Sept. 9, 2021: Southeastern re-opening progress update The Lion’s Roar – The Lion’s Roar Newspaper

Posted: September 10, 2021 at 6:15 am

I am very pleased to share that electric utility service was restored to the main campus last night. Withthis development, all campus buildings now have power. Additionally, utility repair crews continue tomake significant progress restoring power in the community.

With full restoration of power, campus facility repair and damage mitigation will accelerate. Given theextensive work being done, campus will remain closed at least through Sunday, September 12.Faculty/staff who are not involved in the campus recovery work are asked to not be on campus at thepresent time.

Yesterday, an electronic survey was launched to collect information about the status of our students; unfortunately, a programming error made it necessary to relaunch the survey today. Accordingly, allstudents are encouraged to log in to LEONet to complete the survey.

A phased re-opening of campus is anticipated next week with instruction beginning no earlier thanWednesday, September 15. Projections of the timing for reasonable completion of campus repairsalong with status information about campus constituents will help further inform the decisions forcampus reopening.

More details will be forthcoming tomorrow.


John L. CrainPresident

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Sept. 9, 2021: Southeastern re-opening progress update The Lion's Roar - The Lion's Roar Newspaper

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