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‘The Devil All The Time’ Review: Satan is real, and he looks like Robert Pattinson – Vanyaland

Posted: September 19, 2020 at 10:09 pm

Its a hard thing to make religious films in an environment like this, where the marketplace has been cornered on Christian Cinema by the squatters at whatever garden-variety horseshit right-wing production company has decided to cannibalize the faith of millions for easy profits, dark lobbying money, and the continuance of Kirk Camerons career. Thats not to say real faith-based films dont make it through the cracks all 10 people who saw Terrence Malicks A Hidden Life know that and were summarily rewarded for it by getting to watch Great Cinema but they dont often take the form of the strained apologias weve come to expect from companies like PureFlix. Take, for example, Antonio Campos The Devil All the Time, which, on its surface, is of the same school of darkened nihilism that defines the work of both Cormac McCarthy (on the high end) and Nic Pizzolato (on the leather-jacketed low-end), where bloody things happen to good people and bad people get lots of money and freedom. It seems to take place in an immoral, bitter universe, where faithful Christians are seemingly mocked by God (as if they arent every day in real life), and unimaginable horrors are inflicted upon its characters by either a non-existent God or a very distant one. But I was oddly moved by the film, and I think its one of the more interesting stories about American faith that has emerged in the last couple of years.

Based on Donald Ray Pollacks novel of the same name, The Devil All The Time tells the story of two faithful families in rural West Virginia and Ohio whose lives intersect over a period of 20 years, beginning in the aftermath of the Second World War and ending as our involvement in Vietnam was scaling up. Perhaps its stronger to list the various stories and subplots as parables, given how red-letter New Testament the film feels at times. Theres ex-GI Willard (Bill Skarsgard), father of our main character, Arvin (Tom Holland), who saw things no man should see in the Pacific Theater and is ultimately somewhat healed by a chance encounter with a kind waitress (Haley Bennett) upon returning home, who soon becomes his wife and the mother of his son. In that same diner, another waitress (Riley Keough) falls in love with a charming photographer (Jason Clarke) who has an unusual fetish. You see, he likes photographing corpses, and he loves it when his girl seduces them first before he puts a bullet between his eyes. Theres the churchgoing girl (Mia Wasikowska) that Willard was meant to be put up with after he returned from the war who falls in love with a spider-charming preacher (Harry Melling) who believes hes been endowed with special powers by the Lord himself.

Flash-forward years later and after a heaping load of tragedy, Arvins grown to high-school age, working on a road crew in the summers in between school years. Theres little he likes in his life other than his younger step-sister, Lenora (Eliza Scanlen), a pious and kind-hearted person who is Arvins only real friend in the world, and he spends a lot of time with her as she visits graves and goes to church, protecting her from the bullies who target her daily. Their lives are disrupted by the appearance of a brand new preacher named Teargardin (Robert Pattinson), a venomous, silver-tonuged bastard with a high-pitched whine and a superiority complex, an excellent role which Pattinson plays up in a Brando-like fashion (who gives a good goddamn if the accent is right when the man gets to the truth of the thing, right?), and this sets in motion a series of violent events, in which Arvin tries to set right whats wrong by whatever means necessary. And what follows is brutal and uncompromising in a way that will rock certain viewers and cause them to understandably find something else to watch, though theres plenty of bitter, pained humor here as well.

Campos film is given an interesting tension with regards to its religious perspective thanks to whats to be one of the most controversial elements in the film: Its narration. On the one hand, the seeming nihilism can feel oppressive sometimes if there is a God, surely he would keep faithful men safe and not subject them to the utter and bestial violence that they can inflict upon one another and trauma that they can cause and it is often quite hard to watch even for a seasoned viewer of blood-and-guts horror (if you like dogs, well, you probably will want to avoid this one as much as cat fanciers stayed away from Dont Fuck With Cats back in January). In fact, it almost goes out of the way to spite the few truly innocent and kind people in the film, blighting them with cancer or making them victims of horrible, cruel circumstances. But the third-person omniscient narration, provided by Pollack himself, suggests otherwise, that there is something watching over these people and seeing their stories unfold, and ultimately writing the wrongs that come to them, even if it may not be as fast as theyd like or hope. It often recalls the resolution of Berlotuccis The Sheltering Sky, perhaps not in specific practice (Pollack doesnt cameo in the same way as Paul Bowles did in that film, and his narration is more specific to the tale rather than providing it a gorgeous coda), but its astonishing in own right, capturing the language and tone of the book while using its detail to enhance our perception of the characters deepest thoughts.

And deep thoughts they do have, as limited as they are by their stilted polite manner and whatever deep hurt is underneath it, as each looks to fill the God-shaped hole, as Jeff Tweedy put it many years ago, with whatever they can find to assure them that there is some structure in the universe. For Arvins dad, its his wife, who provided light to help him out of the black depths of his trauma; for Pattinsons evil preacher, its his own infallibility as a member of the most protected class in the backwoods of West Virginia, and he wields that power to horrific ends; and Clarkes serial killing photographer plays with life and death and calls it art, while his girl Keough initially finds the thrill captivating and their love passionate, though by the time they return later on in the story, their relationship is close to collapsing. Like Job, Arvins touched and hurt by all of their misdeeds, and ultimately, he discovers that hes the only person he can rely on, given the ample amount of powerful men standing in the way of him and justice, and he has to help himself up, and in turn, God will help him (hell, hes even given the metaphorical Excalibur of this film a righteous weapon that rid the world of its then most recent ultimate evil, if you believe the apocryphal story attached to it by Arvins dad). Theres a heartbreaking quality to Hollands performance an innocence bitterly clung to and, once shattered by cruelty, avenged a thousand times over by fury and his wide-eyed sadness, which seeps through every bit of the frame is often as overwhelming as the content on screen.

Perhaps The Devil All The Time would have worked better as a miniseries, where Campos and company could have truly delved deep into the psyches of his characters without having to resort to using narration, and perhaps it might have flowed smoother. This would have been a popular concession to Netflixs standards on the platform the streamer loves nothing more than a brand-new original series, after all, which viewers can put on in the background while they do laundry and would have likely been less of a bitter pill to swallow in the end, separated by natural breaks in the narrative where one could switch to Parks and Rec after watching a bloody crucified GI scream upon awakening on the battlefields of the Pacific.

But to present it as a two-and-a-half-hour cri de coeur about the ruthless unfairness of Gods own original sin that a being so powerful and omniscient would condemn men to a life of suffering in bodies of flesh and blood and that true justice is only assured with the acceptance of death and the knowledge that no one is coming to save you so you might as well do this yourself, the filmmaker overwhelms you with the terrible beauty of a truly moral universe sitting hand-in-hand with free will.

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'The Devil All The Time' Review: Satan is real, and he looks like Robert Pattinson - Vanyaland

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Rosh Hashanah: The year when hope is fulfilled – The Jerusalem Post

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Rosh Hashanah is the first day of the New Year of the Jewish calendar. That day and the following day are holidays on which Jews everywhere celebrate the beginning of the year. But the manner of this particular Jewish celebration is very unique. The holidays main ceremony is actually shofar blowing.On the morning of the holiday, usually in the synagogue and in the midst of the prayer service, the shofar is blown a measured number of blasts. Is this how Jews celebrate the beginning of the year? What does shofar blowing express, and how is it related to Rosh Hashanah?When we study the sources and customs of the holiday, we notice the special emphasis placed on the topic of kingship. On Rosh Hashanah we declare Gods kingship in the world. Kingship is not about control. Gods control of the world is absolute and does not necessitate mans declarations. Kingship entails a certain relationship between a king and his subjects. If the subjects do not accept the kings status and what it implies, there is no kingship. God is king of the universe because we, human beings, accept His kingship and declare it.What are we busy with on Rosh Hashanah? With examining the significance of Gods kingship in the world and with anointing Him. Blowing the shofar is the high point when we stand and express through the shofar blasts that we recognize Gods kingship and our choice to be His subjects.Rosh Hashanah is considered the Day of Judgment when God decrees what kind of year each person will have. Will we merit health for the upcoming year? A good livelihood? Satisfaction? Happiness? All these questions are open and we must admit that the unknown is far greater than the known. On Rosh Hashanah, the Talmud teaches us, All the inhabitants of the world pass before the Almighty. Every person gets his own personal examination in which it is determined what his fate will be during the upcoming year. cnxps.cmd.push(function () { cnxps({ playerId: '36af7c51-0caf-4741-9824-2c941fc6c17b' }).render('4c4d856e0e6f4e3d808bbc1715e132f6'); });The connection between these two aspects of the holiday the declaration of Gods kingship and Rosh Hashanah also being judgment day is expressed in the words of the Midrash:In the moment when the Blessed be He sits on the throne of judgment... God ascends with acclimation, at a time when Israel takes their shofarot and sounds them before the Blessed be He. God stands up from the throne of judgment and sits on the throne of mercy... and God has mercy on them and switches their treatment from the attribute of judgment to the attribute of mercy (Leviticus Rabbah 29, 3).This midrashic description connects the shofar blowing with judgment. Through the shofar blasts we succeed in switching judgment to mercy. Is this a segula, some remedy or protection? Is it magic? Not at all.When we declare at the beginning of the New Year that we accept Gods kingship, and we express this by blowing the shofar, we become Gods emissaries. We take upon ourselves the Jewish purpose of repairing the world under the kingdom of God. Gods kingship is not a spiritual concept disconnected from reality. In the world that God rules, life looks different, relationships among people are different, holiness prevails, and pettiness must disappear.Accepting Gods kingship is accepting a mission. We members of the Jewish nation carry an important message to all of humanity. The more we internalize the Jewish message embodied by the Torah and its commandments and express kiddush Hashem, sanctifying Gods name with our actions, the better we carry out our mission.Judaisms message in a nutshell is: Repairing the world under the kingdom of God. The significance of this message is important since Judaism is positioned between two opposites, between nihilism and hedonism, and between spirituality that calls for abstinence and human society. Judaism differs from both these extremes and speaks of a life of holiness within human society, of morality that does not erase the person but establishes relationships between one person and another. The kingship of God does not contradict the world and the world does not contradict the kingship of God. Judaisms expectation is that reality, as it is, will adjust to the spiritual values of holiness and morality.As the New Year approaches, we declare our faith that the kingship of God can be actualized in reality, and we declare our willingness to act so that this hope is fulfilled. We call this fulfillment, in its entirety, geula, redemption.Shana tova to the entire Jewish nation! Shana tova to the entire world! The writer is rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites.

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Rosh Hashanah: The year when hope is fulfilled - The Jerusalem Post

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I’ve Finally Found A Supplement That Gives My Brain A Boost Without The Downsides Of The Alternatives You Probably Rely On – BroBible

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Its been almost a decade since I was first introduced to the concept of nootropics in the form of Limitless, also known as the Bradley Cooper Adderall movie. In the film, the actor plays a struggling writer who discovers an experimental pill that grants him the ability to not only start banging out pages with ease but also retain every single piece of information he comes across while under its influence, allowing him to master the stock market and somehow transform into Jason Bourne after attracting the attention of some unsavory individuals as a result of the series of events that unfolds after he develops a crippling addiction.

Its a pretty absurd premise for an objectively dumb (but fairly enjoyable) watch and I was surprised to discover it was somewhat grounded in reality. There may not currently be any capsules out there capable of magically transforming you into a hedge fund manager or supersoldier to be reckoned with virtually overnight but there is no shortage of nootropics on a market that has exploded since the movie came out in 2011.

With that said, Id be lying if I said I havent held out a little bit of hope that some of the different offerings Ive tried since then would be capable of doing exactly that only to be fairly underwhelmed by basically all of them. Sure, most of them have been able to kick my brain into a slightly higher gear without providing the occasionally overwhelming boost of mental nitrous that comes with taking certain stimulants that have a tendency to enhance the severity of writers block by making me fixate on a single paragraph for two hours in an attempt to perfect it, but Ive found they still usually leave a little something to be desired.

However, I recently discovered an exception to that rule courtesy of Tempos F*ck Coffee. While most of the products that promise to give your mind a bit of a kick-start are the equivalent of a fundraiser that fails to meet a fairly modest goal, F*ck Coffee has more in common with the ones that find themselves flooded with an unexpected number of donations after going viral.


As is the case with most supplements, I cant say I totally understand the science behind F*ck Coffee but it was developed by a team that doesnt have the same issue. The people behind it managed to engineer a formula harnessing natural ingredients including caffeine extracts that wont cause you to crash in addition to plant-based substances like Rhodiola rosea and Bacopa monnieri, the latter of which has been shown to help some people process and preserve information more efficiently.

Much like Tempos surprisingly effective hangover treatment, I found F*ck Coffee has the uncanny ability to help you start your day off on the right foot by serving as a more than adequate replacement for a cup (or three) of coffee or prescription pills that have a tendency to spawn a distracting case of the jitters by easing you into a noticeably more focused state of mind.

If youve ever experimented with various combinations of different supplements in an attempt to come up with your own formula, youve probably also been forced to shell out significantly more than what F*ck Coffee will set you back, as you can pick up a month-long supply of 30 pills thatll cost you less than a dollar per day and also eliminate one particular side effect that can come with consuming too many mugs of joe.


I cant necessarily guarantee youll thank me later but feel free to laud me with praise when you end up reaping the benefits as much as I have.

The BroBible team writes about gear that we think you want. Occasionally, we write about items that are a part of one of our affiliate partnerships and we will get a percentage of the revenue from sales.

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I've Finally Found A Supplement That Gives My Brain A Boost Without The Downsides Of The Alternatives You Probably Rely On - BroBible

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Dave & Busters watchers wonder if the chain will declare bankruptcy – Restaurant Business Online

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Photograph: Shutterstock

Dave & Busters stock price has taken a rollercoaster ride in the last day or so, after media reports highlighted concerns in the eatertainment chains quarterly report that raised the threat of possible bankruptcy.

The chains shares plummeted more than 26% Thursday, on reports that it might need to declare bankruptcy if it could not strike deals with lenders and landlords. By mid-day Friday, its stock price was up about 13%.

Some analysts said reports of the food-and-game chains demise were exaggerated.

In our opinion, shares will appreciate as the company demonstrates it can achieve profitability at lower sales volumes, reopen all of its stores by the end of December, and successfully restructure or amend its credit facility without the need for additional equity, the brokerage firm Stifel said in its latest guidance.

Nevertheless, it remains a perilous time for Dave & Busters, which is slowly reopening units closed at the outset of the pandemic while also issuing layoff notices to hundreds of workers around the country.

The Dallas-based company said in its latest quarterly report that it must obtain waivers from its lenders or else it may result in filing a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code to implement a restructuring plan.

Food-and-games concepts, especially, are struggling amid the pandemic, as they look for ways to safely bring back consumers while also boosting food and drink sales as amusements remain trickier to regulate.

Dave & Busters closed all of its locations in mid-March and only reopened three units, in very limited capacities, in Q1.

The Company is unable to determine whether, when or the manner in which the conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic will change, including when any restrictions or closure requirements will be lifted or potentially re-imposed in certain states or local jurisdictions, whether it will be able to successfully staff stores, and the degree to which it will be able to re-engage customers, the chain said in its quarterly report. These developments have caused a material adverse impact on the Companys revenues, results of operations and cash flows, including the Companys ability to meet its obligations when due. These conditions raise substantial doubt about the Companys ability to continue as a going concern for a period of one year from the date the financial statements are issued.

This week, Restaurant Business reported on Dave & Busters plans to lay off 1,369 previously furloughed workers in seven states. Since then, the chain has issued new Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) alerts to 373 workers at four locations in New York about layoffs coming in December.

As of earlier this month, Dave & Busters said it had reopened 89 of its 137 stores. It had previously said all locations would reopen this month, but is now saying it expects to be fully operational by the end of December, with its 11 units in New York and 16 California stores among the last to return.

It reported a same-store sales decline of 87% for the quarter ended Aug. 2, with revenue also falling 85% to $50.8 million. Net losses for the quarter came to $58.6 million.

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Dave & Busters watchers wonder if the chain will declare bankruptcy - Restaurant Business Online

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Judge rejects Hertz’s bankruptcy bonuses to execs – MarketWatch

Posted: at 10:07 pm

A bankruptcy judge blasted Hertz Global Holdings Inc.'s plan to pay top managers up to $14.6 million in bonuses after they collected millions in additional bonuses days before the rental car company filed for bankruptcy.

"It seems offensive to give senior executives bonuses when they were paid" retention compensation immediately before the bankruptcy was filed, Judge Mary Walrath said Thursday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del. The 14 most senior executives could receive as much as $5.4 million.

"The incentive plan has serious problems," she said, asking Hertz to revise it.

The judge also said the financial targets the Hertz executives need to hit to qualify for the bonuses need to be tougher, echoing objections by a federal bankruptcy watchdog

That proposed $14.6 million in potential incentive compensation was on top of the $16.2 million in retention bonuses Hertz, just days before its May bankruptcy filing, said it would pay to about 340 employees in recognition of the uncertainty faced as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic's impact on travel.

The new incentive plan would pay 309 employees.

The judge's ruling is a victory for a group of retired Hertz executives who criticized the new bonus plan, saying the company's promises to provide them with a secure retirement are being cast aside.

U.S. Trustee Andrew Vara, the government's bankruptcy watchdog, also has criticized Hertz's bonus plan.

The trustee said the company's top executives were reneging on a deal they made to get their retention pay before bankruptcy. Those executives signed agreements waiving their rights to 2020 performance bonuses as a condition of collecting the retention bonuses, Mr. Vara said.

Now in bankruptcy, they were trying to revive the performance-bonus program, with targets set at much lower levels, he has said.

Some key Hertz creditors, however, had backed the company's bonus plan. Those creditors supporting the plan include a bankruptcy committee that includes the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

A lawyer for Hertz said during the hearing that the incentive plan was developed by independent directors and advisers who had no direct financial stake in the bonuses.

Hertz representatives couldn't be reached for immediate comment after the hearing.

Peg Brickley and Alexander Gladstone contributed to this article

Write to Becky Yerak at becky.yerak@wsj.com

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Judge rejects Hertz's bankruptcy bonuses to execs - MarketWatch

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‘Offensive.’ Bankruptcy judge rejects Hertz employee incentive plans, executives would get second bonuses – News-Press

Posted: at 10:07 pm

Naples businessman David Hoffmann and the Hoffmann Family of Cos. has agreed to allow Hertz to store its idle rental cars on the arena grounds at no cost. Fort Myers News-Press

A U.S. bankruptcy judge has rejected Hertz's controversial employee incentive plans, calling them "offensive."

After hearing testimony from all sides and allowing for the cross-examination of a few witnesses in a Delaware courtroom Thursday afternoon,Judge MaryWalrath struck them down, going along withthe objectors.

Objectionscame from a group of former executives, who fear the big payouts will jeopardize their promised retirement income from the company, and the U.S. trustee overseeing Hertz'sChapter 11case, who questionedthe real intentions and purpose behind them.

While Walrath spurned the incentive plans, she left the door open for Hertz to come back with revised ones, moving to continue the hearing and her final decision to a later date.

Ex-CEO of Hertz agrees to pay back nearly $2 million in compensation after charges filed

Money issues: Hertz reports huge second-quarter losses amid coronavirus pandemic

As it fights to drive itself out of bankruptcy, Estero-based Hertz Global Holdings parent of The Hertz Corp. has argued suchincentives are critical for motivating and keeping the employees in its management ranks and necessary to compensate them for their extra hard work in challenging times.

As written, the plans could have resulted in payouts of more than $14.6 millionto hundreds of employees, including its top brass.

In her ruling after anhours-long hearing, Walrath said it seemed offensive to award senior executives bonuses as they're the very same ones who got hefty retention payments a few days before the company'sbankruptcy filing, even though they "weren't entitled to them under the debtors' ownpolicy."

Hertz doled out more than $16.2 million in "cash retention payments" to what it described as "a broad base of key employees at the director level and above," raising some eyebrows.

Under the incentive plan proposed for top executives, a little over a dozen of Hertz's highest-ranking employees could have earned more than $5.4 million in additional bonus pay if Hertz achievedits highest performance goals.

Barb and Pete Martinez of Estero chug past hundreds of rental cars now stored around the Hertz Arena off Ben Hill Griffin Parkway in Estero. Naples businessman David Hoffmann and the Hoffmann Family of Cos., whichbought the Everblades hockey team and the Hertz Arena in August, agreed to allow Hertz to store its idle rental cars on the arena grounds a few weeks ago. It's yet another sign of the devastating blow thetourism industry has taken from the pandemic locally, nationally and globally, due to travel bans and other restrictions designed to curb the spread of COVID-19.(Photo: Michael Braun/news-press.com)

More than 50 others who received retention pay would have been able to collect more money too under a second incentive plan.

Hertz filed for bankruptcy on May 22 after seeing its rental revenuevirtually vanish and the value of its rental fleet plummet with the spread of the coronavirus, leaving its U.S. operations in dire financial straits and unable to meet its heavy debt load.

While Hertz may have slipped into bankruptcy because of the outbreak of COVID-19 the incurable, sometimes fatal disease caused by the coronavirus and not due directly to any wrongdoing or mismanagement, Walrath said it shouldn't mean its leaders are entitled to bonuses because of the unforeseen disaster that's made their lives harder.

"There a lot of people who were affected by COVID," she said. "A lot of people have had their compensationcut as a result of COVID. Many people have been furloughed and lost their jobs completely."

In making her decision, Walrathquestioned the validity of the incentive plans, saying she had "serious problems" with them, including the three levels of metrics Hertz proposed to use as triggers for the payouts.

The judge arguedemployees should not be givenrewards for not allowing Hertz's situation to get any worse or for keeping conditions going in the direction they're already headed as proposed in the plans. Thepayouts, she said, should be based on meeting much harder goals or true "stretches," if they're really designed to be incentives.

"I am very concerned about the tying of these metrics to what the debtor is already doing," she said.

As a judge, she saidshe'd never seen a situation where a company paid out millions in bonuses days beforea bankruptcy filing, only to come back a few months later and ask for thesekinds of incentives post-bankruptcy.

"I think more has to be established on why the employees who got their retentionbonuses and agreed to stay with the company are not going todo their best to make sure this company survives and succeeds," Walrath said.

She questioned why the request for the incentiveshave come so soon, when the company has yet to file a reorganization plan.

Walrath suggested Hertz change its metrics or come up with better arguments for why it chose the ones it did to address a "gut feeling" that the incentives aren'tnecessary or may not be "appropriate at all."

Hertz rental car customers drop off vehicles at the Southwest Florida International Airport on Tuesday May 7, 2013.(Photo: Andrew West/news-press.com)

In his testimony, Hertz's attorney Jason Zakia defended the incentive plans, arguing they were crafted in everyone's best interest by consultants and outside directors who would not directly benefit from them.

As for the metrics, he said, none of them would allow the company to be "simply put on autopilot."

Zakia argued the metrics and goals can't be so difficult to meet that they're seen as unachievable or unattainable because they would then "serve no incentivizing purpose whatsoever."

"Indeed, they'd serve no purpose for anyone whatsoever," he said.

"You need to strike a balance between something that is achievable, possible, but something that's incentivizing and motivating, not automatic. That's exactly what happened here," Zakia said.

He emphasized that if the goals were achieved and all the bonuses paid out it would be "good news for everybody."

Even when counting the prior bonuses, Zakia said the compensation for plan participants in no case would have exceeded the median pay offered at industry comparable companies or for comparable jobs.

He described the incentives as a wise expense based on Hertz's business judgment.

Hertz's unsecured creditors' committee supported the plans, arguingthey'd result in a stronger company performance that could ultimately allow the car rental companyto pay back more of what it owes.

"They looked at this very carefully," Zakia said. "This committee is no rubber stamp and they weren't a rubber stamp here."

Thomas Mayer, an attorney representing the unsecured creditors' committee, agreed, saying the group had done a lot of research of its own on the plans and their metrics.

"I don't know how much, if any of these bonuses, will be paid. So we do not view these as layups. We do not view these aspayments for just showing up," he said.

There's a long road to recovery ahead and theplans, Mayer argued, could help the company get out of bankruptcy sooner.

"It is highly unlikely that this debtor is going to be able to exit bankruptcy bythe end of 2020," hesaid.

Starfish greet Hertz Gold Plus Rewards customers in the rental area at Southwest Florida International Airport.(Photo: Casey Logan/The News-Press)

Representatives with FTI Consulting, which recommended and helped create the incentive plans, defended themat the hearing too, answering tough questions asked by attorneys representing the other side, who drilled down into the nitty-gritty details of them.

LindaRichenderfer, counsel forU.S. TrusteeAndrew Vara, asked pointed questions about how the metrics were determined and where the company's current performancestood against those metrics.

"In some areas we are improving and are ahead of the metrics. Inothers, we still trail behind or have work to do," said Michael Buenzow, a bankruptcy consultant with FTI.

Based on the proposed metrics, he said, thecompany was pacingahead on the sale of its surplus rental cars, for example, but still hada long way to go to meet its goals for operating cash flow, which continues to be in the negative.

Richenderfer also picked apart the comparable analysis used to develop the plans, questioning the peer group the consultants considered in coming up with the scope and amounts for its requested incentives.

Attorney John Demmy, representing the retired executives group, questioned how the performance targets were determined for each of the metrics, suggesting that they seemed too low based on business improvements seen since the early onset of the pandemic.

He pointedly asked Buenzow if any of the proposed metrics could be achieved by management just showing up.

Buenzow answered with a firm "absolutely not."

"For each of themetrics, there is a significant amount of effort that needs to be undertaken by the employees," he said.

The judge and the objectors remained skeptical.

The executives Demmy representsagreed to defer part of their compensation in return for Hertz's promises to pay them back what they're owed in retirement benefits.

The group claims that a few days after Hertz's bankruptcy filing thecompany told them the lifetime benefits they had been receiving were "required to stop."

As a group, the executives estimate they're still owed more than $5.5 million in benefits based on "over 182 years of accumulated service" withHertz.

That's just a small fraction of what Hertz Global owes.

By the end of March, the companyhad racked up more than $24 billion in debt, according to its bankruptcy filing, with only $1 billion of available cash to operate and pay its bills.

The Hertz Corp. operates the Hertz, Dollar andThriftybrands, with thousands of corporate and franchise locations throughout the country.

Parent company Hertz Global also ownsDonlen,an American fleet leasing and management company based in Illinois, which is part of the bankruptcy filings.

The company completed its new multmillion-dollar global headquarters in Estero at the end of 2015. The companyreceived millions in state and local incentives to relocate from New Jersey to Southwest Florida.

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'Offensive.' Bankruptcy judge rejects Hertz employee incentive plans, executives would get second bonuses - News-Press

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Shareholders of Dallas-based bankrupt retailer Tuesday Morning may be in the money – The Dallas Morning News

Posted: at 10:07 pm

Shareholders of Dallas-based Tuesday Morning Corp. may be in the rare situation of owning some of the retailer after its expected exit from bankruptcy this fall.

Tuesday Morning, a retailer of gifts and home closeouts founded in 1974, filed for bankruptcy May 27 after all of its 700 stores were closed by the pandemic and it had no e-commerce business to make up any of the lost revenue.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Harlin DeWayne Hale on Friday approved the creation of a committee of equity security holders after denying the request twice before.

The Dallas judge said in his order that he now has greater confidence that there is a substantial likelihood that equity will receive a meaningful distribution."

Tuesday Morning stores have performed well since reopening, along with other retailers that sell home furnishings as Americans reacted to the pandemic by sprucing up their homes. Plus, the retailer has attracted 40 prospective buyers who have signed nondisclosure agreements to access confidential information. Several parties have signed nonbinding letters of intent, according to the judges order.

The judge previously said he would reconsider forming an equity committee if events changed the analysis. Theres little precedent for shareholders of public companies to come out with anything from a Chapter 11 reorganization. Thats because theres a strict hierarchy for who gets paid from the assets. Government taxes, lenders and other creditors, including utilities and merchandise suppliers, bondholders and preferred shareholders, are all paid ahead of common stockholders.

Tuesday Mornings stock price stopped trading on the Nasdaq at 28 cents a share on June 5 and has since been trading on the over-the-counter market, often called the pink sheets. The stock closed Friday at 63 cents a share, up 18 cents, or 40%.

Tuesday Morning said it will file bid procedures by Wednesday and anticipates a final sale hearing at the end of October. Next week, it said, it will also file a plan and disclosure statement to serve as an alternative to the sale process.

Hale said given how quickly Tuesday Morning is moving on the sale process, he believed that it was necessary to appoint an equity committee at this time to ensure that equity holders are able to participate meaningfully in the sale and plan processes in a streamlined and efficient way.

Unlike many retailer companies that were forced into bankruptcy because of debt, Tuesday Morning didnt have a problematic balance sheet. It lacked cash flow with stores closed, and because of uncertainty related to the pandemic, the bank wouldnt extend credit to the company.

As part of its reorganization, Tuesday Morning closed 132 stores through the end of July and 65 additional stores that started closing in August. It also closed a new distribution center in Phoenix. It was already in the process of retrofitting its 1.2 million-square-foot Dallas distribution center.

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Shareholders of Dallas-based bankrupt retailer Tuesday Morning may be in the money - The Dallas Morning News

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In The Loop: Regus Bankruptcy, Knotel’s Legal Woes Continue, And More Industry News – AllWork.Space

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Knotel is now facing a new lawsuit in San Francisco over unpaid rent; the flexible workspace company has active legal battles with landlords in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Regus Adds 6 NYC Locations to Chapter 11 Filing

The Real Deal reported this week that Regus has put half a dozen of its New York City workcenters into bankruptcy as the company seeks Chapter 11 protection for upwards of 100 locations across the country. Over the past six weeks, the company has added around 90 locations to its Chapter 11 filing. In a recent interview, Mark Dixon, CEO of Regus parent company, IWG, said the firm will be accelerating its plan to trim 4 percent of its global portfolio in response to Covid-19.

Bizjournals reported this week that lawsuits are stacking up against Knotel. According to reports, landlord Hudson Pacific Properties sued the company Wednesday over unpaid rent at a South of Market office building where Knotel has leased space since 2018. Hudson Pacific is seeking damages in excess of $393,498. The lease for that building is set to expire in April of 2027, but just 2 years in the flexible workspace provider is having a hard time making rent. The new suit adds to Knotels already mounting legal battles with landlords in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

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Flexible workspace provider, The Executive Centre, reported this week that its revenue in south Asia had grown by 18% in the first half of 2020. According to reports, the company reported $21 million in revenue and occupancy of 89% throughout the region. Global revenue for the company was up 5% despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and the number of workstations occupied as of June, 2020 increased by 14% compared to 2019. The company reported seeing strong demand for flexible space from domestic companies, which has helped the company recover from the pandemics impact.

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In The Loop: Regus Bankruptcy, Knotel's Legal Woes Continue, And More Industry News - AllWork.Space

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A guide to CBD products with Professor Mike Barnes – Health Europa

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CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, and many people are turning to CBD products to help ease problems such as anxiety and insomnia. More than six million people in the UK have used CBD, but with so many products to choose from knowing what to buy can be difficult for consumers.

Professor Mike Barnes, cannabis expert, neurologist, of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and Maple Tree Consultants, tells Medical Cannabis Networks editor Stephanie Price more about what to look for when buying CBD products.

CBD interacts with a cell-signalling system in our bodies called the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids interact with the system to create anti-epileptic and painkilling effects, for example, and can help with sleep and anxiety (from pathological to general), and can also have an anti-inflammatory effect. However, some CBD products may be of better quality than others, and some products may not contain any traces of CBD despite the information on the label.

Professor Barnes said: People have to be more careful about the cheaper end of the CBD product spectrum as they are not necessarily good quality products. What you would need is to look out for proper labelling, milligrammes per ml if it is an oil, or amount of milligrammes in the cream you need to know how much CBD you are actually getting.

It is also possible to ask for a certificate of analysis which will come with good quality products, so you know exactly what you are getting in that batch. This will also indicate what other cannabinoids are in it, such as CBG. Some manufacturers also have CGMP standard products, which means it is made to European standard this is likely to be the top price end, but you can guarantee the consistency and quality of the product as it will be manufactured as if it was a pharmaceutical product. If a product is organic you can guarantee there are no pesticides in the product. There are many sites online that can give you information on products to these standards.

There is no doubt we need more regulation in the CBD market. There have been several studies that show that in quite a lot of cases, what is on the label is not always what is in the bottle, and nor does the proportion of CBD necessarily reflect whats stated on the label either.

The Novel Foods regulation that was being contemplated in Europe, which has now been put on hold, is a bit like taking a proverbial sledgehammer to crack a nut. We do need regulation, but not over regulation.

The majority of over the counter CBD products are derived from hemp and must contain no detectable THC. These products do not make medical claims, but many people use them to supplement their lifestyles.

Barnes said: Hemp largely has CBD in it, along with some terpenes, but there seems to be extra benefit from the full-spectrum products that come from the full cannabis plant, meaning the product has all of the cannabinoids in it and many terpenes and flavonoids. So, the more of these compounds it has in it, the better the medical effect. However, the full cannabis plant has a larger amount of THC, meaning they cannot be used to make over the counter products.

So, CBD products can provide some help regarding conditions, however, will not be as effective as cannabis products that require a prescription.

CBD comes in all shapes and sizes, from tinctures to creams and foods, with the most common being CBD oil. So, what is the difference between these products?

Oil is held under the tongue rather than just swallowed as it is less effective, said Barnes. It is very useful to take a fatty food before taking CBD oil, such as a teaspoon of mayonnaise, as the CBD will be absorbed much better with fatty foods. Tinctures are similar but made with alcohol and get into the system in the same way. Creams and balms are for putting on inflamed joints or a painful muscle.

There are all sorts of other CBD products, such as rollers, bathbombs, soap, and food products containing CBD such as chocolate, tea, wine, and beer. These products may be fine for wellness but a bathbomb, for example, although relaxing, has probably non-existent medical benefits. Many of these products are often about marketing hype, however, CBD is a good medical and wellness product we do not want to see its usefulness diluted.

CBD flower is a very grey area, says Barnes. You cannot sell flower without a Controlled Drugs License. You can sell the extracted products as long as it meets the THC limits, but you cannot sell the flower it comes from. An industrial hemp licence is needed to grow hemp and the flower then has to been thrown away.

People who have pain will benefit from a high CBD flower, however, they will need a prescription for it.

CBD has taken the sports world by storm and many sportspeople are beginning to use the product for injuries. However, there is confusion for some over whether CBD can act as a performance enhancing supplement.

CBD is of benefit particularly for muscle aches and pains which sportspeople often get, said Barnes. It also has great anti-inflammatory effects so you can reduce inflammation in overworked muscle. It can also help with relaxation and anxiety relief, so it could help people before they perform, for example.

It is not a performance enhancing supplement. It might make you less anxious and therefore make you perform better, so there is a tenuous link, but it is not like steroids.

As many countries across the world tackle changing cannabis legislation it can be confusing for customers looking to travel with shop bought and prescription CBD products. Ensuring that the product is legal in the country being visited is vital if travellers do not want to have their products confiscated or incur penalties or charges.

Barnes said: You have to be certain about the regulation in the country you are visiting. Much of Europe does allow hemp-based CBD with less than 0.2% THC, but each country has slightly different amounts. It is also worth knowing where you are travelling through, so for example, if you are travelling through Dubai where CBD is illegal and you get caught with it in the airport, you can incur major penalties.

You can export it and import it usually without any great problem. If you have a prescribed THC product, for example, you can usually take it with you, however, sometimes you need a licence. If you carry a prescribed product you should take a prescription with you and maybe an explanatory note from your doctor.

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A guide to CBD products with Professor Mike Barnes - Health Europa

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Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) Market 2020 Will Emerge Globally And Grow upto 36% of CAGR by 2023 – The Daily Chronicle

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The Global Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) Market size is projected to reach USD XX Mn billion by 2023 from USD XX Mn in 2018, at a CAGR of 36% during the forecast period.

Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) market detailed by definitions, orders, applications and market outline; product determinations; producing forms; cost structures, crude materials, etc. At that point it investigated the worlds principle locale economic situations, including the product value, benefit, limit, creation, gracefully, request and market development rate and conjecture and other. The report presented new undertaking SWOT investigation, venture plausibility and examination. The report additionally presents the market rivalry scene and a relating point by point investigation of the significant merchant/producers in the Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) showcase.

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Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) Market 2020-2026: Segmentation

The Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) market report covers major market players like Company 1, Company 2, Company 3, Company 4, Company 5, Company 6, Company 7, Other

Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) Market is segmented as below:

By Product Type: Types I, Types II, Types III, Types IV, Types V

Breakup by Application:Application I, Application II, Application III, Application IV, Application V

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Impact of COVID-19:Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil)Market report analyses the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil)industry.Since the COVID-19 virus outbreak in December 2019, the disease has spread to almost 180+ countries around the globe with the World Health Organization declaring it a public health emergency. The global impacts of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) are already starting to be felt, and will significantly affect the Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil)market in 2020.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought effects on many aspects, like flight cancellations; travel bans and quarantines; restaurants closed; all indoor events restricted; emergency declared in many countries; massive slowing of the supply chain; stock market unpredictability; falling business assurance, growing panic among the population, and uncertainty about future.

COVID-19 can affect the global economy in 3 main ways: by directly affecting production and demand, by creating supply chain and market disturbance, and by its financial impact on firms and financial markets.

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Global Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil)Market Report Answers Below Queries:

Advance information on Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) Market:

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Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) Market 2020 Will Emerge Globally And Grow upto 36% of CAGR by 2023 - The Daily Chronicle

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