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‘Good news’ doesn’t need guns to survive, thrive – The News Leader

Posted: December 12, 2019 at 3:47 pm

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The Bible in its various forms has survived thousands of years without the help of the Second Amendment.

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Timothy Troxler, Stuarts Draft Published 11:05 a.m. ET Dec. 12, 2019 | Updated 11:06 a.m. ET Dec. 12, 2019

As of last night, my county is a Second Amendment sanctuary. This is not surprising given that we're a big rural farming county. People made their voices heard, and the government responded. This is democracy in action.

What did surprise me was one local business owner stating "without the Second Amendment, we have no protection over Bibles". What a complete nonsense statement. The statement is completely ahistorical. The Bible in its various forms has survived thousands of years without the help of the Second Amendment.

The oral traditions survived Babylonian exile. In fact, this was a trigger for writing much of the Old Testament down.

The written traditions survived Hellenization. In fact, this was a trigger for translating the Old Testament into Greek.

The Bible not only survived the Roman Empire; it transformed the Roman Empire.

The Bible survived being stuck in Latin and survived the average person being illiterate.

The Bible has been through quite a lot without the help of our Constitution. To suggest the Second Amendment is the only protection for the Bible is one of the more arrogant statements I've ever heard. The best protection for the Bible is not to guard it with weapons; it is to give it away. Consider this: The root of evangelical means "good news."You don't protect good news by force; you protect good news by sharing it. Good news survives because it is like a wildfire in a drought - very tough to smother and it spreads all its own. So if you're using a gun to protect the Bible, I think you misunderstand how guns work and how the Bible works.

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'Good news' doesn't need guns to survive, thrive - The News Leader

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Speakers call on city to become 2nd Amendment sanctuary – The Winchester Star

Posted: at 3:47 pm

WINCHESTER More than 100 people crammed into City Council chambers and spilled into the lobby of Rouss City Hall on Tuesday to express their support for gun ownership.

"The right to possess this tool is given to me by both the U.S. and Virginia constitutions," said Frederick County resident Scott Wagner, who, like the majority of audience members in the gallery, wore an orange sticker that stated, "Guns Save Lives."

A push to preserve Americans' Second Amendment right to bear firearms has been occurring in recent weeks across Virginia, with advocates asking municipalities to declare themselves sanctuaries from stricter gun laws that are expected to be voted on by the state General Assembly when it convenes next month.

The Frederick County Board of Supervisors was expected to adopt a resolution Wednesday night opposing any law that infringes on the Second Amendment. The governing bodies of Winchester and Clarke County have not indicated if they plan to follow Frederick County's example.

City resident and Army veteran Brandon Angel rallied supporters of the Second Amendment to attend Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

"Virginia does not want these law passed; instead, it is the suburbs of [Washington] D.C.," Angel said as the crowd applauded. "Mental health is the biggest problem in this country, and gangs [are] a close second."

Frederick County resident Cory O'Donnell said the proposed gun laws could lead to government confiscation of legally owned firearms and munitions.

"All members of this council swore an oath to defend the constitution," O'Donnell told City Council.

After hearing from eight people who oppose Virginia's efforts to strengthen gun laws, Mayor David Smith closed the public comment portion of Tuesday's council meeting and did not ask if anyone else in the audience wished to speak.

Afterward, no one on City Council mentioned the Second Amendment sanctuary proposal, and there were no indications that Winchester would consider adopting a resolution similar to the one in Frederick County.

Also at Tuesday night's meeting and work session, City Council:

Attending Tuesday nights City Council meeting and work session in Rouss City Hall were Mayor and council President David Smith, Vice Mayor John Hill, Vice President Evan Clark and councilors Kim Herbstritt, John Willingham, Bill Wiley, Corey Sullivan, Judy McKiernan and Les Veach.

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Speakers call on city to become 2nd Amendment sanctuary - The Winchester Star

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Virginia AG responds to 2nd Amendment sanctuary resolutions: Gun safety laws will be followed – WTKR News 3

Posted: at 3:47 pm

RICHMOND, Va. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has responded to the trend of Virginia counties passing Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions ahead of next years General Assembly, saying they are being ginned up by the gun lobby and that any new gun laws passed will be enforced.

Following the Novembers election, which saw Democrats take control of both the state House and Senate, the expectation is lawmakers will pass a number of gun control measures in 2020 for Democratic Governor Ralph Northam to sign.

Northam has said that Democrats wouldstart with the legislationhe introduced for aspecial session on gun controlthis past summer. Republicans, who held the majority at the time, ended the session after 90 minutes.

In response to this expectation, Republican-leaning counties around Virginia havepassed resolutionsdeclaring themselvesto beSecond Amendment sanctuariesand voiced opposition to any future laws that may infringe upon Second Amendment rights.

Last week, Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights group, told CBS 6 in a statement that the flood of Second Amendment sanctuary localities across the state, and the massive crowds at those government meetings, is sending a message to the General Assembly that Virginia does not need any more unconstitutional gun control.

Speaking to CBS 6 on Wednesday, Herring said when the General Assembly passes gun control legislation those laws will be enforced.

The resolutions that are being passed are being ginned up by the gun lobby to try to scare people. What were talking about here are laws that will make our communities and our streets safer. Were talking about universal background checks, finally, maybe, Virginia will pass universal background checks to make sure that people who are dangerous, who are criminals and who arent permitted to buy guns, wont be able to buy guns, said Herring. So, when Virginia passes these gun safety laws that they will be followed, they will be enforced.

At least one Democratic lawmaker, Del. Jay Jones (D 89th) has said he wanted a formal opinion from Herring on the issue of Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions.In a tweet, Jones posted a letter addressed to Herring calling the issue a flashpoint across our state.

On Wednesday, when he spoke to CBS 6, Herring said his office had not officially received Del. Jones request, but would respond when they do.

Well get it when it comes in. Well take a look at it and well make an appropriate response, added Herring.

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Virginia AG responds to 2nd Amendment sanctuary resolutions: Gun safety laws will be followed - WTKR News 3

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Dozens of Virginia counties declare themselves ‘Second Amendment sanctuaries’ after Democrats win state legislature | TheHill – The Hill

Posted: at 3:47 pm

Dozens of counties in Virginia have declared themselves "Second Amendment sanctuaries" in recent weeks afterDemocrats won control of the state legislature last month.

CNN reportedthat Surrey and Craig counties were among the latest to pass resolutions this week in support of Second Amendment rights, joining more than 40 other counties across the state.

The resolutions are not legally binding, CNN noted, and insteadserve as declarations of support for citizens to exercisethe right to carry weapons.

"The counties and gun groups are asking the jurisdictions and the commonwealth to support gun rights and their Second Amendment to make sure they [the state legislature] aren't going to do anything to take that away," Jonathan Lynn, county administrator and clerk of the Board of Surrey County, told the network.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) has alreadyvowed to reintroduce gun control legislationwhen lawmakers reconvene next year. He introduced the measure over the summer, but it went nowhere in the GOP-controlled legislature.

Northams proposal came during a special session on gun control after a mass shooting in Virginia Beach that claimed 12 lives.

Democrats in Virginia last month took control of the state legislature for the first time in more than 20 years, with many running on a platform calling for stricter gun control.

"These are people [gun owners] that were sleeping during the elections. That's the problem with a lot of gun owners, they tend to get complacent and think, 'oh okay, nothing bad is going to happen,'" Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, told CNN.

Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun-control group aligned with billionaire and Democratic presidential candidate Michael BloombergMichael Rubens BloombergThe Hill's Morning Report - Sponsored by AdvaMed - House panel expected to approve impeachment articles Thursday Krystal Ball warns about lagging youth support for Buttigieg Bloomberg unveils proposal to increase earned income tax credit, federal funding for housing programs MORE, sank millions into Virginia in an effort to flip the state blue.

State Del. Kenneth Plum (D) has already filed a bill to institute universal background checks, legislation that will be considered during next years session.

"With the outcome of the election, the fear arose that we finally are going to pass common sense gun violence bills. This is reactionary from the other side," Plum told CNN. "They came up with the sanctuary city idea ... but its impact is unknown."

Plum added that to him it's unclear what the sanctuary part actually is.

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Dozens of Virginia counties declare themselves 'Second Amendment sanctuaries' after Democrats win state legislature | TheHill - The Hill

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Prince William to vote on ‘2nd Amendment sanctuary’ measure, Fauquier takes a different tack – Prince William Times

Posted: at 3:47 pm

County supervisors in both Prince William and Fauquier counties are slated to vote on gun rights resolutions this week. But while the Prince William board will consider declaring the county a Second Amendment sanctuary, the Fauquier board has proposed a measure that affirms support for the Second Amendment while endorsing certain gun-safety initiatives.

Prince William supervisors are scheduled to vote Tuesday, Dec. 10, on a resolution similar to those passed by more than 20 Virginia localities. If approved, it would declare the county a Second Amendment sanctuary with the aim of restricting the use of county funds to enforce any new federal and state gun laws.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) said last week that Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions will have no legal effect whatsoever. An official opinion from the attorney general is expected in the coming days.

Fauquiers board will vote on a resolution Thursday, Dec. 12, to modify its legislative agenda to include several gun-safety measures and to state its support for the U.S. Constitutions Second Amendment.

The resolution calls on the General Assembly towaive the sales tax on gun safes and gun locks, strengthen penalties for adults who allow children unsafe access to guns, fund firearms safety training in schools and increase state funding for mental health screening and services. The measure also states the boards opposition to any legislation that would restore gun rights to convicted felons.

The Fauquier resolution, however, would not declare Fauquier County a Second Amendment sanctuary but instead reaffirms the oath taken by each supervisor to support all the provisions of the U.S. and Virginia constitutions.

Fauquier Board Chairman Chris Butler, R-Lee, did not immediately return calls for comment Monday.

It is not yet clear if Prince William Countys Republican-majority board will approve the proposed Second Amendment sanctuary resolution, which voices no support for proposed gun safety measures.

Board Chairman Corey Stewart, R-at-large, said Monday he isnt sure if it has the votes to pass.

I dont know if its going to pass and I dont know what the next board is going to do, Stewart said. The next board is going to have deal with it however they see fit, but theres no question that this cannot be ignored by this board or the next board because of the citizen demand.

Already, at least one of Prince Williams Republican supervisors, Ruth Anderson, has said she will not vote for the measure declaring the county a Second Amendment sanctuary.

I do not want to bring confusion to our police department in terms of enforcement of Virginia laws. However, I do want to state my support for the Second Amendment, Anderson said.

The remaining board members did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Large crowds are expected to show up in both counties to hear debate on the resolutions. Prince William County spokesman Jason Grant said extra seating will be provided in the lobby of the countys McCoart Administration building. Open carrying of firearms is permissible inside the building, Grant said.

Prince William County Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Jonathan Perok said the department is aware of the meeting but declined to say whether there would be an increased police presence.

Prince William Countys incoming board of supervisors, who take office Jan. 1, will havea 5-3 Democratic majority. The outgoing board has a 6-2 Republican majority. Chairman-elect Ann Wheeler (D) said the incoming board would repeal a resolution declaring the county a Second Amendment sanctuary as soon as possible, if it is approved by the outgoing board.

State Del. Elizabeth Guzman, D-31st, whose district includes parts of both Fauquier and Prince William counties, said she is committed to workingwith both Fauquier and Prince William counties boards of supervisors to address the residents concerns but stressed that any new laws passed by the incoming Democratic-majority General Assembly will be constitutional.

"I have always respected the rights of law-abiding gun owners, and the laws we will pass in Richmond this next legislative session will be fully compliant with the Virginia and U.S. constitutions, Guzman said in a statement.

Guzman went on to say that she shares many of the same priorities outlined in Fauquiers proposed resolution, including the need for additional mental health screening services, strong penalties for adults who allow children unsafe access to firearms and the need to waive the sales tax on gun safes and locks.

I am heartened that the Fauquier County board and I share many of the same priorities, Guzmans statement said. I agree with [Attorney General] Mark Herrings statements from last week where he mentioned that second amendment sanctuary resolutions have no legal effect whatsoever.

Reach Daniel Berti at dberti@fauquier.com

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Prince William to vote on '2nd Amendment sanctuary' measure, Fauquier takes a different tack - Prince William Times

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Martinsville City Council’s busy night: Second Amendment ‘sanctuary’ and then a public hearing on reversion – Martinsville Bulletin

Posted: at 3:47 pm

Martinsville City Council has pushed up its start time for an unusually busy agenda for its last regularly scheduled meeting of the year.

Starting at 6 p.m. today the council has set aside 45 minutes at the beginning to consider the adoption of a resolution in support of Second Amendment rights. That will be followed by a closed meeting and then a public hearing on reversion and possibly a vote on whether the city will move to revert to a town in Henry County.

Mayor Kathy Lawson said a constituent asked her to have council consider the Second Amendment sanctuary issue. Council member Danny Turner has called the measure illegal. Council members Chad Martin, Jennifer Bowles and Jim Woods have not responded to requests for comment.

Gun rights groups throughout the state have been lobbying localities to approve a resolution that declares officials will not fund any measure designed to restrict the rights granted by the Second Amendment.

As of Dec. 9, 45 counties, cities, and towns in Virginia, including Henry, Patrick, and Pittsylvania counties, have passed ordinances symbolically firing shots at the newly elected Democratic majority in the General Assembly, daring them to pass stricter gun laws. Local officials would be breaking the law themselves if they refused to enforce new state laws.

A 15-minute break is scheduled at approximately 6:45 p.m. Council will meet for a closed session at 7 p.m. and then reconvene at 7:30 for a much-anticipated public hearing on the citys consideration of reverting to a town.

In October 2018, City Council approved authorizing the Troutman Sanders law firm and auditing firms Robinson Farmer Cox and S. John Davis & Associates to complete reversion studies based on the latest information.

City Council staged two closed work sessions on June 18 and Oct. 29 to review the studies. A representative from Troutman Sanders is scheduled to speak just before the hearing and release the results of the studies publicly for the first time.

Council is scheduled to hear comments from the public following the release of the studies and followed by a Council decision as to the next step(s), according to the agenda summary.

Council could entertain a motion at the conclusion of the hearing and, if seconded, vote to revert Martinsville from city to town status, triggering a process that would take at least a year, according to the most optimistic timetable.

The presentation of the reversion studies is scheduled to require approximately 15 minutes. and comments from public are expected to begin at about 7:45 p.m.

Also during their meetings, council members will:

Bill Wyatt is a reporter for the Martinsville Bulletin. He can be reached at 276-638-8801, Ext. 236. Follow him @billdwyatt

Bill Wyatt is a reporter for the Martinsville Bulletin. He can be reached at 276-638-8801, Ext. 236. Follow him @billdwyatt

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Martinsville City Council's busy night: Second Amendment 'sanctuary' and then a public hearing on reversion - Martinsville Bulletin

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8 in 10 Collier, Lee residents fighting to keep their guns under Floridas red flag law had no lawyer to defend them – Naples Daily News

Posted: at 3:47 pm

Most Southwest Florida residents ordered to court under a new Florida law that allows authorities to take their guns will be standing alone without a lawyer.

About 80 percent of Collier and Lee county residents who have been named in risk protection order cases have faced the judge alone, the Naples Daily News and The News-Press found after analyzing all of the regions cases through October.

That means people defending their Second Amendment gun rights who often lack even a basic understanding of courtroom procedures are almost always going up against trained city or county lawyers.

And about 90% of them will lose their guns for a year under the so-called red flag law, the analysis found.

The Daily News and The News-Press reviewed each of the 66 risk protection order cases Collier and Lee law enforcement officers pursued through October.Of the 66 people named in the cases, 53 did not have an attorney to defend them, according to court records.

More: Collier, Lee judges strip gun rights in 9 of 10 red flag law cases. But are we safer?

Watch: Red flag law allows citizens to speak up

Florida's red flag law allows citizens to speak up if they think someone might be a threat of mass shooting.


In many cases, risk protection order subjects are struggling financially and likely couldnt afford a lawyer, reporters found after visiting several of their homes.

Legal experts worry that people who defend themselves against a civil risk protection order could jeopardize any related criminal cases theyre involved in.

But the analysis also found that having a lawyer doesnt necessarily improve a risk protection order subjects odds in court. Southwest Florida judges approved nineout of 10 risk protection orders, regardless of whether the person has a lawyer.

Eric Friday, an attorney with the gun-rights organization Florida CarryEric Friday

Floridas red flag law, which authorizes the risk protection order process, was one of a slew of measures Florida lawmakers approved as part of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act in the weeks after a 19-year-old former student opened fire inside the Broward County school, killing 17 people.

The law allows law enforcement officers to petition the courts to strip guns and gun rights for up to a year from people who family members, co-workers, neighbors, teachers and others have flagged as potentially dangerous.

Because risk protection orders are civil rather than criminal cases, public defenders arent provided.

The risk protection order provision was one of the less controversial parts of the 2018 public safety act. Lawmakers spent much more time debating a provision to arm school employees and a failed Democratic proposal to ban assault weapons.

Stripping someone of a constitutional right without providing them a lawyer is a fundamental denial of one of the most basic premises of American liberty and freedom, said Eric Friday, an attorney with the gun-rights organization Florida Carry, who spoke out against the law while it was being debated in the Legislature.

"You should be entitled at a minimum to an attorney to defend you," he said.

Dustin Boshara, 34, who was the subject of a risk protection order in July 2018, said going through the process was like living in hell.

He was accused of threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend and himself, which he denies.

The saddest part it, no one ever asked me my side, he said. No one really asked me anything. I really had no say in anything, man. That was the hardest thing.

Boshara, who worked for an air conditioning company and lived in East Naples at the time, had no legal training when he was ordered to court.

On one side of the courtroom were his accusers his ex, one of her co-workers and others and a lawyer for the Collier County Sheriffs Office arguing that Boshara was dangerous and should be stripped of his gun rights under Floridas new red flag law.

On the other side stood Boshara, alone.

Interactive graphic: View graphic about Florida's new red flag law

As he prepared to face a judge, Boshara brushed up on basic courtroom terminology.

A fricking ex parte, I didnt know what that meant, he said. I had to pretty much Google and learn that stuff. I didnt know it.

According to a Sheriffs Office affidavit, Boshara threatened his ex sayinghe would shoot her then kill himself, and Im going to take us both out if you dont tell me the truth.

But Boshara claims the accusations against him were fabricated by his ex and some of her co-workers after an argument.

He never threatened to kill anyone, he said. He wasnt suicidal. In court, he said, his accusers never produced any threatening texts, only word of mouth.

He was never arrested or charged with a crime. Deputies never took him to a mental health facility under the states Baker Act law.

They just said he shouldnt have guns.

More: As Trump pitches red flag laws, here's how local and Florida lawmen tap into gun seizure law

Boshara recounted theday he walked out of his apartment and was surrounded by deputies who searched his truck for guns.

They toldhim to sit on the tailgate. He said he waited for an hour and a half for two more deputies to arrive with risk protection order paperwork signed by a judge giving them permission to take his guns and ordering him to court.

It was telling me I was crazy, I was suicidal, I could hurt people, he said of the risk protection order documents. And Im sitting there not even knowing where this is even coming from.

He felt blindsided in court two weeks later, he said.

There was a lawyer speaking for all of them on behalf of the sheriffs department. And Im sitting there by myself asking for a lawyer. Theyre telling me we dont have time for a lawyer.

The hearing lasted about an hour and a half, according to notes in the court file. A Sheriffs Office lawyer called two witnesses to testify against Boshara, who testified on his own behalf.

Collier Circuit Judge Christine Greider sided with the Sheriffs Office and approved the risk protection order, finding clear and convincing evidence that Boshara posed a significant threat to himself or others by having guns.

That was it, Boshara said. My Second Amendment rights were gone.

When asked about Bosharas case, Lt. Leslie Weidenhammer, who heads the Collier County Sheriffs Offices mental health bureau and oversees the agencys risk protection orders, said the best we could tell he was in a crisis and not making good decisions. She said deputies had talked with Bosharas mother who was concerned about his behavior.

She said Boshara had two weeks before his final risk protection order hearing to find a lawyer if he wanted one. According to the law, the risk protection order paperwork is required to inform subjects that they "may seek the advice of an attorney."

I can be empathetic, Weidenhammer said. Its tough to get a lawyer.

Watch: Florida's red flag law explained

Florida passed its red flag law in 2018 in the wake of the Parkland shooting, but many don't quite know what it is.


There is nothing in the risk protection order statute guaranteeing either party an attorney. But the law requires that risk protection order petitions be filed by law enforcement officers who usually are represented by agency or city lawyers.

Hiring a private lawyer is expensive for risk protection order subjects, said Friday with Florida Carry.

Most Americans couldnt come up with $2,500 that they needed for an emergency bill, he said. How are people supposed to do this?

Lee Hollander, a Naples-based criminal defense attorney, called Florida's red flag law somewhat short on due process protection.Dorothy Edwards

Lee Hollander, a Naples-based criminal defense attorney, has defended one client in a risk protection order case, but only because he was also representing the client in a related criminal case. He called the law somewhat short on due process protection.

He worries that targets of risk protection orders could jeopardize their criminal cases by defending themselves in the risk protection order hearing.

You could say something that could be used against you in the criminal case because you just dont know any better, he said.

More: Florida Governor Rick Scott signs school safety bill to arm some teachers, fund mental health

Even some risk protection order proponents acknowledge the due process concerns.

I could see how it would be one-sided, said Weidenhammer, with the Collier County Sheriffs Office. But, she added, It is fairly tough for us, too.

Gun seized by law enforcement from a person who was the subject of Floridas new red flag law.LCSO

Law enforcement has to have a rock-solid case to convince a judge that the risk protection subject shouldnt have guns, she said.

Friday said the police agencies always have an advantage, and the targets of the risk protection orders who dont have lawyers have, by definition, been alleged to be mentally unfit.

They are not mentally fit enough to exercise good judgment with a firearm, but more than fit enough to act as their own lawyer? Friday asked rhetorically.

Andy Pelosi, co-chair of the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence and a proponent of risk protection orders, said, "you could argue everyone subject to an extreme risk protection order should be afforded counsel. But thats not for my organization to decide. Thats for the Legislature to decide."

"What were trying to do is decrease the number of people that are shot, injured and killed, he added.

So far in Southwest Florida, having an attorney present during a risk protection hearing seems to have little bearing on whether the judge will ultimately approve the order.

Overall, judges approved 59 of the 66 risk protection orders that Collier and Lee law enforcement officers sought through October, or about 90%.

Of the 13 cases where the defendants had a lawyer, judges approved 12 risk protection orders, or about 92%.

By comparison, of the 53 cases where the defendants didnt have a lawyer, judges approved 47, or roughly 89%.

Having access to an attorney doesnt necessarily guarantee your success, said Miguel Fleming, a Cape Coral detective who manages his departments risk protection orders. Theres plenty of people who have been convicted of crimes that would tell you that.

Still, he said, stripping someone of a constitutional right is not something to take lightly.

Absolutely not. And I dont, he said. I take everything that I sign my name to seriously.

Boshara said it wasnt until after the risk protection order hearing that he became depressed. After breaking up with his girlfriend and moving out of his apartment, he said, he now had law enforcement coming at me telling me I was a bad person.

"And I didnt understand it," he said, "and no one could give me answers."

More: Here's who lost gun rights in Collier, Lee counties under Florida's red flag law

After being involved in a car crash with a company vehicle, Boshara lost his job with an air conditioning company, in part because of the risk protection order, he said.

They pointed to those two things as me having problems, he said. They said that wreck, I might have been trying to take my life.

As part of the risk protection order, Boshara was ordered to get a mental health evaluation.

I wasnt crazy by any means, he said, when asked what the evaluation found. But at that point, my whole life was almost gone, because they made me feel crazy.

Gun seized by law enforcement from a person who was the subject of Floridas new red flag law.Collier County Sheriffs Office

The risk protection order barred Boshara from owning or buying guns for a year. After the year was up, the Sheriffs Office gave him his guns back, no questions asked, he said.

Nobody ever checked up on him after his court appearance, he said. Weidenhammer said that deputies tried, but Boshara didnt answer their calls.

More: Mike Hill files bill to repeal gun control measures passed after the Parkland shooting

Boshara said he would better understand law enforcement's concerns if he had a history of violence, but he doesn't. He's never been charged with a violent crime in Collier County, according to court records.

"I would never hurt a fly. Im definitely a lover, not a fighter."

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8 in 10 Collier, Lee residents fighting to keep their guns under Floridas red flag law had no lawyer to defend them - Naples Daily News

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Meghan McCain Touts Her 2nd Amendment Right While Handling Assault Rifle – Yahoo Entertainment

Posted: at 3:47 pm

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain spent the weekend enjoying some time at the shooting range and threw in a little extra callout regarding her legal right to do so. McCain posted a photo of herself Saturday while handling what appears to be an AR-15 rifle. It's unclear if the daughter of late Senator John McCain was aiming at a target or just the mountainside, but she appeared to be in a controlled environment.

McCain captioned the photo with a simple hashtag, citing "2A" with an American flag -- a clear shoutout to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, allowing an individual to keep and bear arms.


Meghan McCain's Husband May Have Just Admitted He Didn't Want To Date Her

Meghan McCain Returns to 'The View' and Takes Aim On 'Gun Grabbers'

Meghan McCain May Be Leaving 'The View'

The subtle caption by McCain could have something to do with an ongoing spat she continues to have with "The View" co-host Joy Behar. Behar recently made one of her signature homemade lasagnas for Whoopi Goldberg's birthday, and McCain has been pining for a plate of her own. Behar and McCain have regularly squared off against the conservative pundit's stance on firearms, and the lasagna got dragged into the mix.

After the women were apparently arguing during a commercial break, McCain explained to the audience what was going down.

" still love you and I would like my freaking lasagna, McCain said, adding, So would Sunny.

Ill give you your lasagna when you give me your guns, Behar fired back. How is that?

The audience went wild and even McCain couldn't help but crack a smile over her co-host's quick wit.

Co-host Sunny Hostin also got in on the mix, questioning why she was left out of the lasagna party when she does not own any guns.

Meghan McCain has always had a strong stance on guns, and back in September she took on all the other co-hosts on "The View" during a heated discussion after a mass shooting.

"As the chick on the panel that spent most of her break shooting, I looked forward to talking about this," McCain said as she clearly expected a confrontation.

She continued, "There are a lot of people on TV talking about guns that clearly have never shot a gun, don't know the difference between a semi-assault rifle and an assault rifle."

At the time, Bet O'Rourke was pushing a complete gun ban and buyback, and McCain scoffed about that ever actually happening.

"How do you think you are going to come to someone's house? What are you going to pay? ... The AR-15 is by far the most popular gun in America, by far. I was just in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, if youre talking about taking peoples guns from them, theres going to be a lot of violence."

When Joy Behar replied that people had lived without assault weapons before, McCain fired back:

""Im not living without guns. Its just that simple! ... You want to feel safe? I feel safe if I can protect myself."

In August McCain took to Instagram and shared some photos from a day at the range. Afterward, she penned a lengthy explanation about her personal experience with firearms, and why she considers them so important.

grew up shooting guns in Arizona and shooting targets and clays is the only sport Ive ever really enjoyed. To do it successfully, you have to get complete control over your entire body while regulating your breathing. I have always found a very meditative and simplistic catharsis to the experience (especially doing it in nature)."

She continued, "As a woman I feel strong and empowered owning guns, knowing how to protect myself and my ability to fire different types of guns accurately. The Second Amendment is a true cornerstone of my conservative political beliefs. Without the right to keep and bear arms, the freedoms in this country we hold so dear would never have been won. Today, the gravity of gun ownership and use should be taken extremely seriously and responsibly. There are millions of Americans just like me who are responsible gun owners who know a gun can be a force for great evil or good, depending on who wields it. Thank you to Jackson Hole Shooting Experience for the wonderful day. Ben and I had a blast - he hit a target dead center at 100 yards with a suppressed 9mm, and I beat him to hitting a 600 yarder dead center with a .308."

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Automation benefits and costs – Economics Help

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Definition of automation

Automation refers to the process of automatically producing goods through the use of robots, control systems and other appliances with a minimal direct human operation.

Within manufacturing industries, automation has led to increased labour productivity as fewer workers are needed to produce the same number of manufactured goods.

A perceived downside of automation is that it leads to jobs being displaced in traditional areas of work in particular, blue-collar manufacturing jobs. Less visible is how the process of automation leads to the creation of new jobs in areas such as robot manufacture, research, marketing and software development.

However, there are still concerns about the social and economic impact of the rapid job displacement associated with automation and globalisation. In fact, there is enduring concern automation is costing jobs an idea some economists argue is just an enduring faith in the Luddite fallacy.

Automation is a major influence on the economy and will continue to be over the next decade. In theory, automation can lead to significant benefits for the whole economy. Greater GDP, higher productivity and increased customisation of the consumer experience. However, there are legitimate concerns about how these gains will be distributed. It is tempting to dismiss all concerns of new technology as the old Luddite fallacy. But, there is no guarantee that displaced workers will be seamlessly integrated into a very different labour market.

But, on the other hand, it would be a mistake to be too pessimistic. Past trends in automation have served the economy well. Who would go back to a time of 1 million people working as a coal miner or 90% of the population growing their own food? Automation will lead to new opportunities, and with increased technology, we could see the potential for a revitalisation of cottage industries with self-employed workers having the ability to use their creativity to join a fast-changing economy.


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Automation benefits and costs - Economics Help

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How Automation And Technology Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business – Forbes

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Its no secret that automation and technology can help a business. But if you havent considered exactly how it can help you just know that it can you might be reluctant to make an investment and opt to do things old-school.

Thats understandable. Automation and technology can be overwhelming, especially if youre somebody who barely understands your smartphone or DVR. But, as the CEO of a national property management company that harnesses the power of the cloud and a lot of you can really do that? type of tech, I can hopefully make a decent argument that your real estate company should be using automation and technology.

Youll be a far more efficient marketer.

Whether you own an established property management company or youre just starting out in the real estate space, youre going to need to market your business. I learned that automating your marketing workflow, which you can do with apps and software programs, can work wonders when it comes to finding clients and customers. In the old days, you marketed to potential customers by putting out expensive ads on TV, radio or in the newspaper and you hoped people would hear, see or read your message and come to your place of business.

Thats still done, and theres nothing wrong with that approach. But with loyalty cards, apps that give people discounts, email lists and so on, each time a consumer engages with your company, it gives you a way to track that customer and measure how often theyre frequenting your business.

You probably, if you dont already, should also investigate using marketing automation software. Your clients live on the internet; you pretty much need to be there all the time as well. But you have a life, and you cant work 24/7. However, marketing automation software does operate around the clock.

There are many options out there, and they can help real estate professionals land leads by tailoring customer messages with a series of automated emails based on potential customers interests. You can also get your name out there by scheduling posts on social media channels, so youre often chiming in on social media, even when youre out showing a house to a client or picking up your kids from school.

In any case, when you automate your marketing and loyal customers do emerge, you can offer targeted discounts to try and entice them to come in even more often. Well, I could go on about this all day, but my point is that when it comes to marketing, automation can be a helpful option.

Youll have far more efficient employees.

Automation can also help your employees become more efficient, which should only help the relationship between you and your staff. Automation allows your employees to be faster with their duties and spend more time on interesting work, rather than material that can be done by a machine.

Every business, for instance, deals with numbers. In many of the franchises I work with, just one of the many things theyre keeping track of is reconciling rent payments and expenses. Theyre also monitoring dates since tenants are moving in and out.

The easier you make it for your employees to do their jobs, the better theyre going to do them. For instance, some property management software monitors resident parking permits and can log deliveries to your properties. If your employees are tracking this information themselves, then theyre going to have less time to show properties to prospective tenants and take care of current clients.

With the right automation software, you can also track the performance of your employees, such as how many apartments or condos they show. If they know youre monitoring these numbers, theyll likely do a better job.

Whatever the business, you probably have a lot of numbers to keep track of. If you have software that makes accounting and daily business operations easier, where people arent buried in paperwork and spending hours filling out forms, youre giving your employees the tools to be more efficient and productive. Youre also going to have happier employees.

And the fact is, your staff cant track everything that software can. And you shouldnt want them to, because theyll never have time to interact with tenants.

Youll be a more eco-friendly startup.

In the long run, if youre using less paper, thats a good thing for the environment. Being automated also means less time driving around the city. For instance, think of how GPS has revolutionized the delivery service industry and helped make getting lost almost a thing of the past. Knowing the quickest route will save your company on gas, and that, too, makes your company greener than it might otherwise be.

You might also have fewer employees due to streamlining your operations, which means paying less for resources and, in general, thatll help your bottom line.

Youll run your business more efficiently as well.

Along with helping things like your accounting, marketing and making life easier for your employees, youre simply going to find that automating your business makes you a better owner. If you have a financial dashboard, for instance, that you can use to monitor your numbers in real time, youre always going to know and understand your business far more than if you need to gather everything, piecemeal.

Again, I know this can be overwhelming. While some people really take to technology, others, not so much. But if you get the tools you need to make your business more digital, and your business spends more time in the cloud, youll be on top of your business and discover so much more about your company than you would otherwise. It isnt that you cant eschew technology and not learn a lot about your business. You can and will just not as fast as your competitors. When you go old-school, you tend to learn things the hard way.

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How Automation And Technology Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business - Forbes

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