical. There was always so much creativity around me and I think that really shaped my own creative mind. I am also an only child, so my imagination got to run wild and I loved making up stories into music. My father often accompanied me on piano when I would sing or perform, and those moments were very special for me.

I never felt me or my voice fit in pop music. It always seemed like everyone just didnt know what to do with me. When I found dance music, it was like my whole world suddenly made sense. Especially when it comes to trance, I see it as classical electronic music, which is both ofmy loves combined. It feels like dance music is where I was always meant to be.

Seven Lions Throes of Winter EP release show was my first show as HALIENE, and I could not have been more thrilled to have that incredible opportunity. It was a dream come true. I remember being in awe of howincrediblehis fans are, and how reactive and responsivetheyare to music. They truly live and breathe it. I had never performed for fans like that, and it stole my heart. Since then, he and I have worked on a lot of stuff together, have performed many times together and he is still one of my favorite collaborators of all time.

Working on Blueprint with Ferry Corsten was incredible. Ferry is an absolute class act genius, and I truly admire everything he creates. We got to work closely with him on all the songs in the studio together, which is actually surprisingly very rare in this dance music world. I really connected with the character I played, Vee. I feel like she is me and I am her in a different universe, haha!

Not in particular, no. I do tend to write more rhythmically when it comes to housier or poppier dance stuff, but the difference between melodic dubstep and trance is not actually that much. They both call for beautiful dynamic legato melodies with long notes andetherealheartbreakinglyrics.

I am very proud of the lyrics I wrote on that one, and I feel they really apply to this time. Some of my favorite lines are: Somewhere up above the clouds I know the sun is rising, somewhere in the world there is a place we arent divided. It really rings true to what we are all going through in this pandemic.

I recently put up my performance of Whats Done Is Done from my live set on Dreamworld Online Music Festival on my Instagram! I actually wrote that song over a year ago now I think, and the instant I heard the track I knew exactly what it needed to be. Its always incredible to hear where Jeff takes it after I deliver the vocal to him! My full live set is now up on my YouTube channel, check out the performance now!

Performing at Kinetic Field with Tritonal at this past EDC Las Vegas in 2019 was one of the most wild and amazing things Ive ever gotten to experience. I had the tiniest little platform to perform on the biggest stage imaginable, in front of 65k+ people in one of my favorite places on earth. EDC is truly magical, and I feel so lucky to have performed there five times now. We also had 40mph+ winds that nearly closed the stage that day, so that was a little terrifying but it made for even more magic!

PLAY LIVE SHOWS! I cant wait until it is safe for us all to come back together and share music IRL. I miss my fans so much, I miss meeting them and hearing their stories with my music. Until then, you can find me streaming weekly on Twitch (click here), as well as on Instagram (@HALIENE)!

See the rest here:

Exclusive Interview with Top EDM Singer... - One EDM

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Tune to hold tight – The New Indian Express

Posted: at 4:43 am

Express News Service

KOCHI: Perhaps, the only thing we can control when the world is going crazy is how we handle it. Ask musician and composer Rishad Mustafa and singer Anand Sreeraj. The duo, who previously worked together for a Malayalam track in 2018, released its new English electronic album Hold me tight recently. Though the virus hindered post production and video shoot, the team is now on its way to complete it.

Anand and Rishad entered the music scene with their first single Nilave, a Malayalam EDM creation, that now has over three million views on YouTube. Anand, who also penned the lyrics for Hold me tight, started his musical career at the age of 15. Since then, he has been part of various bands in and outside Kerala, including Deepak Devs venture. Rishad, the music producer, started composing and producing music when he was 13. Since then he has worked with movies and advertising films across multiple languages.

Making independent music was always my main focus. Having worked with sound so far, I have an infatuation with electronic music, which I am meaning to pursue, says Rishad.The Kygo-like mystical progression of the song, paired with deep lyrics sends you into a comfortable trance. In memories we reside, theres no turning back writes Anand, who has proved his versatility in handling multiple genres and languages. As the track progresses, you will also notice the unexpected influx of Indian music and instruments, the flute, which blends back into the frame before you can catch it.

Electronic music has a certain freedom. You are free to create, to experiment and work on what you want to develop. You can do that in a studio, he says. The fact that a disease-struck world today needs that kind of self-sufficiency may be an added advantage.

The duo is now aiming at digital platforms to get their music to people. We are pitching to Spotify and Apple. That is where everyone is listening now, at least till things get better and we can hope to do a live concert. But till then, the world still needs music, he says. Anand and Rishad are planning to release five more original compositions in the near future.The track is available on YouTube and Spotify.

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Tune to hold tight - The New Indian Express

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