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Posted: July 29, 2021 at 9:15 pm

Social Libertarianism"Free market good, Starvation bad."AliasesLibertarian Social Democracy

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Social Libertarianism, clipped to SocBert, is a LibUnity ideology that leans culturally left. He advocates for a robust decentralized government, free markets, and social welfare. SocBert believes that both negative liberty (ie freedom to do stuff) and positive liberty (ie freedom from forces (such as poverty, bad health, pollution)) are equally important and therefore libertarian ideology should be reformed to view liberty & justice as being free from all forms of domination instead of only freedom from the state. Socbert tends to agree with libertarianism on most issues, but disagrees on economics and welfare, believing that a welfare state (ideally a UBI or NIT) and some forms of regulation are needed to guarantee positive liberties.

The SocBert ball is a very altruistic, happy, energetic, and pro-freedom ball. Although he likes a lot of people, not that many people like him back. He's too much of a "Socialist" for libertarians, so he's called a "fake libertarian" by LibRights. On the other hand, he's also called a "Libertarian Trojan Horse" by socialists. Usually, he hangs out with his mom Social Democracy, his half-sister Social Georgism and his dad Libertarianism every other weekend.

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