Biden’s nominees show embrace of progressive views of Big Tech – Roll Call

Posted: October 13, 2021 at 7:31 pm

I think a lot of people across the country saw candidate Biden as a centrist moderate, said Carl Szabo, vice president of NetChoice, a coalition with members including Facebook, Google and Amazon. And it turns out that he is definitely interested in advancing left-wing and progressive politics at all levels of the government, including at the antitrust level.

A flyer circulated by NetChoice in Congress last week urged senators to oppose Kanters nomination, accusing the Biden administration of trying to con Republicans into supporting a progressive advocate, NOT an impartial enforcer who would use antitrust enforcement to circumvent Congress to advance progressive policies.

Equally caught off guard were antitrust observers on both sides of the debate those who believe increased regulation would ensure competition and protect consumers, and others who say breakups and overregulation hurt innovation and U.S. global competitiveness.

After Donald Trumps victory in the 2016 presidential election, there was a genuine reflection on the approach to economic policy among the Democratic establishment and a realization that there was a critical field of policy that they never paid attention to, said Sarah Miller, executive director of the American Economic Liberties Project, which favors stricter regulations.

They needed to turn the page for their agenda to succeed, Miller said. And that, even to my surprise, is what they have done.

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Biden's nominees show embrace of progressive views of Big Tech - Roll Call

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