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Japan declares state of emergency, Olympics still on but without fans in Tokyo – Yahoo Sports

Posted: July 14, 2021 at 1:56 pm

The Tokyo Olympics will happen amid a state of emergency, and without fans at events in the host city.

The Japanese government on Thursday announced that it would re-institute strict measures to counter COVID-19 surges in the capital. The measures will take effect next week, and last the duration of the Games, which officially begin July 23 and end Aug. 8.

Hours after the announcement, Olympic organizers walked back a previous decision to allow local spectators to attend events. Following an urgent late-night meeting, they announced that there will be no fans at competitions held in Tokyo and other areas affected by the state of emergency.

The Olympic rings are on display throughout Tokyo. The Games begin July 23. (Photo by KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP via Getty Images)

Organizers have not yet made final decisions on whether they'll bar fans from events held elsewhere around the country. Some soccer, baseball and softball games, among other events, will be held in regions not covered by the emergency measures. In those regions, "local government authorities will meet and decide specific measures in consultation with the local governors based on the situation in each area," organizers said in a statement.

The vast majority of events, however, are in Tokyo and will be staged behind closed doors.

Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee president Seiko Hashimoto also confirmed that the Opening Ceremony, at the Olympic Stadium, will be closed to the general public.

Hashimoto said, however, that Olympic officials, foreign dignitaries, and other Games stakeholders could still be allowed to attend the ceremony. And IOC officials, sports executives and other "accredited" personnel will still have access to venues throughout the Games.

An outline of which Japanese prefectures will be allowed to host spectators during the Olympics. (via Tokyo 2020 spokesman Tristan Lavier)

On Wednesday, 16 days before the Opening Ceremony, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reported 920 COVID cases, over 200 more than any other single-day total since May. On Thursday, it reported 896, the second-highest count since May. Dr. Shigeru Omi, a top government medical advisor, said Wednesday that "infections are in their expansion phase and everyone in this country must firmly understand the seriousness of it."

Story continues

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga vowed to do everything we can to prevent the further spread of the infections. One day later, citing rising case counts and the more infectious Delta variant, he declared the state of emergency, which will extend through Aug. 22, two weeks after the Olympics end.

Organizers have said, though, that the Games can and will go on in a state of emergency. Tamayo Marukawa, Japan's minister for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, reiterated that commitment Thursday at the beginning of a meeting of leaders from the Japanese and Tokyo governments, the International Olympic Committee, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee and others. IOC president Thomas Bach did as well, hours after arriving in Tokyo as scheduled.

"I think we can all be very satisfied that the strict measures, having been established to protect everybody the Japanese people and the participants of the Games have proven to be successful," Bach said from his hotel room, where, due to those strict measures, he'll be quarantining for three days.

Tokyo's seven-day COVID-case average had fallen in late May and early June, to fewer than 400 cases per day in a city of millions. The decline led government officials to peel back their previous state of emergency, and eased any lingering fears in the Olympic world that the Games might be postponed again or canceled.

That seven-day average, however, has been slowly but steadily climbing since June 18, two days before the previous state of emergency was lifted. Some targeted restrictions remained in place, leaving some sectors of public life under a quasi-state of emergency. But the virus lingered, and over the past 10 days showed signs of accelerating. The test positivity rate rose from under 4% in mid-June to over 6% this week. Hospitalizations are also rising.

Transmission rates remain far lower than they ever were at the pandemic's peak in the U.S. But with most Japanese still unvaccinated less than 30% has received at least one dose officials and citizens have been wary of exponential spread, and of the possibility that the Olympics could contribute to it.

Olympic organizers have outlined and plan to enforce a complex web of COVID countermeasures that will limit contact between Olympic participants and non-participant Japanese citizens. The measures won't completely eliminate that contact, but all "Level 1" participants athletes, coaches, team officials and more will be tested daily. Testing frequency for others will depend on how often they interact with Level 1 participants. The testing will greatly limit spread in and around the Olympic bubble.

(IOC/Tokyo 2020 playbook for athletes)

The Japanese concerns, though, extend beyond that bubble. One is that the Games would lead to dense gatherings of local citizens. Organizers have barred foreign fans from traveling to Tokyo, but in late June, one day after the previous state of emergency was lifted, announced that venues would open to Japanese spectators at 50% capacity, up to 10,000 per event.

In doing so, organizers defied the advice of Omi, the government medical advisor, who had recommended a ban on all spectators and warned of "continuing risks of a resurgence of the infections that puts pressure on [Japan's] medical systems.

In announcing the decision, though, organizers left leeway for reconsideration. "In the event that a state of emergency or other priority measures aimed at preventing infection are implemented at any time after July 12," they said, "restrictions on spectator numbers at the Games, including non-spectator competitions, will be based on the content of the state of emergency or other relevant measures in force at that time."

And on Thursday, at the multi-party meeting of organizers, they indeed reconsidered. They also pushed back a decision on fans at the Paralympic Games, which begin Aug. 24, until after the Olympics end.

Prior to the pandemic, ticket demand for the Tokyo Olympics had been sky-high, especially among locals. Organizers had projected some $800 million in ticket revenue. The vast majority of that has now fallen by the wayside, and Tokyo's projected losses against more than $15 billion of expenditure have increased.

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Japan declares state of emergency, Olympics still on but without fans in Tokyo - Yahoo Sports

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Acres Manufacturing Company Launches Optimal Poker Analyzer on the Heels of New Gaming Technology Called Foundation – PRNewswire

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LAS VEGAS, July 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Acres Manufacturing today announced the launch of Optimal Poker Analyzer, a software application that allows casinos to maximize profit on video poker. The program applies advanced analytics from Acres Manufacturing's newly launched Foundation casino management system to evaluate every decision made in video poker, enabling casinos to strategically optimize marketing and operations.

"Optimal Poker Analyzer shows the true value of every video poker player and ranks all players according to skill level and profitability," said Noah Acres of Acres Manufacturing. "Casinos can assign an individual marketing budget to each player, funded entirely by the value of the player's errors. With Optimal Poker Analyzer, casinos can specifically market to high value patrons with no risk of exposure to advantage players."

Optimal Poker Analyzer works by interfacing to Acres Manufacturing's Foundation casino management system, which provides granular data on every hand played. Accessing the actual card values as they're dealt, Optimal Poker Analyzer instantly recognizes the optimal play strategy of each hand and grades the player's actual in-hand decision as a deviation from the expected return of the optimal strategy.

Video poker is a staple in the casino industry, specifically in the high-frequency local markets like Nevada. Due to the skill factor involved, highly skilled players known as advantage players are able to achieve a positive expected return that causes casinos to lose money. These losses are increased when factoring marketing offers such as free play or other rewards that are designed to incentivize play. Many casinos have responded by adapting their video poker strategy by reducing the number of games and incentives offered.

Approved for use in Nevada and other major jurisdictions, Optimal Poker Analyzer works on any game with Foundation installed and across all variants of video poker. Foundation does not require a floor-wide install.

For more details on Acres Manufacturing Group and Foundation, please visit https://acresmanufacturing.com/

About Acres Manufacturing CompanyAcres Manufacturing Company (AMC) is a leading casino loyalty and technology expert and the creator of Foundation, the first-of-its-kind casino management system. Foundation is armed with a massive amount of real-time data, an adaptable credit meter on any game, and bonuses deployable to a player's mobile device, which allows casinos to optimize every customer relationship and maximize long-term profitability. AMC was founded by John Acres, the inventor of casino systems technology. For more information on Acres Manufacturing Company and Foundation, please visit acresmanufacturing.com.

Contact:Mattie Van Gundy9497772490[emailprotected]

SOURCE Acres Manufacturing Company


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Acres Manufacturing Company Launches Optimal Poker Analyzer on the Heels of New Gaming Technology Called Foundation - PRNewswire

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Is it possible to make a living playing poker tournaments? – The Sports Bank

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The increase of players experienced during the pandemic in the online poker rooms, and the settlement of a whole new generation of players since the beginning of the health emergency, has made many amateurs want to make the leap to professional poker.

The improvement experienced in their technique and the aspiration for higher goals are two of the causes that have motivated some players to set their sights on official competitions and end up living off the income generated in the competitions. But is it really possible to make a living playing poker tournaments? What is necessary to be able to live off the earnings from these competitions?

There is a certain consensus in affirming that there is a certain romanticization of poker in these times, especially driven by the broadcasts and the rise of online poker, which shows the friendlier and more relaxed side of this game. However, behind that facade there is a tenacious and unquestionable dedication, hours of study and a good handful of hours of practice at the gaming tables.

And is that to be a professional poker player and turn this game into the main mode of subsistence is something that requires a great capacity for sacrifice, adaptation and discipline. Despite what may be perceived from the outside, it is not an easy lifestyle and it is not for everyone, they explain from one of the main platforms dedicated to the organization of poker events. We are not talking about making money by playing, but about turning the ability to play poker into a tool to earn income on a regular basis. This makes poker a more thoughtful and less spectacular game, taking the necessary risks so as not to compromise the balance of the game, they add.

An essential aspect of maintaining a balance between the personal life and that of the poker player is to establish scheduling guidelines. Sticking to the stipulated schedules is important to maintain discipline and dedication to the game, while avoiding abuse and unhealthy marathon days of play. Poker is a game where the mind works at its best during the games, and keeping the mind in shape is as important as letting it rest for the necessary time, comments the team at Habwin, one of the main firms dedicated to hosting online poker games.

In the case of online poker, this discipline takes on even more importance, since they are services accessible from any smart device that are operational 24 hours a day. Flexibility allows each player to create their own playing routine and adapt their game to a personal schedule, but that flexibility requires extra discipline to maintain control. There is no professional player who makes a living from poker and has not followed strict time rules, the platform explains.

On the other hand, Habwin clarifies: there is a difference between being a professional player and making poker your livelihood. You can have the necessary level and live on income that does not come entirely from poker competitions. However, to aspire to make poker the main source of income it is essential to have a very high level of poker, since not even the best run of luck can make an inexperienced player live mainly from poker. Thats why living off poker earnings is something that only expert players can do, they comment.

Another common denominator for all professional poker players looking to make a living playing poker tournaments is financial instability. Realistically, playing poker is a way of making a living that is exposed to multiple swings. Even the most consistent player is exposed to a change in his or her luck and to earning less income than expected, says Habwin.

Thats why a poker player who lives on tournament winnings is usually a person who manages his money very well and who knows how to compensate for bad streaks with moments when he is able to take the pot, they add.

To prevent a bad streak from ruining the possibility of making poker a livelihood, it is necessary to constantly improve the quality of the game, expand knowledge and try new tactics, something that requires dedication. This often makes poker players enormously studious people who spend hardly any time on anything other than training.

Very few people are aware of the effort and sacrifice behind a poker player living off tournament winnings. It even requires many times not dedicating time to the family to focus on training and practice, something shared by most of the elite players who today make a living from poker, they explain.

It is fair to say that it is possible to make poker a livelihood, and it is even possible, with the typical variations of such a game, to make regular profits that do not compromise the players financial solvency.

However, Habwin states that making poker the main livelihood has implications that are not suitable for everyone, since it is necessary to be aware, from the outset, of all the risks involved, to train continuously to improve the technique and to compensate for the bad streaks with the gains obtained with a good hand.

On the other hand, poker is a game in which the players training is important but it is not the only factor that has relevance in determining the final outcome of the game. Poker is a game that requires good technique and in-depth knowledge of mathematics and probability, but chance also has a lot to say, and no one escapes its effects, says the Habwin team.

Therefore, it is possible to make a living playing poker, but it requires a previous dedication and a remarkable capacity for sacrifice, a tireless need to learn and expand knowledge and to have enough time to play poker games in order to stay trained, keep improving technique and perform at the highest level in the elite competitions to be played.

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Is it possible to make a living playing poker tournaments? - The Sports Bank

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WSOP Launches Online Poker in Pennsylvania – WSOP PA joins the regulated Pennsylvania market – Pokerfuse

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A new poker room has joined the Pennsylvania regulated online poker market: WSOP PA has launched in the state, joining a competitive environment which now hosts four online poker rooms.

The PA online poker market is dominated by PokerStars PA, the first operator to launch in the Keystone State, alongside Borgata Poker and BetMGM Poker, two operators that went live relatively recently.

The WSOP PA launch does not come as a surprise to those who have been following the developments in the US online poker space. The operator has been quite clear about its expansion plans for a while now, and WSOP has made it quite clear that Pennsylvania is at the top of the priority list.

Pennsylvania poker players have quite a few reasons to be excited about WSOP.com going live in the state. Perhaps the biggest one is the fact that this is the first US market in which the operator decided to launch with its brand new Poker 8 software. Innovative desktop and mobile platforms bring many improvements over the older client used in Nevada and New Jersey.

As is usually the case, WSOP PA will first go through a testing phase before going fully live in Pennsylvania. During the soft-launch period, the operator and the regulator (Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board) will have an opportunity to test the software and make sure everything is in order prior to a full-scale launch.

However, it is open to the publicduring the soft launch windows, any resident in Pennsylvania can download the app, sign up, deposit and play.

WSOP.com will go live in Pennsylvania for the first time ever on July 12, 2021. The operator is set to open its virtual doors at 2 p.m. EST. During the soft-launch period, WSOP PA will only be available during limited hours, namely:

Players will only be able to download the WSOP PA client and log into their accounts during the official operating hours during soft-launch. Real money cash tables and tournaments will be available in the trial phase.

WSOP has delivered on its promise to launch in Pennsylvania with the new poker client developed by 888poker, their long-standing partner in the United States. Although the software has already entered European markets, this is the first regulated US market to have access to the Poker 8 software.

The new software is truly a state-of-the-art creation that represents a significant upgrade on the software used by other WSOP USA sites. Very sharp and modern design is combined with a user-friendly interface to deliver the kind of platform online poker players expect in 2021.

The operator has put a lot of focus on the mobile segment of the player base, which has translated into high-quality mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. WSOP PA mobile apps give players much more freedom and allow them to enjoy their poker sessions on the go without disruptions and some of the problems found with older mobile apps.

It still remains to be seen how the new software will handle the traffic once the soft-launch period is over and there is a big influx of players. However, from what we have seen so far, there is every reason to be optimistic about it.

WSOP already has live poker rooms in Nevada and New Jersey. With this latest development, there will be a lot of interest as to whether WSOP intends to pool player liquidity with Pennsylvania. At the moment, this is a moot point as the Keystone State is not part of the Multi State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA). The only states currently sharing players are Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Nevertheless, recent law changes and rulings on the Wire Act have led to a great deal of speculation over the prospect of shared player pools for online poker rooms.

The most recent development in this area saw the DOJ passing on the opportunity to appeal the court decision. With that, US online poker is probably in the best shape it has ever been, as states can now seriously entertain the idea of entering multistate agreements, which would be a huge boost all operators are looking forward to.

The chance to pool resources would mean greater choice of games and far bigger prize poolssomething WSOP will undoubtedly be keen to implement. With Pennsylvania offering such a large potential player base, we can probably expect movement in this area in the near future.

Not surprisingly, WSOP PA is welcoming all new players with a rather generous bonus package tailored to address the needs and expectations of recreational players and serious grinders alike.

All players making the minimum deposit of $10 qualify for the $50 free play bonus. These free funds can be used with no restrictions to enter WSOP PA tournaments, play in BLAST sit and gos, and join the action on cash game tables. That said, to cash out, players do need to accumulate a total of 125 Action Player Points (APPs).

On top of this, you can also get a very generous 100% match bonus up to $1000 on your first deposit. The bonus is released in $5 increments as you play in real money games and pay rake, generating required APPs in the process.

Last but not least, WSOP PA gives every seven freeroll tickets for $100 freeroll tournaments, providing a few extra opportunities to test the software, see how you like the platform, and, of course, boost your bankroll.

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WSOP Launches Online Poker in Pennsylvania - WSOP PA joins the regulated Pennsylvania market - Pokerfuse

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Red River Harley Davidson hosts 33rd annual Poker Run and Ride – KFDX – Texomashomepage.com

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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) It was April Fools in July for those over at Red River Harley Davidson who hosted their 33rd annual April Fools Poker Run and Ride.

All the proceeds benefit The Friendly Door and its Meals On Wheels program. Dozens participated to support the cause.

For company service writer Bobbie Gilmore, the Red River Harley Davidson poker run ride has been something shes been doing for as long as she can remember. At this years 33rd annual ride, she and others said it felt good to be out riding together again.

Everyone that knows Red River knows this is a nostalgic ride for us, Gilmore said. Everyone wants to be a part of it and get in on it, and you just tie in just by being here and were all a family together riding.

The event started with an 80 mile motorcycle ride, followed by lunch and raffles. The ride has only gotten cancelled three times in the past, one being last year due to the pandemic.

COVID killed it earlier, and they just got cleared, Gilmore said. So they got cleared, were ready to go, lets do it.

It really has a big turnout, Tom Venhaus, a chairman for The Friendly Door, said. For them to give up their time on a Sunday to do the ride and then to come here and we do lunch.

This year, the proceeds from the poker run will go to The Friendly Door Senior Center of Iowa Park.

Gilmore said, It benefits The Friendly Door in Iowa Park. Theyre a great facility that helps the seniors and also does meals on wheels.

Officials with The Friendly Door said they will continue to cherish their relationship with Red River Harley Davidson and that they value their support.

And to say Hi, we appreciate you coming, we appreciate you supporting the center,' Venhaus said. Without their support, we wouldnt be able to do what we do for the senior citizens here.

Venhaus said each event like this one helps the center stay open to serve those seniors in the community. Anything that we do we try to better the conditions for the senior citizens here.

Red River Harley Davidson said they are looking forward to next years April Fools run, and they hope it will be another year of fun on two and three wheels, all to help a great cause.

Although todays ride was a hot one, it did not stop the community from showing up. Employees at Red River said they look forward to actually having next years April Fools run in April.

You can find out more information about The Friendly Door here.

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Red River Harley Davidson hosts 33rd annual Poker Run and Ride - KFDX - Texomashomepage.com

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PokerStars Team Pro Parker Talbot on Educating His Community and Missing Live Poker – PokerNews.com

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Parker Talbot is a familiar face in the poker world since he burst onto the scene in the mid-2010s.

After starting out playing for pennies with his father, he eventually graduated to playing live at casinos in Quebec, Canada after turning 18. He eventually quit university to become a professional poker player.

Now a member of PokerStars Team Pro, PokerNews sat down with "tonkaaaap" to find out how he's getting on.

Looking back over his poker career, Talbot says becoming a sponsored pro felt "outside the realm of possibility" when he first started out playing poker.

"Even when I first started streaming it wasn't a goal of mine. I just didn't think about it that much," he said. "But as time went on it became more apparent that this was possible. Unfortunately, I didn't sign with PokerStars at the beginning of my streaming career, but we got here eventually!"

Read More: Parker Talbot Join PokerStars Team Pro Roster

So how did Talbot eventually become a member of the Team PokerStars' stable? It all happened at the PokerStars Players Championship in the Bahamas in 2019.

"I had taken a prolonged hiatus from Twitch and was at the PSPC hanging with Ben "Spraggy" Spragg, Fintan [Hand] and some of the PokerStars Twitch team and they told me to get in contact if I was thinking about streaming again as they loved my content and what I do.

"Fast forward to now and after finally making the decision to head back into the streaming streets, and after a couple of chats with the guys at PokerStars, we decided to make the partnership happen!"

As an experienced poker ambassador, Talbot believes there are many ways an ambassador can bring value to the site they are representing.

"On a personal level, I hope to introduce some new people to the game on Twitch, potentially educating the community in a fun and responsible way through the punts that we make that might be at an earlier point in their poker career. "

Talbot admits that he still finds it funny sometimes seeing the fabled Red Spade next to his name, but says it hasn't changed how opponents play against him.

"There's no doubt the amount of throwables people use against me has increased. To be honest, since the beginning of streaming, people have almost always played differently against me, whether it be a big hero call or a big bluff that they can hopefully show and then watch me moan about on stream, so I guess you could say I'm used to it by now."

Talbot has lofty goals for his online poker career over the rest of 2021 ("I want to win like 194 online tournaments.") but he's also looking forward to the return of live poker, but not for the reason you'd think a successful poker player would have.

"I just want to see my friends, honestly," said Talbot. "The majority of my best buds live on the other side of the world and we often meet up on the European Poker Tour and the like, so the fact we haven't been able to travel for live events has been brutal.

"I'm very much so looking forward to listening to a few hundred people simultaneously shuffle chips. I might head to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker Main Event most likely and maybe a cheeky vacation to a destination that's hot but not Vegas hot."

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PokerStars Team Pro Parker Talbot on Educating His Community and Missing Live Poker - PokerNews.com

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Elon Musk Is Correct, I Am Specifically Attacking Space Itself and Not Just His Mars Colonization Project – Gizmodo

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Space, as seen from the Lebanaese town of Bsharri from 1,900 meters above sea level in July 2021.Photo: Ibrahim Chalhob (Getty Images)

Billionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has big plans to abandon our endangered species and colonize Mars, under the theory that a planet whose conditions are inimically hostile to human life will make us less endangered. Fair enough.

To this end, SpaceX is developing the Starship, a prototype rocket that could one day ferry colonists from our doomed world to the Red Planet and is currently slated for its first orbital flight as soon as the next few months. Not everyone is particularly on board with Musks Mars ambitions, citing everything from the colonial perspective that seems inherent to the idea to whether any sort of large-scale settlement of the planet is even possible, at least in the foreseeable future.

Musk has some thoughts on this. In a strange, poem-like tweet on Monday, the billionaire wrote that perhaps these critics just dont see that space represents hope for so many people.

In Musks telling, these undefined critics are attacking the ephemeral concept of space (referring, presumably, to the interstellar void of the cosmos rather than the spatial dimensions that comprise our reality). In this, he is broadly wrong, as critics of Musk mostly fall into two camps: those attacking the systemic inequality that allows him to amass billions for his planetary escape pod while children starve elsewhere, and those attacking his erratic personality in the hopes Tesla stock will fall.

G/O Media may get a commission

However, he is not completely wrong. I am attacking space. I will not rest until space knows exactly what kind of piece of shit it is. Give me an army, my compatriots, and I would invade space and raze it to the ground.

Why do I hate space so? Let me count the ways:

In conclusion, space has social, economic, and political effects. Its chief export is deadly meteorites and high-energy gamma-ray bursts. Fuck space.

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Elon Musk Is Correct, I Am Specifically Attacking Space Itself and Not Just His Mars Colonization Project - Gizmodo

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Mars . NASA’s Mars Helicopter Reveals Intriguing Terrain for Rover Team – Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Without Ingenuity, visible in silhouette at the bottom of this next image, Perseverances scientists would never get to see this section of Stah so clearly: Its too sandy for Perseverance to visit. The unique view offers enough detail to inspect these rocks and get a better understanding of this area of Jezero Crater.

As the rover works its way around the dune field, it may make what the team calls a toe dip into some scientifically compelling spots with interesting bedrock. While Toupet and his team wouldnt attempt a toe dip here, the recent images from Ingenuity will allow them to plan potential toe-dip paths in other regions along the route of Perseverances first science campaign.

The helicopter is an extremely valuable asset for rover planning because it provides high-resolution imagery of the terrain we want to drive through, said Toupet. We can better assess the size of the dunes and where bedrock is poking out. Thats great information for us; it helps identify which areas may be traversable by the rover and whether certain high-value science targets are reachable.

More About the Mission

A key objective for Perseverances mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planets geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith (broken rock and dust).

Subsequent NASA missions, in cooperation with ESA (European Space Agency), would send spacecraft to Mars to collect these sealed samples from the surface and return them to Earth for in-depth analysis.

The Mars 2020 Perseverance mission is part of NASAs Moon to Mars exploration approach, which includes Artemis missions to the Moon that will help prepare for human exploration of the Red Planet.

JPL, which is managed for NASA by Caltech in Pasadena, California, built and manages operations of the Perseverance rover.

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter was built by JPL, which also manages the technology demonstration project for NASA Headquarters. It is supported by NASAs Science, Aeronautics Research, and Space Technology mission directorates. NASAs Ames Research Center in Californias Silicon Valley, and NASAs Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, provided significant flight performance analysis and technical assistance during Ingenuitys development. AeroVironment Inc., Qualcomm, and SolAero also provided design assistance and major vehicle components. Lockheed Martin Space designed and manufactured the Mars Helicopter Delivery System.

JPL manages the MRO mission for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. The University of Arizona, in Tucson, operates HiRISE, which was built by Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., in Boulder, Colorado.

For more about Perseverance:



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Mars . NASA's Mars Helicopter Reveals Intriguing Terrain for Rover Team - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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SpaceX’s Elon Musk Wants to Create a City on Mars by 2050 After Announcement of Raptor Factory in Texas. – Tech Times

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(Photo : GettlyImages/ Maja Hitij ) SpaceX Elon Musk

SpaceX's Elon Musk talked about his goals for Mars as he engaged with fans on Twitter. Elon Musk is known to launch astronauts to the Moon and develop implants for brain-computer interfaces, and it seems like the SpaceX CEO's imagination has no bounds.

SpaceX's Elon Muskhas made his money firing satellites into the Earth's orbit, but his main goal has always been to go to Mars and have people live there, according toExpress UK.

Musk has always maintained the purpose of his exploits in space is to make sure that humanity becomes a spacefaring civilization.

Musk has invested money and resources into his Starship program to create a fully reusable and interplanetary launch vehicle.

Also Read:Elon Musk Debunks Impression on SpaceX and Mars Mission Origins, Reveals Stand on Caffeine

Mars is the top candidate for an outpost because it is close, easy to reach, and its surface conditions are adequate for human exploration.

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO have now shared some insight into his plans for the Red Planet, telling his fans that the city on Mars could be completed by 2050.

On July 10, Musk was asked onTwitterabout SpaceX's plans for aRaptor factoryin South Texas. Raptors are engines used to power Starship, which is SpaceX's prototype rocket.

Musk said that SpaceX would be "breaking ground" with a second Raptor factory in Texas, and it will focus on producing Raptor 2 engines, while the branch in California will focus on orbital engines and experimental designs, according toDallas Morning News.

A fan on Twitter asked Musk about the volume production he is aiming for and the number of Raptors he wants per year.

Musk then went on to say that SpaceX will pump out thousands of engines until 2022, which should be enough to build a fleet of spacecraft for Mars.

This is not the first time Musk has said that he can set up a city on Mars in 30 years. The billionaire has opened up about the project in the past, revealing his estimates for how much the Mars project will cost.

In 2018, Musk told his Twitter followers that building a city on Mars will cost around $100 million to $10 trillion. One of the challenges, he said, is the cost of shifting large quantities of cargo to the planet.

With very few resources, future Mars colonists will have to take building materials with them. Musk added that his plans to make humanity interplanetary would begin this year, according toAustin American Statesman.

Musk believes that putting humans on Mars will help preserve the human species in case a cosmic cataclysm will wipe us out.

Musk tweeted that about half of his money is intended to help Earth issues and help create a self-sustaining city on Mars to ensure the continuation of life in case Earth gets hit by a meteor or if World War 3 happens.

However, not everyone is convinced that Musk can pull it off, with one expert calling his goals "delusional."

Lord Martin Rees, one of the leading astrophysicists in the United Kindom, thinks that Musk's dream is dangerous and compared it to living on top of Mount Everest.

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Mecha Strategy JRPG Relayer for PS5 & PS4 Is Going To Be a Big Game; Post-Story Content Teased – Twinfinite

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Kadokawa Games is continuing to unveil new details about the mecha strategy JRPG Relayer, which could keep you busy for over 100 hours.

Published on July 13, 2021 Giuseppe Nelva

Home News Mecha Strategy JRPG Relayer for PS5 & PS4 Is Going To Be a Big Game; Post-Story Content Teased

Kadokawa Games is continuing to unveil new details about the upcoming mecha strategy JRPG Relayer.

Today we hear directly from director and producer Yoshimi Yasuda that the game is going to be a rather big experience.

Yasuda-san mentions that the developers are working on a post-campaign challenge mode similar to the Labyrinth of Yomi in their previous game, God Wars.

He also explains that there are four modes of play: the main scenario campaign takes an estimated 40 hours to complete. Developing characters in the battle simulator can take 20 additional hours. Playing the post-story content mentioned above can take another 40 hours, and then you can enjoy the Lap Play (which is the way Japanese gamers describe New Game+ type of gameplay, even if no info was provided on what it will entail specifically).

Relayer will be released simultaneously worldwide for PS4 and PS5 in 2021. A few weeks ago, we published an extensive interview with Yasuda-san himself.

If youd like to learn more, youcan check out the original reveal,additional details,the first trailer, anotherpromotional video, the first reveal ofthe rich cast of characters that will populate the game, andthe second.

If youre unfamiliar with the game, heres an official description.


Humanity is not alone in the universe.

In the year 2049, mankind finally meets intelligent life: the Relayers. Around the same time, the discovery of an ancient alien civilization sets the wheels of fate in motion for the Starchildren, humans bestowed with unique powers.

Then, in the year 2051, our story begins one fateful day when two young women cross paths in Artemis, a colony located on the surface of the Moon. Get ready for an intergalactic adventure where humans and ancient aliens meet, and our stellar neighbors come to life!


Relayer takes place in the Milky Way galaxy, within our solar system. In the not-too-distant future, humanity has extended its sphere of influence to Jupiter, with the moon and Mars already established as colonies. Humanitys very existence is threatened by mysterious extraterrestrials known as the Relayers, who plan to annihilate the universe. As if in response to the Relayers invasion, the Starchildren, human successors to the wills of the stars, awaken.

A simulation RPG where you lead your troops to victory using strategy & 4 different types of spacecraft!

In Relayer, players participate in turn-based battles, where each different unit plays its own specific role in combat. There are four different types of Stellar Gear, or spacecraft controlled by a Starchild: Assault, Sniper, Tank, and Scout. Each types attack range and weaponry vary, so players will be required to position themselves according to the unique battle situation.

Players can also employ various combat strategies, such as using hate to draw the enemys attention, allowing certain allies to act as decoys, and calling upon allies to push the enemy back.

This is the first new simulation RPG for PS5 from the highly acclaimed GOD WARS development team!

Overcome challenges by customizing your characters occupation!

In Relayer, each character can be assigned to one of the 20 unique job types and 20+ general-purpose jobs in-game. Jobs distinguish your character as an individual, and it can even give you an advantage in battle! There are over 80 jobs to choose from, and each one is unique.

An interstellar adventure with more than 80 stages!

In addition to the main scenario, Relayer contains 80+ stages, including the side story The Asterisms Voyage, which is unlocked as the story progresses. Enjoy the episodes that delve into the characters backgrounds, solve the mystery of the birth of the Moona science fiction fan-favoriteand experience the world of Relayer to the fullest!

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Mecha Strategy JRPG Relayer for PS5 & PS4 Is Going To Be a Big Game; Post-Story Content Teased - Twinfinite

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