A Poem

Posted: December 6, 2011 at 9:20 am

Vindicating Prometheus

Ere Herakles Prometheus freed
From chains and torment paid the deed
Of bringing fire to mortals frail
That they might master arts of life;

Was not his soul thus fortified,
Who in compassion laid aside
That law of Zeus - that men shall fail
To free themselves from common strife?

For each day did his soul fly free,
Though body bound in misery;
His penance served to justify
The value of his crime of care.

For Zeus did fear that men with fire
Would soon beyond the gods aspire,
Surpassing them as time went by;
And mortals now are almost there.

Prometheans shall bear the flame
And like their namesake, shoulder blame,
With knowledge that this treasure grand
Is for all men who see it clear;

This gift of fire, which knows no race
Yet blesses each one in its place;
When nurtured with a caring hand,
Brings transformation very near.

We vindicate Prometheus, transcending
the concerns of mere mortals, and lesser gods, when
each who is able nurtures the flame in its true spirit of striving
toward excellence, everywhere, for everyone.