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Spotlight: With online gambling gaining popularity in Canada, BET99 looks to satisfy that growing demand – BradfordToday

Posted: January 17, 2022 at 8:50 am

Unique online gambling platform offers a betting experience you won't find elsewhere

Online gambling is an activity that looks to be growing in popularity more and more in Canadaamong those legally eligible to participate.

In fact, according to an article on Canada Infolink, Canada is the eighth-ranked country when it comes to online gambling, with approximately 19.3 million Canadians taking part in it.

As well, the Montreal Times reported in an article that Statistics Canada predicted that around 65 per cent of the Canadian population who are of legal gambling age would place at least one bet at an online casino within the coming year.

With such a high demand for online gambling options in Canada, one company that is looking to satisfy that demand with their own unique assortment of online betting options and features is BET99.

BET99 is an online sportsbook and casino that operates within Canada. The company began serving the Canadian public in 2020, with their hard launch occurring on the rather fitting date of September 9 (the ninth day of the ninth month).

Among the copious amount of online betting options BET99 offers are sports wagers, a casino library of over 2000 games/slots/progressive jackpots, live casino games, and much more. And conveniently, BET99 can be accessed by users via desktop, mobile, or on tablet.

On top of all of the various betting options BET99 provides for their users, one of the prominent variables that makes the company stand out from other online betting companies in Canada is BET99s various partnerships with extremely well-known Canadian athletes and sports organizations.

The list of ambassadors and affiliates includes former fighter Georges St. Pierre (who is also the face of BET99), former pro hockeyplayer Matt Barnaby, the Montreal Alouettes (CLF organization) and CF Montreal (MLsorganization), among others.

Alongside their partnerships, the company also offers special bonusesas a way to offer their users a unique betting experience like no other.

And while BET99 wants their users to enjoy everything the website has to offer, the company is also a strong advocate for gambling responsibly, and has tools and policies in place to promote safe betting.

These tools and policies BET99 implements includes a 24/7 customer support, deposit limits, temporary timeout options, a self-assessment quiz for potential gambling problems, and much more to ensure that all of their users are gambling in the safest manner possible.

If you are legally eligible to participate and areinterested in trying out BET99s online sports betting options or various casino games yourself, headto their sign-up page to register.

* BET99uses age verification checks on every single account, to confirm that our customers are legally old enough to gamble.

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Spotlight: With online gambling gaining popularity in Canada, BET99 looks to satisfy that growing demand - BradfordToday

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Online Gambling in Finland – PlayStation Universe

Posted: at 8:50 am

Gambling is a prolific form of the game and it can be played online using your gadgets or you can visit any physical casino to wager. Online casinos are currently in demand because of the convenience and the bonuses that it offers to punters. Anyone who is interested in wagering can place a bet using their smartphone, iPhone, tablets, laptops, or their personal computer at any time. Aside from that, the majority of virtual casinos offer bigger odds and cash back percentages compared to conventional bricks and mortar casinos. Moreover, the players can get a bigger chance to win. UusimmatKasinot, a well-known casino site from Finland introduced its latest online casinos for the year 2022. If interested, you can start finding the best Netticasinot also known as online casinos in Finnish at Uusimmatkasinot.

Online casinos were started in 1994 by a software company called Micrograming from the Isle of Man and in that same year, Antigua and Barbuda passed its Free Trade and Processing act. Microgaming was the first company to provide real-money online casinos. Gambling games were limited during that time and theres a big difference when it comes to the interface, graphics, and sounds compared to our casino sites now.

The market of the industry evolved along with the rapid transformation of the technology until it became what it is now.

Also called an internet casino it is a replica of the physical casino pertaining to the gambling games and the rules. The manner of playing it depends on the player. Options are going to be offered by the site therefore, everything is just under the tips of the players fingers.

There are two types of online casinos: the web-based and Download-based.

Web-based are websites where players can play any casino games after signing up and making a deposit. They dont have to download the software but they need a browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera Mini. A stable internet connection is also needed.

Download-based requires the download of the software and doesnt need a browser. This is quite famous because of the good quality of the graphics and sound.

Virtual is a software-based type of game wherein all games played are determined by the PRNG or the Pseudorandom Number Generator software. PRNG is a mathematical instruction known as an algorithm and it ensures that all activities are random, unpredictable, and fair.

Live dealer on the other hand gives an opportunity to the player to play with other players and the game is played live stream and real-time with a human croupier. It mimics the conventional land-based casino complete with ambiance and sophistication. Communication and transactions are done through a chatterbot provided by the site.

Finland has always been fascinated with all sorts of entertainment including gambling thats why their government is firm with their decision that all gambling activities have to be carefully monitored and according to the Lotteries Act 2001, the government has to be prioritized first. Their government also disapproved of the idea of any foreign online casino sites to advertise in the land; however, the Finns can wager any casino sites from offshore. These rules prompted the European Union to try to negotiate with the Government of Finland to be a little lenient to foreigners but later put their foot down.

Ray is the oldest and the pioneer among the entities and has been around since slot machines were introduced in the 1930s. It oversees the slot machines, roulette and oversees all the land-based casinos in the country. Ray authorized license to new casinos in the land both online and physical.

This entity is responsible for sports betting, the national lottery, and instant win games.

It is responsible for the pari-mutuel horse racing of the land and takes care of all horse race activities.

The PAF is responsible for all the gambling activities in the island of Alands land-based, online, and cruise ships of the North and Baltic seas. All PAF websites can be viewed nationwide.

Online gambling is a good diversion and it helps keep our minds sharp. Discipline is the key in betting in order to fully enjoy it.

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Online Gambling in Finland - PlayStation Universe

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Could Iowa Be On The Radar For Online Casino Legislation This Year? –

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Shutterstock/Abramova Kseniya

Iowa galloped across the finish line in August 2019 as one of the first states to launch legal online sportsbooks. Since then, the Hawkeye State slowed to a trot on any further gambling expansion.

However, Iowa may emerge in 2022 as a dark horse candidate to legalize online gambling, or at least advance the conversation about it. One factor that could drive that is cross-border competition for gambling dollars from its neighbors Illinois and Nebraska.

To the east, Illinois legislators walked got their own proposed online casino legislation as far as a committee, but the bill failed to advance further in 2021. This year may bring different news, as the Illinois General Assembly is again expected to take up bill discussions. However, at the moment, committees are meeting remotely and House and Senate sessions are completely stalled due to coronavirus concerns. The bills Senate sponsor, Sen. Cristina Castro, believes the efforts chances to succeed are better for 2023 than this year.

To the west, Nebraskas racetracks are about to add retail casino gambling. On Dec. 17, the Nebraska State Racing and Gaming Commission approved rules that will govern casino operations.

Nebraska Public Media reports:

Commission Chairman Dennis Lee indicated applications from existing racetracks would probably be considered first, but they cant be filed until the rules are approved by the attorney general and the governor.

Stuck in the middle, Iowa hasnt yet approached the US online casino gambling starting gate. Its legislative session only began on Monday, however, so theres still plenty of time.

Evan Johnson, a fiscal legislative analyst with the Legislative Services Agency (LSA), confirmed this for Online Poker Reportyesterday:

As of right now, I am not aware of any legislation introduced on that topic. This is only the start of Session, so that could change by the day.

LSA is a nonpartisan legislative agency serving the Iowa Legislature.

Iowas 3 million residents helped set a record for Hawkeye online sportsbook gross gaming revenue (GGR) in November, generating $19.7 million, according to OPRs sister site Legal Sports Report.

So its no coincidence that operators who take bets at Iowa online sportsbooks, including DraftKings, PointsBet and Unibet, already secured market access for their hypothetical online casinos.

Even though operators are excited about their prospects in the state, theyll be competing with lawmakers split attention, OPR sister publication Play Iowa reported.

The Oct. 26 article which discusses PlayUp securing its own online casino market access Russ Mitchell quotedWes Ehrecke. Hes the president and CEO of the Iowa Gaming Association, which advocates for Iowas retail casinos. Those brick-and-mortar casinos may see reduced revenue if border states up the ante.

Ehrecke said legislators will likely be campaigning for reelection during summer and fall.

He told Play Iowa:

The likelihood of this advancing in 2022 is less than 50% at this time.

Ehrecke didnt return OPRs request for an update yesterday. However, even a small chance is better than most US states have this year. For a large part of the country, online casinos arent even up for discussion yet.

Officials with the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts and Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson also didnt return OPRs requests for comment yesterday.

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Could Iowa Be On The Radar For Online Casino Legislation This Year? -

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Why Investors Will Have to Be Patient With DraftKings Stock – InvestorPlace

Posted: at 8:50 am

DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG) is one of the leaders of the online betting industry. That sector has rapidly-emerged over the past few years as many states have legalized online gambling. Formerly just the domain of Nevada and New Jersey, online now legal in many regions of the country. Stuck at home during the pandemic and flush with stimulus checks, many Americans were looking for new things to do, enabling online betting to flourish. Despite that, however, DKNG stock has been a real dud in recent months.

But on the positive side for DraftKings, online sports gambling has started to gain mainstream acceptance. The National Football League (NFL), for example, allowed the Raiders to move to Las Vegas. Previously, it had been feared that having a team in a gambling-oriented city would reflect badly on the sport. Those concerns have long been brushed aside; now sports betting websites and apps are some of the leading advertisers on televised sporting events.

In other words, the industry has a great deal of momentum. And, over the next month, the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl will take place. Those events should drive record sports wagering volumes in the United States as viewers in many states will be betting on Americas most popular game

But despite the promising near-term outlook for sports betting, DraftKings and its peers have gotten pummeled. Whats the problem, and can DraftKings get back on track?

When DraftKings went public, it was viewed as an easy way for investors to get exposure to sports betting. At the time, there werent very many online sports gambling sites in the U.S. And DraftKings and Penn National Gaming (NASDAQ:PENN) were the sectors two main publicly traded stocks. As a result, when investors wanted to buy an online sports gambling stock, there was a good chance that theyd pick DraftKings shares.

Now, however, other companies such as FanDuel have carved out a big chunk of the emerging industry. And the traditional casinos arent going down without a fight. Longtime casino owners like MGM (NYSE:MGM) andCaesars (NYSE:CZR) are making strong moves into online sports betting as well. New, digital-first offerings such as PointsBet are taking market share as well.

All in all, its turned into a dogfight. There are winners and leaders in each of the states that have legalized online sports betting.

There are advantages for relatively large firms like DraftKings that can quickly get a big lead when new states legalize online betting. However, the highly segmented market also creates a ton of redundant costs, red tape, and compliance concerns for each company.

DraftKings isnt too worried about its 2021 or 2022 financial results. Of course, every publicly-traded company wants to beat analysts average estimates each quarter. But the focus of online gambling companies is on gaining market share.

Ultimately, the online gambling industry seems likely to be dominated by a few major players. Its imperative that DraftKings maintain its market leadership position so that it can make the right moves when the industrys weaker players step aside. DraftKings needs to have sufficient financial resources and a reputation thats strong enough to be able to snap up its weaker rivals once they look to sell themselves.

If DraftKings makes the correct moves, it, FanDuel and maybe one or two more gaming companies should dominate the sports betting market by the end of this decade. Its simply not feasible for more than 12 companies to all advertise and deal with the sectors risks and compliance issues across dozens of different states. The amount of redundant costs is breath-taking. As a result, mergers and consolidation must happen.

Long-term investors who buy DKNG stock shouldnt mind waiting for this scenario to play out. All signs seem to indicate that DraftKings still has one of the sectors top brands. As long as that remains true, DraftKings has a good shot at eventually becoming the industrys leader.

However, the stock market has changed dramatically over the past six months. Its not enough to have a good story anymore. Now investors are increasingly asking if companies can generate earnings or free cash flow.

And if a firm is not profitable now, investors want them to have a clear path to profitability. Price-sales ratios have utterly collapsed for firms, including DraftKings, that have rapidly expanding revenues but no clear ability to convert those sales into profits anytime soon.

Over the past 12 months, DraftKings produced $1.1 billion of revenue and turned that into $445 million of gross profit. Thats not bad in theory. However, the company had $1.6 billion of sales, general and administrative (SG&A) costs over the same period. Most of that was spent on marketing which was used to get and retain customers. Those sign-up bonuses arent cheap.

Needless to say, if a company has to spend $1.6 billion on marketing and overhead to attract $1.1 billion of revenue, its business model is problematic. Over time, DraftKings should be able to lower its marketing costs as customers become accustomed to the platform and rival gaming companies exit the industry.

Still, that is going to be a multi-year process. Analysts, on average, expect the company to remain firmly unprofitable through at least 2024, if not longer. As long as the market continues to look for profitable or nearly profitable companies, DKNG stock is going to struggle. For investors willing to play the long game, however, the shares may soon be worth a second look.

On the date of publication, Ian Bezek did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

Ian Bezek has written more than 1,000 articles for and Seeking Alpha. He also worked as a Junior Analyst for Kerrisdale Capital, a sizable New York City-based hedge fund. You can reach him on Twitter at @irbezek.

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Why Investors Will Have to Be Patient With DraftKings Stock - InvestorPlace

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All 4 New York Sports Betting Promos for the NFL Sunday Playoffs – The Action Network

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Getting to legally bet online on the NFL Playoffs in New York? Yes, you didnt dream the last week. It started off great yesterday with the home state Buffalo Bills dominating the New England Patriots to continue their hopeful trek to the Super Bowl in February. Three games are on the schedule for today, with action starting at 1 p.m. ET and continuing well into the night.

Theres no better day to join the party of online betting in the Empire State. There will be nine sportsbooks this year, four of which Caesars, FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetRivers have officially launched and are offering welcome promos for todays NFL action. BetMGM is set to launch tomorrow morning, and PointsBet, WynnBET, Bally Bet, and Resorts World should come soon as well.

To make things as easy as possible, weve compiled every promo code, welcome offer, and bonus you can take advantage of for todays NFL slate. Well also keep this post updated as more pop up. Just click the links below and take advantage of the free money today.

Caesars is a giant in the gambling world, and if youve ever been to Las Vegas out west then youve likely run into their huge casino right on the strip. Following the overturn of PASPA in 2018, they decided to take things country-wide and launch in other markets. Theyre now live with online betting and iGaming in 10-plus states, including New York as of last week.

If youre trying to decide which sportsbook in NY to add based on new user promotions, its a complete no-brainer: The other three books are giving away a few hundred dollars in value, whereas Caesars is giving essentially $3,300. Theyll give you $300 right away just for giving your info (no deposit required), and if you want to deposit, theyll match it up to $3,000. What a deal!

While the other three books are more well-known nationally, dont forget about BetRivers, a very solid option in the New York market. Theyre also live in 10-plus states in the country at this point, and theyre a great option to add if you want to shop odds and always find the best line for a game.

Their offer for Sundays NFL Playoff action is incredibly simple, and itll get you ready quick to place some bets on the three games. Just sign up using the link above and place a deposit. Thats it theyll match that deposit up to $250, which should give you some nice extra funds for the awesome slate of games.

FanDuel Sportsbook is the biggest sportsbook in the country right now, and its for very good reason: They are consistently ahead of the competition with their app and product and offer a ton of cool, different ways to bet. They were the first to launch same-game parlays, which have become a major hit in the betting world thanks to the fun, lottery-style payouts.

While some promos youll see in the market will be around a no-brainer offer like a QB to throw for a single yard, FanDuels moneyline offer isnt quite that at least most days. For today because there are a couple big favorites in the Bucs and Chiefs, its actually an incredible value. Just bet $5 on either of those teams (or any team), and youll get them at 30/1 odds.

DraftKings is a huge name in the gambling space, and theyve been at it for a long time at this point. They originally launched as a daily fantasy sports (DFS) company a decade ago, and when online betting launched in 2018, they quickly decided to get into the sports betting and online casino game. Theyre now live in 10-plus states, including New York as of last Saturday.

The DraftKings offer is essentially the same as FanDuels except just even better value. They upped the game to give out 56/1 odds on any team this weekend, and you can still get it on that low $5 bet. Considering the Chiefs are nearly two-touchdown favorites over the Steelers this evening, getting them as such a massive dog seems pretty great!

As mentioned above, more sportsbooks are coming in New York. Given the importance of odds and line shopping, plus the generous promotions being given out by these books, its wise to add as many as you can.

BetMGM will be next in the game, launching tomorrow. PointsBet is also looking at a very near launch, with the other three coming sometime in 2022.

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All 4 New York Sports Betting Promos for the NFL Sunday Playoffs - The Action Network

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The 11 Best Gambling Sites: Best Real Money Casinos Online in the USA for 2022 – Detroit Metro Times

Posted: January 9, 2022 at 4:49 pm

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The 11 Best Gambling Sites: Best Real Money Casinos Online in the USA for 2022 - Detroit Metro Times

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Casinos and Gaming in the USA: The Success of Mainstream and Online Casino Games – Easy Reader

Posted: January 7, 2022 at 4:55 am

Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash

In the United States, as well as internationally, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the gambling industry in a major way. Casinos, lottery outlets, and gambling venues had to close, and sporting events for which betting systems were in place had to be suspended.

Because of this, there has been a shift from offline to online gambling activities. The closure of many gambling establishments prompted several operators to move to the digital realm. The expansion of online gambling, and the move of bingo operators to the internet, has had a positive impact on the market.

Among U.S. markets for regulated online gambling, New Jersey is the largest. In the online gambling and poker industry, more than 12 legal and licensed sites compete for an annual market worth over USD 225 million. As well as this, sportsbooks and online sports betting apps are available in the state.

Increasing COVID-19 regulations will boost the number of people playing online casino games in the country, which in turn could increase revenue streams for the online gambling market. Several companies are forming partnerships in anticipation of the launch of online gambling to provide consumers with a better experience when playing online casinos.

To increase accessibility and convenience for users, online gambling companies are developing mobile platforms for their games to take advantage of the increased use of apps and social gambling. Furthermore, mobile gambling offers many benefits, including multiple ways to make a deposit, opportunities to join loyalty programs, and to play with anyone anywhere in the world.

Why is the trend of online casinos increasing?

An estimated 10 million Americans gamble regularly at online casinos, and these numbers are on the rise each year. In short, Americans love online casinos. But why are these video-based, live blackjack and roulette table games so entrancing?

If it wasnt obvious enough already, gambling online is convenient. You can do it from the comfort of your own home, or on your smartphone as you go through your daily routine. Additionally, there are hundreds of games from a variety of providers, while traditional casinos offer no more than a dozen options at the most.

Mobile sports betting is legal in states such as New Jersey, Indiana, and New York. Other states might allow mobile sports betting in the near future.

The state legislature has vehemently opposed efforts to legalize online sports betting and casino gaming, however, casinos in states where mobile betting is permitted see massive traffic as a result. In other states, such activities are in the process of being legalized or are still being debated upon. That alone is a clear indication that the online gaming landscape is changing. Most players outside of the United States play at offshore casinos

Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

What are companies in pursuit of?

There are both regional and global players in the United States gambling market. As players expand their presence in the country, they are focusing on mergers and acquisitions to develop their brand portfolios and cater to the varied preferences of consumers. In addition to increasing R&D investments to develop user-friendly online gaming, companies are also making more acquisitions to expand their presence and expand.

Why do Americans prefer online casinos?

The American gambling industry is extremely popular, which explains the long-standing demand for wagering. It is for this reason that Las Vegas and its casinos are so infused with American pop culture.


The RTP percentage plays a key role in winning. RTP stands for Return To Player, or in other words, the average payout percentage to each player.

This is essentially the house edge. The RTP of a game cant be calculated from the game alone, unlike a card game or roulette. Slot machines use an RNG (Random Number Generator) to determine the combinations of symbols players hit. Within pre-programmed limits, providers can change this figure according to their needs.

RTP is transparent in online casinos. Most of the games have a 99% RTP. Therefore, the house edge is only 1%. No matter where you play, this number remains the same.

High winnings

As a result of the reasons mentioned above, online casinos offer higher and more frequent payouts. One reason is the higher RTP. That means you have a greater chance of winning after every spin.

Additionally, there is a progressive jackpot. It earned its name as players can win more and more as the game carries on. With millions of players playing the game at once, the game and winnings can grow exponentially.

Better odds

Many U.S. states have been able to offer better sports betting lines and better odds for a while now. The number of sportsbooks on the market has increased competition, resulting in several games of online slots real money.

Each sportsbook strives to attract new customers while maintaining its current customer base. A sure way for bookmakers to gain an advantage is to improve their lines.

These sites will be taking steps to attract new players into the industry now that many states have legalized sports betting. Moreover, they offer a betting guide to help their clients make better decisions.


Casinos and Gaming in the USA: The Success of Mainstream and Online Casino Games - Easy Reader

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What’s Coming in 2022 For Pennsylvania Casinos and Sports Betting – Play Pennsylvania

Posted: at 4:55 am

Whats next for Pennsylvania casinos, sports betting and online gambling? A wise person and many fortune cookies said, before you move forward you have to look back.

Before we turn over the mic to industry leaders to get their insights on what they are excited about for 2022, lets rewind.

(Figures c/o the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board)

2021 showed the resiliency and optimism of the Pennsylvania gambling industry. COVID-19 shut down brick-and-mortar casinos from March 2020 to June 2020 and Rivers Casino Philadelphia closed for a few weeks in December due to cases surging. Despite the shutdowns, added restrictions and construction disruptions companies eventually forged ahead with their plans to add more Pennsylvania casinos.

In Feb. 2021, the Cordish Companies opened the $700 million Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia in the heart of the South Philadelphia Stadium District. It became the second casino in the city of Philadelphia and the first with a hotel.

Penn National Gaming made its moves with mini-casinos in the latter half of 2021. Hollywood Casino York opened in August 2021 with the first Barstool Sportsbook on the East Coast. In late December, Hollywood Casino Morgantown opened. The mini-casino is visible from the Pennsylvania Turnpike and also has a Barstool Sportsbook but its a different style (more sports bar) than the one at Hollywood York. Both of the mini-casinos are the first Penn National properties to offer 3Cs technology (cardless, cashless contactless). And, yes, you can still use cash at all PNG casinos.

(December 2021 figures yet to be reported)

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Director of Communication Doug Harbach commented on 2021:

2021 proved both challenging and rewarding for the PGCB and the operators of gaming in the Commonwealth. The PGCB not only carried out its long-time mission of oversight of the casino industry in the midst of ongoing pandemic safety measures, but continued the roll-out of the new forms of gaming envisioned several years ago in the Gaming Expansion Act.

In particular, three new casinos, all with retail sportsbooks, began operation in 2021 along with seven new casino iGaming or sports wagering sites, and 20 new locations for Video Gaming Terminals at truck stops. When revenue figures for December are available, it is expected that 2021 will have seen over $4.7 billion in revenue from the games overseen by the PGCB, or around 40% above the previous high revenue year.

We asked those in the industry what they are excited about for 2022 (and beyond).

Dan Bravato, President at SeventySix Capital Sports Advisory:

I am most excited about the accelerated convergence of the sports and iGaming worlds. Prior to 2018, as an executive in the sports world, it was taboo to even discuss the word betting, but in 2021, SeventySix Capital Sports Advisory is now advising professional teams on their sports betting strategies and helping them gain market access in new states/provinces.

It is incredible to see how quickly these two industries merged and will continue to integrate through betting-focused broadcasts such as NBABet Stream, sports leagues creating betting specific events (i.e. NASCARs Busch Light Clash at the L.A. Coliseum), and even the creation of new leagues or events built around the consumer betting experience (such as Magic City Jai Alai x Bet Rivers). I firmly believe that these examples are only the tip of the iceberg and there are many more ways in which traditional sports and iGaming will converge that we cannot even conceive of today. I am very excited to see where the crossover goes in 2022 and beyond!

Jennifer Carleton, Chief Legal Officer at Sightline Payments:

In 2016, I was asked what I thought was the future of gaming. My answer was payments and sports betting. Now that in-person sports are back in the United States, people are eager to not only go to a game but to bet on it. Im thrilled that States have been given the opportunity to decide how to allow sports betting. Legalized sports betting can only enhance player protection, where people have the confidence that they are with a reliable, safe and authorized operator.

The pandemic accelerated the growth of gaming in a number of ways, but none more so than payments. Online gaming operators have always relied on licensed payments providers for seamless access to player funds. Now, those same payments businesses are providing cashless solutions for gaming at slots, tables and sports books in addition to mobile and online wagering. I cant wait for the day when there are more touchless machines than bill acceptors on the casino floor and fans can bet on a game from their edge of their stadium seat.

Alex Kane, CEO and Founder of Sporttrade:

As the industry of sports betting and iGaming continues to evolve, I am most looking forward to the introduction of innovative products that focus on appealing to a more diverse and underserved audience. Most online wagering platforms available today are more of the same with similar structures, offerings and promotions that are designed for an obvious demographic.

In the coming years, I believe we will begin to see a wave of differentiated platforms for customers to choose from, such as exchange wagering, which will be poised to enter the market in 2022 through Sporttrade. In addition, In-play betting will continue to be at the forefront of innovation and growth to the industry, creating an environment for bettors to enjoy a more immersive experience wagering.

The launch of applications such as Sporttrade, will appeal to a broader audience of current and potential customers allowing for an inclusive and unique experience trading sports in real time.

Matt Stallknecht, Senior Manager of Sports Betting at NASCAR:

The biggest thing I look forward to is seeing how leagues will continue to evolve their approach to the partnership side of the sports betting discipline. At NASCAR, we are working hand-in-hand with the operators and data suppliers that we are partnered with to maximize engagement around NASCAR betting whether that be through creating new bet-types, amplifying engaging bet-types on our platforms, or creating compelling betting content. Leagues like us have a massive opportunity to increase fan engagement through sports betting but that will only happen if we work directly with operators to improve the quality and reach of their NASCAR betting offerings. Im intrigued to see how other leagues approach this evolving aspect of the NASCAR/operator relationship. I believe itll be a critical element for success in the new year and beyond as more and more states come online.

Valerie Cross, content manager for PlayPennsylvania and PlayNJ was also the former associate editor of PokerNews. She gave her thoughts on whats happening (or not) for online poker:

Poker remains a very small part of the overall iGaming revenue picture for operators and tax dollars, held back by the inability for players in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania to compete against those in other legal online poker states. But that could be changing soon.

A January 2021 decision by the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against a 2018 reinterpretation of the Wire Act by the Department of Justice (DOJ). The 2018 Opinion claimed that the Wire Act applied to all forms of iGaming (including online lottery and online poker) rather than just to sports betting. The window for the DOJ to appeal that ruling closed on June 21 and 26 state Attorneys General signed a letter urging the DOJ to put the issue to bed.

Michigan is actively pursuing joining the interstate poker compact that Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware already have in place. Adding large population states like MI and PA to the fold would not only nearly triple the player pool, but could also accelerate other interstate iGaming features like shared progressive jackpots and live dealer games in more states. It could also entice more states to join in and pass online poker and iGaming legislation down the road.

In the short term though, if MI and PA get on board with shared liquidity, tournament prize pools and cash games for legal online poker will begin to reach heights unseen since the days before the DOJ shut down the poker train on Black Friday in 2011.

Katie Kohler is the Managing Editor at PlayPennsylvania. Whats next? Its my favorite question. Here, Im going to tell you what Im watching and waiting for in 2022.

On Jan. 3, Rivers Casino Philadelphia and Live! Casino Philadelphia followed the City of Philadelphias vaccine mandate and require proof of vaccine and valid photo for entry. Harrahs Philadelphia (no vaccine mandate) is 13 miles from Live and 19 miles from Rivers. Parx, which is non-smoking and does not have a vaccine mandate is 16 miles from Rivers Philadelphia and about 22 miles from Live! Philadelphia. Of course, gamblers who want to stay overnight at a hotel (and possibly smoke while they play) can choose to go to Atlantic City. How will this play out over the next few months? The revenue figures wont lie.

Bankroll Club, which is being billed as the sports betting parlor of the future plans to open in Philadelphia in the former spot of the Boyd Theater with a Stephen Starr restaurant. PlayPennsylvania exclusively reported the Philadelphia location of the Barstool Sports bar.

Over the summer, I was having dinner at Council Oak in Atlantic City. A guy at the table next to me kept sneaking peeks at his FanDuel app. At a local sports bar during a college football Saturday, Just Friends was on multiple TVs instead of games. I cant wait for Barstool Philadelphia and Bankroll to open. Especially Bankroll since Stephen Starr is running the restaurant.

A Greenwood Gaming-owned Parx mini-casino is opening in Shippensburg in 2022. The $120 million Ballys mini-casino is going up at Nittany Mall near State College.

Since September, PA sports betting and iGaming revenue numbers have broken or flirted with breaking monthly records. Which month will be higher? January (NFL playoff games and CFB playoffs) or February (Super Bowl)?

Do sports betting apps get more competitive with pricing on lines or is PAs high taxes too restrictive? How fast/adaptive is your in-game product? Instead of only bonuses and offers to new customers at online casinos (and sportsbooks), how about some incentives for existing customers?

During the holidays, Hollywood Casino Morgantown set up a promotional area at King of Prussia mall which is less than two miles from Valley Forge Casino because all is fair in love, war and the battle for gambling revenue share. While Hollywood Casino Morgantown is a mini-casino it has a larger gaming floor (80,000 sq. ft.) than Valley Forge Casino (40,000 sq. ft). The casinos are about a half-hour ride on the PA Turnpike apart. In November 2021, Valley Forge saw its slot revenue jump 76.5% and table games revenue fell 5% YoY.

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‘Rise in online gambling is putting more at risk’ | MHT – Mental Health Today

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Analysis of data from the Gambling Commission estimates that 624,377 more over-65s are gambling online at least once a month, up from 8.7% in 2019 to 13.5% in 2021.

The shift to gambling online is following technological and high-street trends as well as being accelerated by shop closures throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with the proportion of in-person gambling falling since the pandemic from 20-16% for over-65-year-olds, and 23-17% for 45-54-year-olds.

Experts at the Royal College of Psychiatrists have warned that due to its 24/7 availability, and because this shift is happening during a period of particular economic unpredictability, the risks associated with this form of gambling have the potential to be far higher.

Professor Henrietta Bowden Jones OBE, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: The pandemic has shaken our lives in so many ways, and these data show that many more older people are gambling online than were before the start of the pandemic.

Gambling disorder is a repeated pattern of behaviour where an individual loses control of the interest, despite the associated adverse financial consequences and related mental health issues.

Owen, 38, who battled gambling disorder for over 16 years and is now 4 years in recovery, commented on his experience:

Over the last few years, the condition is increasingly being better recognised in parity with similar addictions, such as drugs and alcohol, reflected in 2019 by the NHS, who included gambling disorder treatment in its Long-term Plan programme and by a number of organisations, which are beginning to tailor treatment and resources to better meet the needs of individuals with the condition.

The figures showing a spike in online gambling come after the Royal College of Psychiatrists published a new online information resource for people who may be concerned about their gambling or the gambling habits of a friend or family member. This resource includes a questionnaire for people who feel they may have lost control of their gambling and advises people scoring four or more to speak to their GP or a gambling treatment provider.

For support and free treatment in dealing with gambling problems, you can call GamCare for FREE on 0808 8020 133.

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Mississippi Makes the Fourth Attempt to Legalize Online Sports Betting –

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Mississippi goes on its fourth run to try and legalize online sports betting after it came close to finalizing the process at the end of 2021. This time, the effort is led by Cedric Burnett, who introduced House Bill 184 on January 4.

The new House Bill proposed by representative Burnett aims to change the Mississippi code and thus, allow online platforms to accept sports bets. Land-based facilities that hold sports betting licenses may be given the green light to offer online sports betting services.

One alternative course of action proposes that an online betting operator may accept bets on behalf of the land-based licensed operator. The only thing that wasnt covered in House Bill 184 is the limit on the operators that a licensee can team up with, however, the general guide hints out to just one.

This is not the first time Burnett has made an effort to legalize online sports betting. That dates back to 2019 when he introduced House Bill 1481, which did not see the light of the day. Burnett introduced House Bill 172 in 2020, but the bill suffered the same fate as House Bill 1481.

The third effort to legalize online betting in Mississippi was made by Senator Scot DeLane, who sought out to legalize both online and mobile sports betting. But the bill did not receive a hearing in the committee and suffered the same fate as the previous two.

The gaming commission in Mississippi will be vital to the newly proposed bill on online sports betting as it would have to approve all operators that team up with licensees and thus, receive a distributor and manufacturer license.

Of course, operators that offer online sports betting services will be subject to taxes. The revenue from these activities will be taxed as all other gaming entities in the state. That includes 4% tax for gross revenue of up to $50,000, 6% tax if the revenue is between $50,000 and $134,000 and 8% for operators that have monthly gross revenue that exceeds $134,000.

Back in November, there were some rumors that mobile sports betting was coming to Mississippi in 2022. The chairman of the Gambling Committee, Casey Eure, stated that he hopes to introduce a bill before the start of 2022. He also added that he intends to make sure that brick-and-mortar facilities are protected and do not suffer any revenue losses. Two MGM Resort casinos even applied for a mobile license during the same period.

As for House Bill 184, it has been referred to the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Gaming Committee.

Online sports betting has caused havoc in this state, even though Mississippi was among the first US states to legalize land-based sports betting in 2018 after the US Supreme Court ruled that PASPA is unconstitutional.

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Mississippi Makes the Fourth Attempt to Legalize Online Sports Betting -

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