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Posted: May 13, 2022 at 3:02 pm

As a relative late-comer to the Evil Dead fandom, I had a short but very intense period of excitement prior to the release of Saber Interactives asymmetrical action-horror: Evil Dead The Game. Its a game I have been keen to try for a little while, after falling in love with Sam Raimis direction of the movie trilogy and the development of Ash Williams character from mild-mannered college kid to heroic demon-slaying badass, and I am pleased to share that this game does not disappoint.

Evil Dead The Game really is a treat for fans of the Evil Dead franchise as well as being a treat for general fans of the horror genre or asymmetrical multiplayer games. It ticks all the boxes youd expect from a game like this, and then ticks a few more that you didnt know existed. Its clear that this was a game made by fans, for fans, as much as it was made for a wider audience. Its one of the few asymmetrical multiplayer games that has full single-player support too, in the form of a short Evil Dead The Game Missions list and AI-controlled Survivors and Demons.

But, of course, having AI companions is only part and parcel of what makes this a fantastic offering from Saber Interactive. I had the chance to review Evil Dead The Game on PS5 and, although I do have some concerns about certain aspects of the game, I am finding this to be a wholly enjoyable experience that I can see being a firm favourite for some time.

When I first jumped into the game, the first thing that struck me was just how good everything looked. I know Im playing it on a next-gen console, so the graphics were never going to look that bad, but the game is a feast for the eyes beyond its detailed textures and smooth frame rates.

The in-game artwork is truly exceptional

The in-game artwork is truly exceptional. Whether youre trawling through the menus looking at the games impressive array of unlockable skills and upgrades, or deciding which Mission to tackle next, youll find Ash Williams and his buddies beautifully illustrated. The artwork showcases the Survivors using in-game items, battling Deadites, or facing off against a terrifying Kandarian Demon.

Then, when you come to actually playing Evil Dead The Game, youre met with an intensely atmospheric action-horror experience that evokes the emotions brought about by Sam Raimis movies with unexpected accuracy. Its overly graphic, in a campy way, with its intense blood-splattering finishing moves and shotgun blasts that quite-literally blow the face off of the Deadites youre up against. And, more importantly, its isolating, despite the fact that youre playing within a team of four, with its sparsely-lit open spaces and impressive weather effects.

This feeling of isolation is only intensified by the absence of enemies from the games minimap and the interesting Fear system.

When youre running around in the darkness as Ash or one of his buddies you need to keep an eye on your Fear level. This increases whenever youre alone, under attack, or in the darkness adding an important survival game-like aspect to this already action-packed experience. There are ways for you to reduce this level, mainly by standing in the light and taking a breather, but Evil Dead The Game doesnt make that easy.

So, it ultimately feels inevitable that youll max out your Fear level at some point during a game sometimes, you just cant find the Matchsticks you need to start a campfire.

When your Survivor is scared, its like having tunnel vision

If youre unlucky enough to have your Fear level climb above your characters threshold, then youre in for a bad time but also the most exciting time when it comes to playing as a Survivor. When your Survivor is scared, its like having tunnel vision. Your in-game sound and the edge of your screen are both distorted, making it even harder to avoid attacks from the Deadites and Demons around you, and you quickly find yourself frantically running for your life. Like with all horror games, the thrill of the chase is the best part.

Without this mechanic, which might seem like a superficial addition to the game at first, I fear Evil Dead The Game would be more hack-and-slash than horror. It helps to keep you on your toes and forces you to think much more strategically about how you use the limited loot items you have. Healing items and Matchsticks used for lighting fires are few and far between in this game; you dont want to waste what little you have when youre fighting against a Kandarian Demon.

I have spent most of my time playing Evil Dead The Game, so far, as a Survivor. However, I did dip my toes into the horrors of the Necronomicon to play as a Demon a few times and thats a wholly different experience.

You really do feel like youre in a Sam Raimi movie in the best possible way

When youre playing as a Demon, youre primarily orchestrating the Army of Darkness in Spirit Form. The erratic movement controls do take a bit of getting used to compared to controlling a Survivor, but when youre playing in this mode you really do feel like youre in a Sam Raimi movie in the best possible way.

I will say that the lack of sensitivity options, and accessibility options as a whole, are troubling if youre struggling to play, there arent any concessions available. I hope these are features that will be available in the future, but it doesnt quite make sense why theyre not available now.

That being said, once you get your head around the controls, playing as a Demon is a fantastic and much more rewarding experience than other asymmetrical multiplayer games, like Dead By Daylight and Predator Hunting Grounds. Why? Because youre not just playing as one Kandarian Demon, really; youre playing as the whole Army of Darkness.

Boss units are by-far the most exciting way to play as a Demon

Using Infernal Energy, you can possess roaming Deadites and attack the Survivors yourself, summon powerful elite enemies to further disrupt their attempts at banishing you, and even set traps in supply boxes and evil trees (something which always takes you by surprise as a Survivor.)

With enough of this energy, you can even summon a boss unit, which takes the form of whichever Kandarian Demon youre playing as be that Evil Ash, Henrietta, or Eligos. These boss units are by-far the most exciting way to play as a Demon and, in the right hands, make short work of Ash Williams and his friends. With Evil Dead The Game, you get all the fun of playing as a killer in Dead By Daylight and the enjoyment of strategically dismantling your opponents plan of attack with well-placed traps and proximity-based portals (that, of course, spawn more enemies).

Whether youre playing with your friends against the forces of evil, or taking control of those forces of evil yourself, youre in for a fun time with Evil Dead The Game. I havent played enough of it yet to talk about the depth of its upgrade system and the decent variety of weaponry on offer, but my first impressions are that this game could, with the right post-launch support, be around for a long time. Its action-packed, frightening when it needs to be, and full of charm. Of course, the gameplay loop could get repetitive as with any asymmetrical multiplayer game but I dont see that happening for quite some time.

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