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On the fence about choosing roulette vs. slots to play online? Here are the main differences – – VENTS Magazine

Posted: April 15, 2021 at 6:51 am

Roulette and slots are both equally fun to play and very popular among online casino players. So, its only natural that you are on the fence about which one to choose when youre a novice online gambler.

Youve likely heard your friends talking about both online casino games, and now youre confused on which one is more entertaining. This article explores the differences and similarities between the two so that you can make an informed choice on which is more suited for you to play.

At first glance, the two online casino games seem to have nothing in common simply because they work differently. More precisely, with online slots, you place your bet on three or more spinning or cascading reels, and then you pull the leaver to see whether you win or not. On the flip side, with online roulette games, you place your bet on a rotating wheel that has numbered pockets where the ball lands and helps you win or lose, depending on where it stops.

However, they have more similar things than you may imagine. And, those similarities are precisely what make them so popular among gamblers.

Keep reading below to learn more about the similarities and differences between online slots and online roulette and how to make your final choice.

Short answer: Yes! There are many similarities between roulette and slot games.

Both games are ancient in casino history. Roulette games date back to the late 1790s. Slot games have been introduced in the casino world somewhere around the 19th century. Both games have enjoyed, and still do, a lot of popularity since they came into this world.

Well, this popularity didnt go away with the development of online gambling around the world. In fact, quite on the contrary, their popularity increased even more, and now they are two of the most played casino games online.

But their popularity isnt the only thing these two games have in common. The two have many other similar things to know. More precisely:

Both slots and roulette games are not rocket science to play. On the contrary, both are really easy to play, which is why they are often among the first choices of novice players.

The rules and how the games play are really easy to understand. For example, when compared to poker games, slots and roulette games dont require intensive research or watching tutorials to know how to place the bet or what helps you win, or what makes you lose. It only takes watching the player before you playing and you understand how things work.

Both slot games and roulette can help you win significant amounts of money. This is another reason why online gamblers from around the world love to play them.

They dont require a lot of time to understand the game, and even with little knowledge about how it works, you can win some significant amounts of money.

Since slot and roulette games are so popular online, played by players around the world, there are many options available online. No matter where in the world you are from, if you go online to play either of the two games, youre going to find a lot of options such as games with different themes, games personalized for your area, or really engaging games.

For example, if youre playing from a Latin American country, when you go online to search for Donde Jugar ruleta online, youre going to be provided with plenty of results with different roulette games.

Or, say that youre looking for Juegos de tragamonedas online. The array of options will amaze you.

This one is pretty obvious. Yet, its really worth mentioning because the ability to play them online provides players with plenty of added benefits. For example, you can play roulette or slots games whenever you want from wherever you are in the world, even from the comfort of your own home. No matter if youtravel to Colombia, European countries, or the USA, youll find online casinos there that allow you to play your favorite casino games, such as tragamonedas and ruleta.

Yet, why it really matters that both games can be played online is the fact that both of them provide the same satisfaction youd get when playing in a land-based casino. More precisely, when playing poker, for example, its a lot more fun to play in a traditional casino, surrounded by other players. However, roulette and slot games are both individual games, meaning that you dont even need to look at other players to see what they are doing.

Besides similarities, roulette and slot games also have some differences.

The first and most obvious difference is how the games work. As mentioned above, with slots, you win the bet depending on the combination of symbols you see on the slot machine. With roulette games betting, you win if the ball falls in the numbered pocket you chose when you placed the bet.

Another big difference between the two is that while roulette can be played using some strategy, its all about good luck with slots. More precisely, with roulette games, players use one strategy to beat the roulette. This strategy, known as the Martingale approach, involves doubling your wager every time you lose and placing the bet on the same numbered pocket. The method assumes that if you keep betting on the same spot of the roulette, the ball will eventually fall on the number you choose.

On the flip side, slot games dont really involve any strategy. They are more based on good luck and chance.

Bottom line, slot and roulette games are very similar, which is why it was difficult for you to choose by now. Yet, you now also know their differences, from how they work to how much strategy you need to win.

If the differences between the two helped you make a choice, thats great. If not, try both games and see which one fits your personal playing style best.

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On the fence about choosing roulette vs. slots to play online? Here are the main differences - - VENTS Magazine

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Real Dealer Studios CPO Shane Cotter on the Hot, Cinematic Alternative to Live Casino –

Posted: at 6:51 am

Innovation in iGaming is always fun to behold and the success stories of companies such as Real Dealer Studios can serve as inspiration to others. In light of the studios latest product release, Multifire Auto Roulette, we take a closer look at what Real Dealer Studios does to take familiar online gaming mechanics to the next level.

In essence, the company combines pre-recorded video with RNG gameplay, setting it apart from traditional live casino gaming and adding a unique twist to the experience. The companys stated goal is simple: develop innovative and entertaining online casino games.

Great looks are part of the offer, as showcased with Multifire Auto Roulette, but this is not all there is to the studio and its innovative games. To better understand the mechanics behind RDS products, we spoke to Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer.

Q: Can you tell us a few words about Real Dealer Studios, what your main product expertise is and how do you stand out from similar products in the market?

Frankly there arent any similar products in the market, which goes a long way to explain what Real Dealer Studios is all about. Until now there have been two categories of online casino game the traditional, animated RNG slots and table games and live casino products.

Each has its upsides but theres a huge gap between the experiences they deliver. Weve leveraged our expertise in filmmaking to develop a third category, a new kind of RNG game that brings in a cinematic level of realism and a human element along with a vastly superior video and streaming quality than what live dealer can offer.

Q: Has your one-to-one experience been a success so far? Consumer preferences seem to favor tailored approaches. Is this what the one-on-one experience by Real Dealer Studios is?

Youve touched on one of the big differences between Real Dealers games and live casino. The latter are one-to-many, set in a busy studio environment where the dealer speaks to an invisible mass audience and responds to chat messages.

Our games are designed to feel more like a private, VIP room in a land-based casino. The dealer, played by a professional actor, interacts with you and only you, reacting to your bets and wins. A lot of players prefer to cut out the noise in this way and feel more connected to the dealer, even if that dealer is pre-recorded.

Q: Do you reckon the pre-recorded videos detract from the live experience or do they actually improve it?

A key point is that were not trying to recreate the live experience but rather provide an alternative to it, one that avoids many of lives drawbacks like the tired dealers, errors, poor audio and streaming issues.

By taking a cinematic approach to game production, we can keep the best takes, process the video and edit it into the game to ensure that every round is perfect. With our games, the dealers are always smiling, and the audio-visual quality is vastly superior.

This overcomes some of the drawbacks to live dealer and delivers an unrivalled player experience from their first round to the last.

Q: How would you explain the difference between a live casino and what Real Dealer Studios does?

In a nutshell, its the difference between live streaming and a professional cinematic production. With live, you establish a 24/7 studio operation, set everything in place and hope for the best sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

When you take a moviemaking approach, you have the time and opportunity to perfect the product, which runs as a standalone RNG game thats not tethered to any studio. This ensures the product not only works at all times, but also works to its absolute best at all times.

Q: When sitting at the drawing board, do you see better opportunities to create new gamification solutions thanks to the combination of pre-recorded videos and RNG?

The novel approach opens up to plenty of possibilities and the ideas that come up in our brainstorming sessions get can get pretty wild, but this, of course, is a good thing.

Essentially anything you can do with gamification in an RNG game can be done with our games, but with our Hollywood set-up we can combine this with specific dealer reactions, changing dealers, changing locations and even taking the player through a kind of interactive adventure story.

Were still pretty far away from a game that features laser shootouts in a Martian casino, but maybe someday.

Q: What are your plans for 2021?

2021 is shaping up to be a busy year for us. Weve just released our first show game, a money-wheel product called Fortune Finder, and recently began deploying localised versions of our roulette games with native-language (rather than English-speaking) dealers.

Were also starting production on our first blackjack game. In the near future we hope to be able to announce our first celebrity dealer, so keep an eye on the industry press to find out which big-name will be presenting our games.

More here:

Real Dealer Studios CPO Shane Cotter on the Hot, Cinematic Alternative to Live Casino -

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Best Online Casinos in 2021: Top 5 Real Money Casino Sites – Blog – The Island Now

Posted: at 6:51 am

Gambling in real life is so much fun when done responsibly- the thrill of never knowing what could happen next is the greatest thing.

But thanks to the world pandemic, our favorite real-life gambling hotspots had to be closed, or there were days when our friends didnt want to come because they didnt feel safe yet.

So, the solution? We found fun, very safe, and online casinos and had a blast. It was a really fun experience to enjoy a little gaming at home.

These casinos are fair, fun, and regulated. You are going to have a great time, so lets get started learning about them.

We looked over a few different criteria for choosing these casinos. We made sure each of these gaming hotspots had the following:

Here you will find a big selection of games gamblers love. And when its cash-out time, you can withdraw via crypto, wire transfer, or debit/credit card.

You will love the live dealer section, which really makes you feel like youre there. Aside from this, there are over 180 different casino games to enjoy including Baccarat, Super 6 and Blackjack, and many more!

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Las Atlantis

This casino is a fun online venture with a sea theme, hence the name. The casino is licensed in Curacao, and USA players are welcome. Users can game on their mobile devices, enjoy above-average customer service, and take advantage of six varied bonus offers (at the time this was written).

Deposits may take place via major credit cards, crypto, or even Visa/Mastercard gift cards. Neosurf and POLi are also offered. And when payout time comes around, bank wire, Bitcoin, Mastercard, and Visa are your choices.

Lets Talk Now About the Bonuses We Encountered

Another really fun feature of Las Atlantis is their Game of the Month. This is a big thank you for existing Las Atlantis gamers. The team at the casino picks a game to be game of the month.

Then, you make a deposit, and you get a match bonus of 50 free spins PLUS a deposit match bonus, which ranges anywhere from 130% to 160%. You simply have to use the code TREAUREISLAND to make it happen.

Visit the Official Website of Las Atlantis for the best deal

Do you love slots? The thrill of pulling the lever comes alive when you play here, a site devoted to slot lovers. Its got all your casino favorites and some new games. The grand total comes to about 150 different slots to enjoy.

There are lots of reloading opportunities here, and heaps of player promotions to keep you coming back. You can make use of that extra bankroll to enjoy exclusive new games and hit the big jackpots!

This is a fun, new online casino that burst onto the scene in the middle of 2020. They are licensed in the country of Panama and USA players are welcome.

Visit the Official Website of Superslots

The thing that stood out to us most was the banking options, theres a TON. You can deposit via Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and Bank wire.

But you can also use lesser-known types of crypto like Litecoin and Ethereum. You may also use Person 2 Person, checks, or Money Orders.

Payouts take place in the form of crypto, a paper check, or via bank wire. Person to Person is also available.

Lets Discuss Bonuses Offered by Superslots

Slot Stampede: This is just for those slots players out there! If you create an action of $500 or greater between Monday and Weds. of any week, you get 10 totally free spins on Fri. or Sat. that follows. Every player may claim this at least one time per week, and you get your free spins instantly, no code necessary!

Hump Day Reload Bonus: Wednesdays are slooooow! But you can always have something to look forward to when you game with Super Slots because they have two options for reload bonuses on Wednesdays:

15x playthroughs required if choosing the smaller one, 20x needed for the larger bonus. You can use it twice each Wednesday, and it can be used on video poker, slots, and table games.

VIP Reload Bonus- Are Sundays your day to relax and gamble? If so you will love this 50% reload bonus up to $500. Use the code SSVIP50, and deposit at least $100 to get the bonus. 20x playthrough required. The bonus may be used on certain slots, video poker, and table games.

Welcome Bonus: New players can take advantage of a welcome package valued at $6K. Its three deposit bonuses valued at 300% up to $2K apiece.

You need to deposit a minimum of $25. The required playthrough is 45x.

Promo code SUPER300 is needed, and live dealer games are not included.

Visit the Official Website of Superslots for the best deal

Wild Casino is known for its awesome bonuses. We encourage newcomers to go right to the promotions page in order to start enjoying these generous offers. You will love the weekly specials, crypto deals, and welcome bonuses offered. With a welcome package valued at $5000, its no wonder this casino is so popular.

This casino started in 2018 and is open to players in the USA, Canada, and around the world. You will enjoy slot machines, video poker, and table games.

Visit the Official Website of Wild Casino

Aside from the colorful games available, you will find a professionally run online casino licensed by the Panama Gaming Commission. There are lots of ways to pay, including a few types of crypto, major credit cards like Amex, Visa, and Discover, checks, bank wire, and money transfer.

Lets Discuss the Bonuses

As promised, there are plenty of generous bonuses that await, so lets learn about them now.

Welcome Bonus: First Deposit will earn you up to a 250% matching bonus, up to $1k. There are a $20 min deposit and no maximum cash-out. Your bonus is cashable. There is a 30x deposit and a bonus playthrough. It doesnt include live dealer gaming and there is a 30-day expiry.

Second to Fifth Deposits include a 100% matching bonus, up to $1K each, there is a $20 min deposit and no maximum cash-outs. Your bonus is cashable. As with the first bonus, live dealer games arent included and there is a 30-day expiry.

Bitcoin Deals are not just for bitcoins, they are good for any supported type of crypto (Litecoin and Ethereum are accepted).

Visit the Official Website of Wild Casino for the best deal

These guys have been in the online gaming industry for over 10 years, starting way back in 2006! They are one of the biggest online gaming spots, and players around the world are welcomed into a fun and dynamic world of live blackjack, live roulette, plenty of mobile games, slots, and baccarat.

The site is smooth and easy on the eyes. There are over 500 games to enjoy. Lets discover what this casino has to offer.

Visit the Official Website of Betway Casino

Players around the world are welcomed to the Betway Online Casino. There, players will enjoy fast payouts in 3 days or less, a 97% payout rate, and a $3 million max jackpot.

The Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and supports a variety of languages so gamers around the world feel comfortable as they enjoy themselves.

To pay for your gaming, you may use Mastercard or Maestro, Visa, EcoPayz, Poli, bank transfer, Neteller, or PaySafeCard. PayPal is an option also.

Lets Cover the Bonuses You Can Look Forward To

Welcome Bonuses: New Players will get a 100% match bonus up to $250. There are 50x playthrough requirements you have to meet before you may withdraw winnings. It should be noted that these dont include your own deposited monies. And when you get through the required play, you can withdraw the bonus.

Loyalty Bonuses: Each time you play, you rack up Loyalty Points. Once you gather enough of them, you can turn them into cash for your account. Parlor games, slots, and American Roulette are the ways to earn points the quickest. The Loyalty Club features 6 tiers total and as you play more and more, you will enjoy greater rewards.

Sometimes you can also enter to win trips and other prizes or get a $10 free bet. Check the site often to see what they have!

Visit the Official Website of Betway Casino for the best deal

If you live in the UK, or Europe, for that matter, you are going to LOVE All British Casinos. Their website is adorned with icons of the UK landscape, in the background we see the London Bridge, Big Ben, and the Wheel of Manchester.

They are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao eGaming, and UK Gambling Commission. You will enjoy a safe and fair gaming experience online when you gamble here.

And since theyve been in business since 2013, they know a thing or two about customer service. Lets learn what All British Casino can offer its customers.

Visit the Official Website of All British Casino

The All-British Casino is a fun place to play, but countries located in the Middle East or Asia are not permitted to play. USA customers are not permitted to play the game, either. That being said, the games offered are exciting.

You will enjoy your favorite table games like American Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Holdem, and Baccarat to name a few. You will enjoy the large selection of slots available, and you will also find lottery games and video poker to keep you entertained.

Theres even a live casino as well.

Deposits may be made using the following methods:

There is a minimum of 10 deposit, but for bank transfers, that minimum is raised to 30.

Cashouts are limited to the same method by which you made your deposit. If that method is unavailable, you will get a bank transfer.

Lets Discuss the Bonuses

There is a Welcome Bonus offered by All British Casino. The bonus is for new players only, and the max bonus is 100% up to 100. You must deposit a minimum of 20. The max bet while playing using a bonus is 5, and there is no maximum cash out.

Aside from this, you can also look forward to joining the casinos VIP Program. Heres what you get:

We also noted the mobile site was spot on. If youd like to gamble a bit on your phone, the site will load and run smoothly for you. Even on an iPhone 6s, the site ran without any hiccups.

Visit the Official Website of All British Casino for the best deal

Going to the big, brick, and mortar casino is fun. You throw on some nice but casual clothes, enjoy a drink on the floor, and maybe have dinner at the buffet. But the online experience can be fun, too.



That is a matter of personal preference. The odds of winning vary from game to game, so its best to just pick whichever one you feel like playing, and you can afford it. (Free casino games do exist for demo purposes only, so dont think you have to miss out on the fun).

This means looking around and choosing from the wide array of slots, table games, and video poker options out there. Go with what looks fun, has a payout you like, and you can afford comfortably.

Free casino games are for people who:

As you can see, its more about practice and enjoyment when you play for free. Its also a better option for folks with addictive personalities who may be at risk for problem gambling.

You can shift your focus from losing or winning to just enjoying the game and the hard work the software devs put into it, instead of how much money you are losing or gaining.

It is a good idea to check on the casinos Certificate of Fairness to ensure the free version is just the same as a paid version.

Meanwhile playing casino games for money certainly brings an adrenaline rush to the gambler playing. If you love to take risks, and you thrive on not knowing what will happen next, playing for money is absolutely your forte.

Other folks may look at gambling as a way to earn some extra money and have fun while doing it. An online casino is a great way to satisfy both of these urges in a legal way. Some of the jackpots offered at online casinos are rather large and excite the players.

Progressive jackpots or amounts that have been collected from the whole range of folks who have gambled at that game that day, create a fun and exciting scenario as players imagine themselves as the big winner. It brings lots of players to the scene and amps up the excitement.

Playing for money also gets you in good favor with online casinos loyalty programs. The more points you build up, the higher tier you rank in their program, and the more perks you enjoy. You could enjoy free slot spins, tournament tickets, or other great freebies.

Just be sure you read and understand the wager requirements before you bet.

Here is some advice about using your bonuses wisely:

If you are ready to cash out your winnings online, its pretty easy.

Heres a quick rundown of how to do it:

Its also important to remember that online casinos are obligated to follow Know Your Customer laws. This guard against money laundering.

You will be asked to provide proof of address and age, so they can verify that it is legal to gamble where you live and are of legal age to the game. You may be asked to provide a fax or scan of your ID when cashing out for the first time. You may use a passport, ID card, or drivers license to do this. It depends on your particular casinos rules and regulations.

Limits matter when it comes to online gambling.

Set a limit on how much money you can afford to spend and play within that limit. When its gone, its time to walk away.

The same goes for time. Gambling is fun, but it should NEVER compromise time with family, friends, or work/school. Set a timer. Once your gambling time is up, walk away.

Problem gambling is very real and could happen to anyone. Read more about it here

If you or somebody you care about has a problem with gambling, please visit NCPG for help.

Not all of them. Some casinos are unregulated and essentially rob their players. Casinos weve mentioned here are all trustworthy, so game with confidence. Research carefully any casino you are interested in before depositing.

Most online, US-based casinos offer bonuses like this, so check them out. For example, Las Atlantis has a 280% bonus at the time of this writing.

Mostly, yes! Every casino mentioned here is regulated and honest. But some online casinos are nothing more than scams disguised as online gaming.

Make sure to check that the casinos are regulated and dont be afraid to ask the staff any questions you might have about their operation. A casino worth your time wont have any hesitation about answering your questions.

The reputable casinos weve featured here are all fair in their dealings. But its not uncommon to find casino sites that are nothing more than scams in disguise. Use sites with good reviews like you see here, and you will be fine.

Yes, but the numbers vary when it comes to online, real money casinos. High roller areas are available at some online gambling spots, while others cap blackjack at $50. It all comes down to that particular casino.

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Best Online Casinos in 2021: Top 5 Real Money Casino Sites - Blog - The Island Now

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Examining the career of legendary, controversial Frank Miller – Tufts Daily

Posted: at 6:51 am

Theres Batman before Frank Miller and theres Batman after, Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead (200319) said in a recent Zoom interview with Miller, hosted on the Collider Interviews YouTube channel. Was it a bold statement? Surely, but not wholly without substance.

Cutting his teeth as a fill-in and cover artist in the late 70s, Millers big break came in the form of a monthly art gig on the floundering Daredevil (19642015) title, and just 10 issues after he began drawing (starting in Issue #158), he began to pull double duty as writer and artist. Millers run on the titular character was nothing short of revolutionary, so much so that in his first issue as the books auteur, he created Daredevils recurring love interest (and now a hugely popular character in her own right), the deadly assassin, Elektra. One issue that sticks out is #191, Roulette. After the attempted resurrection of one of his allies, Daredevil plays a deadly game of Russian roulette with a .38 caliber revolver, while examining the importance of his ongoing war on crime and the factors that led him to become The Man Without Fear.

The first thing I thought was Im going to turn this into a crime comic, Miller said when reflecting on his Daredevil work. He later joked, I just stole from Will Eisner, a revolutionary comic artist in his own right and a friend of Millers before his death in 2005.

Miller followed his work on Daredevil with an art gig alongside prolific X-Men writer Chris Claremont in their 1982 miniseries, Wolverine, and a miniseries about cyborg samurai in a dystopian cyberpunk future titled Ronin (198384), published by DC Comics.

This collaboration with DC would eventually bloom into The Dark Knight Returns in 1986, with Miller once again returning to his role as writer and artist. The story is a dour reinvention of Batman as a stoic 50-something-year-old man, 10 years retired from crime-fighting and seeking a good death as he grapples with his place in a world thats past him. To say the book is revolutionary would be to undersell it, and yet in the interview, Miller explains his inspiration as though hes recounting a vacation. People had been bugging me to do something with Batman, and I woke up one day and realized I was 29, which meant that I was about to turn older than Batman, he said.

As impressive as his body of work on two of the most popular vigilantes in comic books is, Millers recent work has been the subject of great scrutiny and necessary critique. In 2011, Miller published Holy Terror, an attempt at a modern propaganda comic dealing with the war on terror. What followed was a mess that Wired comic reviewer Spencer Ackerman described as a screed against Islam, completely uninterested in any nuance or empathy toward 1.2 billion people he conflates with a few murderous conspiracy theorists. From the portrayal of Muslims as a unified villainous organization to the abhorrent misquoting of the Quran, Holy Terror is a stain on Millers career, though one hes not keen on erasing.

I dont want to wipe out chapters of my own biography, Miller said in a 2018 interview with The Guardian. When I look at Holy Terror, which I really dont do all that often, I can really feel the anger ripple out of the pages. There are places where it is bloodthirsty beyond belief. The answer is as complex as his work, not quite an apology but nonetheless taking responsibility for his mistakes and attempting to illustrate his moving forward.

Frank Miller will undoubtedly be a fixture of the comic book world for a long time, and hopefully, his recent posts in support of the Stop Asian Hate movement are emblematic of movement in the right direction.

Original post:

Examining the career of legendary, controversial Frank Miller - Tufts Daily

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Which casino games are the most popular and why? – Tech Digest

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Online casino games have grown in popularity in recent years, as we all know. This is partly due to technological advancements across the world, although it is not the only reason. Yes, everything is now available online, and several other companies have focused on the products they sell to the digital age demographic. Still, the rise of online gaming can also be due to the new generations behaviour.

Many casino game developers focus on colorful and eye-catching designs, as well as catchy music and sounds, because todays generation loves trends, and this is what is catching our imaginations right now. Young people are often on the lookout for exciting things to announce or share with their friends on social media.

Young people today love nothing more than being able to be social while still protecting their privacy. As a result, online casinos are becoming increasingly popular. You can gamble comfortably from your home, a coffee shop, or during your lunch break. Game developers are always coming up with new and innovative ideas, ensuring that you will never be bored. The success of digital gambling was also aided by the promotions and deals provided by online casinos, which included free play mode, joining bonuses, and more. If you are looking for a well-established online casino with great graphics, promotions and a wide variety of themes, go for the888 casino games,this operator is considered one of the best inthe UK.

At a land-based casino, youre one of many people. That may be entertaining, but recent polls show that millennials prefer to avoid crowded places, making the modern gambler an ideal candidate for an online casino. Lets look at what games are becoming the most popular and the reasons behind this.

Slots Online slots are common on both mobile phones and desktop computers. One of the key reasons people are drawn to it is that it has a wide range of slot machines with various reels and pay lines. Since the inception of online casino gaming in 1996, slots have accounted for the lions share of the industry. Its easier to pick up, and new slot games come out every month with new features, better payouts, more fun, and so on. It also provides higher payouts to players, as well as the opportunity to play multi-million-dollar jackpots.

Poker With so many combinations, its best to think of it as a game group. Electronic poker, video poker, and live poker are the three primary forms of online poker games available. Poker games now account for nearly 21% of all online table game action. In recent years, poker game variants such as Let Em Ride, 3 Card Poker, and Pai Gow Poker have risen in popularity. These games also offer excellent prizes, including progressive jackpot betting choices.

Roulette Roulette accounts for about a quarter of the online casino table game market. It provides players with an outstanding gaming experience as well as higher payouts. Most online casinos offer a variety of roulette games, with players having the option of playing against the house or a live dealer. Gamers often attempt to outsmart the system by using innovative betting strategies. The majority of online roulette games from casinos have a variety of betting choices, such as corner bets, street bets, split bets, and more.

Blackjack Online Blackjack is extremely popular, and its popularity continues to grow year after year. According to the most recent figures, it accounts for approximately 31% of all competitive online table games. High payouts, skill elements, a wide range of combinations, and other factors all led to the game catching online gamers imagination. The game also allows players to choose their favorite side and provides excellent entertainment and fun.

Baccarat Baccarat is another common card game. Punto Banco is the most widely played version in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Macau, and other countries. The game accounts for nearly 9% of all online table game activity worldwide. The game is more common in some areas. Punto Banco, for example, accounted for approximately 91 percent of Macau casinos overall revenue in 2014. Many casinos even allow players to place side bets, and the game version has a high house edge. It plays a minor role in strategy and is more concerned with the element of chance.

In about five years, we can confidently expect that the online casino industry will dominate the global gambling market. In reality, as new gambling technologies become more popular, land-based casinos may become obsolete. For example, virtual reality gambling is still in its early stages, but it will be more widely used in 5 years. Online casinos seem to have taken the lead and represent the future of the industry. Almost every industry has moved online in the last ten years, and the casino industry cannot be left behind. Since playing on your couch in your pyjamas is much more relaxing than visiting a land-based casino, players increasingly prefer to go online rather than visit a land-based casino.

The growth of the online casino industry showed how technology could influence and innovate an industry. It also outlines the preferences and desires of online gamblers, which vary from those of conventional gamblers. Many land-based casinos are switching to an online mode to draw more customers as their popularity grows.

Apr 12, 2021Chris Price

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Which casino games are the most popular and why? - Tech Digest

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Announcement about the partnership of 11ic and Asia Gaming (AG) – India West

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Asia Gaming is a leading online casino website with over 14 million users. It is located in Singapore with branches in other countries like Malaysia, Philippines, China, and Thailand. Asia Gaming is owned by the gaming company Perfect World Entertainment Corporation (PCX). It started as an online game portal in Singapore before expanding out into various gaming sites around the world. It has always been focused on providing the best gaming experience to its players.

The partnership of 11ic and Asia Gaming has brought a new dimension to the website. This site offers a great variety of casino games. It also features other gambling games like Raffles, Slot Machines, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Keno, Slots, Pai Gow, and Video Poker. These games are available at different locations of the world including Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. You can play all these games at home, in the office, or anywhere you prefer to.

You can enjoy the free VIP treatment at this site. VIP members have access to a lot of features such as free spins, special promotions, giveaways, and reduced rates on slot machines. There are also chat rooms and forums for the convenience of the site's members. You can communicate with other VIP players through these services. The site also allows you to customize your own personal user name and download music, videos, and wallpaper to enhance your experience.

With the partnership of 11ic and Asia Gaming, the number of games on this site has increased. You will be able to play traditional slot machines and video poker games. There are progressive jackpots on certain games which can reach thousands of dollars. The site offers special prizes for high stake games such as Texas Hold'em, Five Card Stud, and Blackjack.

Online slots is one of the best games to play if you want to win big. The main goal of these sites is to help you improve your skills by providing you with virtual chips to play with. This site also provides you with tips and tricks to help you play the game more effectively. You can get instant picks from the expert players on this site on how to beat the casino's favorite game. You can get your virtual chips reset if you lose on a game.

Online betting is another feature on this website. Through this service, you can place real money bets on virtual casinos or virtual game platforms. You can also create your own account and place bets in the comfort of your own home. You can customize your own betting theme and choose from the many available gambling games. You can bet on one or several games depending on your preferences.

11ic promises you all the features that you would expect from a top quality online casino site. You will get a variety of game modes such as slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and many more. This site offers you excellent gaming services and you can have the time of your life playing the games on the World Wide Web. You can also have the chance to earn cash by playing the games. The amount of cash you can earn depends on the game that you chose to play on the site.

About 11ic:

When you talk about the new generation of online casinos and poker rooms, you will easily get a mention of a site called "11ic" (which stands for" Andrews Online Casino"). This is a site which is owned and run by Andrews Hospitality Limited. The owners of this casino site is Mr. Paul Andrews (aka Paul) and his wife, Marina.

The main reason why this site got created was to provide an online gambling experience similar to that of a normal casino without actually having to step out of your living room. With the help of a computer, all you need to do is to log in and play poker against other poker players or with live online opponents over the Internet. But, does it have everything that a real casino does? Yes, it does. All the latest features such as chat rooms, animated graphics, video tutorials, special tournaments, slots, roulette, bingo, just to mention but a few are available on this site.

Another great thing about this site is the fact that all payments are handled and processed securely. All customer information is kept strictly confidential. Also, the staff at this site is friendly and professional. All you need to do is to register on the site, and play poker against other members. You can also create your own profile and try out different settings to find out what works best for you.

About Asian Gaming:

Asia Gaming is a leading software developer located in Korea, developed by the leading gaming research companies in Asia. Asia Gaming is recognized by the leading international video game ratings organizations such as NPD Game Rankings and IDB Game Rankings as one of the worlds leading MMORPG developers and publishers. Asia Gaming is headquartered in Korea with branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Asia Gaming is home to a multitude of the most popular MMORPGs such as Aion, Define, Linea I and II, and World of Warcraft. Asia Gaming's most recent project, EverQuest: Mists of Pandaria, has received great response from players all over Asia.

Asia Gaming offers a rich gaming experience through its live dealer casino. Asia Gaming provides a live interactive casino to players, giving them a real-time playing experience, fully licensed with all the latest and best casino games and features available. Players can play at the casino through their personal computers or gaming consoles such as X-Box, Play Station, Nintendo Wii, PSP, and PC. As it is a leading MMORPG developer, Asia Gaming provides a high quality, realistic and engaging virtual gaming experience for its players.

Asia Gaming is pioneering into the international video game market with its new MMORPG, EverQuest: Mists of Pandaria. Asia Gaming has already established a strong name within the gaming community as a leading online gaming portal, providing its players a real-time online gaming experience. In a nutshell, Asia Gaming is pioneering and researches the international video gaming market to bring the best to its players around the world. They are leading the way in Asia with their live dealer casinos. For more information on their exciting gaming offerings, please visit Asia Gaming.

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Announcement about the partnership of 11ic and Asia Gaming (AG) - India West

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Five Classic Gambling Tales from the Casino & the Sportsbook –

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Are you sitting comfortably? Join us now, as we dust off the green baize, oil the roulette wheel, and shuffle the cards, for a full house of tales from the tables; the players, the bets, the winners, the losers.

Casinos are the perfect setting for high drama. Whales come to win and lose, fortunes are made and lost; its the playground of the rich, the famous, the hopeful, and the notorious. If lifes a gamble, this is where people come to live.

There might be eight million stories in the naked city. You can double that for Las Vegas. Here are just five of the greatest gambling stories ever told.

Born on the 27th of May, 1837, James Butler Hickok was the ultimate blagger, bluffer, and bad ass. He was also a dab hand at poker and a Wild West legend. He was on the planet for less than 40 years but mopped up a 1,000 lifetimes.

Hickok was folk hero who earned the moniker Wild Bill thanks to his exploits as a frontiersman, soldier, scout, showman, lawman, actor and gambler. His reputation was a mix of fact and fiction. Allegedly, he wrestled bears, killed lots of men, and was a spy for the Union Army in the Civil War. Some of this is true.

When he wasnt being wild, Mr Hickok loved a well-stocked saloon and a game of Poker. In the Old West, Poker was a different game. There was often no draw you just played the cards in your hand. Decks sometimes consisted of only 20 cards: four sets of A K Q J -10.

On August 1, 1876, Hickok was sat in the Nuttal & Manns Saloon, in Deadwood, playing Poker. When a seat at the table opened up, Jack McCall sat down to play. He was drunk and lost all his money.

The next day, Hickok was back in the saloon for more five-card stud. Instead of his normal seat, facing towards the door, he now had his back to the entrance: a bad move. In walked McCall and shot him in the back of the head. At the time of his death, Hickok was holding two pairs: black aces and black eights. Since then, these cards have been forever known as the dead mans hand. Any Poker player worth his chips will know this story and the origin of arguably Pokers most famous hand.

Few men can make the casinos of Las Vegas go weak at the knees. Kerry Packer is one. The billionaire Australian media tycoon had pockets so deep, he could break or make a casino. In 1999, Packer lost more than $28 million at casinos in London. A few years later, he won $33 million in Las Vegas. A run so lucky that casino managers capped his bets at $25,000 a play.

Las Vegas might be famous for its high rollers but its Packers extraordinary generosity and Ozzie chutzpah that lingers on. After accidently bumping into a cocktail waitress, causing her to drop her tray of drinks, he asked for her name and address and discretely paid off her $130,000 mortgage. Packer paid off several mortgages over the years. Another time, he was so fed up listening to a loudmouthed Texan bragging about his $60,000,000 empire, Packer turned to him, pulled out a coin, and said: Ill toss you for it. The Texan didnt say another word.

Breaking the bank occurs when a player wins more money than the reserve held at the table. In Monte Carlo, in 1871, the Roulette tables were each loaded with 100,000 Francs. When the money was gone, play was suspended, a black cloth was laid over the table, and the casino staff would visit the vaults for more reserves.

It was very rare until the arrival of failed textile entrepreneur Joseph Jagger. The Yorkshire businessman was facing bankruptcy but his experience with spinning wheels had taught him that every wheel has a bias.

Using his knowledge, and down to his last few pennies, Jagger headed to Monte Carlo where he studied the tables at the legendary casino for a month. He then began to bet. He won more than two million francs in a few days; the equivalent of more than 8 million today. Breaking the bank several times. Jaggers ability to spot an imperfection, and win a fortune, resulted in the complete redesign of the roulette wheel.

In the early nineteenth century, New Mexico was at the centre of the conflict between the US and Mexico. The Santa Fe trail cut through the territory. It was the main supply route, plagued by the Comanche, and travelled by men desperate for whiskey, women, and a game of Poker.

Enter the Queen of Sin. Maria Gertrudis Tules Barcel; a saloon owner and professional gambler. In a mans world, she was a woman who took no prisoners. She moved to Santa Fe in 1825 and set up a pop up casino near a mining camp. It was so successful, she earned enough to buy her own casino in town.

The opulent casino was a hit, featuring crystal chandeliers, etched glass mirror ceilings, and drapery lined walls. Every visitor to Santa Fe would visit her casino, on the off chance of seeing La Tules dealing Monte at the tables. Barcel died in 1852, leaving a considerable fortune to her family. A pioneer and not a woman you would want to cross.

Is a great gambler someone who always wins, or is it someone who is fearless and risks it all? In the case of Anargyros Nicholas Karabourniotis, its both.

Archie Karas was born in Cephalonia, in 1950. His family was dirt poor and Karas had to shoot marbles, as a teenager, to earn money for food. He ran away from home at 15 and ended up working in a Los Angeles restaurant.

He honed his skills as a Pool player, eventually earning more money in the pool hall than the restaurant. He then started playing Poker and built his bankroll up to $2 million. Other pros considered Karas a weaker player and, by December 1992, Karas had only $50 left after a disastrous run playing high stakes games.

Undeterred, Karas went to Las Vegas and began the greatest three year run in gambling history. He took his $50, added a $10,000 loan, and made more than $17 million in the first six months. Karas basically then set up shop in Binions Horseshoe where he sat at the table with $5 million on the table in front of him, waiting for someone brave enough to bet him.

He waited and they came. By 1995, he had amassed more than $40 million. Then it all started to go wrong. Karas lost most of his money in just three weeks, playing dice and baccarat. Karas has had a few mini streaks since but nothing like his original run. In 2013, he was arrested for marking cards at a Blackjack table and sentenced to three years probation. He may have fallen from grace but Karas is a true gambling legend to this day.

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Five Classic Gambling Tales from the Casino & the Sportsbook -

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Pragmatic Play Seals Online Slots, Live Casino Deal with White Hat Gaming – Casino News Daily

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As a result of this recent deal White Hat Gaming and its network of iGaming brands will now be able to offer popular slots titles from Pragmatic Play, including Sweet Bonanza, award-winning Wolf Gold, and the John Hunter series.

The online casino software provider will also gain access to Pragmatic Plays Enhance marketing tools for player engagement and retention. These include tournaments and prize drops, among others.

As part of this new alliance, Pragmatic Play will also supply its fast-growing Live Casino range to its partner. The provider entered the live dealer vertical two years ago and has rapidly cemented its footprint in it, launching its content with multiple online casino operators.

Its Live Casino suite includes the hugely popular Blackjack Azure and Roulette Azure and other versions of classic casino games as well as gameshow-style titles such as Mega Wheel and the recently launched Mega Roulette, among others.

White Hat Gaming was founded in Malta in 2012. The company offers an advanced iGaming platform powered by proprietary technology, including player account management, a digital wallet, fully centralized backoffice, fraud detection and prevention tools, CRM integration and content management. It is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Commenting on their new partnership agreement, Pragmatic Play VP of Commercial Strategy and Operations Bhotesh Maheshwari said that their multi-product portfolio of online gaming content continues to pay dividends as we grow across the globe and that with its diverse and cutting-edge offering, our titles offer an engaging experience for players of all tastes.

White Hat Gaming Chief Commercial Officer Andy Whitworth said that the addition of content across multiple verticals allows them to effortlessly increase their reach and that they look forward to loading Pragmatic Plays games onto their platform.

Mr. Whitworth went on to say that they have been impressed with the suppliers desire to work with us as we implement our strategic growth plans.

White Hat Gaming has become the latest in a series of content deals announced recently by Pragmatic Play. Last week, the company unveiled a Live Casino partnership with Novibet, a move that will significantly increase its footprint across regulated European markets, most notably Greece and the United Kingdom where the operator boasts strong presence.

Late last month, Pragmatic Play announced a similar deal covering its Live Casino range with major online casino and sports betting operator Betway.


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Pragmatic Play Seals Online Slots, Live Casino Deal with White Hat Gaming - Casino News Daily

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WV Online Casino Market Expands With The Launch Of BetRivers – Play WV

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The number of West Virginia online casinos has increased by one. BetRivers Casino WV is now live in the Mountain State and available to download and wager with.

The states third online casino app launched this week. It joins DraftKings Casino WV and BetMGM WV as the only online casinos in the market.

BetRivers is up and running in WV thanks to Rush Street Interactives (RSI) partnership with Century Casinos and Mountaineer Casino.

Mountaineer is the third retail establishment to release an online app for casino betting. Hollywood Casino is partners with DraftKings, while BetMGMs deal is with The Greenbrier.

This is great news for bettors located in the state and the market as a whole. Players now have a new online casino to utilize, and in return, the betting market should grow.

A new platform is helpful for bettors because it creates more competition. Not only can you take advantage of the welcome offers and such from the new BetRivers, but also, the other apps may provide more promos to keep up.

Although the WV market doesnt include many online casinos, the industry is certainly getting bigger. In March, the two apps netted almost $4 million in revenue.

The addition of BetRivers will only continue to help bring in more wagers.

$250 Bonus

100% Match On First Deposit

100% Up to $250 Deposit Bonus

ONLY 1x Play Through!

Use Exclusive Bonus Code: PLAY250

Its been quite some time since an online casino app went live in WV.

DraftKings was the first to market in July 2020, right before BetMGM launched in August 2020. Since that point, no other app has become available.

That was great news for these two platforms, but now there is another online casino fighting for customers.

While BetRivers is a new name for bettors in WV, its presence is known in other parts of the country. RSI operates its online casino in New Jersey, Pennsylvaniaand Michiganas well.

Richard Schwartz, president of RSI, spoke about his companys expansion into another state. According to Business Wire, Schwartz said:

We are very pleased to officially launch in West Virginia and show players why we are the No. 1 online casino site in neighboring Pennsylvania. has been successful in developing deep player loyalty due to the focus we place on the online casino player and creating unique and exciting game play experiences for our customers.

As with the best online casinos offered in the US, BetRivers will come equipped with a variety of gaming titles to keep you entertained.

It offers a bunch of different slots games along with standard table games like blackjack, baccaratand roulette.

The online casino should have more than enough games to keep your attention right now; however, it will only improve. BetRivers is constantly adding new casino games to give bettors fresh content.

The online casino is consistently updating its gaming library in states where its already offered.

Besides the regular titles, BetRivers is the only option in WV that delivers free bingo games to earn prizes and credit. The other apps may be forced to step up their game going forward.

BetRivers and RSI are also known for their loyalty program. Once you join the online casino, youll begin earning points just for betting on normal games. When you have enough points, you can turn them in for the chance to win even more prizes.

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WV Online Casino Market Expands With The Launch Of BetRivers - Play WV

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Evolutionary Gaming Group to Expand its Gaming Horizon by Acquiring Big Times Gaming in a Recent Deal – West Island Blog

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Evolution Gaming Group recently entered into a deal with Big Time Gaming in its endeavor to expand its gaming horizons. The deal will see Evolution Gaming Group fully acquire the prominent slot machines developer. The acquisition will be completed once 450 is paid in cash.

Big Times Gaming offers a wide range of innovative and fresh slot titles. Some of their favorite world title they have developed include Bonanza and Extra Chili. The gaming developer is one of the revolutionary game mechanics that has produced more than 200 games.

Jen Von Bahr, the chairman of Evolution Gaming, the acquisition of Big Time Gaming will improve their position as providers of online gambling solutions. Bahr added that both companies have a similar mindset desire to see the gaming experience keep improving.

In 2020, Big Time Gaming reported that it made a revenue worth 33 million. The report further adds that Evolution Gaming is willing to pay 220 for the arrangement of 2021 EPS. Also in the future, the company will pay to earn-out payment based on the designers EBITDA.

Another part of the acquisition agreement is the upfront payment of 80 million in cash while the remaining will be paid in the newly issued shares that are valued according to NASDAQ Stockholm rating for the time frame between March 23 rd and April 7th, 2021. The earn-out payment, which is part of the agreement, will be paid partially in cash and part in the newly issued shares.

Previously, Evolution Gaming agreed to provide Alberta with an online gaming portfolio. The company reached an agreement with Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis Corporation to provide the province with online games as the land-based casinos remain closed. The games offering that Evolution Gaming will provide Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Ultimate Texas Holdem.

In 2019, the company entered into a deal with Loto-Quebec to provide Online gaming to the province. The partnership allowed the lottery corporation to provide a set of premium services and launching of the live casino platform. British Columbia and Manitoba have also partnered with the company to provide first-class gaming content to gaming enthusiasts


Evolutionary Gaming Group to Expand its Gaming Horizon by Acquiring Big Times Gaming in a Recent Deal - West Island Blog

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