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‘Please come and visit:’ Unscathed Bahamas islands need visitors to aid hurricane recovery – USA TODAY

Posted: October 5, 2019 at 3:46 pm

One month after Hurricane Dorian hammered the Bahamas, survivors share amazing tales of surviving Category 5 storm & heartbreak over losing loved ones Andrew West and H. Leo Kim, Fort Myers News-Press

NASSAU, Bahamas On a recent sunny afternoon, Nassau's famed strawmarket was bustling as crowds carrying Carnival cruise tote bags oohed and aahed over the hand-made purses and hats.

Four behemoth ships were dockedin the Bahamian capital's port, with more scheduled to arrive the following day, reports the News-Press, which is part of the USA TODAY Network.

Yes, the capital has become a hub for hurricane helpers and displaced people since Hurricane Dorian walloped the islands Sept. 1, but it has the capacity to bend to accommodate them without breaking.

Even as he begged the world to come to his countrys aid by stabilizing the climate, the Bahamian prime minister couldnt help but wax poetical about his nations naturally warm aquamarine and jade waters.

Want to help?: Visit the Bahamas' to help islands recover from Hurricane Dorian

A bus transports cruise tourists from the boat docks to downtown Nassau, Bahamas three weeks after Hurricane Dorian.(Photo: Andrew West/The USA Today Network-Florida)

In his address last week to the United Nations general assembly, Hubert Minnis said Hurricane Dorians devastation should serve asan urgent warning that his archipelago and all coastal communities are endangered bywhat he called the global climate emergency thegreatest challenge facing humanity.

Macro and micro: Climate change is shaping life choices and affecting mental health

But later in the speech, Minnis made another plea to the world: Please come and visit one or more of the 14 other major islands in the Bahamas not affected by Hurricane Dorian, including Nassau on the island of New Providence, he said. The revenue from tourists visiting the Bahamas will play a vital role in reconstructing and rebuilding the affected areas, sentiments echoed by tourism officials throughout the island nation.

A recent meeting in the luxe lobby of Paradise Island's Baha Mar resort illustrated how tourism and recovery can go together.

Creative help: Bahamas bachelorette party turns into mission trip


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As slot machines jingled and flashedbehind them, Naples couple Patty and Christina Amandiswaited for Mia Campbell and familyto arrive. Patty, a Naples, Florida DJ, has been coming to enjoy the Bahamas since she was a kid and estimates she's visitedbetween 30 and 40 times.

But the couple's visit to the islands last week was different: It was a mission trip. The two Naples residents traveledto the waterfront resort, just over a bridge from Nassau, to give away themore than 100 pounds of hurricane help they'd gathered in Florida and hauled to the Bahamas.

In depth: Bahamas struggles to right itself a month after Category 5 Dorian brutalized islands

"We love the Bahamas andthe Bahamian people, and this is our chance togive back," Patty said.

Nassau resident Mia Campbell, originally from the hard-hit Abaco islands, tearily hugged the Amandises and assured them their help would reach those who most need it.

Be like the Amandises, says the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation, because the best way to help the islandsrecover is by helping them conduct their tourism business as usual.

By the numbers: Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas


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Its not that the Bahamas want the rest of the world to forget what happened when the Category 5 monster tore through the Abacos and Grand Bahama islands its that they want it to remember that 14 of its 16 main islands are perfectly fine and open for business.

More: Dorian's legacy: The slowest, strongest hurricane to ever hit the Bahamas

The commonwealths last official census in 2010 counted 351,461 residents, with the countrys projections for 2019 at 391,000,though some organizations place that closer to 400,000. Of those, two thirds live in the capital city of Nassau (theyre known as Nassuvians) on theisland of New Providence.

Since the storm, those numbers have increased by as much as 10,000, butNational Emergency Management Agency Director Capt. Stephen Russell said Nassuvians will make room.


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Like Minnis, Russel wants the world to focus on all thatNassau and the Bahamas other islands have to offer.

"We are open for business," he said. "That's what the world needs to know."

Indeed, the Bahamas recovery hinges on the success of the tourism sector some 60% of Bahamas GDP, according to theInter-American Development Bank. That number is the highestof any Caribbean nation, which is whylast weeks just-inked deal with Carnival HollandAmerica Line was such good news for the Bahamas government and such a relief, considering it happened three weeks after Dorian.

Bahamas help: Carnival loads Liberty cruise ship with relief supplies for hurricane victims

Visitors stroll through downtown Nassau, Bahamas near the cruise ship docks on Sunday, September 22, 2019. Three weeks after Hurricane Dorian slammed the islands north of Nassau, the island is still open to its main source of income, tourism.(Photo: Andrew West/The USA Today Network-Florida)

The agreement calls for a $100 million port to be built on Grand Bahama as well as $80 million in enhancements to the companys private Half Moon Cay, including a massive pier that will enable the island to accommodate larger ships. One of those will be Carnivals still-under-construction Mardi Gras, the first cruise liner to be run on liquefied natural gas.

The agreement shows the Bahamas are "full speed ahead," Minnis said.

As deputy director general of the tourism ministry, Ellison Thompson told USA TODAY earlier this month: "The Bahamas is a country of 700 islands and cays beginning 50 miles off the Florida coast and stretching for 750 miles from Bimini in the north to Inagua in the south," said Thompson."The distance between these areas are similar to the distance between Philadelphia and New York.

"IfNYC has an issue, it doesn't affect Philadelphia."

Case in point, the experience the Amandises had at Baha Mar. As Patty looked around at the casino floor, the cafe, the scenic overlook abovethe turquoise waters below, she summed up the scene in a single word: "Paradise."

Map of the Bahamas and Florida.(Photo: USA TODAY NETWORK)

16: Main islands in the Bahamas

14: Islands open for business

$180 million:Port investments pledged by Carnival Corporation in Freeport and Half Moon Cay

60: Percent of the Bahamas' gross domestic product supportedby tourism

6.6 million: Foreign visitors to the Bahamas last year

17: Percent increase from the previous year

Sources: Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation,Carnival Corporation, USA Today,Inter-American Development Bank

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'Please come and visit:' Unscathed Bahamas islands need visitors to aid hurricane recovery - USA TODAY

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A Florida bar has removed about $14,000 stapled to its walls to provide hurricane relief in Bahamas – USA TODAY

Posted: at 3:46 pm

Bar employees taking down the thousands of bills that line the walls.(Photo: Kristin Hale, SKOB General Manager)

Employees at a Florida bar arecarefully bringing downalmost $14,000 incashstapled to its wallsand donating it to the Red Cross for Hurricane Dorian relief.

The Siesta Key Oyster Bar in Sarasota, Florida, has held a 16-year tradition since the bar first opened in which customers would write messages on a billand staple it to the wall.

After seeing how the Bahamas were devastatedby Hurricane Dorian in September, employees at this beloved local bar have been carefully detaching the dollars from the bar wall for the past month.

"Seeing the tragedy andwhat happened there was horrible," said assistant general manager Samantha Lemmer. "We knew immediately we had to pay it forward. It was devastating seeing what happened to everyone there."

Customers used the bar's industrial-strength stapler to attach the bills and sometimes used up to 10 staples for their one dollar, Lemmer said. So the employees have been using screwdrivers and pliers to retrieve the bills.

Bills that were taken down from the walls of Siesta Key Oyster Bar.(Photo: Megan Atkins, SKOB employee)

'Please come and visit': Unscathed Bahamas islands need visitors to aid hurricane recovery

The tradition comes from an old fisherman's tale in which sailors would stick money on the wall so that they could pick it back up after a long day's worth of hard work to buy a beer, she said.

The first time the restaurant decided to donate the moneywas six years ago, when the owners cleared out the walls and gaveabout $10,000 to five local charities.

This year, however, general manager Kristin Hale went to the bank Tuesday to deposit wads of the decorated cash and received a check back for$13,961.And there's still plenty more still attached to the walls, Lemmer said.

She said bar employees arestill working on pulling down more money to achieve their goal of $15,000 before sending out thethe final checkMonday.

Bar employees taking down the thousands of bills that line the walls.(Photo: Samantha Lemmer, SKOB Assistant General Manager)

Aftermath of Dorian: 15 kilos of cocaine wash ashore; police tell beachcombers to be alert

Because of the media coverage, the assistant manager says, more people have been visiting the bar to add their donations to the walls sometimes in $20 or $50 bills. The restaurant's employees have been working to get as much down as possible before Monday, sometimes staying after their shifts or coming in on days off.

"Ilove being a part of it," Lemmer said. "It made coming to work so exciting, especially seeing everyone come together.

"It's an overall team effort. It'samazing."

Follow Adrianna Rodriguez on Twitter: @AdriannaUSAT.


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A Florida bar has removed about $14,000 stapled to its walls to provide hurricane relief in Bahamas - USA TODAY

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The Salvation army’s hurricane response in the Bahamas continues to grow – Bahamas – ReliefWeb

Posted: at 3:46 pm

SALVATION Army hurricane relief operations in The Bahamas continue to grow and are expected to expand further as people start to return to the Abaco Islands. At present, International Emergency Services teams, working in partnership with local Salvationists and volunteers, are based in the countrys capital, Nassau, and Freeport, on the island of Grand Bahama.

The Bahamian Government now reports that 53 people are known to have been killed in the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian, with 608 individuals still listed as missing although this number may not include all undocumented migrants. More than 1,500 people remain in shelters in Nassau and at least 3,000 are living with host families.

The Salvation Armys divisional headquarters (DHQ) in Nassau is currently supporting four main components: overall logistics and coordination throughout the islands, coordination with the USA mainland, support to shelters throughout Nassau and relief support for the Abaco Islands.

Distribution of essential items to shelters is continuing, and drinks were provided during school registration that took place at a sports stadium. Seven evacuees continue to be cared for at The Salvation Armys Grants Town facility and the DHQ site is a central point of assistance for Dorian survivors and evacuees.

As part of the overall relief effort, and to avoid duplication of assistance, Salvation Army team members are attending numerous government-run coordination meetings taking place in Nassau for various aspects of the relief effort, including logistics, washing, food, shelter and psycho-social assistance.

In Freeport, The Salvation Army is currently participating in the response for survivors across Grand Bahama. Food, cleaning supplies, baby supplies, hygiene items, water and clothes are being distributed through Freeport Corps (Salvation Army church) and essential goods have been supplied to other distribution points and through community networks. In addition, emergency personnel have begun regular distributions to communities to the east of Freeport, where door-to-door visits are part of a programme to offer practical and emotional support. Supplies are also being provided to neighbourhood distribution points, and to partner organisations with a more regular presence in the east of the island (such as the UK charity Team Rubicon).

Inhabitants of the Abaco Islands, most of whom were evacuated after Dorian struck, are slowly returning although some are going back only for short periods to salvage belongings. The Salvation Army has partnered with numerous groups (government and non-governmental organisations) to distribute relief supplies including food, water and hygiene items throughout the islands.

Salvation Army team members have made numerous trips to Abaco to coordinate with local community and partner organisations to identify the ongoing needs. Bulk relief supplies are now being transported, utilising World Food Programme-chartered vessels and storage in Marsh Harbour, in preparation for when larger numbers of people return to the islands.

Salvation Army teams across The Bahamas are hugely grateful for the prayer and practical offers of support that have been offered from around the world. This support will continue to be needed, especially over the next weeks as people return to the Abaco Islands where, because the majority of homes have been destroyed, many may have to live in temporary accommodation while rebuilding begins.

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The Salvation army's hurricane response in the Bahamas continues to grow - Bahamas - ReliefWeb

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Dogs from the Bahamas are up for adoption at the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando – Orlando Weekly

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Posted By Wavanie Henry on Fri, Oct 4, 2019 at 1:54 PM Nine Bahamian dogsare in need of forever home, after traveling862 miles to Orlando, displaced by Hurricane Dorian. The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando collaborated with rescue partners to bring the dogs to Florida in September. Four of the dogs who made the journey had to be quarantined for two weeks, until they were healthy enough for adoption. Three of the four are being treated for heartworms. There are two males, 2-year-old Chucky and 1-year-old Waggy, and two females, 1-year-old Bernice and 2-year-old Adventure. The other five dogs will remain quarantined for the next two weeks until they are cleared for adoption.

There's a link on the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando's Facebook pagecollecting donations for these pups and the other animals at the shelter. "Pupdates" will also be posted on their Facebook page.

Tags: pet adoption, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, Hurricane Dorian, pet rescue, The Bahamas, dogs, dog adoption, Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian, Image

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Dogs from the Bahamas are up for adoption at the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando - Orlando Weekly

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WHO Director-General visits devastated sites in the Bahamas to assess health impacts of Hurricane Dorian – World Health Organization

Posted: at 3:46 pm

The world must rally around the Bahamas in the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Dorian which has not only cost many lives and livelihoods but caused severe damage to essential infrastructure, depriving communities of vital services at a critical time, said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, upon completion of a visit to the Bahamas.

It breaks my heart to see the devastation to communities and families who have lost friends and loved ones as well as their homes, possessions and access to crucial services, said Dr Tedros. Hurricane Dorian is another urgent reminder that we must address the drivers of climate changeand invest more in resilient communities. The longer we wait, the more people will suffer. We need to keep the world and people safe.

During his visit, Dr Tedros met with the Governor-General, Minister of Health and other government officials and commended their preparedness, readiness and efforts to mitigate the damage caused by the hurricane.

The visit included stops in Abaco and Grand Bahama islands where most households and infrastructure, including healthcare facilities, were completely destroyed.Dr Tedros was accompanied by Minister of Health Dr Duane Sands.Hurricane Dorian hit the country on 1 September 2019, affecting 75 000 people. About 1500 people are still being housed in shelters; about 600 are still missing; and 56 are confirmed dead.

The health sector in Abaco and Grand Bahama suffered a substantial blow, with equipment and medical supplies destroyed and electrical and water supplies interrupted.In Grand Bahama three health clinics have been destroyed and two in Abaco.

The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO-WHO) is the only United Nations agency with a physical presence in the Bahamas. PAHO-WHO has deployed 20 staff members andcoordinated the mobilization of 5 International Emergency Medical Teamsforthe response. Dr Tedros thanked the teams for their rapid response and tireless service to the most vulnerable.

WHO has mobilized USD 1 million from the Contingency Fundforthe hurricane response. Dr Tedros reiterated WHOs commitment to support the government and people of the Bahamas for the recovery of the health system.

Globally, WHO will continue to work with Member States to make the health sector more resilient and to mitigate the effects of climate change, especially in Small Islands Developing States that arein greatest jeopardydespite contributing the least to the problem. Last week at the Climate Action Summit in New York, WHO called on countries to commit to cut carbon emissions, clean our air, save lives, and significantly scale up investment in proven interventions for climate-resilient health systems.

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WHO Director-General visits devastated sites in the Bahamas to assess health impacts of Hurricane Dorian - World Health Organization

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Pets rescued from destruction in Bahamas arrive in Maine, looking for forever home – NewsCenterMaine.com WCSH-WLBZ

Posted: at 3:46 pm

PORTLAND, Maine After spending the last month quarantined in make-shift shelters made out of tents, more than 50 cats and dogs rescued from the hurricane ravaged Bahamas are now here in Maine looking for their forever home.

Category five, Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc across the Bahamas last month. It left nothing but destruction in its path. Destruction that prompted the non-profit 'Wings of Rescue' to step in and help.

The organization is donation based but that hasn't stopped them from making a difference. They make trips weekly to areas that need the most assistance. So far this year, Browde says he and his team have rescued at least 7,400 animals from disaster zones and delivered close to 144-thousand pounds of humanitarian and pet aid into the Bahamas.

"It's crazy to think five hours ago, these pets were in danger in the Bahamas and now, they're safe." Wings of Rescue's President, Rick Browde said.

Now that they have been rescued, Browde says it won't be long before these little ones are receiving love from their new family.

"These pets are going to be the Kardashians of pets," Browde said. "Everyone is going to want them."

The 48 cats and four dogs were transported to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. Once they have been evaluated and treated for any medical conditions, the rescues will be ready for adoption.

Jeana Roth, the Director of Community Engagement at the shelter, expects many of them to be ready within the next couple of weeks. She and her staff couldn't wait for this day to arrive, saying these moments are some of the best parts of their job.

"We're really proud of this work, we couldn't do it without this community and without collaborations like this," Roth said. "We are saving lives across the country."

RELATED:Mainers facing Hurricane Florence to save animals

RELATED:Domestic violence shelter in Maine welcomes pets

Now, it's time for these animals to get settled before their next journey begins, a journey to a place they can finally call home.

"For them, being here is just an absolute luxury," Browde said. "To think that these pets that have been quarantined for the last month will now be on somebody's couch... it's just kind of cool."

The ARLGP is holding a 'name your fee' event this weekend for all cats over the age of one. They say it should help with finding the dozens of cats they received today find their new home.

For more information, click here.

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Pets rescued from destruction in Bahamas arrive in Maine, looking for forever home - NewsCenterMaine.com WCSH-WLBZ

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2019 Intensive: Bahamas – Highlights – International Women’s Forum News

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2019 Intensive: Bahamas - Highlights - International Women's Forum - Public site Forum member: WABN: Fellow: Tags List:


2019 Intensive: Bahamas - Highlights

|October 04, 2019

IWF was pleased to bring its IWF Intensive program to the Bahamas in mid-September. Partnering with IWF Bahamas, IWF crafted a leadership development experience for members and professional women across sectors and backgrounds. This years event was hosted at a critical time for the participants as the Bahamas recovers from the devastation of Hurricane Dorian on its northern islands.

Hosted in the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, the program centered on the topics of innovation, women in politics, trust, wellness, creativity and leadership. After opening remarks by IWF Bahamas President Sonia Brown, attendees were greeted with inspiring words by the First Spouse of the Bahamas, Mrs. S. Patricia Minnis. IWF thanks IWF Bahamas and our members and guests from around the world, who served as speakers and supporters, for making the program a success. You can view highlights of the events below or visit the full gallery here.

7,000 members. 33 nations. 6 continents. IWF builds better leadership across careers, continents and cultures.

2019 Intensive: Bahamas - Highlights

2019 Intensive: Bahamas - Highlights

About IWF [Add your local chapter name here]

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2019 Intensive: Bahamas - Highlights - International Women's Forum News

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By the numbers: Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas – News-Press

Posted: at 3:46 pm

A Category 5 hurricane brutalized the Bahamas. Here is a look at the numbers. Vonna Keomanyvong, vonna.keomanyvong@naplesnews.com; 239-213-5380

56:Official death count: 47 in Abaco; 9 in Grand Bahama

608: Missing people

692: Found people who had been missing

1,641: People in 7 government shelters: 2 on Grand Bahama; 5 on New Providence (Nassau)

14,000: Dorian-displaced people; 10,000 of those school-age children

Humanitarian relief (Note: These numbers are self-reported by charities and only a partial snapshot, according to the Bahamian government)


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14: Islands open for business of the Bahamas 16 main islands

$180 million:Port investments pledged by Carnival Corporation in Freeport and Half Moon Cay.

$7.4 million: Estimated agricultural damage on the islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco

$6.3 million: Estimated damage and inventory lossesto 6 seafood processing plants

$906,800: Estimated replacement costs of 8 damaged fishing vessels on the islands

$12.8 million: Payouts from Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Facility insurance policies to the Bahamian government

Sources: National Emergency Management Agency of the Bahamas, Bahamas Ministry of Agriculture, UNICEF, Royal Bahamas Police Force,Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance, The News-Press research

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By the numbers: Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas - News-Press

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Dogs, 1 cat rescued from Bahamas ready for adoption at H.A.L.O. shelter in Sebastian – TCPalm

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Janet Begley, Special to TCPalm.com Published 9:00 a.m. ET Oct. 4, 2019

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SEBASTIANFifteen dogs taken to theH.A.L.O. No-Kill Rescue organization when Hurricane Dorian swept through Freeport on Grand Bahama island have headed to new homes.

After several weeks of medical quarantine, the dogs were ready for adoption Sept. 29, said H.A.L.O Executive Director Jacque Petrone. Twelve others have been transferred to other rescue groups that already have familieslined up for the canines. H.A.L.O. stands for Helping Animals Live and Overcome.

More:HALO Animal Rescue helpinganimals fromthe Bahamas

They are doing very well, considering what they have been through, said Petrone. These animals survived a Category 5 hurricane, a flight across the ocean and a three-hour drive to reach their destination. But amazingly, they were in great spirits when they arrived and settled into the shelter nicely.

Of the 83 dogs rescued from the Humane Society of Grand Bahama, 21 of them tested positive for heart worm and will need medical care before they can be adopted, Petrone said.

Many of them suffered from severe skin irritation, salt water burns and ear and eye infections due to prolonged exposure to gasoline-infused salt water.

Dog handler Hailey Nottage scratches the face of Paul, one of 83 dogs rescued from the Bahamas, on Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019, at the H.A.L.O. animal shelter in Sebastian. "Paul had it pretty rough during and after the storm," Nottage said. "The injuries he sustained is believed to be from all the chemicals in the water. He seems to be doing better now." The dogs have finished their two weeks in quarantine and will now visit the veterinarian.(Photo: PATRICK DOVE/TCPALM)

The Grand Bahama animal shelter was hit with deadly storm surge nearly 20 feet high, with more than 5 feetof flood waterfilling the building. More than 110 cats and dogs died in the flood, as Hurricane Dorian devastated the island. The six staff members manning the building survived.

Previous story: 83 dogs rescued from Bahamas at HALO

When the 83 dogs and one cat made it to HALO, shelter, Petrone had to have adequate kennelspace for the animals.

We went two-story with our cages, said Petrone. We also had to set aside a room for medical quarantine. We had six volunteers working around-the-clock, with staff members putting in 50 to 60 hours a week. As tough as it was, we plowed through.

Right now, there are 98 dogsat the shelter on Jackson Street, and Petrone is hoping for some more adoptions to go through quickly.

Dog handler Hailey Nottage and head trainer Jeff Bolling move a pack of dogs rescued from the Bahamas from the yard back into the kennels on Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019, at the H.A.L.O animal shelter in Sebastian. After spending two weeks in quarantine, 83 dogs and one cat are now ready to be placed in foster homes or put up for adoption. "The next step is getting everyone to the vet, and that's a big step, not only monetarily, but logistically," said Bolling. "Also, it's important to get to know the personality of each dog. Out here in the yard you really get a good idea of who's outgoing, who's shy, how they interact with other dogs and who needs some work."(Photo: PATRICK DOVE/TCPALM)

The one rescued cat has taken up residency in Petrones office while he waits for a new home.

The Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County isready to accept any dogsrescued from the Bahamas, but so far, have not beencalled upon to provide help. The shelterdoesn't have anydogs from the Bahamas, officials said.

More: Humane Society of Treasure Coast rescues Bahamas animals after Dorian

Since she started a GoFundMe page online, Petrone has raised more than $210,000 to assist animals impacted by Hurricane Dorian in comingto the United States.

She also is raising moneyto help rebuild the shelter for the Humane Society of Grand Bahama. Almost 3,000 contributions have been made through the GoFundMesite.

Volunteers and rescue groups came together to transport 83 dogs from the Bahamas to Florida. ANIMALKIND

Read or Share this story: https://www.tcpalm.com/story/news/local/indian-river-county/2019/10/04/dogs-rescued-bahamas-ready-adoption-halo-sebastian/3832671002/

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Dogs, 1 cat rescued from Bahamas ready for adoption at H.A.L.O. shelter in Sebastian - TCPalm

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Just how far away are the Bahamas? – The Triton

Posted: at 3:46 pm

By Capt. Patrick Doc Connelly

This question could be asked and commonly expected from most Americans, and for that matter, world travelers at large. But the yachting community and maritime industry of Florida address this question with heartfelt purposefulness by asking it on a much deeper level.

The question for us is: How close are the Bahamas?

The answer comes from South Florida and fellow mariners throughout the world. From Britains Royal Navy to our own U.S. Coast Guard, there are private yachts, marinas, and many maritime companies contributing time, materials and volunteers to help alleviate the suffering and pain of this tragic natural disaster.

As the yachting community and international maritime industry address the long-term challenges of recovery and the overall plans of rebuilding anew the infrastructure and private homes, there is without question in my mind the special qualities of character, hard work and vision for the future that will lead the Bahamian people to an even greater level of prosperity and happiness through the generosity of all.

The Bahamian people will rebuild themselves through our encouragement and benevolence. They know they are not alone, for there has been a special bond between us mariners and islanders throughout the world since the time our world was first circumnavigated.

We know the Hopetown lighthouse still stands, and so does the resilience and determination of all Bahamians. This is a special place for so many people who travel to it and through it.

My kudos and heartfelt esteem to each and every individual that has given and shared in the hardships and triumphs of the human heart, standing hand-in-hand and standing strong with our Bahamian brothers and sisters, assuring them of hope and blessing them with our fellowship and dignity, for it is our actions that show our love. I now hope we all can realize the gift of knowing just how close we are to the Bahamas.

One final thought, and please slowly smile like an easy sunset as I share the Bahamian national motto: Forward, Upward, Onward, Together.

Capt. Patrick Doc Connelly is 100 ton USCG captain, certified royal butler, and avid private yacht owner for 30 years.

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Just how far away are the Bahamas? - The Triton

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