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Musician John Ondrasik Sings The Protest Song That Other Rock Artists Won’t – The Federalist

Posted: November 11, 2021 at 6:25 pm

Grammy-nominated Five For Fightings John Ondrasik joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky on The Federalist Radio Hour, where he discusses and performs his new song titled Blood On My Hands.

Ondraski said he wrote the song in reaction to the recently botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and to call for accountability of our leaders. Blood On My Hands has already surpassed well over a quarter of a million views on YouTube.

Ondrasik discusses how some band members disagree with the message of his song, how the music industry is no longer interested in fighting the system, and how artists can confront cancel culture.

You would think in this day and age, the usual suspects who usually like to write protest songs about oppression, and womens rights, and gay rights, would be all over Afghanistan, Ondrasik said. Its ironic that the music industry and the music media have frankly become The Man and they have little to do with rock and roll anymore which is disappointing.

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Musician John Ondrasik Sings The Protest Song That Other Rock Artists Won't - The Federalist

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October Prices Jump 6.2 Percent, Biggest Inflation Increase In 30 Years – The Federalist

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Consumer prices in October increased by a historic 6.2 percent over the year prior making it the biggest inflation jump in 30 years.

According to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans also paid 0.9 percent more on daily goods and other items than they did in September.

Along with shelter, used cars and trucks, and new vehicles, the indexes for medical care, for household furnishing and operations, and for recreation all increased in October, the report noted.

These rising prices come on the heels of a massive supply-chain crisis fueled by the Biden administrations lack of action and a nation still recovering from months of shutdowns mandated by politicians who sacrificed economic stability and viability to keep people at home.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently joked that the supply-chain issues facing a majority of American familiesare simply the tragedy of the treadmill thats delayed, and White House Chief of StaffRon Klainalso downplayed the crisis in a retweet mischaracterizing the historic inflation and backup of goods as high class problems.

This most recent consumer price index shows that some of the largest price increases are occurring in goods and services that most Americans need but cannot comfortably pay for anymore. Some of the biggest price climbs were in energy, which rose 4.8 percent since last month and 30 percent since last year, and gasoline, which climbed 6.1 percent since September. Food prices also increased the cost of Americans grocery runs by 1 percent since September and 5.3 percent since last October.

A report released on Tuesday indicated that producer prices are also rising at alarming rates. Despite the Biden administrations repeated claims that skyrocketing prices among goods and services in the United States istemporary,producer prices rose 8.6 percent since October 2020 and show no signs of stopping.

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.

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October Prices Jump 6.2 Percent, Biggest Inflation Increase In 30 Years - The Federalist

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Why ‘The Cloud’ Is More Powerful Than We Realize – The Federalist

Posted: at 6:25 pm

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Mark P. Mills, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a faculty fellow at Northwestern Universitys McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his book The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and A Roaring 2020s.

One of the things I map out in my book is that the speed with which new technologies enter commercial viability actually hasnt changed much in 200 years. Its still, its very similar. It seems like its faster, but its really not significantly different, Mills said. But what is different is that the confluence of three things, three spaces happening simultaneously doesnt happen very often. So in that sense, were going to go through not an acceleration in the rate at which an individual thing got better like an airplane or a robot, they all get better or roughly the same rate. Its been a long time getting to the cloud, not overnight.

The cloud, Mills said, has amassed a large role in the quiet technological revolution occurring in the world today and will continue to grow because there is a strong reliance on it.

Amazon has utter dominance right now. Microsoft, [which] was a mere five years ago viewed as an irrelevant, also ran. Its now catching up to Amazon. Its a big company and its alright. Googles catching up. Oracles catching up. Everybodys chasing the cloud because the demands for its services exceed anybodys ability to supply them, Mills said.

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Why 'The Cloud' Is More Powerful Than We Realize - The Federalist

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After 2021 Election, The Hardest Fighting Is Still Ahead In Virginia – The Federalist

Posted: at 6:25 pm

Watch the video for a monologue followed by an interview with Russ Vought, former OMB director and current president of the Center for Renewing America, and Shaun Rieley, senior director for advancement and programs at The American Conservative, a doctor of political philosophy, and combat veteran of the War on Terror.

Tuesday was one heck of a night in Virginia. Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe went from a sure thing to the Hillary Clinton of 2021 the man who had a layup of a race and choked. But along with all the good news there was some truly grisly stuff as well.

It was the kind of thing that reminds us why education is so important, why Tuesdays vote was just a step in the right direction and why the fight to save the children of Virginia is far from over.

After the obligatory applause for his family and campaign staff whom he hysterically dubbed the finest campaign team ever assembled human scumbag Terry McAuliffe told his crowd of acolytes what was most important to him; what was first in his heart. The fight continues, he promised. We gotta make sure to protect womens right to choose in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Choose. We all know what that means. They arent choosing their schools or whats taught in them; Terry hates those ideas. Hes not talking about choosing what to wear or what to eat or what to watch on TV. No theres only one choice Terry cares about, and thats the right to choose an abortion.

For those who dont know, Virginia has a more obscene abortion regime than every single country on the planet aside from North Korea and China. For the left, defending that regime is all important. Its the beating heart of the Democratic Party, if you will.

Sure, later on McAuliffe mentioned health care and education, but he wasnt going in alphabetical order. In his heart, abortion is number one just ahead of his family and far, far ahead of God.

Theres a truly sad aspect of this ghoulish spectacle: McAuliffe is a product of Catholic education. Seriously: Catholic junior high, Catholic high school, undergrad at the Catholic University of America, then law at Georgetown, the oldest ostensibly Catholic institute of higher learning in the United States.

What did he get for all that? He got this: A first-and-foremost devotion to abortion and selfish, libertine political values. Fifteen years of Catholic education, plus wherever he went to elementary school, and did we get a champion for Christ? A defender of the innocent? Far from it. We got a Herod-like figure, more a child of the Democratic Party and his selfish political ambitions than of the church.

Hes not alone: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, President of the United States Joe Biden the churchs most famous and powerful children are all radically pro-abortion.

Thats a colossal failure. Its kind of thing you get when you receive a religious education that is twisted until it is purely academic, and Jesus Christ is relegated to a feel-good rainbow in the sky.

Evil lurks in us all. Even with a proper education and a good family, its possible to go bad. But the lesson of Biden, Pelosi, and McAuliffe is when you dont get that base when you arent properly taught how to be good with a firm and solid education well, its only a matter of time.

Now, for a moment, imagine an education that isnt just wishy washy, but actively actively teaches you to hate; actively rejects Gods creation of man and woman; and actively attacks the truth that no matter what color our skin is on earth, in death we are all one body in Christ. Imagine the products of that education. Its terrible to picture.

The Coming Fight For Virginia

That brings us to the very reason for Tuesdays red sweep of Virginia, a blue state: The active indoctrination of children by teachers devoted to lies and to race hate. It was more than that more uplifting than that, more beautiful than that, more powerful than that parents of all ethnic backgrounds, economic situations, and political stripes uniting to say hell no.

Together, they deposed the Democratic majority that imposed this awful regime and replaced it with a Republican majority. Isnt that wonderful, you might be thinking! But whats next?

Heres whats next: Hard, vicious work that is not for the faint of heart. This isnt the kind of thing where you win a single big battle and its all over, like in the movies; its more like a grinding counter-insurgency.

Were up against teachers and principals and librarians fanatically committed to genderqueer studies and anti-racism in our classrooms; an army of psychologically fragile extremists who werent unelected Tuesday night, still have their jobs, and will be recording social media sob stories and imitating Gandhi as they lay their bodies across classroom thresholds and screech and writhe on live television.

Our enemies are well-funded and theyll be even more well-funded after Tuesdays debacle. The victimizers of children will paint themselves as the victims of mean Republicans; theyll fancy themselves the resistance, as we well know.

Every single fight they wage will be sympathetically blasted across CNN and MSNBC. The New York Times will movingly tell the story of a young woman from a broken home whose only dream was to grow up, become a librarian, and share her love of reading incestuous gay pornography with the little children; a woman whose dream was stolen by bigoted Ku Klux Parents.

Then theres the lawyers: Not just hundreds of lawyers from rich progressive non-profits, but also the Department of Justice, with unlimited time and the full resources of the federal government. Do you think theyre going to sit by and watch Virginian parents just decide theyre going to have a say in their childrens education?

Transforming Tuesdays Win Into A Lasting Victory

Lets not get too down; Tuesday was wonderful. The first step was taken when parents woke up, the next when parents spoke up, and the third, last week, when they fired politicians across the state and replaced them with Republicans.

Republicans arent often quick to fight. For far too many, a majority is a trophy to be gingerly placed in a glass, back-lit cabinet and oood and awwd at until it turns to dust. Precious few Republicans see a majority for what it is: an invitation from the people to exercise power in their name.

The battle ahead will be hard. There is no time to pack up and go home. Glenn Youngkin, good man as he seems to be, is not a stand-in for active and engaged parents. If they leave the field, he will not succeed. If they stay and insist that he hold fast to the principles he ran on, then he has a chance.

The grassroots organizations and school board campaigns must continue. You dont seize a castle, turn to your leader and say, Alright, bloke, weve done our part and now were headed home. Youve got it from here.

No; we need to finish the fight and win the war. We need good teachers and there are a great many who are sick of this insanity. We need protections in place to allow them to speak up. We need the state of Virginia to protect them from the vipers who surround them and want them crushed.

We need the school boards opened up. For months, these boards have used the police as a weapon against parents; its time to free the police from this role and reestablish the First Amendment in Virginia.

We need to identify the superintendents and principals and teachers and librarians who insist on teaching hate and pornography, and make sure they are fired with prejudice; damn The New York Times.

For too long, the norm has been that Democrats create new programs while in power, and then Republicans just try to not expand them too much or too quickly. Scuttle that strategy forever. A bad program is always bad, and they should be defunded immediately when we have power.

Thousands of activist monsters take state and federal money to warp our children. They need to be thrown out in the cold. Leave them penniless; they deserve even less.

The people were up against are the creatures who twisted little ol rural Loudoun County into a bastion of insanity in a few short years and thats just one county. There are more than 3,000 counties in this country, and they want to pull a Loudoun in every single one of them.

We need to think like they did to take it back: Weve got to think like revolutionaries.

Make no mistake: The left brought this fight to our doors. In Virginia on Tuesday, parents answered their challenge. But theres a reason we dont call it the Culture Vote and thats because its the Culture War.

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After 2021 Election, The Hardest Fighting Is Still Ahead In Virginia - The Federalist

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What We Learned In The Special Counsel’s Latest Spygate Indictment – The Federalist

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The indictment of Igor Danchenko, the primary sub-source of Christopher Steeles infamous dossier, reveals that the FBI electronically recorded several previously undisclosed interviews with the Brookings Institution researcher. Separately, it raises suspicions, according to congressional sources, that his Brookings superior Fiona Hill may have committed perjury when testifying about Steele during President Trumps first impeachment.

The existence of electronic records of Danchenko speaking to the FBI far more extensively than previously known creates the possibility that much more will come out about the origins of the Steele dossier and the way the opposition research was weaponized. And those under scrutiny in Special Counsel John Durhams investigation of the origins of the Trump-Russia affair will have to wonder whether information to which they previously attested jibes with the Danchenko recordings.

According to Durhams Nov. 3indictmentof Danchenko, the FBI conducted interviews with him in March, May, June, October, and November of 2017 well beyond the three days of interviews at the beginning of 2017 previously disclosed in the Trump-Russia affair. (Deep in the Justice DepartmentInspector Generals reporton surveillance court abusespage 186there is a passing reference to interviews with the primary sub-source in March and May 2017.)

Unlike the early interviews, which were memorialized in a consolidated write-up of notes taken by agents and provided to lawmakers in heavily redacted form, at least three of the later interviews were recorded legally but without Danchenkos knowledge those conducted March 16, May 18, and June 15. The indictment is silent on whether the October 24 and November 16 interviews were also surreptitiously recorded.

It has been known since July 2020 that Danchenko was the primary source of spurious rumors and alcohol-lubricated gossip about Donald Trump compiled by opposition researcher and former British spy Steele. The indictment unsealed last week states that in 2010, it was Think Tank Employee-1 Fiona Hill who introduced Danchenko to U.K. Person-1 that is, Steele. The next year Danchenko began working as a contractor for Steeles company, Orbis, which the indictment refers to as U.K. Investigative Firm-1.

Hill, a longtime intelligence analyst who became a deputy assistant on the Trump administrations National Security Council, was a key witness in the Ukraine-related impeachment of President Trump.As part of the impeachment proceedings, Hill gave closed-door testimony to House lawmakers and investigators for the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Committee on Oversight and Reform and the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

During that testimony in October 2019, Hill answered many questions emphatically and apparently without leaving herself wiggle room. Hill did not express the sort of memory fog that often afflicts well-coached, evasive witnesses.

Asked whether she was aware of any interaction between Mr. Steele and Ukrainians, Hill did not say to the best of my recollection or I dont remember specifically, or even a simple no. Instead she expanded her answer to deny not only any knowledge of Steele and Ukrainians but to deny any knowledge of anything Steele-related: I have no knowledge whatsoever of how he developed that dossier. None. I just want to state that.

Lawmakers are particularly interested in that statement. The Danchenko indictment states that Hill introduced Danchenko both to Steele and to an unnamed public relations executive, since identified as Charles Dolan Jr., a Hillary Clinton ally. Republican members of the House Permanent Select Committee are questioning whether Hill could have had no knowledge whatsoever of how the dossier was developed when she had a central role in connecting those key players. RealClearInvestigations was unable to reach Hill through her former attorney.

Its hard to believe Fiona Hill introduced Danchenko both to Steele and to Dolan, yet had no idea of the purpose of the introductions she herself was making or what resulted from those introductions, a source familiar with the thinking of House Republicans tells RealClearInvestigations. So, yes, Republicans on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence are taking a look at that.

This article is republished, with permission, from RealClearInvestigations.


What We Learned In The Special Counsel's Latest Spygate Indictment - The Federalist

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Therapists Have Betrayed The Parents Of Gender-Confused Kids – The Federalist

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Theres something rotten in the state of my profession, the mental health field. While therapists are usually the first to reach out to trauma victims, theres one group we neglect. Even worse, we blame the victims.

Im referring to parents of gender-confused kids, whose stories I am hearing firsthand in my office. Parents come to me because Ive publicly objected to my professions faulty views about gender identity and its treatment. How many parents are unable to find help? Judging by the number of recently created organizations and online groups where such parents gather, there are thousands, and the numbers grow by the day.

My patients, and those in the parent-run groups, are shocked, overwhelmed, confused, and anxious. Theyre not sleeping or eating. Many have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Why have they turned to one another for help? Why dont more come to us psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors? Were the ones with the degrees and experience.

They dont turn to us because we have failed them.

Of course young people are also victims of the trans craze, but my focus here is their parents distress. It is massive and demands acknowledgement.

Following their teens bombshell announcement, most parents initially consult with gender therapists or clinics. The vast majority tell them they must unconditionally accept their childs chosen identity, use a random, unfamiliar name, and help Sara bind her breasts and Michael tuck his genitals.

Parents object, suggesting a slower process and deeper exploration. They insist: we know our child! The ideologues dismiss their parental instincts. They see their discomfort, but brush it off.

For those therapists, the parents are the problem. Not the childs social anxiety, autism, irrational thinking, or social media addiction. No, the issue is mom and dads refusal to embrace their teens two-week-old identity and allow a kid to run the show.

The therapist shares that assessment with parents, sometimes in front of their child. In doing so, the gender specialist strikes heavy blows against a family in crisis, who turned to her with hope and trust: she undermines parental authority and weakens the parent-child bond.

As if thats not enough, she refers them, following a hasty, incomplete evaluation, to an endocrinologist for hormones to block development. Safe and reversible, the therapist reassures the parents. Your child needs them now. In fact, its already late.

She speaks with authority and confidence. Theres a consensus among professionals, she explains. If you reject our advice, the risk of losing your child to suicide is increased.

She threatens this about their child the center of their lives, their most precious relationship! The therapist may have spent only a short time with him or her, but she knows whats best.

The parents go home, emotions reeling. Some decide to trust the expert and theyre soon at the endocrinologists office, signing consent for drugs that will prevent their teens physical, emotional, sexual, and cognitive development. Their child looks happy; they pray it lasts.

Others dive into the research. Sooner or later they are startled to learn the truth: If teens go through natural puberty theres a 60-90 percent chance of desistance (outgrowing transgenderism, aligning with ones biology). Changing names, pronouns, and presentation can be a slippery slope and decrease desistance. Once on puberty blockers, desistance is very rare.

Blockers are controversial, have a history of lawsuits, and their off-label use in healthy children is experimental. There is a risk of suicide in gender-questioning teens, but there is no evidence that transition lowers that risk.

Parents learn that the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Finland carefully examined the dangers of hormonal treatment of minors and minors ability to give informed consent for such treatments. As a result, those countries made U-turns in their policies; patients must wait until they are 18 for medical intervention.Similar concerns are coming out of New Zealand and Australia.

Bottom line: parents who look further than gender clinics and therapists discover a heated debate regarding how to help kids like theirs. Theres a consensus among experts, they were told. Are you kidding? There is no consensus whatsoever.

So the parents search for a therapist who wont immediately affirm the new identity, but instead take it slowly, get to know their child, and figure out the appeal to her of a new identity. A clinician with a more cautious, nuanced approach thats all parents want. Another shock: there are almost none.

Counting psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors, there are more than a million therapists in this country. I located a group of therapists who believe in long-term, exploratory talk therapy for gender-questioning youth, and there are only 60 members, with many outside the United States.

My patient Cheryl is an example of a traumatized parent. Her 18-year-old autistic daughter, her only child, identifies as a man and has been on testosterone for six months. Cheryl is convinced she and her husband were misled by a gender clinic and that Eva did not have adequate evaluations and therapy. For the first time in her life, Cheryl is taking psychiatric medication for her constant crying, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

Cheryl feels shes at odds with everyone: Eva, family members, friends, schools, doctors, therapists, politicians, the media, and the culture. On how many fronts can one person fight?

I was not surprised when Cheryl told me, Sometimes I wish my daughter had cancer. The whole world would be there for me.

Doctors at Johns Hopkins tell Cheryl to embrace her childs evolving sense of self. But when she first heard the lowered pitch of Evas voice, Cheryl threw up. A double mastectomy is planned; the thought of it floods her with panic and horror. She fears for Evas physical and emotional health, including her sexual health.

Cheryl also grieves for the biological grandchildren shell never have. But theres nothing to be done about any of it. Horror, fear, helplessness, and grief are Cheryls constant companions, outside of the days when she just feels numb.

There are thousands of parents like Cheryl. Where are the psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors who will validate their experiences without judgment? How is it were able to serve the emotional needs of sexual offenders and murderers but not the traumatized, grieving parents of transgender children?

Its because to do so would challenge the entrenched narrative in our field: that denying biology is part of normal development, and if transphobic parents would just accept that, it will be all rainbows and unicorns for their kids.

Few of us challenge that narrative, at least publicly, so parents have turned to one another in droves to cry, rage, and brainstorm. But they cant even meet openly; the woke environment forces them underground. They fear losing their jobs and relationships, even their child, if exposed. Hence the secret meetings, private Facebook pages, made-up names, and extensive vetting. They hide in the dark as if theyre guilty of some awful crime.

This is an appalling betrayal of parents.To my colleagues: weve lost all credibility because of our surrender to a destructive, unscientific ideology. Weve harmed thousands of parents and children, and theyve had it with us.

Not too long ago, doctors performed frontal lobotomies as a cure for severe mental illness. They severed connections in the brain with crude instruments inserted through the eye socket. It was a barbaric but mainstream procedure, performed on about 40,000 people.

Right now in the United States, girls as young as 13 are having mastectomies and minor boys are castrated. What will it take to put the breaks on the massive transing of children? Call me a cynic, but Im guessing a few huge lawsuits.

Trust me, the lawyers are coming, and victims will finally have a public platform. They will tell the world of the nightmare that descended on their precious children and families, leaving them traumatized and broken.

I eagerly await that day. Until it comes, I will be meeting with Cheryl every week, validating her story, helping her cope, and weeping along with her.

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Therapists Have Betrayed The Parents Of Gender-Confused Kids - The Federalist

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White House Tells Businesses To Ignore Court Blocking On Vaxx Mandate – The Federalist

Posted: at 6:25 pm

The White House is directing businesses to ignore the judicial freeze on its COVID coercion mandate and plow forward with requiring the COVID-19 jab for all workers at businesses with 100 or more staff.

So people should not wait. We should continue to do move forward and make sure that theyre getting their workplace vaccinated, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Monday during a press briefing.

After the Occupational Safety and Health Administration released a preview of the rule last week that would mandate all businesses with 100 or more employees require the shot, a federal appeals court blocked the Biden administrations vaccine orders over the weekend. Now, President Joe Bidens team is advocating for businesses to undermine the judicial block and move forward with mandating their own COVID-19 vaccine stipulations anyway.

We say: Do not wait to take actions that will keep your workplace safe, Jean-Pierre said. It is important and critical to do, and waiting to get more people vaccinated will lead to more outbreaks and sickness.

Jean-Pierre, much like the OSHA rules text, claimed that mandating the shot is about keeping people in a workplace safe.

What were seeing is more businesses and school closures and most lost jobs keep us stuck in a pandemic that were trying to end. Like, we do not want that to happen. Were trying to get past this pandemic, and we know the way to do that is to get people vaccinated, she said.

As the proposedemergency temporary standard stands, private companies with 100 or more employees must mandate the COVID-19 jab for their workers. Any businesses that want to give their employees the illusion of the choice to reject the shot are allowed to implement an exception policy that forces anyone who doesnt get the jab to undergo regular COVID-19 testing and wear a face covering at work in lieu of vaccination. The government agency will not require businesses that provide the second option to their employees to pay for the testing or masks.

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.

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White House Tells Businesses To Ignore Court Blocking On Vaxx Mandate - The Federalist

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How The Right Can Join Forces To Defeat The Woke Ruling Class – The Federalist

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Conservative intellectuals recently gathered in the free state of Florida for three days of spirited debate about the challenges facing America and how to confront them.

Much has been written about the differences exposed by the wide spectrum of thinkers at the second National Conservatism Conference, where I moderated a panel and was thus reimbursed for my travel by the conference organizers. These differences between and among participants from nationalist conservatives to anti-Marxist liberals are and were very real and meaningful.But NatCon 2 also revealed commonalities in this nascent movement that transcend our division indeed, that must transcend our division, given the stakes.

I observe three points of fundamental agreement.First, we see a common set of threats that we believe imperil the American way of life.Second, we believe that the way these threats have been combated or not has proven a failure, demanding change.Third, we are united by core beliefs deeper than our differences, understanding we will not have a society to hash out these differences without a vigorous defense of the most basic things.

We are in a cold civil war at home, and facing a substantially greater Communist threat from abroad in Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-ruled China than we did during the actual Cold War from the Soviet Union.

The conflict at home pits a woke ruling elite against those who would dare dissent from its rule. These differences manifest in culture, taste, and aesthetics but also of course in politics. In the political realm, they concern the nature of our regime who rules, how, for whom and our conception of justice.

Our ruling regime is not just the administrative state, or the whole federal government, but every power center with which our state is partnered from business to media and education. If you preach diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE), or environmental, social, and governance (ESG), you are just as much a part of the regime as the alphabet soup of federal bureaucracies.

With the ruling class controlling the commanding heights of society, and unable to tolerate dissent, it pursues increasingly tyrannical means in pursuit of increasingly tyrannical ends.In so doing, it threatens to unmake America unmooring it from the values and principles on which it was founded and guaranteeing social chaos and disfunction, poverty, and misery.

Compounding this threat is Communist China. The ruling class has been invested in its rise for decades, and increasingly emulates it as it seeks a monopoly on power.Communist China desires to be the dominant world power, which necessarily means displacing the United States, which would be not only subordinate to, but subservient to it.These are existential, intolerable threats.

That national conservatism has drawn so many divergent thinkers reflects an understanding that times demand setting aside disputes and focusing on the main thing: That we are in an ideological, geopolitical, and cultural war for survival, and we must be on a war footing.

That our woke ruling class and China are both bidding for hegemony can be attributed to a variety of causes which do matter, although not as much as the fact that their power plays demonstrate our failure to counter them, and demand a new approach.

The left marched through the institutions unimpeded. Now, its indoctrinated helm our preeminent institutions. Neutrality and value-free liberalism proved no match for dogged illiberals, who exploited liberty and justice to erode them both in our schools, in our workplaces, and beyond.

Some would argue we have failed morally or spiritually, which the decline of our institutions has contributed to, and reflects. Absent a moral and virtuous people, the families that produce and sustain it, and the communities that bind it, why would we expect anything different?

Chinas rise with U.S. elite backing can be attributed to greed and naivete that trade with China would make it more liberal rather than that it would pocket the gains and use them against their trading partners. Engagement with China was also rooted in a belief that economic efficiency and market access would outweigh the costs of the creative destruction inflicted on communities and of the CCPs empowerment. Lastly, it reflected ignorance among our elites, who neither understood China nor the America they were supposed to be representing.

Regardless, we all seem to recognize the need for change for confronting problems using different tactics and strategies than we have previously because the times, circumstances, and threats necessitate it.Ceding putatively private institutions to those who loathe the country and sneer at its Deplorables out of a belief said institutions ought to be apolitical, and worst case we can build our own, is a losing formula when the opposition politicizes everything.

Refusing to wield power because of fear of the precedent it might create knowing ones opponent will do anything to achieve its goals, among them crushing us is suicidal.

We cannot abide a Big Tech that destroys the marketplace of ideas; a Big Business that indoctrinates employees in wokeism and demands their submission to it; an academy that teaches children their country is evil and they are too if born with the wrong skin color; we cannot abide these things any more than a tyrannical deep state or two-tier justice system.

We must employ every lawful means to end the public and private onslaught against us, and towards rebuilding America qua America.We must counter a China seeking economic, military, and technological dominance with just as ambitious an effort of our own.

We will differ on the means to achieve these ends. Friends Chris Rufo, Rachel Bovard, and Josh Hammer have provided much food for thought in this regard to right things on the domestic front a prerequisite to grappling with problems on the foreign one.Most important is acknowledging we must creatively and courageously fight.

Unlike during the Cold War, Americans do not believe in the same things, and just differ on policy. It is not clear an enemy in this case a far more formidable one in China can unite us, because we are so divided about what we are defending, and even about whether we should defend it.

We do not have the privilege of simply worrying about tax rates, or social welfare programs, or pork, because we disagree about the fundamental nature of our country, its history, and people.This is in part why there is a national conservatism movement because two visions of America have emerged, they are incompatible, and one has lacked a clear voice.

Here is an effort to articulate what unites the tens of millions of the unheard, if not silenced, un-Woke:

The ruling class from Washington, D.C., to Wall Street, to Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and across all of our institutions of politics, commerce, culture, and education, is at war with these ideals.

National conservatives seek A normal country in an abnormal time, to play on the words of Amb. Jeanne Kirkpatrick, who might unite them more than some might think based on her neoconservative branding.To restore and re-found a normal country in these abnormal times will require a counter-revolution; it will require courage and tenacity.

We owe our progeny nothing less.

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How The Right Can Join Forces To Defeat The Woke Ruling Class - The Federalist

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Dems’ ‘Bipartisan’ Infrastructure Bill Erases Sex And Hurts Women – The Federalist

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Democrats presented their so-called bipartisan infrastructure legislation as the tamer of the Biden administration-backed bills in front of Congress this fall, but the text actually included another culture war win for leftists.

Under section 60307 of the recently passed deal, American institutions that receive funding from the infrastructure legislation are denied the ability to acknowledge scientific facts about sex.

No individual in the United States may, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity that is funded in whole or in part with funds made available to carry out this title, the infrastructure bill reads.

The use of the word perceived automatically punishes entities for acknowledging sex in areas such as sports, where men who claim to identify as female try to play on womens teams.

Institutions that do not comply with this woke carve out risk oversight and legal action from the administration.

As Federalist contributor Rachel Bovard noted, 13 House Republicans and 18 Senate Republicans OKed the bill when it came across their desks but got played in the process. Multiple GOP members claimed they simply wanted money for roads and bridges, but they ended up compromising on one of the biggest culture war items in the process. Bovard wrote:

So to claim that a vote for the infrastructure legislation was merely a vote for roads and bridges, devoid of any other major political context, is just willfully ignorant of the obvious and openly stated politics at work. A vote for the infrastructure bill was very clearly a vote for the reconciliation legislation.

This reconciliation legislation, which has already undergone cuts following massive feuds between progressives and holdouts on the Democrat side, seeks to codify radical climate law and other leftist wish-list items.

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.

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Dems' 'Bipartisan' Infrastructure Bill Erases Sex And Hurts Women - The Federalist

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Vaxxed Infectious Disease Experts Are Too COVID-Panicked To Go Out – The Federalist

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While most people in red states have resumed in-person shopping, schooling, and social events, even without masks, infectious disease experts still appear to be too panicked about COVID-19 to leave home.

More than a year and a half after COVID-19 first came onto Americans radar and nearly a year since the COVID-19 jab became available to the public, public health experts say they are still scared to return to the same normal that so many others in the country have.

In a survey of 28 health experts, epidemiologists, immunologists, and virologists, STAT found that a majority were willing to sacrifice in-person social events and activities such as working out in a gym, traveling on public transportation, and even family holiday gatherings to stay home and theoretically avoid the virus.

When asked whether they would be comfortable joining a Thanksgiving gathering with people of all ages and vaccination statuses, 12 of the 28 said they wouldnt go. Four of the 14 who said they would attend said that the reason someone was unvaccinated would play a role in their decision whether to go. One evolutionary biologist remarked that she was fine with unvaccinated guests who were ineligible for the shot but would not break bread with any eligible parties who opted not to get the jab.

Too young: yes. By choice: no, Carl Bergstrom of the University of Washington said.

Even after getting a full dose of the COVID-19 jab and indicating they would wear a mask, most experts testified that they believed the risk of contracting the virus from someone who was unvaccinated, even though vaccinated individuals can and do pass and contract the virus, was too large for them to assume.

To the question of whether they would urge older relatives to skip Thanksgiving dinners that involve unvaccinated guests, 16 said yes, 12 said no, and two indicated the question wasnt applicable to their situations. Im the elderly relative, said Eric Topol, founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, who added he wouldnt be sharing his Thanksgiving table with anyone who was not vaccinated, STAT reported.

When asked whether they would attend an indoor concert or sporting event, if mask wearing was not required and enforced, 23 of the 28 surveyed said no.

With a good-fitting N95, the risk is low, Sarah Cobey, an associate professor of viral ecology and evolution at the University of Chicago, told STAT. But this sounds like a situation with shouting or singing at close quarters. Unless others were recently tested and ventilation were excellent, my enthusiasm would be dampened enough to tip the cost/benefit ratio.

For months, public health experts have leveraged their messaging amplified by Democrat tyrants and the corrupt media to push people to stay home. Promises such as two weeks to slow the spread have long been abandoned for new messaging that indicates a permanent pandemic. This stance is championed by people who profit from it, who are close to the Biden administration, and who are constantly amplified by corporate media outlets.

Just this week, one of the chief COVID-19 panic-porn instigators Michael Osterholm told NPR that Americans should keep panicking about the virus.

There is more than enough human wood for this coronavirus forest fire to burn, he said, which NPR framed as a problem largely caused by unvaccinated individuals.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has also contributed to the permanent pandemic with not-so-subtle hints that its just too soon to tell if families can safely gather for Christmas this year.

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.

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Vaxxed Infectious Disease Experts Are Too COVID-Panicked To Go Out - The Federalist

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