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Posted: December 29, 2021 at 10:24 am

CHARLESTON, W.Va. When state Transportation Secretary Jimmy Wriston looks back on 2021, hes energized.

Wriston noted in a recent podcast produced by the state Division of Highways, the agency has been transformed and is in the best shape in years.

A lot of times in years past you look back and its with a little wistfulness and regret, but now when we look back now our chest starts pumping to see all weve accomplished, but then to think the best is still to come because were looking forward at the same time, he said.

Wriston admitted in a recent edition of On The Dot, that former Transportation Secretary Byrd White was also instrumental in guiding the agency into a position where roads are not only getting built, but the ones already in place are being maintained. According to Wristonat the heart of it all thats what the agencys charge has been since it was formed.

Were a maintenance organization. Thats who we are and what we do best. We have partners to take care of a lot of things, but what we do best every day is maintain the roads, he said.

Roads had fallen into great disrepair before Wriston came on board. That why he and Gov. Jim Justice along with White made maintenance and repair a priority with the funds in the Roads to Prosperity Program approved by voters during the Justice Administrations first term.

Wriston said the key accomplishments in 2021 for the agency were: The complete revitalization of the Department of Transportation, returning to an emphasis on maintenance, providing employees the tools, systems, and support to take pride in their careers, creation of a centralized data collection system for better decision-making and working together with the legislature, other state agencies and the private sector toward common goals.

Everybody gets it, we all want the same thing and now we have a playbook to get us to the same thingto get to where we want to be, Wriston said.

He promised 2021 was just the start of noticeable improvement to the states road system .

Youre going to see a 2022 that is going to be a milestone year for West Virginia, Wriston said. I think thats the year the rocket ship clears the clouds, as the governor would say.

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DOT Secretary touts progress and predicts more to come - West Virginia MetroNews

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