The Anatomy of Satanism in Hollywood – James True

Posted: October 7, 2021 at 3:56 pm

I must admit I did not see this articles title coming. But lately, Hollywood has been burning and satanists are running out from the flames with their arms (and pants) on fire. It appears that most of them are pedophiles and they are offended that anyone dares to critique them. When I see this happening, I struggle for the will to run for the water bucket. I am not sure if this action would be moral or even sympathetic. I had to invest some time looking into the anatomy of Satanism.

Satanists wear tennis shoes, do yoga and have children. They hold jobs, they can get fired, they adopt children and animals. They have ethics, follow a code, and will pick up garbage instead of complaining about it. It is a living religion for a large group of people. The modern day satanist is a practitioner of will. At its core, Satanism is founded on the principal of Thelema.

A satanist calls on will through ritual. The satanic circle is a living theater for casting. The director builds a scene with props and acts outafantasy. The fantasy is the will window-shopping. The success of the ritual is determined by the live performance of the director. Once the curtain rises, the show must go on. A satanist takes this ritual very seriously. They say their life depends on it. The satanic ritual produces results. If it did not, there would be no Hollywood.

As above so below is a principle of music. Plucking a string produces a tone. Halving the string will give you its next octave. When two octaves are played together, a third octave is created through resonance. This is the harmonic principle and it is a fundamental of nature. A satanic ritual is the playing of two notes or tones to produce the third sympathetically. The first tone is played in the will or mind of the magician. The second tone is played out in the ritual circle. The third tone is manifested through resonance. As above, so below. The perfection of the mind and the stage determines the quality of the third tone.

Hollywood is an industry built on resonance. Hollywood is not just movies. Hollywood is any lens influencing America. It is a curated perspective with a script. Its only measure of success is the amount of attention it bleeds out of you. Its profits,integrity, or sense of communityare meaningless. This is why CNN is the number one name in news.Hollywood is the ritual of the siren on a lighthouse. It will take any ship commanded by anycaptain.It has no desireto checkcharacter. It simply wants the flesh.

For decades, America painted a picture of gold in the hills. Movies painted a picture of a fame-based salvation. Billy Normal was young and free. Leaving a small town in Ohioon the morningbefore his high school graduation. Saddled in a Japanese sedan, he headed west to be a big star. Billy was going to be somebody. He listened toa fantasy as it rolled out of his lips, My name is Wiley Cooper. No. Waylon Cooper. Billy Cooper. He would decideafter lunch in St Louis.

This is dissociation and it is the first step into the Hollywood ritual. The cure detaches from the body and forms a tight white bubble. This is Billy Normals secret center. The outside world does not come here. This ishisreality. But Hollywood only wantshis illusion. Billy is driving west, into the sunset. He is on agasolinedeath march. This is the first level in the ritual. Billys name is his first sacrifice.

The satanic ritual requires a circle, it requires a sacrifice, and it requires a resonator. The quality and weight of the sacrifice determines the power of the ritual. Satanism is the direction and application of the will into the aether. The aether is the collected psychic energy of mankind. Mans will is fueled directly by the bloods own juices. Adrenaline actsas a slingshot for this process. It creates a laser focusa mother could use to pick up a Buick. Love, anger, hope, are all colors of will infused in the blood through our thoughts. The practice of satanism is the honing of will.

Hollywood is not infected with pedophilia. It is a necessary function of its existence. There can be no Hollywood without it. To rape/molest a child is the ultimate self-sacrifice. There is no human that could come dwell in their own heart after doing that to children. Pedophilia is a death ritual. We are so disgusted/angry at what is happening, we may not see the satanic mechanism and understand why it works this way. Why this is its nature. I want you to know this so you wont try to fix it.

Hollywood cannot be fixed. It is far from broken.

Why does adrenochrome work? It is a spell of blood over intent. To understand how this works, I need you to do the impossible and forget about the victim while i explain it. I need you to instead go inside the mind of someone about to cut open someones arteries. The witch said, With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain. The left hand is closer to the heart. The heart is a crucible of creation. We hope. We act. We think. We do. When the mind has a goal. It needs a hearts energy to fulfill it. Our will is adrenalin with intention.

After Billy arrives in Hollywood, he descends through more elaborate rituals of sacrifice. Changinghis namewas the first level. Easy enough. Next comes an audition with no pants on. Then, some awkward touching that was nothing to worry about. Each one a ritual with more of a sacrifice. Each time, there is a peeling of ones skin as an offering. Soon, Billy arrives empty-handed at the next ritual. Hes bled himself out and they wont take his bones. He needs the blood of another. He needs this town to need him.

The adrenalin that flows inside us is manna. Liquid intent made from a clean heart and mind is the most valuable resource on the planet. Our essence and life-force holds a power thats been hidden from us for a reason.These secrets have been known for a long, long time. Adrenalin is the cure for everything. We have lost the knowledge to focus it. Hollywoodsatanists have stolen these secrets and trapped them inside an industry. Why would a human murder a child? The answer is to stop being a human. Pedophilia is the fourth level. Rejection of our humanity. It easy to do after a few grunts from Harvey Weinstein in a bathrobe. Each time, more of the skin is required. Each time, less adrenaline is produced. Each time, the desperation increases.

When you arrive at level Epstein, you aregambling withcenturies of karma. Epstein and Clinton are high-stakes satanists. They fit the working definition of demon, psychopathy possessing a human body. Bill Clinton, the human, was evacuated a long time ago. This is why Hollywood is perfect. A golden industry created decades ago by a cartel of psychotic bankers. When money is meaningless, you trade in the fetish of adrenaline. Weinstein is a high cardinal. Sarah K Silverman a low altar girl. Pedowood thinks pedophilia is funny because they have turned into hyenas.They chew on innocent flesh hoping to remember what it tastes like.

Pedowood is intentional. Consider the Dan Harmon video:1.) Pedophilia Dream2.) Character wakes, claims himself to be Dan3.) Character then goes home and performs torture ritual on 2 kids.4.) Child drowning.5.) Parent feeds child feces.6.) Character stabs child.

Hollywood and MSM broadcasts are satanic rituals of lights and camera. The big screen is a spell to give you the impression this is all talent. But talent is a contract, a contract is awarded for a service of being an accomplice. This is consent extraction.

Satanism/Hollywood/MSM are selling the idea that consent is a form of ethics. Notice consent is acquired externally, from a populace. Morality is internal. It keeps you up at night. The Hollywood ritual is turning your insides off. It wants you to follow their own shiny gold compass.

Most of the left is a cult for the same reasons. One side of a persons psyche has been suppressed, shamed and destroyed. They have a gagged morality and distrust the intuition. We are told its evil, racist, sexist, xenophobic. This dethrones morality replacing it with consent.

This is why MSM says such ridiculous things. This is why POTUS is so antithetical to Hollywood. This is why YOU are so dangerous awakened. You trust your own morality. You listen to the compass in your spine. A cult is the cancer of the self-abandoned.

Society hides your true power behind words like placebo. We are men pretending to be sheep. There is a blueprint for mind control and Hollywood is using it. Progressivism is the sinister ritual of dipping chains in gold and selling it as privilege.

When you accept your privilege, you tell a lie in public. This lie is outwardly rewarded with virtue. This makes the outside a happy place and the inside a sad place. Repetition is the key to mind control. A thousand tiny lies rewarded with a thousand chants of Youre so progressive. We naturally drift where its comfortable. Outside is good, inside is bad.

When you see someone in the lefts bubble, they are enslaved by their own empathy and held down by shame. This is why the left has such vitriol. Its not that you are simply problematic. To them, you have committed heresy by consulting your own conscience.

In satanism, mind control is acceptable after consent. This results in consent being extracted sinisterly. Sinister in the way you might take a dog to the vet. A satanist will say man is god of his own world and accountable for all of his decisions. In this reasoning, consent trumps morality. Group mkultra.

Children are the new frontier of consent extraction for pedophilia. A cult rewards itself for progressively honoring the sentience of their children. This line of thinking is both twisted AND consistent. The moral intuition has been gagged as evil. What remains is psychopathy posing as reason.

Relativism is a philosophy that tries to turn morality into a consent-based system of ethics. It creates a fetish of the reason, placing it on a pedestal where anything is possible, no matter how depraved. Notice how morality is replaced with relativism in the 11 satanic rules. (Comments in blue.) When you create a consent-based ethic, it requires an external point of reference. This pulls the ear away from its own heart placing it outside in the matrix of acceptable opinion. This process guts you like a fish.

The laws of consent grant the satanist a passon any behavior. How easy would it be under this system to: give a blowjob for a contract; to prostitute yourself for money and call yourself a virgin; To exploit a minor because they werent crying loud enough for you to hear them? Satanism is a trance on our morality. It turns it into the scapegoat and makes reason its golden child. The same repeated system of triangulation.

When you practice a satanic spell, you perform a precise ritual with your body, props, and speech. If you do this correctly, you are rewarded. When actors are on camera, they perform a precise ritual with their body, props, and speech. If they do it correctly, they are rewarded.

The Hollywood Camera is the All-Seeing-Eye. The lucky sacrifice is the actor who shows the most devotion. Their devotion is proven through acts of depravity and self blackmail. Our silver for their filmed ritual makes us an unknowing accomplice.

A few days ago, the media was available to film a protestor who dressed up like a city worker toDestroy Donald Trumps Hollywood Star. He was using a sledgehammer and a pickaxe. His costume is not a coincidence. The town of Hollywood smashing its own pentagram with the very weapons of communism.

Trump is truth coming for Hollywood. This truth is light. You cant smash light. You cant smear it, label it, or get angry at it. The light will always be on. All you can do is try and block it from others. You can build a false ceiling and gather everyone underneath it. At least for a while.

Satanism is a keeper of light. Satanism, communism, progressivism and scientism are all light-hijackers. Relativists. If you darken the world, your torch becomes a sun. Apollo can ration his photons through his own lying shadow. Till he falls. Like he always does.

Lies are shadows covering our religion and history. The walls of our mind are smeared and our vision has been clouded. Many have grown accustomed to the blur. Some still prefer it. Like music, truth is a harmonic. When integrity is tuned, the truth is resonated all around us.

We want to know what makes them attracted to children? These people have a fetish for innocence. They know their own is gone forever. They traded it on the open market. The only way they can get closer to it is by making you an accomplice. They are more than sick. They are walking dead.Hard decisions have to be made. A pedophile is no longer human. My ethics insist I say that dehumanizing someone is a farce in the light of criminal justice. But this is not for justice. This is for mercy. We must end the suffering of what used to be human a long time ago.Pedophilia is like leprosy, not alcoholism. There is no way to change someone who dehumanizes a child by turning them into a consenting adult.

Heres a pro-consent pedophile advocate. Note the lack of shame. See how his reasoning gags his morality? He is highly-functional and dangerous. All he needs is consent from the child. He is the only judge of when consent has been given. This is worse than rape. He requires his own victim to justify his behavior.

Pedophilia will not die naturally. A pedophile must taste innocence to feel life. The brain is wired into the dopamine. Pedophiles are survivors who didnt make it. It would take another lifetime to fix them. Amputation is mercy. We cant pretend this is treatable by medication or a weekend in the desert.

We worshipped the all-seeing-eye of the camera. Our phones, our homes, our concerts and our movie theaters are an electric church. We are baptized in shiny shimmering illusion.People worship it. They sacrifice children to it. The clergy treat it with impeccable reverence. Who is the eye behind the lens? Why do we feed it with the eyes of our children?

Aztec culture has a bloody history of human sacrifice. We are bewildered at the very thought of it being real. We call those people animals and bury them deep down in history. We rest easy knowing how evolved weve become. We insist something so savage could never happen to us here today. After all, we have our airplanes. We have our crosswalks. We go to movies. Impossible.

A spell enchants its subscriber. It casts a bubble of paralysis around the prey. It captivates the mind, subduing it with sound and picture. It extracts our attention, converting it to fame, and reselling it to us like nectar in 90 minutes. Victims are so blind to it they will buy their own ticket. Or pay a monthly fee.

If youve ever doubted the power of magic thats a sure sign that its working. The sleeping will be the first to declare themselves woke. Listen carefully. You, me, none of us are woke. We are awakening. Remember how easy it is to fall under the spell. We are the Aztecs. This is what its like to live in a human sacrifice culture.

My intentions from this article are to kill the Hollywood spell of camera. Awareness is my staff of light and I strike it deep into the earth from the top of my mountain. Let it be known so it may be exposed.Fame is the bondage of the Golden Child. Shameis the abuse of the Scapegoat. We are in triangulation with a psychotic media cartel. This is corporate mind control boiled in the marrow of satanism.

Mirrors on the ceiling,The pink champagne on iceAnd she said We are all just prisoners here, of our own deviceAnd in the masters chambers,They gathered for the feastThey stab it with their steely knives,But they just cant kill the beast

Last thing I remember, I wasRunning for the doorI had to find the passage backTo the place I was beforeRelax, said the night man,We are programmed to receive.You can check-out any time you like,But you can never leave.

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