Slow progress on budget package with deadline weeks away – Roll Call

Posted: October 9, 2021 at 7:36 am

We cannot slash climate funding in this package, Sen. Edward J. Markey said Thursday morning at an event outside the Capitol on Thursday.

The Massachusetts Democrat called forthe final packageto include a Civilian Climate Corps intended to put Americans to work fighting climate change;a clean electricity standard to push utilities toward renewable energy sources; and a tax code overhaul to promote clean energy while eliminating outdated, unnecessary fossil fuel incentives.

Markey made clear that he opposes energy programs that continue to incentivize natural gas, even as one of the key Senate holdouts, West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin III, has opposed penalties for production of coal and natural gas and has demanded climate change initiatives be fuel neutral.

Manchin also reiterated Wednesday that hes not budged from his $1.5 trillion ceiling for the package, which progressives have rejected as too low. Manchin met with Biden at the White House on Thursday and told reporters afterwardit was a good meeting but declined to comment further.

Biden held virtual meetings earlier in the week with House lawmakers who were not in legislative session this week. He talked to a group of progressives Monday and a group oflawmakersconsidered vulnerable for reelection on Tuesday. After meeting with the latter, the president suggested a compromise would likely involve funding some programs now and holding off on others for future legislation.

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Slow progress on budget package with deadline weeks away - Roll Call

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