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The Roulette Revolution: from Roly Poly to Virtual Reality –

Posted: April 23, 2021 at 12:06 pm

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games of all-time, but its also one whose exact origins are still debated by historians today.

Having existed for centuries, this wheel-based game is now a staple in both brick-and-mortar and digital casinos alike. In fact, its become so associated with casino gaming that it features highly in books, movies, and television shows, regardless of whether theyre actually set in a casino or not.

But, how exactly did roulette become so popular? And why are there now different versions of the game, each having different rules?

In this article, well be delving into the history of roulette and looking at the impact that this relatively simple casino game has had on the world of digital casino gaming.

And Even-Odd, Birbi, Hoca, and Ace of Hearts.

All five of these now largely forgotten historical games, at some stage or another, have been considered to be the inspiration for what would later become roulette. With the exception of Roly-Poly, however, the only similarity between the casino game and these particular variants is that theyre played using the 36 numbers that are found on the roulette wheel.

Roly-Poly, a 17th-century game popular in England, was played on a wheel that had more than a passing resemblance to the wheels at the centre of roulette, however this game used even/of markings instead of those familiar 36 numbers.

There is another, more popular, theory about the origins of roulette and that is that it was invented in France sometime during the 17th century. Roulette is, of course, French for little wheel, so this is a theory that many modern historians have tried to prove. They remain, however, none the wiser about when roulette actually first started to be played or who was even responsible for creating it.

One line of thought is that the game was first invented by a mysterious French monk, who invented it as a way to stay entertained during lonely stretches in the monastery. However, roulette has largely been attributed to a certain Blaise Pascal, the renowned 17th-century mathematician and scientist.

Pascal was obsessed with the ideal of building a machine that would never stop moving, his perpetual motion machine. He may not have been successful but, according to historians, one of his numerous attempts to build such a machine resulted in a basic version of the French roulette wheel.

For around a century or so, roulette was played underground in France on the same wheel that was attributed to Pascal back in the late 1600s. While it surged in popularity throughout the country, a roulette revolution was just around the corner that would see it conquer Europe and even save the fortunes of a struggling principality.

In 1842, Francois and Lois Blanc made a minor addition to the roulette wheel that would change the way the game was viewed and offered by casinos forever. The brothers added a zero to the table, which effectively secured a house edge, or profit, to casino owners or anyone running the game.

Pretty soon, roulette would make its way to the uber-fashionable Monaco and gamers would flock in their droves to place a wager on the wheel in the palatial Casino de Monte-Carlo.

During the 19th century, Monaco suffered significant economic failure, but the success of roulette amongst the gaming elite generated a substantial income for the principality and helped cement its reputation as a glamourous destination for thrill-seekers and pleasure hounds.

Naturally, the roaring success of roulette throughout Europe meant that it was just a matter of time before it become en vogue in America, too. So, not long after Monaco fell under the games spell, it was shipped across the pond to become a staple in US casinos and gaming houses.

The development of roulette in America had yet another transformative effect on the game.

The house edge granted by the addition of the 0 to the table wasnt enough for US casino owners, so one more number was added a double zero which generated an even higher house edge.

Meanwhile, the style of playing roulette in the New World was a lot more fast-paced than the leisurely pursuit it had been in Monte Carlo and Europe. While such behaviour was largely unthinkable in European casinos, in America, both players and operators were known to find ways to rig the outcome of the game in their favour.

This led to the wheel being placed on top of a makeshift platform to prevent any devices being hidden underneath that would influence the outcome.

Modern roulette is comprised of three different variants

As a result of roulettes expansion across the US, there are now three different ways to play roulette still in practice all across the globe.

The original European variant features a wheel and felt table with the numbers 0 to 36 where active players in the game to place their chips. The felt table is printed with the numbers of the wheel, and a selection of betting options to the bottom and right side of the wheel numbers creating outside or inside bets. This means that players can make bets on single numbers, or on groups such as:

In the French variant, outside bets (those outside the 1-36) are still offered but the table has a slightly different layout and additional rules that have a dramatic effect on both the odds and payouts of a game.

The first rule, la partage, happens if a player makes an outside bet and loses to the ball on zero. In this instance, the player would be given half of their initial bet back.

The second rule, en prison, again occurs when a player loses to the ball on zero only this time, they are offered a second option (alongside la partage) to make the same bet again. If a player accepts, their bet is then locked en prison and should they lose, they will forfeit their bet.

Then theres the American variant with its extra 00. While the wheel and table layout are the same as European roulette (with the exception of that double zero), the odds are vastly different in a round of this variant. The larger house edge means that single number bets only pay out 35-1 to win, despite there being a total of 38 slots on the wheel.

The development of gaming technology in the 21st century has generated a wealth of casino experiences to play and engage with online, including a wide selection of different roulette games. In fact, roulette is now at the heart of a cutting-edge digital industry that incorporates advanced technology like virtual reality into its gaming experiences.

With the iGaming industry now at a point of over-saturation, online gaming providers are thinking outside the box in terms of the type of roulette games to offer. Players today are presented with a choice of formats that integrate the latest in tech innovation with engaging gameplay.

Let's take for example 888 casino, a veteran and popular online operator in the UK, here players can take their pick from games such as European roulette, super stakes roulette or even live roulette with real dealers as well as any otheronline roulette gameavailable on their sleek website.

For a game that is now around four centuries old, roulette is just as relevant and appealing to gamers as ever.

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The Roulette Revolution: from Roly Poly to Virtual Reality -

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Are Investors Playing Roulette With Their Retirement? – See It Market

Posted: at 12:06 pm

Would you hire a money manager that manages your wealth on false assumptions?

It seems like a bad idea, but many people unknowingly opt for such a management style in their retirement plans.

Target Maturity Funds are one of the fastest-growing mutual fund sectors of the last decade. These passive strategies are most popular in 401k and other retirement plans with limited options and long investment time horizons.

Wall Street nicknames them set em and forget em funds because their strategy purportedly adjusts risk lower as you age. At first blush, such a strategy makes sense as risk tolerance is often a function of age.However, the purveyors of these funds fail to disclose that measuring risk is a function of the prices and valuations of assets.

Changing asset allocations based solely on the calendar is playing roulette with your financial well-being.

Target Funds are passive mutual funds run by basic algorithms. The funds slowly allocate away from stocks and toward bonds based on a target future date. For example, a fund with a 2050 target date will initially invest heavily in stocks, with the remainder in fixed income assets. As the fund ages, it reduces equity exposure leaning more toward fixed income.

The table below shows how the Vanguard family of Target funds transition from 90/10 allocation of stocks to fixed income to 50/50 as they reach the target date.

Target date funds are based on one simple thesis- as we age, we should reduce financial risks.

There is sound logic to lessening financial risk as you age. First, there are fewer years of future income and investment gains to make up for potential investment losses with each passing day. Second, for those entering or already in retirement, the stability of wealth to cover current and future living expense is critical.

Target funds fail in their complete lack of consideration for measuring risk.Equities, for example, are inherently riskier when fundamental valuations are above average and recent performance has been strong. Conversely, they are less risky at low valuations with beaten-down share prices.

To better understand the problem with allocating basedsolelyon a future date, we start with the graph below. The chart makes it appear as though the S&P 500 is a reliable growth machine. Why not have a strategy that relies on the trend continuing?

Unfortunately, for us mere mortals, with 10-30 year investing time frames, we best zoom in on the graph in shorter time horizons.

Shown below is the same graph but annotated differently. The red lines represent extended periods where the index had negative returns. The red bars quantify how long those periods lasted.

Stocks rise over very long periods, but shorter periods often see long periods of consolidation with no upward progress. If you were unfortunate to start investing in 1929, it was not until 1954 till you saw prices back at 1929s levels. But for those that started investing in 1951 or 1981, the equity market trend was primarily upward.

The start and end dates of your investment time horizon matter greatly. Blindly allocating to equities based on age and failing to account for market risks is a recipe for failure.

Quite often we hear investors state the future is unpredictable. Accordingly, they claim equities offer much better historical returns than bonds.As such, why not roll the dice on history and go all-in on equities.

No one can tell you with any certainty what stocks will do tomorrow or next month. However, looking further into the future, market returns become easier to forecast. The graph below shows stock returns become increasingly dependent on valuations as the investment horizon increases.

The next graph shows 10-year rolling returns on the S&P 500. The simple takeaway is that returns are cyclical.

Periods in which equities are overpriced with high valuations are followed by periods with lower returns.Conversely, periods when stocks are cheap, are often followed by periods of strong returns.

To better stress the point, the following graph compares ten-year forward annualized returns to 10-year prior annualized returns. Quite often, the two lines mirror each other. For example, for the ten years ending March of 2009, the market returned -6% annually. The annual return for the next ten years was over +14%.

Now we focus on fundamental valuations, or how much investors are willing to pay for future earnings.

The following graph shows when valuations are low, forward returns tend to be higher and vice versa.

To further illuminate the strong correlation between valuation and returns, we present the same graph above but with the right-hand Y-axis (returns) in inverse order. Again, the higher the valuation, the lower the returns in the following ten years.

In almost all cases, aversion to risk should increase with age. The problem is that target funds do not assess risk, just your supposed tolerance to risk. There have been multiple times in history when valuations and prior returns were well above average. At these times, a 30-year-old with a passive equity-based strategy should have reduced their equity exposure. Conversely, there are times in history when prices and valuations were so beaten down that a 70-year-old should have had high exposure to equities.

We picked on equities in this article, but the same logic applies equally to bonds and most other asset classes.

Today, valuations stand at extreme highs. We should expect annualized equity returns of zero or even below zero based on the regression of historical returns and valuations. If your wealth is actively managed, current high exposure to equities is fine. The advice assumes you or your manager is aware of the risks and ready to act if necessary.

Most 401ks offer their participants many alternatives alongside target funds. For those that elect to take passive strategies, like target funds, we strongly advise that you assess your risk profileandthat of the markets and invest accordingly.

Twitter: @michaellebowitz

Any opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author, and do not in any way represent the views or opinions of any other person or entity.


Are Investors Playing Roulette With Their Retirement? - See It Market

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Conner Roulette of Misipawistik Cree Nation named to Team Canada – APTN News

Posted: at 12:06 pm

Conner Roulette may only be 17 years old, but his skills on the ice have him touted as an elite NHL prospect.

Roulette was recently one of 23 players named to the under 18 Canadian mens team as one of the best players in the country at his age. The team will compete in Frisco, Texas as part of the IIHF U-18 World Championship.

The Seattle Thunderbirds forward from Misipawistik Cree Nation in Manitoba is excited to play hockey and wear the red and white jersey.

Obviously I was really, really excited. I texted my dad and my mom right after and everyone, I kind of had to keep it on the down low for a bit but once that all got out you know I was just really happy and really excited, Roulette said from his billet familys home in Seattle where he is currently quarantining before leaving for training camp in Texas.

A lot of people that kind of came up with their support and kind of reached out to me it really meant a lot and you know just all the people that have helped me get to where I am and just looking forward to getting there and playing.

The tournament is another chance for Roulette to impress NHL scouts before the NHL draft takes place later this summer.

He is rated as an A level prospect by NHL Central Scouting which indicates he could potentially be a first round pick, while other draft rankings have him as a potential second round pick.

In his rookie season last year, Roulette had 39 points in 54 games, good for third on the team and eighth overall in the Western Hockey League.

This season, Roulette had 12 points in 11 games for Seattle before leaving the team for the U-18 Team Canada training camp.

Roulettes mother Tannyce Cook said he has always loved hockey and having an older brother playing hockey reinforced his love for the game.

While its not easy to see her child leave home at such a young age, she said she knew early on Conner would have to leave home, and its eased her knowing he is having success doing what he loves.

He was 10, 11 years old when we started realizing like this kid is really going to be good and hes more than likely going to play in the western hockey league or have to move somewhere to go play at a young age so I think I started preparing myself for him to move away at a young age like a long time ago, she told APTN News over Zoom as Thunderbirds jerseys hung in the background.

And I mean when somebody loves the game of hockey as much as Conner does, like me as a parent, you know as much as I miss him when hes here, I know that hes over there doing something that he absolutely loves so it makes it a lot easier.

Cook said the journey hasnt always been easy, as there have been moments of racism with Conner and his previous teams.

She said its something she and Conners father have taught the boys how to manage.

Its always something that we talked to our kids about, being able to remain calm in that and educating them and saying you know its probably not those kids that feel that way you know, she said.

Like explaining to them about ignorance and where that comes from and all through high school hes taken like an Indigenous perspectives course so they earn the history so knowing where they came from and knowing that history is really empowering them and helping them to move through and get over that racism and kind of try to ignore it and just move on and be better individuals.

Roulette said he uses those negative feelings as motivation.

Theres always that common stereotype that Ive always noticed is that Indigenous hockey players arent as good as everyone else because were, I dont know why, there isnt an explanation to it, but you know yea it gives me that motivation to kind of just keep going and prove everyone wrong, he said.

You know theres a lot of great Indigenous hockey players out there that dont really get that exposure or get that opportunity to be in the spot I am so I take all that in and I just kind of embrace it as best as I can because I think you know one day there are going to be a lot more in the spot that I am.

Roulette relishes the opportunity to be a role model for other Indigenous youth. He said at the tournament he will not only be representing Canada, but Indigenous Peoples across Canada.

Just the support I get through it is just so awesome and to be in that role model setting its really good I know theres a lot of kids out there that have reached out to me before that are little Indigenous kids and it just feels so good and just to be representing not only my family but every Indigenous kid in Canada, its just truly an honour and something I like to take pride in. Really show it out and be proud of who I am, Roulette said.

Roulette and Team Canada are travelling to Texas where they will quarantine for four days before they have a mini training camp.

The tournament is set to begin April, 26 and runs until May, 6.

Darrell is a proud member of Peguis First Nation in Manitoba. He is a graduate of the television program from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. He is returning to APTN after having completed an internship with us in 2018 and a brief stop as a reporter in B.C. in 2019.

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Conner Roulette of Misipawistik Cree Nation named to Team Canada - APTN News

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I’ve Spent Years Playing Product Roulette, But These 17 Have Won Me Over – Yahoo Lifestyle

Posted: at 12:06 pm

The Lineup is a monthly series where were giving you an inside peek at the beauty lineups of cool fashion people, editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and estheticiansall the people we trust the most. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at all the cant-live-without products that make their worlds go round.

If you're not familiar with Emily DiDonato's name, you'd probably recognize her face from the countless Maybelline ads she's appeared in (she became the face of the brand when she was fresh out of high school) or her modeling for Victoria's Secret and countless other designers. She's only 30 and has already had an impressive career that has given her opportunities to collaborate with some of the best makeup artists and hairstylists in the industry. "I've been on set for thousands of photoshoots, have tried so many products, and picked up so many tips and tricks along the way," says the New Yorkbased supermodel. Though she admits she wasn't always skilled in the beauty department. "As a teenager, I went through a period of struggling with acne and genuinely didn't know how to take care of my skin. I tried so many different routines and systems, from Proactiv to Clinique, with hopes of achieving a clearer complexion."

DiDonato says she feels fortunate to have had exposure to beauty throughout her life, but after years of experimenting with skincare and playing product roulette, she felt ready to trade her complex 12-step routine for something more streamlined. "My dermatologist, Julie Russak, has taught me less is more and consistency and product compatibility are key." Ultimately, this is what led DiDonato to co-found Covey, a simple three-step skin ritual that works across all skin types.

Even though DiDonato's own line is keeping her busy, she still loves discovering and trying new products to feature on her YouTube channel. "I firmly believe that beauty products should make you feel good and shouldn't be a source of stress. They should make you feel confident and act as anchors even during the most hectic days," she says. Keep scrolling to see the picks that make her feel her best.

Story continues

Covey First of All Cleanser ($29)

"Because all of Coveys products are like my children, I dont like to choose favorites But this cleanser is my favorite. It takes all of my makeup off (including waterproof) in a single step, without ever stripping my skin. When we were formulating the cleanser, I would test each version after shoot days when I'd be wearing the most makeup and record videos of myself testing it. I have dozens of videos of myself with raccoon eyes from versions that didnt do the trick. I knew we had found 'the one' when it effortlessly removed all of my makeup from a Maybelline shoot."

Covey Next Up Vitamin C Serum ($59)

"When we were developing Covey, we knew we wanted to include vitamin C because of how many skin concerns it addresses. But vitamin C is notoriously unstable (and becomes ineffective once it oxidizes) and the hot dog water smell of typical vitamin C serums doesnt exactly get you excited to apply it each day. Plus, many vitamin C serums can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin, myself included. We were determined to create a serumthat was gentle yet effective minus the smell and oxidation. Next Up Vitamin C Serum contains 15% THD ascorbate, which is the most modern form of vitamin C. Its super gentle, ultra stable, and also 50 times more effective than L-ascorbic acid. Its also completely fragrance free."

Covey Skin Last But Not Least Moisturizer ($49)

"This moisturizer is the Goldilocks of moisturizers: super hydrating and moisturizing but lightweight and fast-absorbing. Just right. It plays well under makeup but is also ideal for overnight hydration. The texture is super unique whippy and gel-like, making it perfect year-round."

First Aid Beauty Weightless Liquid Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 ($34)

"My biggest teenage beauty regret is how much time I spent in tanning beds. Fast forward to today, Im super stringent about wearing SPF daily. This one from First Aid Beauty is my favorite because of how truly weightless it is. Its great under makeup and never pills my other skincare products."

Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Fine Hair Air Dry Styler ($31)

"My hair is naturally thick and wavy, and I always come back to this. I put it in my hair when it's wet and let it air dry. It enhances my natural texture, just less frizzy."

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil ($46)

"I am obsessed with all things Gisou, especially its hair oil. I put this into my wet hair to tame frizz and hydrate but will also apply it to my ends to finish styling. My hair always looks (and feels) healthiest when I use hair oil, and this one is always in the rotation."

Living Proof No Frizz Weightless Spray ($38)

"All of my hair products are focused on containing my hairs natural frizziness, and this spray is no different. I especially love this as the weather gets warmer in New York (aka more humidity!) as an extra tool to fight the frizz and smooth my hair. I mist it on after styling."

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo ($6)

"I only wash my hair two times a week, so dry shampoo is a necessity between washes. I used to wash every day, but since switching to twice a week, my hairs texture and shininess has never been better. I love Batistes dry shampoo to freshen up between washes."

Dr. Barbara Sturm Lip Balm ($55)

"I love that this lip balm is the perfect multitasker for day and night. It has ingredients like vitamin E to fight environmental stressors during the day and plant-based oils to seriously hydrate. During the day, I tap on top of my lip color of choice, and at night, I slather on as an overnight lip mask."

Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Body Cream ($230)

"When people talk about taking care of their skin, theyre usually referring to their face, but its so important to take care of your entire body. I find a lot of body creams and oils dont absorb quickly, which can be annoying because no one wants to get dressed while feeling sticky. This body cream from Dr. Sturm is super fast-absorbing, and my skin feels soft and hydrated all day. I also use this as a highlighter for a shimmer-less glisten."

Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream ($19)

"Katie Jane Hughes got me (and I think the rest of the internet!) into Skin Food, but I love it most on my hands. Its the year of handwashing and sanitizer, so if you havent invested into a great hand cream yet, this is it."

Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Eau de Parfum ($250)

"I have a few fragrances that I rotate, depending on my mood and the occasion, but Ive been reaching for Tom Fords Jasmine Rouge the most recently. It has the perfect amount of intensity, and I get compliments whenever I have it on."

S-Heart-S Scalp Brush ($67)

"Ive always struggled with a dry scalp and am constantly trying new products and tools to combat it. Ive been using this brush, which is meant for wet hair and to eliminate flakiness. I definitely see a difference whenever I use this instead of a standard brush, and it feels like a mini scalp massage whenever I use it."

Swstinling 6 Pack Big Claw Clips ($12)

"TikTok made me buy these, and I have no regrets. They hold my super-thick hair effortlessly. The claw clip comeback may be one of my favorites from 2020."

GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance 1" Styler ($249)

"This is my daily hair tool. I use it to create waves and curls and, of course, to straighten. My YouTube video tutorial on how to create waves using this iron went viral, and I still get stopped on the street by people thanking me for teaching them this trick!"

Jos Eber Curling Iron ($60)

"This gets me the 'cool-girl wave that Ive been trying to nail for years. No other curling iron has worked as well or as effortlessly as this one for me, and its super affordable. Go figure!"

Stoney Clover Lane Bubblegum Small 'Stuff' Pouch ($132)

"I have been loving my customized Covey cosmetic case from Stoney Cover. It holds all of my daily makeup (with room to spare!), including my current lineup: Maybelline Sky High Mascara (thank you again, TikTok), Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation (fun fact: I love powder foundation!), Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (which Ive used forever), and my forever faithful, Bare Minerals Blush in You Had Me at Merlot."

Up next: Why I'm a big fan of Botox (plus 15 products I love, too).

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I've Spent Years Playing Product Roulette, But These 17 Have Won Me Over - Yahoo Lifestyle

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Views Into the Studios – East Hampton Star

Posted: at 12:06 pm

In Process at the Watermill Center, a series that fosters engagement between the centers artist-residents and members of the community, will resume on Saturday afternoon at 3 with virtual presentations by Candace Hill, Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa, and Lucie Vitkova.

Ms. Hill, who lives in Bridgehampton, is an interdisciplinary artist whose political environmental sculpture and installations from the late 1970s and 80s have been shown at the New Museum, Franklin Furnace, the Bronx Museum of Art, Artists Space, and the Studio Museum.

Her more recent work is also political, but a different kind of political, she told The Star in 2019. She creates woven pieces on handmade looms using handspun wool, dyed yarns, horsehair, linen, leather, and silk, among other materials that are mounted on found objects such as used farm equipment.

An exhibition of her weavings, Hills & Valleys, was shown at both the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum and the Parrish Art Museum as part of the latters Road Show series in 2019.

Mr. Ramirez-Figueroa, who lives in Guatemala and Canada, works across media, using sculpture and performance that draw on literature, Latin American history, folklore, and childhood memories, including his countrys civil war (1960-96), which forced his family to immigrate to Canada in the 1980s. Objects and his own body have been used as tools to consider the constructions of identity, architecture, and history.

For example, his Heart of the Scarecrow explores a play of the same name from 1962 by a Guatemalan playwright. Upon learning that a version of the same play involving Mr. Ramirez-Figueroas uncle was violently censored by the 1975 Guatemalan government, the artist reimagined its anti-establishment message several times in different mediums and locations.

The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Mies van der Rohe prize, and the DAAD Berlin Artists-in-Residence fellowship, he was also awarded one of the Watermill Centers 2021 Inga Maren Otto Fellowships.

Ms. Vitkova is a composer, improviser, and performer from the Czech Republic who uses the accordion, the harmonica, and the hichiriki, a Japanese flute, as well as her voice to explore the social and political aspects of music in relation to everyday life. She is interested in the musical legacy of Morse Code and in reusing trash to build sonic costumes.

She has been nominated for the 2017 Herb Alpert Awards in Arts in the category of Music; was commissioned by the Roulette Intermedium in 2017, and has become a Roulette resident artist in 2018. She has put together two ensembles, the NYC Constellation Ensemble, which is focused on music behavior, and the OPERA Ensemble.

Registration is required for the Zoom program through the centers website.

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Views Into the Studios - East Hampton Star

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Playing Russian roulette with COVID-19: How fatigue, frustration are affecting some mindsets – Global News

Posted: at 12:06 pm

Ian Bramble isnt afraid to admit it. On April 4 he tweeted: I have been treating COVID a little less seriously lately.

In the beginning, the 45-year-old Edmonton-area pastor was doing the opposite. He sanitized all his groceries. He and his wife changed their clothes every time they went inside. For months, with his two churches closed, he rarely left the house.

As spring turned to summer, he started to let down his guard. First, he noticed his hand-washing had slipped. Then, increasingly, he opted more for in-store than online shopping.

Ive definitely been into more homes than I think the government wants me to over the last little while, he said with a laugh.

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The longer the pandemic has gone on, the more Canadians struggle to adhere to the guidelines and comply with local, provincial and federal restrictions. Even with the pandemic far from over, experts say fatigue and frustration have set in for many, and its manifesting in different ways.

By the fall, the idea of travelling was no longer daunting for Bramble. He had family and friends in Ontario he hadnt seen in months. He missed them. They missed him. So he went.

But Ontario had just freshly shut down again. Indoor dining and gyms were closed. The message then and now was clear: stay home except for essential reasons.

I figured well take precautions, but try and live our lives and see how things can work, he said.

I think, in some ways, thats still my mindset.

The COVID-19 pandemic has so far claimed over 23,000 Canadians lives. Its been more than a year since the virus first took hold and its still tightening its grasp. Just Wednesday, Canadas seven-day average of new infections reached a dangerously high point, with more than 8,200 new cases daily.

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In the face of quickly rising case counts and overwhelmed ICUs across Ontario, Premier Doug Ford brought in an array of new restrictions late Friday including increased police powers, provincial border checkpoints, closing outdoor recreation sites and restricting outdoor gatherings.

Were losing the battle between the variants and vaccines, he told reporters. The reality is there are few options left.

Despite the worsening situation, reinvigorating public vigilance has shown itself to be a growing challenge as the crisis continues. A poll conducted in November showed nearly half of all Canadians feel fed up with pandemic measures.

When it comes to behaviour, people are more likely to believe something is dangerous and tailor their actions to it when they can picture it, said Gretchen Chapman, a psychologist and decision researcher at Carnegie Mellon University.

If the impacts arent close to home, it creates a mental distance, she said. It doesnt sink in.

We have trouble forming risk perceptions based on data sets, Chapman said. As long as my experience is telling me certain things are safe because bad things arent happening, I dont have the perception the pandemic is really risky.

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She continued: Someone could draw the conclusion that they have no control, no prediction over it. Even if I do everything right, I could still get it. So this one-to-one correspondence between do the right thing, stay healthy, and do the wrong thing, get sick thats not happening in our experience.

Canada has seen its fair share of social gatherings and that has fuelled the virus surge. In July, public health figures nationwide pointed to small social gatherings as the reason behind case spikes in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. In November, with many provinces locked down again, public health experts offered blunt discouragements about holiday planning.

It happened anyway. Gatherings around December led to a later spike in cases in some provinces mainly Ontario though it tapered off quicker than expected as winter and tightened restrictions set in.

But there were moments when the lack of one-to-one correspondence, as Chapman described, may have tripped up perceptions.

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When thousands of people piled into Torontos Trinity Bellwoods Park in May, flouting physical distancing regulations, politicians and public health experts alike worried about its consequences. While its hard to know for sure, officials later said there was no evidence of increased COVID-19 cases linked to the park romp.

The risk is on a continuum, Capland said. Emotions tend to be what drives our behaviours.

The decline of emotion, or fear, can mean were not constantly assessing what behaviours I could be doing to protect myself, because we dont feel afraid anymore.

For some, risk assessment has become increasingly individualized.

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One Toronto-based father, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of scrutiny from his employer, said hes taken some liberties vis--vis the rules, but responsibly and within reason, though its not always perfect.

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Last summer, he went to a dinner party indoors with friends. There were chefs and servers and the party was probably under the max limit of people, whatever it happened to be at the time, he said.

We didnt see anyone for the first couple of months. That went out the window in the summertime and has continued since then, he said.

Risk now is very much assessed based on who we might hang out with. Are they reasonably cautious and responsible people? Do we believe their own circles are small?

Caplan said theres a distinction between risk preference and risk perception that might be at play here.

When we pick our retirement fund portfolios, some of us are pretty risk-tolerant and we invest in risky stock growth funds and some of us are more risk-averse and pick lighter investments and you cant find what your risk tolerance is, she said.

In the beginning, we didnt really know our risk tolerance, so we followed the advice. Now, people may be thinking, maybe their risk preference is not the same as my risk preference.

The problem is, in a worsening pandemic rife with dangerous variants, nows not the time to tolerate lax behaviour, said Raywat Deonandan, an epidemiologist with the University of Ottawa.

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We have to consider after a year of this, that some people have been doing these things anyway and got away with it. Because you got away with it, you will likely do it again, he said.

But its like Russian roulette. So far, you havent gotten the full chamber but enough people spin, and someones going to get shot.

Experts have long agreed that there are two levels to turning off COVID-19s tap policy and individual. Governments should impose restrictions to discourage close contact and provide support to vulnerable communities and businesses bearing the brunt. They also have to trust that individuals will, collectively, make the right decisions to curb the viruss spread.

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Jessica Jerome says its hard to be mindful of COVID-19 safety protocols when the protocols are constantly changing.

Jerome, 33, an administrator for a real estate agency in Halton, Ont., never stopped going to the office. Despite having four kids between the ages of six and 19, she said she didnt qualify for the childcare benefit, which forced her to rely on friends and family to watch her kids when schools shut down. It made abiding by the rules hard from the get-go, she explained.

When our government said not to mix with anyone outside of our household, I didnt have a choice, she said. There is no way bubbles can happen for me.

Jerome said she found herself loosening up on shopping, wandering around browsing because Im bored at home, and occasionally meeting up with a friend to gain a few moments of normal.

As Ontarios rules fluctuated over the summer and through the winter, she said it started to affect her and her childrens mental health deeply.

I actually take the rules with a grain of salt now, to be honest, she said.

If the rules made sense and were consistent, then I would be more inclined to listen. I am just doing what works for me. I feel like I need to do what I need to do to keep my head above water.

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Theres no question the absence of perceived strong, consistent effective leadership has played a role in this, Deonandan said. Without it, he said, people may retreat to their own personal resolutions.

The narrative that if you restrict yourself from going to that party, youll save grandma is difficult for people to stomach these days, he said.

Theyre sick of hearing about grandma.

Variants and a third wave

So far, weve downloaded the pandemic onto individual responsibilities, Deonandan said.

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What we need now is to incentivize good behaviour by providing things like sick leave to ensure people stay home when theyre ill and appropriate guidance on how to go to the park and play contact sports, but safely. Its an important piece of the puzzle, he said, especially now as Canadians start to see the light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines.

Theres a reason why driving for a couple of hours is so exhausting. You cant maintain that vigilance, its adrenal fatigue. Thats whats happening here, he said.

But the insidiousness of this disease is that its waited until we as a society are the least willing to do what we need to defeat it.

Canada is currently in the thick of a third wave. Virus variants are threatening to topple healthcare systems more people are getting sick, and many are ending up sicker.

Bramble acknowledges his mindset has shifted recently. He said variants have renewed his fear.

He knows people who caught the disease. When a person at his church fell ill one day, Bramble brought them to a doctor. Their test came back positive and Bramble had to self-isolate.

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But it was a Twitter thread, in fact, that ended up waking him the most.

In it, a woman described her sisters experience catching a variant high fever, heart-rate, body aches and, later, cognitive impacts, like brain fog. He responded, saying it scared me straight.

That story really spoke to me. I never thought this was a joke, but its still serious, he said.

To be honest, it heightened my awareness more than that experience I had with my close contact.

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Bramble said hes taking more precautions than before but is still taking liberties when he sees fit. His two churches are back to operating, though at significantly smaller capacities.

I thought things would change soon, I should be getting the vaccine soon. I thought things were turning a corner, but theyre getting worse, he said.

I see my role in this but a lot more needs to be done, a lot more needs to change.

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Playing Russian roulette with COVID-19: How fatigue, frustration are affecting some mindsets - Global News

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Top 6 Gambling Destinations in the Czech Republic – – VENTS Magazine

Posted: at 12:06 pm

The Czech Republic is known for many things, especially the capital city, Prague. The town is home to approximately 1.3 million residents. It prides itself on having one of the biggest castles in the world, which covers 18 acres.

Prague is a popular tourist spot. It has approximately 500 to 1000 steeples and spires. Millions of tourists visit the city each year. While Prague is a vast cultural destination with enormous castles, megachurches, galleries and museums, it has become a gambling destination that hosts plenty of casino and entertainment experiences across the town.

Below is a guide on how to maximize your gambling experience when you visit Prague.

There are over 20 casinos, and casino online in Prague, which makes it an excellent city for gambling. Most casinos operate 24/7, entry is free, and dress codes vary from one casino to another. If you are not sure about the dress code, go for smart casual and carry your identity card or passport. Most casinos require you to identify yourself before entry.

Usually, drinks are free to players in most Prague casinos. Below are the casinos you need to visit:

Ambassador Casino is a top-rated casino in Prague. It is located near the Ambassador Hotel and is an excellent place to start your gambling journey in the city. The casino began operations in 1992, and its an ideal place for tourists, beginners and other casual punters. Ambassador Casino doesnt have a door charge or dress code. Some of the currencies you can use here include Czech crowns, Euros and US dollars.

There is a wide selection of casino games that you can play here, including slot machines, poker games, roulette and blackjack. Those who want to play for fun can visit the casino from 8 pm to 10 pm for the just for fun packages that allow punters to play games for free.

Casino Viva inside Marriott Hotel. The casino is among the new casinos, and its modern and large. You will find eight card tables, 4 American roulette tables and more than 100 slot machines at this establishment. The casino has a casual dress code.

You will find a massive five Casino Admirals in Prague. Their opening and closing times vary depending on the location. The casinos include Casino Admiral Kleopatra that suits Egyptian-style luxury lovers, Casino Admiral Narodini for bingo fans, etc. You will have great fun at all these casinos.

Located in central Prague, Banco Casino boasts a wide variation of cash poker games each night after 8 pm. You can play other table games like American roulette, blackjack and more. The casino accepts euros and crowns as the currencies you can use at the casino. The dress code here is casual.

The casino started operations in 1998 and opens daily from 5 am to 5 pm. Some of the games you can play here include blackjack, live roulette, stud poker, a wide array of slot machines, etc. Players get a free beer when playing casino games.

If you are not able to visit a traditional casino, a herna bar is a great option. These places are perfect if you want to enjoy games after midnight when most casinos have closed. Most herna bars have up to three slot machines that you can play 24/7. However, you need to be careful. These places attract many different types of people and might not be safe.

Prague is an exciting city for gambling. It has plenty of fantastic casinos to choose from.

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Top 6 Gambling Destinations in the Czech Republic - - VENTS Magazine

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Question of the Day: Should employers give workers paid time off to get their COVID-19 vaccines? – KYMA

Posted: at 12:06 pm

Question of the Day

(KYMA/KECY) - As vaccine rollouts continue across the nation, those that received a dose of the vaccine find themselves playing symptom roulette--anywhere from extreme fatigue, headaches, fever or some even going symptom free.

Regardless, the thought of just having one day off from all responsibilities post-vaccination sounds pretty good (and quite necessary) for many. Equally they're opposed, so we asked: "Should employers give workers paid time off to get their COVID-19 vaccines?" You voted and we heard you.

Over 50 votes in tonight's topic, 62% agree that employers should give workers paid time off. Those in support even saying: "Absolutely! Problem is, employers here are used to employees using their sick/vacation time because they are complicit in working in those types of environments."

38% against this mentioned things like 'it shouldn't be the employers responsibility' and that employees should use their 'sick time or vacation' to get vaccinated or to even go in their free time.

News / Video

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Question of the Day: Should employers give workers paid time off to get their COVID-19 vaccines? - KYMA

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Legal Sports Betting Could Get To California Sooner Than You Think – Sports Handle

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Sports betting made legal in California by the end of 2021?

Its a teaser but not entirely impossible. And if it happens even if only in brick-and-mortar sportsbook and kiosk form at the outset then the most populous state in the nation might be on its way to becoming the largest sports betting market in the U.S.

Last year, a coalition of California tribes began the process of getting a referendum that would legalize in-person sports betting at Californias 69 tribal casinos and four horse racetracks onto the November 2020 ballot. The process took a COVID-19 detour during the signature-gathering process beginning in March 2020, but the signature deadline was extended, and the referendum was tagged for the 2022 ballot.

Now, California might have a recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom. Organizers have collected about 2.1 million signatures in the heavily Democratic state and will know by April 29 if enough (approximately 1.5 million are needed) are valid. There are then a series of political hoops to jump through, but the recall election would likely be set for November, which means California could have a new governor before the next Super Bowl. And theres a chance it could have sports betting, too if the tribes can get their initiative on that ballot.

According to the document on the California Secretary of States website, the most recent update was that 75.8% of signatures were valid. The tribes collected 1,427,366 signatures and need 997,139 to be valid to move forward. At the current percentages, 1,081,968 would be valid. The question though, is when the referendum will be on the ballot and if it will have competition.

The final verification was due today, but a court recently extended the deadline for counties to verify signatures on two referendums, including the tribal sports betting initiative, after registrars in Los Angeles and San Diego counties filed a case against the Secretary of State requesting an extension.

Multiple stakeholders confirm that major national operators and professional sports teams across California are considering pushing their own referendum to effect the legalization of statewide mobile wagering and possibly in-person betting at professional sports facilities. Which is what Arizona pro teams just accomplished last week via a breakthrough in negotiations between the tribes and lawmakers. Sources say the referendum in California would not cut out the tribes, but it likely would not require mobile platforms to be tethered to tribal casinos.

The tribes, of course, would take issue with a such a referendum, and would argue that it violates their exclusivity with relation to Class III gaming.

Industry sources say the idea of a commercial/mobile referendum is still in the exploratory stages but its being discussed by both major national operators and California professional sports teams, of which there are 18 from the five major professional sports leagues. Eight of those teams are in Los Angeles and five are in San Francisco. Most, if not all, have tribal partners.

Such a referendum could not make it onto the recall ballot, but rather, would aim for the 2022 ballot.

The tribes had aimed to get their gaming referendum on the November 2020 ballot, but COVID-19 restrictions stalled the signature collection and state verification process. The state granted the tribes and others seeking initiatives for the 2020 ballot an extension, and the promise of being on the 2022 ballot. Which brings us here, at the point where a previously unplanned election may be in the offing in a few months.

The question now is this: Should the tribes try to get their initiative onto the recall ballot? Politically speaking, some say its a good idea. Its too late for a commercial/mobile initiative to also get on a 2021 ballot, which means that the tribes could run a clean campaign to get their referendum approved. There would be no competing gaming initiative, and there would be fewer other initiatives on the ballot than would be the case on a regular ballot.

There seems to be nothing holding it back. Then it just depends on timing, California Nations Indian Gaming Association Chief James Siva said during an iGB webinar earlier this month.

Others view a recall ballot as too unpredictable, saying that hitching a referendums future to a governor fighting to keep his position is, well, bad karma. Two ballot initiatives landed on the 2003 Gray Davis recall election ballot, and neither passed. That recall election was the only successful one in California history, making Arnold Schwarzenegger the states first and only Republican governor of this century.

But if the tribal initiative does get on the 2021 ballot and it passes, well, it doesnt seem too far-fetched that Californias tribes could have legal sports betting operations up and running in early 2022. Like tribes and states across the nation, its likely Californias tribal nations have suffered economically since COVID-19 shut down or limited capacity at casinos starting in March 2020. And theres no question that tribes in both Connecticut and Arizona were more willing to negotiate new compacts and give up at least some of their gambling exclusivity in part because theyre hurting financially after a brutal year.

Beyond that, the tribes already have a long history with legal gambling, wont have to deal with state regulations (in many cases, tribal nations regulate their own gaming operations), and should be nimble enough to build out sportsbooks, partner with vendors or operators, and open teller windows in a hurry.

Should Californias tribes move forward with an initiative on a recall ballot, they could, in essence get everything they want. As written, the initiative would also expand the tribes offerings to include roulette and dice games, in addition to adding sports betting. As has been the case in other states, the tribes would still be required to rework their compacts with the state, but they wouldnt have to deal with a commercial opponent.


Allows federally recognized Native American tribes to operate roulette, dice games, and sports wagering on tribal lands, subject to compacts negotiated by the Governor and ratified by the Legislature. Beginning in 2022, allows on-site sports wagering at only privately operated horse-racing tracks in four specified counties for persons 21 years or older. Imposes 10% tax on sports-wagering profits at horse-racing tracks; directs portion of revenues to enforcement and problem-gambling programs. Prohibits marketing of sports wagering to persons under 21. Authorizes private lawsuits to enforce other gambling laws. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Increased state revenues, potentially reaching the tens of millions of dollars annually, from payments made by facilities offering sports wagering and new civil penalties authorized by this measure. Some portion of these revenues would reflect a shift from other existing state and local revenues. Increased state regulatory costs, potentially reaching the low tens of millions of dollars annually. Some or all of these costs would be offset by the increased revenue or reimbursements to the state. Increased state enforcement costs, not likely to exceed several million dollars annually, related to a new civil enforcement tool for enforcing certain gaming laws.

Referendum language from California Secretary of States Office

Recall elections, according to experts, often bring out more voters, though its hard to to know if that would be a positive or negative for legal sports betting. The issue has been bipartisan around the nation, so the fact that voter turnout could heavily favor one party shouldnt really make a difference, though both times that lawmakers have filed bills in the state legislatures, the sponsors have been Democrats.

If the tribal initiative gets on the recall ballot and is approved, then the gaming landscape in California will be markedly different. Operators and sports teams that are considering their own initiative will have to tread even more lightly. Some tribes around the state already have partnerships with pro sports teams. And sports betting operators will have to walk a fine line to avoid alienating the very tribes that could end up providing market access.

One source confirmed that the tribes as a group are softening to the idea that the timeline for mobile/online betting could be shortening. While the tribes havent gone on record about when theyd try to expand their reach California tribes are particularly sensitive about their retail locations continuing to flourish and provide jobs there does seem to be an understanding that digital sports betting is no longer in the distant future.

Operators, sources say, will have to spend significant dollars in California to get statewide mobile sports betting. That money could be spent on a ballot initiative for 2022, on paying tribes a premium for market access, or on lobbying in the state legislature (lawmakers have twice brought sports wagering bills and theyve twice been killed before voting).

Should the tribes get their initiative on the recall ballot and gain approval, operators could consider a 2022 referendum to add mobile. Or they could try the legislative route again. A third option is to abandon an adversarial move, partner with tribes to run retail sportsbooks, and develop meaningful partnerships. In this scenario, mobile wagering could eventually be put before California voters with all gaming interests presenting a united front.

Its possible, of course, that Californias tribes wont push to get on the 2021 ballot. In that scenario, there could be two sports betting referendums on the 2022 ballot a situation that experts say would split the vote. It would be nearly impossible for the tribes to lobby and advertise to voters to support their amendment but not a commercial one. Commercial operators and teams would run into the same issue. In essence, both sides would be weakening the message of legal sports betting and could end up losers.

So, what happens next? At the moment, its more up to the tribes long drivers of gaming policy in California than anyone else. But one thing is sure: When Californias nearly 40 million residents have access to sports betting, it, not New York, will be the biggest gaming market in the U.S.

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Legal Sports Betting Could Get To California Sooner Than You Think - Sports Handle

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Probation for Hanover woman involved in ‘Russian roulette’ robbery, unlawful restraint – York Dispatch

Posted: April 15, 2021 at 6:51 am

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.(Photo: The York Dispatch)

A Hanover woman has avoided prison for her part in what police said was the kidnapping, pistol-whipping and robbery of a man over an imaginarydrug debt.

Chasity Uttley, 24, appeared in York County Courton Tuesday and pleaded guilty to the felony of conspiracy to commit robbery and the misdemeanor of making a false report, according to court records.

It was a negotiated plea agreement, defense attorney Rick Robinson confirmed.

In exchange for her plea, Uttley's charges of kidnapping and receiving stolen property were dropped, court records state.

Presiding Common Pleas Judge Amber A. Kraft sentenced Uttley to five years' probation, ordered her to submit to random drug tests and directed her to pay restitution to the victim, records state.

Uttley and codefendant Jeffrey Jerome Dixon Jr., of the Hanover and Gettysburg areas, must pay their share of the total restitution amount of about $570, according to court records.

Known as "J.R.," Dixon, 33, pleaded guilty Dec. 30 to aggravated assault,robbery and unlawful restraint, court records state. In exchange, charges including kidnapping were dropped.

Chasity Elizabeth Uttley(Photo: Submitted)

State prison sentence: Dixon was sentenced to three to six years in state prison as part of his negotiated plea agreement, court records state.

Hanover Borough Police have said Dixon's and Uttley's victimsuffered a concussion, broken nose, memory loss and numerous bruises to his head and face.

As the victim was being held against his will in Uttley's home, he was forced to get into a tub, at which point Dixon started spinning the cylinder of a revolver and playing Russian roulettewith the victim by pointing his gun at the man's head and pulling the trigger after each spin of the cylinder, courtdocuments state.

The victim told police he left his Hanover home about 3:30 a.m. Nov. 8, 2019, and realized he was being followed by a man he didn't know who began chasing him, according to documents. Police said they later learned the man was Dixon.

The victim told officers he started running away, but blacked out, police said. When he awokehe was in a strange apartment where Dixon was holding him at gunpoint, documents state. Uttley and a third personwere there as well, police said.

Dixontold the victim he owed the woman $350, but the victim told investigatorshe didn't know the woman and didn't owe her money, according to police.

Jeffrey Jerome Dixon Jr., known as "J.R."(Photo: Submitted)

Russian roulette: That's when he was moved to a bathroom, forced into thetub and made the target of Russian roulette, police said.

That's when the victim agreed to get money from an ATM machine "in an effort to end the assault," documents state.

He was driven to a convenience store and ordered to withdraw $450, which Dixon and Uttley took, police said.

After between two to four hours of being held against his will, he was dropped off near his home and later treated for his injuries at York Hospital, police said.

Officers were able to identify Uttley as being involved, and she named the gunman as "J.R." and said the bulk of the crimes happened at her home in the 100 block of York Street, court documents state.

'Paranoid':She told officersthat Dixon appeared to be paranoid and under the influence a few hours prior to him unlawfully restraining the victim, and that Dixon claimed to have seen someone in her home, police said.

Uttley also said she had been "hearing noises and seeing shadows" at her home over a several-hour period and thought she saw"the rear end" of the victim going out a third-floor window, documents state. Police said that window was too small for an adult man to squeeze through.

Dixon convinced her that the victim had stolen money from her wallet, according to police.

Uttleyalso told police Dixon chased the victim, caught him in thealley behind her home and dragged him by the hair into her home, according to court documents.

Reach senior crime reporter Liz Evans Scolforo at or on Twitter at @LizScolforoYD.

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Probation for Hanover woman involved in 'Russian roulette' robbery, unlawful restraint - York Dispatch

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