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Posted: January 9, 2022 at 4:40 pm

Now is the time to remove our politicians penchant for insincerity from the resource control controversy. Because this is the time to begin again; time to review the 1999 Constitution in order that Nigeria may survive.

Unknown to many, possibly owing to ignorance, carelessness or perversity, the 1999 Constitution is a unitary document rather than a federal constitution. In fact, the people didnt realise the enormity of atrocity committed against federalism until the advent of the Buhari nepotism.

Even then with other regions such as South West, South East and North Central where rivers are rampant, offshore resources are placed under the Federal Government without qualms. It is noteworthy that this matter was laid to rest in 2002 with the landmark Supreme Court case between the Federal Attorney General and the Attorney General of Abia State and 35 others.The court reaffirmed federal control over the resources of the states offshore and the adjacent continental shelf on Nigerias coast. That the Supreme Court reaffirmed the anti-federalism of the 1999 Constitution never prompted the federalists to amend the Constitution. As long as graft in dollars is rolling into bank accounts of our governors and legislators, federalism can go to blazes. That federalism has not been reinstated as Nigerias accepted form of government is proof of insincerity by our politicians. And when you practice insincerity as a habit; it gradually becomes ingrained in you. You no longer recognise you are being insincere to yourself as you are doing to others. Which is why our political office holders are not ashamed of not delivering their promises to the people.

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Time to remove insincerity from resource control Opinion - Guardian

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