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Posted: October 24, 2021 at 11:18 am

International Artists Day commemorates the importance of art as a creative human expression and as a chronicler of human life, nature, and communities.

A cubist female bust by the Spanish painter Picasso, left, and a 1905 representational oil painting of a riverside windmill by the Dutch painter Mondrian are displayed by police officers, in Athens during a press conference. AP

October 25th marks the celebration of International Artists Day around the globe to honour artists and their contribution to society. The day commemorates the importance of art as an important medium of human expression and honours its impact on human life, nature, and communities.


Canadian artist, Chris MacClure, founded International Artists Day in 2014 to give working artists a special day to revel in the allure, impact, and splendidness of their creations. The day also pays homage to one of the most celebrated artists of the last century, Pablo Picasso, whose birthday is celebrated on the same date.


International Artists Day is a celebration of all kinds of art. It elevates the credibility of artists among common folk and aims to increase the visibility of their craft. Furthermore, it reconnects creators with their audience through various art shows, exhibitions, and other events.

How To Celebrate International Artists Day 2021

The International Artists Day website recommends celebrating the day by taking an artist out for lunch, buying the painting thats haunting you for weeks, or learning more about art. Thus, we curated a brief account of a few of the most prominent artists of the 20th century to give you a tour of art history.

The Most Prominent Artists of the 20th Century

Dubbed as the most influential artist of his generation, Pablo Picasso revolutionised art by creating the most distinct representation of emotions and impressions in his works. He rejected traditional ideas that emphasised the importance of colour and depicted subject matter with geometrical shapes and lines instead of proportions and perspective. He took Cubism to its extremes, invented collage, and made a major contribution to Surrealism. He also explored sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking. However, Pablo considered himself a painter before anything, and his works embody the spirit of Bohemian art in the modern era.

No other work of art chronicles the tragedy of life, its despair, trauma, and hardships more poignantly than Frida Kahlo. The Mexico City-born artist is widely remembered as a surrealist. However, she rejected the label and its misogyny of Freudian male-centric depictions of women. Instead, the legendary painter expressed the complexity of female experience through her work, inextricably intertwined with her childhood trauma and emotional distress, and asserted the validity of her vision paintings such as The Two Fridas, Frida and George Rivera, and The Broken Column, among others.

Best known for her canvasses of magnified flowers, Mexican landscapes, and animal skulls, Georgia OKeeffe, was one of the first painters to claim public fanfare and critical acclaim. Considered a cornerstone of the American Modernist movement, OKeeffe excelled at painting and sculpting and epitomised the expression of its zeitgeist in works such as Black Iris, Oriental Poppies, Jimson Weed, and others. However, OKeeffes works remained independent of shifting trends and focused on metamorphosising natural objects into abstract geometry instead, highlighting her elusive personality as well as perennial love for nature.

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International Artists Day 2021: Celebrate occasion ..earning about these legendary painters of 20th Century - Firstpost

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