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Posted: November 25, 2021 at 12:24 pm

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial centered around self-defense and gun rights was one of the most discussed cases in the USA. But dont move on yet, it is very relevant to India as it is the biggest expose yet of how a global nexus of big tech, fact checkers, activists and media will go to ANY extent to further the liberal political agenda. First let us see what the case was about.

Just before US elections, cities after cities were burning in riots in America over the issue of racism, mainly alleged police brutality towards black people. A similar incident took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which led to calls of protests, which as a rule turned violent. Some local people took to the streets in counter protests to save local businesses by dousing fires. They were legally armed. 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse was one among them.

To cut the long story short, he got separated from the main group, got into a confrontation with rioters and ended up shooting three people, two fatally. He was quickly termed a white supremacist terrorist and arrested. He was subsequently cleared of any criminal acts by a Court in Wisconsin last week and is now a free man.

Now let us see how a case of self-defense was turned into a case of racism, white supremacy, illegal weapons, gun control, domestic terrorism and everything else. This is what Americans have been hearing about Kyle nonstop from liberal US media.

It is only a short clip but the same talking points, now proven false, were repeated over and over again by liberal US media. This was then amplified by American versions of Dhruv Rathees, Vir Das type comedians, Swara Bhaskers, Islamists, professional feminists, professional LGBT activists, propped up student leaders, you name it.

Here are six demonstrably false claims that liberal US media peddled but turned out to be false:

Rittenhouse crossed state boundary with a weaponTruth: He did not, the gun was kept in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse hadno right to possess the weaponTruth: It was perfectly legal under Wisconsin law, the charge was dismissed by the Judge.

Rittenhouse went to a city he had no business withTruth: His father lives in Kenosha and Kyle worked and occasionally stayed there.

Rittenhouse shot BLM protesters out of racist motivesTruth: Every person he shot was white and had a criminal record. One of them was a convicted pedophile.

Rittenhouse shot to killTruth: He shot in self-defense and he was acquitted by court. All of this is on video.

As per toolkit, fact checkers, who fact-check memes often, only spread more lies in defense of the riots. As per toolkit, social media censored news and blocked anyone who dared to disagree with the liberal ecosystem, even if it meant more riots and bloodshed. People were censored on Twitter for merely saying Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.

GoFundMe had banned Rittenhouse from holding fundraisers to fund his defense in Court. While the platform claimed that it was because the teenager was accused of a violent crime, the excuse does not ring true as multiple Antifa rioters have successfully raised funds through the platform.

Facebook manipulated its search engine so that people could not even find relevant search results when they looked for Kyle Rittenhouse on the platform. In the aftermath of the incident, Facebook had said, Weve designated the shooting in Kenosha a mass murder and are removing posts in support of the shooter. One can see how dangerous this is. Facebook labeled a teenager a mass murderer before he was even tried in Court and without any evidence at all.

You can see the parallels of all of this in India, be it Shaheen Bagh, Delhi Riots, Hathras, Farmers protest etc. How facts and truth can be totally twisted to influence and instigate sections of population with the explicit objective of furthering liberal political goals.

How fact checkers act as enablers of fake news and create facts as needed. How random individuals are propped up as heroes and anyone speaking the truth is vilified and suppressed. How an entire global ecosystem starts a tune in chorus as if it is part of a fine tuned orchestra. Why we need courts that work, work on actual cases and not moralizing and in a timely manner.

More importantly, this tells us what is in store for 2024 general elections in India and that we should prepare mentally and materially to defeat subversion of our democracy by global leftist neo-liberal imperialists.

The rest is here:

The Big Tech propaganda on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Why India should be wary of social media giants furthering liberal agenda - OpIndia

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