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What is the multiverse? – NBC News

Posted: March 22, 2020 at 1:48 am

Advances in physics over the past 30 years have led some physicists and cosmologists to the mind-boggling conclusion that the universe we inhabit is just one of many in existence perhaps an infinite number.

If these scientists are right, then all the stars and galaxies we see in the night sky are but a tiny fraction of an incomprehensibly vast assemblage that scientists call the multiverse. As MIT physicist Max Tegmark wrote in his 2014 book "Our Mathematical Universe," Our entire universe may be just one element one atom, as it were in an infinite ensemble; a cosmic archipelago.

A multiverse sometimes called an omniverse would mean more than just lots of extra real estate. If it exists, Tegmark continued, it includes parallel universes where you never get a parking ticket, where you won a million-dollar lottery, where you have a different name, where Germany won World War II, where dinosaurs still roam Earth, and where Earth never formed in the first place.

While the idea of a multiverse sounds like something straight out of science fiction, physicists have advanced three distinct arguments for its existence.

The first involves the Big Bang, the cataclysmic event that brought the universe into existence some 13.8 billion years ago. The Big Bang is thought to have been triggered by a random fluctuation in what physicists call the quantum foam, a maelstrom of virtual particles that pop into and out of existence. But while some physicists believe this blip and the ensuing inflation of the universe constitute a unique event, others say there could have been many such events leading to multiple universes.

The second argument for the existence of a multiverse arises from string theory, which holds that matter is ultimately composed not of particles but of unimaginably small, vibrating strings or loops of energy. Physicists once hoped that string theory might afford a theory of everything that is, a system of equations that explains why our universe has the exact properties that it does. For example, why is the mass of a proton 1836.15 times greater than that of the electron? No one has a good explanation.

But instead of a single solution to this and other fundamental scientific questions, string theorys equations seem to have a staggering number of possible solutions (perhaps as many as 10^500 thats a one followed by 500 zeros). Some string theorists argue that each of these solutions describes a different universe, each with its own physical properties.

The third argument for the multiverse comes from quantum theory. Although its been around for more than a century now and has proven to be extremely successful at describing the nature of matter on the smallest scale, quantum theory leads to a number of existential possibilities that defy common sense. In whats known as the many worlds interpretation of quantum theory, which got its start in the 1950s and has recently seen renewed interest, the universe essentially splits in two each time theres a so-called quantum event.

In the upside-down world of quantum theory, for instance, a radioactive particle decays and doesnt decay during any given period of time and each result plays out in a separate universe. With such quantum events happening more or less continuously, the argument goes, the number of universes keeps increasing.

Tegmark is one of several prominent scientists who support the idea of a multiverse, along with Sean Carroll of Caltech, Leonard Susskind of Stanford, and Britains astronomer royal, Sir Martin Rees. But other celebrated scientists, including Nobel Laureate David Gross of the University of California, Santa Barbara, are dubious.

Some doubters say multiverse theories arent really science at all. Science is a system based on observation and experimentation, and its not clear that well ever be able to observe another universe or determine whether other universes really exist.

I do not believe the existence of those other universes has been proved or ever could be, George Ellis, a physicist at the University of Cape Town, wrote in Scientific American in 2011.

Sabine Hossenfelder, a physicist at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies in Germany, is even more blunt, calling efforts to describe the multiverse a waste of time. Science cant say anything about whether or not [these universes] exist, she told NBC News MACH in an email, adding that the scientific ideas put forth to support a multiverse stem from the same flawed argument, which is an over-reliance on mathematics.


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What is the multiverse? - NBC News

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5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse | Space

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The universe we live in may not be the only one out there. In fact, our universe could be just one of an infinite number of universes making up a "multiverse."

Though the concept may stretch credulity, there's good physics behind it. And there's not just one way to get to a multiverse numerous physics theories independently point to such a conclusion. In fact, some experts think the existence of hidden universes is more likely than not.

Here are the five most plausible scientific theories suggesting we live in a multiverse:

1. Infinite Universes

Scientists can't be sure what the shape of space-time is, but most likely, it's flat (as opposed to spherical or even donut-shape) and stretches out infinitely. But if space-time goes on forever, then it must start repeating at some point, because there are a finite number of ways particles can be arranged in space and time.

So if you look far enough, you would encounter another version of you in fact, infinite versions of you. Some of these twins will be doing exactly what you're doing right now, while others will have worn a different sweater this morning, and still others will have made vastly different career and life choices.

Because the observable universe extends only as far as light has had a chance to get in the 13.7 billion years since the Big Bang (that would be 13.7 billion light-years), the space-time beyond that distance can be considered to be its own separate universe. In this way, a multitude of universes exists next to each other in a giant patchwork quilt of universes. [Visualizations of Infinity: A Gallery]

2. Bubble Universes

In addition to the multiple universes created by infinitely extending space-time, other universes could arise from a theory called "eternal inflation." Inflation is the notion that the universe expanded rapidly after the Big Bang, in effect inflating like a balloon. Eternal inflation, first proposed by Tufts University cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin, suggests that some pockets of space stop inflating, while other regions continue to inflate, thus giving rise to many isolated "bubble universes."

Thus, our own universe, where inflation has ended, allowing stars and galaxies to form, is but a small bubble in a vast sea of space, some of which is still inflating, that contains many other bubbles like ours. And in some of these bubble universes, the laws of physics and fundamental constants might be different than in ours, making some universes strange places indeed.

3. Parallel Universes

Another idea that arises from string theory is the notion of "braneworlds" parallel universes that hover just out of reach of our own, proposed by Princeton University's Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario, Canada. The idea comes from the possibility of many more dimensions to our world than the three of space and one of time that we know. In addition to our own three-dimensional "brane" of space, other three-dimensional branes may float in a higher-dimensional space.

Columbia University physicist Brian Greene describes the idea as the notion that "our universe is one of potentially numerous 'slabs' floating in a higher-dimensional space, much like a slice of bread within a grander cosmic loaf," in his book "The Hidden Reality" (Vintage Books, 2011).

A further wrinkle on this theory suggests these brane universes aren't always parallel and out of reach. Sometimes, they might slam into each other, causing repeated Big Bangs that reset the universes over and over again. [The Universe: Big Bang to Now in 10 Easy Steps ]

4. Daughter Universes

The theory of quantum mechanics, which reigns over the tiny world of subatomic particles, suggests another way multiple universes might arise. Quantum mechanics describes the world in terms of probabilities, rather than definite outcomes. And the mathematics of this theory might suggest that all possible outcomes of a situation do occur in their own separate universes. For example, if you reach a crossroads where you can go right or left, the present universe gives rise to two daughter universes: one in which you go right, and one in which you go left.

"And in each universe, there's a copy of you witnessing one or the other outcome, thinking incorrectly that your reality is the only reality," Greene wrote in "The Hidden Reality."

5. Mathematical Universes

Scientists have debated whether mathematics is simply a useful tool for describing the universe, or whether math itself is the fundamental reality, and our observations of the universe are just imperfect perceptions of its true mathematical nature. If the latter is the case, then perhaps the particular mathematical structure that makes up our universe isn't the only option, and in fact all possible mathematical structures exist as their own separate universes.

"A mathematical structure is something that you can describe in a way that's completely independent of human baggage," said Max Tegmark of MIT, who proposed this brain-twistin gidea. "I really believe that there is this universe out there that can exist independently of me that would continue to exist even if there were no humans."

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5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse | Space

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Multiverse: have astronomers found evidence of parallel …

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They call it the multiverse. Its a cosmos in which there are multiple universes. And by multiple, I mean an infinite number. These uncountable realms sit side by side in higher dimensions that our senses are incapable of perceiving directly.

Yet increasingly astronomers and cosmologists seem to be invoking the multiverse to explain puzzling observations.

The stakes are high. Each alternate universe carries its own different version of reality. There will be one where you wrote this column and I read it; one where the Guardian is an alt-right propaganda rag; even a really weird one in which Donald Trump uses twitter to spread nothing but amusing cat videos.

It sounds bonkers but the latest piece of evidence that could favour a multiverse comes from the UKs Royal Astronomical Society. They recently published a study on the so-called cold spot. This is a particularly cool patch of space seen in the radiation produced by the formation of the Universe more than 13 billion years ago.

The cold spot was first glimpsed by NASAs WMAP satellite in 2004, and then confirmed by ESAs Planck mission in 2013. It is supremely puzzling. Most astronomers and cosmologists believe that it is highly unlikely to have been produced by the birth of the universe as it is mathematically difficult for the leading theory which is called inflation to explain.

This latest study claims to rule out a last-ditch prosaic explanation: that the cold spot is an optical illusion produced by a lack of intervening galaxies.

One of the studys authors, Professor Tom Shanks of Durham University, told the RAS, We cant entirely rule out that the Spot is caused by an unlikely fluctuation explained by the standard [theory of the Big Bang]. But if that isnt the answer, then there are more exotic explanations. Perhaps the most exciting of these is that the Cold Spot was caused by a collision between our universe and another bubble universe. If further, more detailed, analysis proves this to be the case then the Cold Spot might be taken as the first evidence for the multiverse.

Heady stuff. But the irony is that if there is a multiverse, scientists will have to accept that the ultimate goal of physics to explain why our universe is the way it is could be forever out of reach.

The endgame for physics has been to provide the reason why our universe takes the form it does. To do this it must explain why certain fundamental quantities have the values they do. For example: the speed of light, the mass of an electron, the strength of the gravitational interaction.

If there is a multiverse, however, that quest could be doomed to failure.

Just as there are an infinite number of similar yet slightly different universes (like the one in which you have written this column not me), there will also be an infinite number in which the basic laws of physics are different.

So, every possible combination of physics is tried out across the multiverse. Inevitably then, by nothing more than blind luck, at least one will have the conditions we see around us today. Its just a big old accident, and that hardly seems very satisfying.

One of the most vocal opponents of the multiverse theory is ironically one of its original architects. Paul Steinhardt, Princeton University, helped develop inflation, the theory of the origin of our universe. Its the one that struggles to explain the cold spot, whilst also giving rise to the multiverse because according to its maths once a universe starts to form it triggers more to be born ad infinitum.

However, Steinhardt turned against his own theory.

In 2014, he told Scientific American magazine, Our observable universe would be just one possibility out of a continuous spectrum of outcomes. So, we have not explained any feature of the universe by introducing inflation after all. We have just shifted the problem of the original big bang model (how can we explain our simple universe when there is a nearly infinite variety of possibilities that could emerge from the big bang?) to the inflationary model (how can we explain our simple universe when there is a nearly infinite variety of possibilities that could emerge in a multiverse?).

Put this way, a multiverse doesnt sound attractive. It would cut to the very heart of physics purpose. Nature, of course, doesnt care about this. Maybe the cosmos really is this way and we just have to accept it. Certainly, there are many who are willing to defend the multiverse as a valid direction for thought.

Comfortingly, if we do live in a multiverse, we can be assured that somewhere out there is an alternate version of you and me that have already figured all this out (and won a Nobel prize for the effort).

Stuart Clark is the author of The Unknown Universe (Head of Zeus). He will be delivering the Guardian masterclass on Is there life beyond Earth?.

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Multiverse: have astronomers found evidence of parallel ...

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Michael Wang explores the multiverse in The World Around – The Architect’s Newspaper

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In 1964, Julio Cortzar published his famous short story Axolotl, the tale of a man living in Paris fascinated by an aquatic creature that he observes in the aquarium of the Jardin des Plantes. The axolotl, a slow-moving amphibian that spends its entire life in a larval stage, and seems almost like a plant or a mineral, looks like it came from the prehistoric ages. The storys protagonist starts to understand the different spaces and temporalities embedded in the axolotl: Both the man and the axolotl seem to share the same universe, but, in fact, their bodies encompass different notions of their surroundings, tearing them apart. They dont share the same universe because the way they can relate to their environments and their temporalities are unreconcilable. Yet they coexist. They are part of a multiverse.

Extinct in the Wild installed at the Fondazione Prada in 2017. (Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti)

In 2017, the artist and architect Michael Wang gave the axolotl a main role for his project Extinct in the Wild at Fondazione Prada in Milan. Wang showed the mutual dependency of these multiverses shared by different species and the ideologies behind them. The axolotl is now an endangered species that has vanished from its natural habitat and lives almost exclusively under artificial conditions in zoos and aquariums, in scientific facilities for research, and in homes as exotic pets. Humans are responsible for their disappearance in the wild, but they also owe their continued existence to human care. This relationship attests to the complex understanding of how the Anthropocene has affected a multispecies shared environment and the need to comprehend its challenges. It is not enough to build an immediate response to the climate crisis that comes from human beings or to come back to an original state of harmony, but a structural change that surpasses an anthropocentric viewwith human beings and their standard of living as the center. It is necessary to build a notion of the world that takes into account the agency of other species.

The conception of a multiverse and the mutual dependency of species has been the center of Wangs work for the last few years, presented at The World Around in January of this year. In Extinct in New York (organized by Swiss Institute, where the installation permanently resides, and on view at LMCCs Arts Center at Governor Island in 2019) he introduced a series of plants that had been eradicated from New York Citys landscape. This ecological catastrophe was the result of centuries of hunting, harvesting, and building craziness.

As Wang pointed out: When the Croton Aqueduct opened in 1842, the outflux of wastewater suffocated the seaweeds of New York Harbor. The air changed. Coal smoke poisoned the lichens that had hung from hemlocks; a century later these trees too nearly vanished, plagued by an insect introduced with ornamental plants. Forests of steel rose in their stead, as human habitation stretched skyward. But Wang doesnt understand the ecosystem in a dialectic way, based on the binarism of human/non-human confrontations; rather he highlights the new environments created by this relationship. Subways that maintain optimal temperatures for rats; pigeons that found in the skyscrapers a shelter not far from their ancestors nests on Mediterranean cliffs; heated living rooms that welcome new flora, etc. The territory, and their inhabitants, are both techno-social recompositions.

Endangered plants and animals were put on life support in Extinct in the Wild. (Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti)

This project is not about restoration, nor about the idea of a harmonic past. Wang rather conceives it as a life-support system that doesnt try to reinstate the previous ecosystem where species like Zostera marina (native of the marine meadows in New York Bay) or the Helonias bullata (last collected in Jamaica Bay in 1883) have disappeared from their original habitat. This was also the basis for another project, The Drowned World, that Wang presented at Manifesta Palermo in 2018 (also shown at The World Around). In it, an artificial forest assembled from plants closely related to those of the Carboniferous period grows from the industrial ruins of a gasworks. These plants once formed swamplands that stretched across the globe. Over millennia, their buried remains hardened into the very coal used at the gasworks. As this coal was heated and burned, carbon captured from the air 300 million years ago was again released, and an ancient atmosphere was in part restored.

In Wangs projects, all the violence, the displacements, the uneven balance of powers, and the colonization of the territory are confronted. The world is designed by one species and for one species. But human beings are not self-contained. Their bodies are also part of other species, from the varied microorganisms that inhabit them to the ever-changing habitats they share with other non-human agents. The challenge now is to understand the mutual dependency between species in a multiverse.

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Michael Wang explores the multiverse in The World Around - The Architect's Newspaper

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He-Man & The Masters of the Multiverse #5: Back In Time – Comic Watch

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I say it about every thirty days or so, but THIS was totally my favorite issue of He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse!!!! Thats five times in a row that Ive started a review that way. Well, I wouldnt be doing it if it werent true. Each issue of this title gets better and better. This time, author Tim Seeley takes the team to a universe that might not be too familiar to a lot of people, but if youre a He-MANIAC like me, its a warm welcome to a where it all started. We return to the original He-Man universe, the universe of the very first mini-comics that came with the initial figures. In that universe, He-Man was just a really strong, barbarian guy who left his village on Eternia and went to find a way to stop Skelator, a demon that was trying to get back to his own dimension, only to return with his people and conquer Eternia. For this issue, everything about the book changes. Im not talking about story-wise. The layout, format, look, feel, if the previous four issues were the North Pole, this issue would be the South Pole.of Pluto.

And dont even think I can talk about art in this book, if I typed everything that I wanted to, Comic Watch would crack in half and the rest of the fam would be mad at me. Suffice it to say, artist Tom Derenick pulls it off, yet again, in totally changing his style. I cant imagine how you go from a style that was that of a cartoon from the 1980s to an almost painted style. THEN, he uses the painted-style art for sequential storytelling and it turns out to be fantastic!!! Again, I cant say enough great things about Derenicks art.

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He-Man & The Masters of the Multiverse #5: Back In Time - Comic Watch

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Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness: 10 Alternative Universe Heroes That Should Cameo In The Movie – CBR

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As the Marvel multiverse expands into the MCU, the opportunity to visit, or at least get a glimpse at some of the stranger versions of popular heroes, goes way up. With the next Dr. Strange movie focusing on this inter-universe chaos, the question of which verses, and which heroes will appear, even just in the background as easter eggs, looms large.

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Some options are dark, fitting with the '80s horror movie vibe that Marvel President Kevin Feige, has pitched to fans. Some are a little silly to maybe to take the edge off all of the grim darkness. Either way, here are some options that Marvel might consider.

Not exactly an alternate universe, but these mini-experiments in mental manipulation could show the heroes in a normal life. Washing cars, running bakeries, pleasant and unassuming. Seeing Steve Rogers alongside Tony Stark and the other Avengers as neighbors instead of teammates would put a spin on how those relationships could work in less stressful environments.

It also has the potential to remind fans that these characters were, at one time, a functional unit. Characters that havent appeared yet, like ShangChi,or Blade could show up as well, making them obvious parts of the bigger MCU.

No, not that one.The Age of Ultron event showed a world where Ultron took over, killing many heroes and villains along with innocent civilians. The storyline itself is a little convoluted, with time travel missions and multiple fronts in the fight against Ultron, but the visual of an Ultron army, taking over New York, San Francisco, and Chicago would be a powerful one.

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Seeing heroes outside of the Avengers in this fight, like Luke Cage, puts a new spin on a fight the Avengers have already had. A different perspective and hero would show that this timeline is not the familiar MCU one, but its close enough that it could have been.

The Age of Apocalypse was a pivotal event during the '90s, and while its, at its core, an X-Men story, the rest of the universe got taken along for the ride too. Carol Danvers worked with Weapon X (the AoA version of Wolverine), and the human resistance against Apocalypse.

Overall, things didnt go well for her, but, with a distinctly dystopic, 90s look to her, this cameo would have a striking visual difference to other universes on this list.

Its also a nice nod to comics fans, acknowledging that the X-multiverse (because wow, are there a lot of alternate universes that are X-Men based) is also a part of the MCU multiverse.

Picture it. A desert in the American southwest. A Jeep, speeding through the dust, arrows flying and dinosaurs chasing it, swerving through the bones of a giant god of mischief.Old Man Logan served up amazing visuals within the universe that, after reading the story, stick in the mind. Clint Bartons redemption arc and his recognizable skill setmakes him a great candidate for a brief cameo without much explanation.

Theres also a chance to show a shadowy figureperhaps driving the Jeepthat includes Logan himself, as an easter egg for those in the know.

Dr. Strange is familiar enough with Lovecraftian horrors in the comics, that it only makes sense that the MCU version should get some time with that kind of thing too. Earth-10011 is a universe corrupted by the Many-Angled One, through Lord Marvel, who vanquished Death there. After that, the Avengers of that universe were put into service of Lord Marvel and corrupted.

TheThor in this verse is particularly interesting, visually, with a Davy Jones-style tentacle beard that would translate quickly in a cameo, and the differences of the rest of the universe would definitely add to the horror of the movie.

Shes not necessarily an alternate of the Captain America we know and love, but seeing Danielle Cage wield the shield, even for a moment, would be thrilling for a lot of younger fans, especially those who dont see themselves on screen often. Such an iconic superhero identity filled by a young, American, black woman would be a statement that Marvel needs to make.

Danielle, as a legacy character as well, could be a nod to the defunct Netflix series, perhaps dragging some street-level heroes into the MCU proper, and opening the door to heroes that arent Avengers.

While shes not an alternate version of the Peter Parker we know in the MCU, she is a part of a universe where Peter and MJ didnt trade their marriage away, and had a daughter named after dear Aunt May. Mayday Parker inherited her fathers powers and tried to fill his spidey-boots in her universe, battling along-side the Fantastic Five.

While a glimpse at this world might be hard to distinguish from the more familiar Marvel universes at a glance, if the cameo lasted just a little longer, or she got a line or two to say, it would be a fun treat in the midst of the rest of the multiverse horror show.

During Reed Richards' search for other solutions to the Marvel Civil War, he looked over hundreds of universes to find different ideas of what could be done. In one of those universes, Tony Stark was actually Natasha Stark. Well... Natasha Stark-Rogers. It seemed, in that universe, Iron Woman and Captain America got married, ending the dispute.

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The panel of the big day, and the big kiss made its rounds as fandom fodder for quite some time, and a nod to this within the MCU would probably go over incredibly well with certain corners of the fandom.

The Marvel Zombies-verse is one of the better known alternate universes put on in the last few decades, and TChallas arcs is particularly interesting. Visually, even a glimpse would tell just about everything about the overarching story of the world, where superheroes become zombies. Seeing TChalla missing an arm and a leg, and maybe Wasps zombified head might be enough to push theMultiverse of Madness to the limit of the PG-13 rating.

We know we will get a glimpse of this verse in the What If series on Disney+ as well, so itd be a nice way to tie that series into the movies. Leave out the eating of Galactus though. MCU fans might not be ready for that.

With the news that Marvel has regained the rights to the X-Men properties, it makes a certain amount of sense to get a glimpse of some of those characters in the multiverse. Seeing the Merc with the Mouth peeking through the fourth wall, and into the MCU would be a treat.

Given his genre-savvy ways, we could seeDeadpool commenting on the crossover as well, maybe making a crack or two about the good doctors sense of style. No doubt, hed also have some commentary on how wild the multiverse ride will be. Ryan Reynolds has shown that Deadpool can work in a PG-13 universe, with Once Upon a Deadpool, so he could definitely pop up in Dr. Stranges travels.

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NextWhich My Hero Academia Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Amanda Rabski-McColl is a recent graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology's journalism program. She is a life-long fan of comics and superheroes, with a focus on Marvel. Her love of comics has made its way into her work as the opinions editor for the Emery Weal on SAIT campus, and she has written on the culture of fandom and its impact on its members. She is also raising the next generation of comics fans, and her son is on Team Iron Man.

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Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness: 10 Alternative Universe Heroes That Should Cameo In The Movie - CBR

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‘Doctor Strange 2’ Casting Rumors: Are Emma Watson and Cillian Murphy Joining the ‘Multiverse of Madness’? – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Casting rumors are heating up for Benedict Cumberbatchs Doctor Strange 2. Filming for the project is expected to kick off in a few months, and several of Hollywoods top stars including Emma Watson and Cillian Murphy are reportedly joining the film. What are the chances that Watson and Murphy become a part of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

The highly anticipated Doctor Strange sequel has been hit with a slew of rumors ever since Marvel announced the title last summer. The movie will be the studios first foray into the horror genre and will explore the multiverse like never before.

To that end, there have been quite a few actors that have beenlinked to the project. Although Marvel has not confirmed any of these rumors,sources claim that Malachi Kirby is set to appear as Voodoo in the film.

Director Sam Raimi has also reportedly asked Bruce Campbell andTed Raimi to join the project, which is rumored to introduce Ghost Rider and analternate version of Black Panther.

With Doctor Strange 2 looking at the multiverse, there is a chance that fans will see a plethora of alternate superheroes. We also know that the events in Loki and WandaVision will play a part in the film, so there is no telling what where the sequel will pick up.

In the latest casting news, an inside source says that Marvelwants to cast Watson and Murphy for important parts in Doctor Strange 2.According to Cosmic Book, the studio wants the HarryPotter star to play the role of Clea, while Murphy is in the running toportray Nightmare.

In the comics, Clea is a romantic interest for Strange and is apowerful sorceress in her own right. Nightmare, on the other hand, is a long-timenemesis of Cumberbatchs character and could be the movies main villain.

That said, Marvel has not confirmed any of these casting rumors. The insider also posted the report on 4Chan, so fans should take it with a massive grain of salt.

Fans, of course, would love to see Watson and Murphy join theMCU, and including them in a film like Doctor Strange 2 would be a hugeboost for Marvel (not that it needs one).

Aside from Watson and Murphy, there has been some talk about Eve Green joining the Multiverse of Madness. The rumors have not specified a role for Green, though reports had her possibly playing Clea instead of Watson.

Unfortunately, Green recently shot down the Doctor Strangerumors and revealed that she has not been cast for a role in the film.According to Screen Rant, the actress debunked the reportsin a new interview, though she also admitted that she is a fan of Marvelmovies.

Me? No! Not that I know of. Not at all, Green stated. I like the humor in them. I saw the trailer for Black Widow Id like to see that one.

Black Widow is Scarlett Johanssons first solo outing as Natasha Romanoff. The movie is set to hit theaters in May, though that might change in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

When Marvel announced its slate of Phase 4 films last summer, Scott Derrickson was still expected to return to helm the sequel. That all changed, however, when Derrickson and Marvel parted ways over creative differences.

Since then, Marvel has hired Raimi to take charge of theproject. The studio wants Doctor Strange 2 to be a mixture between ahorror and superhero movie, two genres Raimi has plenty of experience in. Notonly did Raimi direct the Spider-Man trilogy the early 2000s, but healso was the creator behind The Evil Dead series.

Before Derrickson departed, he had shooting locations lined upin Norway. Production was supposed to start in May of 2020, and Marvel has yetto deviate from that schedule.

That could change, of course, depending on what happens with thepandemic. If things do not get any better, there is a good chance that thestudio will delay production until the summer or fall.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is scheduled to open in theaters on May 7, 2021.

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'Doctor Strange 2' Casting Rumors: Are Emma Watson and Cillian Murphy Joining the 'Multiverse of Madness'? - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Review He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #5: The Face of Evil – GeekDad

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Jenny Ross, Top Shelf Gamer, Dan Aiello, Adam Marler, Steve Caires, Dan Brashear, Ben Hsu, Richard Bliss, Uncle Doug MacDonand, Brian Colin, Peter Smyth, Mark Buffington, Josh H., Propelstalz, Mary Crocker, Wayne Moulton Jr,Mitch Gross, Jim Valko, Andrew Brown, Lucy Ravitch, Nicholas Duresky, Heather Hofshi, John Kemp, Thorsten Karge, Natasha Dzurny, Keith Ives, Benjamin Chan, Neal Bhatnagar, Justin Farr, Regan Lee, Elaine, Nate Fugal, Stephanie Tennison, Jon Rasmussen, Ryan Pulis, Owen Duffy, Colman Reilly, Anthony, Mark Richman, Alexis Ohanian, Steve, Greg TVsEgon Skinner, Andy Saavedra, Daniel, Willie Raymond Taylor III, Chad Ingham, Irene Christian, Clinton Richmond, Jamey Stegmaier, James Allenspach, John Howell, Leif Terry, Tiago Pereira, Nathan Heath, Grinidon, Roman, Berserker Hew, Clark Stacey, Ben Harkins, Kayvaan Ghassemieh, Travis B., Justin Myers, Magna Nordgard, Jim Griffin, Jeff, David Smith, Matthew Titelbaum, Dennis Hitzeman, Daniel Lieske, Michael Jantze, Ruddy, Tom Damico, Kelson, Michelangelo Grigni

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Review He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #5: The Face of Evil - GeekDad

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Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness: 5 Rumors We Hope Are True (& 5 We Hope Aren’t) – Screen Rant

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With Avengers: Endgame now behind us, fans are looking forward to Phase 4 of the MCU and all the exciting projects. One of the most talked-about films is Doctor Strange's next adventure Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Apart from its amazing title, the sequel is exciting because it promises to be something very new for the MCU.

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The movie will see Benedict Cumberbatch returning as Strange and, after some creative differences, Sam Raimi will be taking over as director. Other than that, there are a lot of rumors floating around, some intriguing and some worrying. Here are some rumors about Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness we hope are true and some we hope are not.

Doctor Strange might not have as iconic a roster of villains as some other heroes, but there is one exciting bad guy being linked to this film. Nightmare is the overlord of the Dream Dimension who can manipulate people's subconscious.

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has talked about wanted to use this character for a long time and rumors suggest Nightmare will be the villain in the sequel. Though Derrickson is gone, Sam Raimi could have a lot of fun with a villain of this much potential. The Dream Dimension could make for a mind-bending setting for the film.

When the film was announced at last summer's Comic-Con, Derrickson announced that this would be the first scary movie in the MCU. This made sense given the Doctor Strange comics and Derrickson's own background in the horror genre.

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However, since then Kevin Feige has back-peddled a bit, saying the film would simply have scary elements rather than being a straight horror movie. it was rumored that this was largely the reason Derrickson left the project. Not only would it be fun to see an MCU horror film, but it's also disappointing to think the studio isn't willing to try something new.

It was also announced at Comic-Con that the new Disney+ series WandaVision would directly tie into this film, with Elizabeth Olsen returning as Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange. This has led to a lot of rumors about what her role might be in the film.

One of the most exciting rumors is that Scarlet Witch will represent the big threat of the movie. we've seen her incredible powers on display and the rumors suggest those powers get out of control and do damage to the multiverse. This could be a fun and emotional way to bring her into the story.

Romances in the MCU have a bit of a spotty record. Sometimes they can be quite moving while others can feel very forced. That is why another rumor about Wanda's role in this film has us a little worried.

With Rachel McAdams not returning as Christine Palmer, some rumors suggest Wanda will become Stephen Strange's love interest. Hopefully, this is not the way they decide to go. Just because a male and female hero are in a film together doesn't mean a romance has to be forced on these characters. Also, such a romance would likely cheapen Wanda losing Vision.

After the fake-out in Spider-Man: Far From Home, it seems like this film will actually introduce the multiverse into the MCU. The multiverse has played a large role in the comics for years and there is clearly a lot of potential for fun in exploring the other realities.

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With Sam Raimi stepping in to direct this film, one big rumor has suggested that Raimi's version of Spider-Man will make an appearance in this film. This would be a mind-blowing treat for comic book movie fans as well as a fun way to connect the Sony Spider-Man films to the MCU.

One of the biggest weapons in Doctor Strange's arsenal is the Time Stone. He used it to defeat Dormammu in the first film and it obviously played a very big role in his fight against Thanos. Some rumors suggest that the stone will once again play a role in this film.

It is unclear how time travel would fit into the story, but it does sound like more of the same. The gimmick runs the risk of getting overplayed and it's not likely they would find a more fun way of playing with time travel than they did in Avengers: Endgame. It's time to try something new.

Doctor Strange opened up a whole new mystical side of the MCU which has continued to have major impacts on the bigger picture. There are still a lot of interesting characters that he could help bring into the MCU and this film, in particular, seems like the right opportunity.

Some rumors speculate that Strange will help bring in a team of "supernatural Avengers." This could include characters like Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, and even Blade. These characters would make sense in a Doctor Strange film and then could go on to the wider MCU.

One of the biggest questions about this film is how the multiverse is introduced. It is a concept that could forever change the MCU and has endless possibilities. But while some are expecting Scarlet Witch to be the one to open it, other rumors suggest another beloved character.

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Loki was last seen in Endgame as a past version of himself escaping custody with the Tesseract. This sets up his own Disney+ solo series but some fans believe it also sets him up to be the one messing with the multiverse. As fun as Loki is, cramming him into this film might feel like a distraction.

It's always fun to see the MCU heroes pop up in each other's films but following the massive spectacle of Endgame. It might be nice to see some solo adventures for a while. However, some rumors suggest that Doctor Strange can partner with the other heroes in this film but it a much different way.

The rumor suggests that the film will introduce alternate versions of some of the MCU's biggest heroes. One character who has been talked about a lot is America Chavez, who is an alternate version of Captain America. We could also get characters like Red Hulk or Old Man Logan appearing.

One of the more popular alternate realities within the Marvel universe is the Marvel Zombies reality. This comic storyline found many of our favorite heroes and villains becoming flesh-eating zombies.

Given the rumored horror angle of this film and the inclusion of the multiverse, there are many rumors that Strange will encounter the Marvel Zombies at some point. This is also rumored to be a storyline in the What If? series and that honestly feels like a better fit. The zombie storyline feels played out and tacked on to this movie which could explore many more interesting things.

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It seems like Doctor Strange has been around in the MCU forever. After Infinity War and Endgame, he has solidified his status as one of the most powerful, and most important beings in the entire universe, and it is no surprise that the Sorcerer Supreme has finally been given a second stand alone movie.

With his first appearance coming way back in 2016, it's about time we got to see a sequel, which by the time of its release in 2021 will have been five years in the making. From what Kevin Feige has said, and from what we have seen from the Doctor up to this point in the franchise, it is fair to expect the Multiverse of Madness will be one of the biggest and most important movies of phase four.

There are certain aspects regarding the movie that have already been confirmed, giving us more than enough reason to get ridiculously excited. Benedict Cumberbatch is of course returning, Wanda will feature heavily, it will directly tie into the events of WandaVision on Disney+.

However, as is always the case, there are far more secrets that remain hidden than those that have been revealed. If even just one of these rumours are true, Marvel fans may well go into meltdown, and though they are nothing more than rumours at this point, it's impossible not to get carried away and simply wish it was 2021 already.

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