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Posted: October 7, 2021 at 3:38 pm

The Howard Terminal project has been the carrot dangled in front of Oakland As fans for years. Ownership claims to be committed to seeing that project and the new ballpark through, only to simultaneously flirt with Las Vegas while looking to alienate their fanbase. Understandably, As fans are fed up, ready to walk away en masse.

But there may be some hope on the horizon. According to reports, and documents posted on the City of Oakland website, there is progress towards making the Howard Terminal project a reality.

The project has become frustrating to everyone involved, filled with starts and stops. Even when there appeared to be good news, and progress towards the team remaining in Oakland, there would be squabbles over which side would pay for what.

Some of those new documents deal with the financial impact. Independent studies show that the project would be beneficial to Alameda County, helping revitalize that area. Likewise, even though there is some risk in the city looking to fund some of the off site infrastructure, doing so should be beneficial to the City of Oakland in the long run.

On Tuesday, mayor Libby Schaff announced that the Alameda County Board of Supervisors plans to take up the Howard Terminal proposal on October 26. Considering the new studies, and the economic boost that the region would receive, there is a degree of optimism heading into that meeting.

This does not mean that everything is set in stone. There could be speedbumps along the way that derail the project once again. But this time, it feels as though that hoped for progress could actually happen, and the As might get that ballpark.

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There are some positive signs with the Howard Terminal Project. Maybe the Oakland As will get that waterfront ballpark after all.

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Oakland As may have some progress on Howard Terminal front - White Cleat Beat

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