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Posted: June 27, 2021 at 4:36 am

AUSTIN, Texas, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --Shenal Arimilli reveals her signature approach as a featured motivational speaker on the new Season 3 of SpeakUP, now streaming live on Amazon Prime Video. Arimilli is a highly sought after global transformational leader in the rapidly growing space of personal, professional and spiritual development. In Episode 2, Shenal masterfully merges the power of science with the age-old wisdom of spirituality and consciousness to create quantum leaps in transforming lives and businesses worldwide.

Just a handful of speakers across the world are showcased in each season of SpeakUP. In this TEDx-style show, Shenal reveals her personal story of healing through cancer and its recurrences, while weaving in the depth of her understanding of quantum physics, neuroscience, human physiology, and psychology in a relatable way. She empowers the live audience to take life's challenges and opportunities and turn them into miracles.

Arimilli says, "The invitation to share my story, my message and my life's work on the second largest streaming platform in the world was a dream come true. I have learned that miracles just don't happen by chance for the lucky few. They are co-created by us! We are at the cutting-edge, exploring the physical and spiritual laws of the Universe that govern our potential as creators of our lives. We are powerful beyond measure. I am passionate about sharing this message and process with as many people on this planet as I can!"

Shenal's episode of Season 3 of SpeakUP is a must-watch show as it powerfully takes you from the emotional vulnerability of challenge and hardship to the expert delivery of how to navigate change and turn your life or business around.To watch Shenal's life-changing episode live on Amazon Prime Video within the US and UK, click here.To enjoy her episode on SpeakUP Season 3, Episode 2, outside of the USA and UK, click here.

As a transformational leader, motivational speaker, intuitive life mentor, author, and workshop facilitator in life transformation, Shenal Arimilli teaches powerful techniques that allow for life-changing shifts in love, health, wealth, and consciousness globally. She is a thought leader and visionary, pushing the envelope for change and leading people to become powerful co-creators of their miracles.

Her awards include Exceptional Woman of Excellence at the International Women's Economic Forum and Shenal's life-changing work has been featured on international stages, radio shows, podcasts, and in BW Business World Magazine. Her upcoming book, Cracking the Rich Code, co-authored with world-renowned success coach, Jim Britt, and Shark Tank's, Kevin Harrington, and endorsed by Tony Robbins, is slated for release summer 2021! Shenal articulates her book knowledge, divine wisdom, and evidence-based experience in her latest ebook, Elevate Your Life: 7 Keys to Unlock the Power Within You. For a complimentary copy of Arimilli's May 2021 released ebook, click here.

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From Corporate Leader to Change-Maker, Motivational Speaker Offers Hope, Possibility, and the Power to Change on Amazon Prime - PRNewswire

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