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This self-cloning crayfish is scuttling into rivers and streams throughout Alberta – CBC.ca

Posted: April 29, 2020 at 4:43 am

It's not unusual to spot a trout species in a Calgary riverbut you might not expect to find a lobster-like crustacean.

In the last 10 to 20 years however, the marbled crayfish a crustacean not native to the Bow River has begun spreading to rivers and lakes throughout Alberta.

It's a problem that Nicole Kimmel, aquatic invasive species specialist for Alberta Environment and Parks, is trying to tackle.

Historically, the crustaceans are normally found in betweenWainwright andRyley in the Beaver River watershed south of Edmonton, Kimmel told The Calgary Eyeopener.

But now they've been showing up in water bodies anywhere from the Edmonton area, down to Calgary and Medicine Hat, as well as in the Milk River region.

It's not likely that the critters are crawling between rivers and lakes, though they can move on land for short periods, Kimmel said.

Instead, the provincesuspects the movements of the crayfish might be aided by humans either for bait use or they are potentially being brought back home and discarded in local waters.

"Once they're introduced to a breeding pair, they can breed pretty fast," Kimmel said the creatures can produce 200 to 400 eggs in a reproduction cycle.

Kimmel calls themarbled crayfisha kind of "freak accident" of two crayfish species that may have beenimported from Florida into Germany in the '90s and were able to mate. Through that mating, the crayfish kept an additional set of chromosomes that allowed them to reproduce asexually, meaningall the females could lay unfertilized eggs which develop into genetically identical offspring.

In essence, a self-cloning crayfish was born.

To attempt to control their spread, Alberta has banned the crayfish province-wide unless it'skept as a pet. Most pet stores have stopped carrying the specimens, but it's still possible to find them sold online by individuals.

Ducks have been munching on them, along withsome humans, but Kimmel says its important to make sure the ones used for consumption are coming from clean water sources.

Kimmel saysthe province has partnered with Mark Poesch, associate professor in Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta, to understand what the effects are on the habitats the creatures are invading.

"We highly suspect that they're probably impacting food webs where they're being moved around," she said.

The marbled crayfish aren't the only species of their kind causing concerns there's an extensivelist of crayfish-type creatures being foundin Canadian waters,Kimmel explained.

For example, B.C. is worried about red swamp crayfish and in Manitoba there are concerns about crusty crayfish.

Meanwhile Saskatchewan, along with Alberta, has ramped up its legislation around marbled crayfish.

If you spot a crayfish, Kimmel says to report it to the provincealong with the location it was found.

"We're very much interested in knowing the location that you're finding them as well as if you can snap a picture of what they look like," Kimmel said.

"We don't want any of those other invasive ones that other jurisdictions are worried about."

The province isn't actively getting rid of the crayfish right nowuntil there's a better understanding of where the crayfishare located and what can be done for eradication.

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This self-cloning crayfish is scuttling into rivers and streams throughout Alberta - CBC.ca

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Global Voice Cloning Market Professional Survey 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications, Forecast to 2024 – Latest Herald

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The Global Voice Cloning Market report vastly covers profiles of the companies who have made it big in this particular field along with their sales data and other data. It also suggests the business models, innovations, growth and every information about the big manufacturers that will be present the future market estimates. The Global Voice Cloning Market report offers a holistic view of the industry along with the several factors which are driving the Global Voice Cloning Market. It also shows the possible restraining factors which may hinder the growth of the Global Voice Cloning Market. The Global Voice Cloning Market study offers a complete analysis of the market size, segmentation, and market share.

This study covers following key players:

IBMGoogleLyrebirdNuance CommunicationsBaiduMicrosoftAWSAT&TNeoSpeechSmartbox Assistive TechnologyexCloneLumenVoxKata.AiAlt.AiCereProcAcapela GroupVocaliDVoiceryAristechCepstralIspeechVivoTextVoctro LabsrSpeakCandyVoice

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The Voice Cloning Market study is major compilation of significant information with respect to the competitor details of this market. The data offered in this report is gathered based on the deep market understanding on latest industry news, trends, as well as opportunities. This study offers a separate analysis of the major trends in the existing market, mandates and regulations, micro & macroeconomic indicators is also comprised in this report. By doing so, the study estimated the attractiveness of every major segment during the prediction period.

This analysis report similarly presents the information about present on goings, past results and learnings and in future Voice Cloning business strategies that have been followed by the key players, company extent, reasons of development and time period, share and estimate analysis having a place with the predicted circumstances and situations that may occur. This analysis report similarly reduces the present, past and in future Voice Cloning business strategies.

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Healthcare and life sciencesEducationMedia and entertainmentTelecomTravel and hospitalityBanking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)Others

The Voice Cloning Market study is major compilation of significant information with respect to the competitor details of this market. The Global Voice Cloning Market report contains market volume with an accurate estimation offered in the report. Likewise, the information is also inclusive of the several regions where the Global Voice Cloning Market has successfully gained the position. The Global Voice Cloning Market report focuses on the major economies, major continents and countries.

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Global Voice Cloning Market Professional Survey 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications, Forecast to 2024 - Latest Herald

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Twitter Tips: Most Effective Ways to Create Polls – Search Engine Journal

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Twitter is back with more examples of good copy versus bad copy when writing tweets, this time with examples related to publishing polls.

Twitters Global Creative Lead Joe Wadlington hosts what has now become a monthly video series full of Twitter tips.

Heres his advice on Twitter polls in the latest installment of Good Copy, Bad Copy.

Polls on Twitter can be a valuable source of market research data, but only if theyre utilized strategically.

When it comes to writing copy for polls, marketers have to find a balance between being engaging while also gathering usable information.

Good copywriting comes into play when writing the body of the tweet and also when crafting the poll options.

As explained later on in the examples, its easy to make the mistake of writing engaging copy that doesnt actually produce any useful data.

In that case it doesnt really matter how many people engage with the poll if it does not generate anything your company can benefit from in the long run.

Heres the example provided of bad copy for Twitter polls:

Were completely out of ideas! Tell us what to put on our blog next.

There are a number of things wrong with this copy, not the least of which is the negative note it starts out on.

After demanding the audience for responses, it goes on to lead them toward a series of skewed answers.

Blog posts and videos are content formats, while how-tos is a topic that could be either a blog post or a video.

Cat videos is a funny and engaging answer, but its engaging to a fault.

Chances are most people will choose cat videos, and you may end up with a bunch of responses on the poll, but you wont be able to use any of that data.

So thats the bad copy. Heres the good copy version.

The revised version with good copy reads:

We want to hear from you! What type of content do you want to see on our blog?

Right from the start, this poll begins by soliciting feedback from the audience in a positive way.

We want to hear from you shows that you care about what your audience has to say.

Especially when compared with Were completely out of ideas!

The poll then leads users toward choosing from a selection of topics, rather than a mixture of topics and formats.

This is good copy, and in the end it will provide the business with information it can use to improve its blog.

See the full Good Copy, Bad Copy video below.


Twitter is where you go to ask your audience what they want, and polls are a great way to do this. But this is bad copy.

Were completely out of ideas! Tell us what to put on our blog next.

And then each of the answers included in this poll are a little skewed.

Blog posts and videos are a format, whereas how-tos are a topic. And cat videos well thats a funny joke answer but everyones going to vote cat videos and you wont learn anything from this poll. This is bad copy.

The good copy version: We want to hear from you! What type of content do you want to see on our blog?

Asking questions always stimulates engagement, and each of these answers are something that the poll results can tell you and that youll learn from.

Product how-tos, Twitter trends, marketing best practices this is going to help your team along the way.

Its good copy.

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Twitter Tips: Most Effective Ways to Create Polls - Search Engine Journal

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Twitter Is Losing It Over Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s Pregnancy News – HarpersBAZAAR.com

Posted: at 4:42 am

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are reportedly expecting their first child together and longtime One Direction fans are expressing their excitement on their favorite placeTwitter. "Zayn," "Gigi," and the couple's fan-anointed moniker, "Zigi," all instantly became trending topics on Twitter after TMZ broke the news of the couple's pregnancy.

The Twitter fans aren't the only ones in a good mood. According to Entertainment Tonight, both Hadid and Malik's families are "overjoyed" by the baby news and the couple's next chapter.

"Gigi and Zayn are expecting their first child together and the couple is very excited!" the source told ET. "Gigi has kept the secret close to her family and friends for a while as shes only a few months along. Once Gigi and Zayn got back together at the end of last year it was like they never skipped a beat and knew what they had was special. The couple and their families are overjoyed."

Though neither Hadid or Malika notoriously low-key and private couplehave yet to publicly confirm the news, it didn't stop fans from sending messages of love and support for the pair, along with throwback photos, videos and of course, memes to express their intense excitement.

We've rounded up our favorites below.

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Twitter Is Losing It Over Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's Pregnancy News - HarpersBAZAAR.com

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Disney came under fire for its use of #MayThe4th on Twitter – Insider – INSIDER

Posted: at 4:42 am

A tweet from the Disney Plus account sparked controversy on Twitter on Monday for implying that use of the #MayThe4th hashtag implied consent to Disney's terms of use. The controversy was tied to what appears to be a fan-content campaign for the Disney Plus release of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" on May 4, which is also known as "Star Wars Day" (because of the "May the Fourth be with you" pun).

In a tweet made at 10 a.m. ET, Disney Plus called for fans to reply with their favorite "Star Wars" memory with the possibility of seeing it "somewhere special" on May 4. What caused an uproar, however, was a follow-up tweet that said use of the #MayThe4th hashtag implied acceptance of Disney's terms of use:

The way the second tweet is worded seems to imply that any use of the #MayThe4th hashtag constituted acceptance of Disney's terms of use and a user's consent to allow Disney to use "the message and your account name in all media." It particularly seems that way when taken out of the context of the first tweet.

Ann Bartow, the director of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property at the University of New Hampshire, said over email regarding that initial scenario, "I think it is unlikely that Disney has formed a legally enforceable contract with anybody who uses the specified hashtag even if they mention 'Disney Plus' but it is possible that a court concludes that using the hashtag could be viewed as a license or implied license to use the relevant tweet."

Disney clarified five hours later in another tweet that the legal language applied only to tweets in the specific thread that used the hashtag and mentioned Disney Plus, but Twitter users were already incensed.

Twitter's terms of service are also notably vague, saying users agree that the license "includes the right for Twitter to provide, promote, and improve the Services and to make Content submitted to or through the Services available to other companies, organizations or individuals for the syndication, broadcast, distribution, Retweet, promotion or publication of such Content on other media and services, subject to our terms and conditions for such Content use."

"This is a very broad assertion of rights over user content and it may not be enforceable in some contexts, especially those involving third parties. The Twitter ToS is very vague; if users do not understand it, there has not been a 'meeting of the minds,'" Bartow said, referring to a concept in contract law stipulating that formation of a contract includes agreement on the same terms, conditions, and subject matter. "There are questions about whether the conditions for an enforceable contract have been met."

This kind of company behavior doesn't appear to be without precedent. According to a blog post from Sara F. Hawkins, Attorney at Law, a law firm focused on entrepreneurs and digital-focused companies, Delta updated its SkyMiles Program Rules in December 2017 with a section titled "User-Generated Social Media Image Rights." The rules stipulated that program participants would grant a "very broad license for use of your image simply by using the hashtag #SkyMilesLife and/or #DeltaMedallionLife on your social media channel."

Before Disney's clarification follow-up tweet (and even after), people on Twitter were frustrated with the statement, which one user said had "big imperial energy" in reference to the "Star Wars" matter at hand. Others began to flood the hashtag with messages that suggested a higher tolerance for Disney's legal efforts.

Disney did not immediately respond to a request for a comment.

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Disney came under fire for its use of #MayThe4th on Twitter - Insider - INSIDER

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This is how to get Donald Trump to follow you on Twitter – indy100

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Sad news for fans of great love stories: Donald Trump unfollowed longtime friend Piers Morgan on Twitter over the weekend.

Morgan has criticised the president for weeks for his approach to the pandemic, culminating in a column for the MailOnline on 24 April that slammed Trumps batsh*t crazy coronavirus theories and warned that they would kill people.

Trump responded as he does to the majority of criticism: badly.

Morgan was quickly booted out of the prestigious group followed by the former reality TV star, which now numbers only 46.

While Trumps tweets are always sure to provoke a conversation, who he actually follows is equally intriguing, particularly how he narrows down who makes it into the elite club.

But it turns out there is a method to the madness.

If you're a member of a select few Trump-approved groups, youre likely to catch a follow from The Donald.

Weve narrowed them down into some easily digestible categories. Pick your fighter.

Appear on Fox News (a bit of sexual harrassment is also fine)

The most dysfunctional family since the Bluths. Trump follows many Fox News pundits who have often seemed to act as mouthpieces for his administration during his tenure as president. Perhaps the Trump followback is his idea of the ultimate reward.

This list of malcontents includes the likes of Bill OReilly, who was fired from the network in 2017 after it emerged that he had paid nearly $50m to settle a number of sexual harrassment cases.

It also features Fox Nation hosts and Trump supporting sisters Diamond & Silk, who have recently been criticised for pushing dangerous coronavirus misinformation (another thing in common with Trump), and Tucker Carlson. A toxic combination.

Work for Trump

This includes the inner cogs of the Trump political machine: Trump staffers, his VPMike Pence, various members of the GOP that he likes (Mitt Romney notably absent). Theres even a few recognisable names of felled Trump officials like Reince Priebus, who holds the dubious honour of the shortest tenure as permanent chief of staff in history.

But no Anthony Scarumucci, who recently told Piers Morgan that a presidential unfollow will make his life way better. It seems the Moochs 11 days as White House Communications Director under Trump, a role for which he sold his company SkyBridge,led only tohis wife filing for divorce. So maybe an unfollow was for the best.

Be a business owned by Trump (ideally a luxury resort in America)

Daddy doesnt love all his children equally it seems because Trump only follows some of his 11 luxury resorts on Twitter.

Perhaps the others simply dont provide the same quality of retweeted memes. Among those hotels missing out on the big guys follow are his resorts in Scotland and Vancouver. In fact, he only seems to follow US Trump properties. Guess his commitment to hard borders goes further than just building a wall.

Be related to Trump

Trump follows all his offspring who are on the site, even Tiffany. The only omission on the list seems to be Jared Kushner, who is both husband to his favourite daughter, Ivanka, and a close adviser. But the failure to follow may be because Jared appears to have never used his Twitter page; there are no tweets and the picture remains one taken before his appearance drastically changed to that of someone who sees very little Vitamin D.

Work in reality TV

The most random group of all.

Trumps former life as a reality TV star explains some of the more bizarre-seeming follows on his list like why hes following the likes of Derry-born producer Roma Downey, whose book he has also promoted on his Twitter feed. (Maybe its because shes married to Mark Burnett, the man sometimes believed to be the kingmaker thanks to his role as the producer of The Apprentice, the show that created the myth of Donald Trump being a successful mogul and not a pretty mediocre businessman.)

Trump also follows Burnett and their relationship remains, according to Burnett one of the greatest of my life. Rather you than me.

Become a famous golfer

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This is how to get Donald Trump to follow you on Twitter - indy100

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Nobel prize-winning immunologist accidentally asks Twitter when he’ll be able to get a drink – The Guardian

Posted: at 4:42 am

If youve found yourself needing a stiff drink more often than usual to get you through life in the time of coronavirus, it turns out you are in esteemed company.

Prof Peter Doherty, a Nobel Laureate for his work on immunology and patron of the Doherty Institute, which has been at the forefront of Australias response to the pandemic, gave people on the internet a much needed distraction on Monday after he confused the social media site Twitter for Google and inadvertently asked his more than 26,000 followers for the opening hours of the alcohol retailer Dan Murphys.

The University of Melbourne laureate professor and former Australian of the year, 79, did not shy away from the errant tweet.

After firing off the misguided missive at 1.40pm on a Monday afternoon, Doherty confirmed to one of a flood of replies that it was a classic case of too many open tabs, before taking the time to riff on everything from the US president Donald Trump and his less-than-scientific musings on a coronavirus cure to the dating app Tinder.

Jokingly asked by one Twitter user whether he was recruiting for a new clinical trial, Doherty mused that alcohol was a whole lot safer than bleach. When another follower suggested it was fortunate he hadnt mistaken Twitter for Tinder, Doherty suggested that would be profoundly sad.

Doherty also proved that even, or perhaps especially, the experts find it all a bit too much at times and made those of us making a few more furtive trips to the bottle shop than we would like to admit feel better about it in the process.

Dohertys unexpected foray into comedy received a delighted response on Twitter. The ABCs already much-memed political editor Andrew Probyn offered to do a pickup for the professor.

The vice-chancellor of the Australian National University, Brian Schmidt, who moonlights as a winemaker, offered a deep discount. Doherty replied that even Schmidts discounted product would be way above my usual quality.

He also, finally, got an answer to his original question.

Doherty won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1996 with his Swiss colleague Rolf Zinkernagel for their discoveries concerning the specificity of the cell-mediated immune defence and the biological role of the major histocompatibility complex.

But he now joins another illustrious group: prominent people who have accidentally tweeted things. Wednesday will mark the ninth anniversary of what is indisputably the most famous example of the genre. In 2011, the UKs former shadow chancellor, Ed Balls, tweeted the words Ed Balls. For a time, the tweet prompted a semi-official Ed Balls day in the UK, complete with London tube advertisements.

Australias most famous example to date also came from a politician. In 2010, the then New South Wales opposition leader, Barry OFarrell, fired off a deeply off the record tweet to the journalist Latika Bourke in which he appeared to call the then prime minister Julia Gillard a ranga.

OFarrell appeared to publicly answer a private question from Bourke, writing: deeply off the record I think the timetable & struggle to get candidates reflects internal poll pre & post the ranga.

He quickly deleted the tweet, but not before it was captured for posterity.

More here:

Nobel prize-winning immunologist accidentally asks Twitter when he'll be able to get a drink - The Guardian

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Twitter tests an easier way to find quote tweets – The Verge

Posted: at 4:42 am

Twitter is testing a new option that shows you all the times a post has been retweeted with a comment, the company has confirmed to The Verge. In screenshots posted by users with the feature enabled, a new Retweet with comments counter can be seen alongside the existing Likes and Retweets numbers. Twitter said its currently testing the feature with a small group of iOS Twitter users.

The feature wont show you anything you cant currently find using the services search function, it just makes it much easier. Thats important when some Twitter users use quote tweets to reply to a tweet, rather than using the services built-in reply functionality to neatly organize tweets into conversation threads. Currently, if you want to find quote tweets, you have to paste the tweets URL into the services search box.

Its worth noting that Twitter has experimented with a few UI changes over the past year, but very few of them have actually turned into fully fledged features. There was its original tweeter label that was meant to highlight whod started a particular conversation thread, a snooze feature for notifications, and an option to get notifications for responses to an individual tweet. Theres every possibility that Retweet with comments could join them.

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Twitter tests an easier way to find quote tweets - The Verge

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Twitter will remove dubious 5G tweets that could potentially cause harm – TechCrunch

Posted: at 4:42 am

Ever since it first started rolling out, 5G skeptics have attempted to link the next-gen cellular technology to all manner of health issues. Most recently, its become an easy scapegoat for the global COVID-19 pandemic, given the rapid rise of both.

Conspiracy theories have gained such a foothold that vigilantes have taken matters into their own hands by destroying cell towers in various European countries. In its latest bid to tamp down on the spread of false information pertaining to the novel coronavirus, Twitter today expanded its COVID-19 guidance to include the topic.

Were prioritizing the removal of COVID-19 content when it has a call to action that could potentially cause harm, a spokesperson for the company told TechCrunch. As weve said previously, we will not take enforcement action on every Tweet that contains incomplete or disputed information about COVID-19. Since introducing these new policies on March 18, weve removed more than 2,200 Tweets. As weve doubled down on tech, our automated systems have challenged more than 3.4 million accounts which were targeting discussions around COVID-19 with spammy or manipulative behaviors.

The note seems to leave open the possibility of leaving up some share of 5G claims that dont potentially cause harm. Still, the gray area is fairly wide, when considering activities like property destruction seemingly caused in the name of 5G-related conspiracy.

We have broadened our guidance on unverified claims that incite people to engage in harmful activity, the company wrote on social media, could lead to the destruction or damage of critical 5G infrastructure, or could lead to widespread panic, social unrest or large-scale disorder.

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Twitter will remove dubious 5G tweets that could potentially cause harm - TechCrunch

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The Last Dance: Twitter lights up during episodes 3 and 4 of the Michael Jordan and Bulls documentary – CBS Sports

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For the third and fourth episodes of the Michael Jordan docuseries on ESPN, The Last Dance, two of the main topics that were explored were Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson's supposed gift to basketball, the triangle offense. But just like the first two episodes, they weren't the sole focus of their respective episode. Rodman's episode doubled as a rehash of the Bad Boys 30 for 30 -- with some of the Rodman 30 for 30 sprinkled in -- while Jackson's included the Bulls' first trip to the NBA Finals in 1991.

The mild beauty of the sports world being at a complete standstill is that anyone truly craving sports content at this very moment is likely watching this series every Sunday and sharing their thoughts in real-time to the world on Twitter. While you won't get the full story, following the timeline could give you a decent sense of what exactly is happening in the series at any given moment.

Here are some of the best tweets from Sunday's airing of The Last Dance. We begin, of course, with Dennis Rodman.

The episode then veered into a segment about the Doug Collins-era Bulls from 1986 to 1989.

Naturally, that segued into arguably Jordan's first iconic postseason moment, his game-winning shot against the Cavaliers to clinch win their 1989 first round series. The most notable part about this segment is how Ron Harper still seems upset that Craig Ehlo was tasked with guarding Jordan on that play instead of himself.

There was then a brief moment where the cameras showed Jordan's security team with a particularly interesting name.

Returning to Rodman, the end of episode three involved the forward asking Jackson and Jordan for a vacation. The Bulls coach allowed him to go to Vegas for 48 hours.

Poor Doug Collins was on the butt of an incredible opening line to a news story about his firing.

The Rodman-focused episode even made former Bulls forward Charles Oakley nostalgic about time he spent with The Worm and Michael Jordan...well, a Michael Jordan who's middle name isn't Jeffrey.

Speaking of the Bad Boys, the anger that Jordan held towards them for not shaking the Bulls' hands after their playoff series was quite palpable.

And now, a list of places people were when they saw Jordan's layup where he switched hands in mid-air during the 1991 NBA Finals.

Finally, Jordan bullying Scott Burrell.

If it seems like I'm jumping around a lot in the timeline of Jordan's career, sorry to tell you that that's just how this series is structured.

Excerpt from:

The Last Dance: Twitter lights up during episodes 3 and 4 of the Michael Jordan and Bulls documentary - CBS Sports

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