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Posted: August 2, 2021 at 1:29 am

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Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies says the Welsh media is in hock to the nationalist agenda.

He accuses BBC Wales and nationalist news sites of trying to push a narrative that he says will lead to the demise of Britain.

Andrew RT Davies also questions the Unionist credentials of First Minister Mark Drakeford and criticises Welsh Labour for promoting politically extreme ideas on federalism.

He makes the claims in an article for Mail+ saying: Who needs nationalist opponents like Plaid Cymru when you have so-called Unionist friends like Welsh Labour?

But we shouldnt be surprised that the media here are in hock to the nationalist agenda that amplifies the so-called inevitable end of the Union: not only do many of them harbour the same opinions, but they rely on that agenda for their own existence.

Without the constant reporting by BBC Wales and taxpayer-funded nationalist news sites about Wales being so different, it would leave them rudderless and without purpose.


His comments are published by a Daily Mail media group which was last week found to be the most read news outlet in Wales, with print and online stories viewed by 18% of the population. The Daily Mail was followed by the Guardian (17%), The Sun (13%) and the Western Mail (9%).

Andrew RT Davies also blasts Welsh Labour for publishing the Reforming our Union report on federalism just three months after the Senedd election.

He writes: This is whats in store for us in the Senedd over the next five years: listening to Labour ministers regurgitate historically ignorant, politically extreme ideas and a demonstrably poor understanding of sovereignty in Britain as they call for a federalist system that will only serve to worsen, not solve, the issues present in Wales.

He describes Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford as being troublingly close to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and questions the Welsh Labour leaders claims of being a Unionist.

He says that nationalists in Wales and Scotland are trying to centrally hoard powers, in a way the Conservative Government in Westminster has been keen to avoid.

The Institute of Economic Affairs, a right-wing think tank, described Britain in 2019 as being one of the most centralised countries in the world.

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Andrew RT Davies accuses media in Wales of having a 'nationalist agenda' - Nation.Cymru

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