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Posted: June 29, 2022 at 12:47 am

People of the northeastern regions of Bangladeshhave been affected by the worst flood in recent memory. To help people in distress, influencer Firoz Hasan of Free Motion has taken a personal initiative to stand by the flood victims of Sylhet and Sunamganj. Firoz Hasan is a well-known face on social media with a large fan following on Facebook and YouTube. Initially known for his travel videos, he is now known more for his humanitarian videos posted in his page, Free Motion.

"I am trying to give all kinds of food assistance, including dry food and rice and pulses," said Firoz Hasan. "I will stand by the people of remote areas from Sylhet, where relief may not have yet arrived," Hasan further added.

Early in his role as a social media influencer, Firoz Hasan solely created travel content, which became immensely popular. While creating his videos, he met people in distress and felt that the plight of these people should be highlighted. At one point, he thought of creating content on these helpless people and uploadingthem on social media, so that many more would be inspired.

With that in mind, since February 2022 he started uploading humanitarian scenes on social media. His videos show the lives of the disadvantaged people, and help them in various ways. This has inspired innumerable young people in this country who are working in silence with the conviction of building a better society. They carry on with these initiatives not because of self-promotion, but to attain self-satisfaction.

Firoz Hasan, however, mention with grief that even in this time of distress, people are being cheated. He said that some dishonest people are using his identity and the name of his Facebook page, Free Motion, to take donations from the common people.

"There are many who are deceiving people with fake IDs by introducing themselves as Firoz Hasan, which is very sad. This is by far the most embarrassing situation for me" he said. Hasan made a wholehearted request to all his followers to be cautious and avoid these people completely.

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Firoz Hasan of Free Motion stands by flood affected Sylhet and Sunamganj - The Daily Star

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