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Posted: September 1, 2021 at 12:09 am

With the football season fast approaching, the number of candidates on the Sept. 14 recall ballot could almost fill a National Football League roster.

But while 53-man NFL teams want Super Bowl rings, the 46 recall candidates hope to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom if a majority of California voters agree to oust him before his term ends in 2022. A recall candidate needs only a plurality of votes to become governor if the recall succeeds.

Heres a look at the four candidates with Inland Empire ties.

Resides: Calimesa

Party: Libertarian

Platform: A Riverside County supervisor representing the San Gorgonio Pass, Moreno Valley, Perris, and Menifee, Hewitt is one of the highest-ranking elected officials affiliated with the Libertarian Party.

The former Calimesa mayor supports school choice (to) bring about better learning environments for our students and student savings account plans to make college more affordable, according to his website.

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt, left, is embraced by Mickey Valdivia, San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency treasurer, before Hewitt announces he will run as a Libertarian for governor in the upcoming recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom at the Mind & Mill in Riverside in April 2021. (File photo by Cindy Yamanaka, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

Chauncey Slim Killens wears a Trump flag as he waves at cars during the Save America Rally at the Duck Pond in Temecula on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, during the inauguration of Joe Biden as president. (File photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

Republican gubernatorial recall candidate for governor Robert Newman lives in the Redlands area. (File photo by Stan Lim, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG).

Sarah Stephens, who is running for governor in the upcoming special election, speaks at an anti-mask protest in Palos Verdes on Aug. 11, 2021. (File photo by Daniella Segura, Contributing Photographer)

Hewitt also is calling for more investment in water infrastructure, including raising dam heights and building two new reservoirs. He wants to streamline the permit process to build more homes, pay down public employee pension debt and create what he views as more sustainable retirement options for civil servants.

Hewitt, who is in his first term as supervisor, has made headlines for urging his colleagues to defy the states coronavirus business restrictions. He also was the subject of a civil claim alleging he sexually harassed a county employee that was settled for $50,000. Hewitt denied wrongdoing.

Another claim from a former staffer accusing Hewitt of harassing and discriminating against her is pending. Hewitt has not commented publicly about the claim.


Resides: Winchester

Party: Republican

Platform: A retired corrections officer, Killens said via email hes running because Americas God given freedoms have been slowly eroding at the state and national levels.

I have high moral standards, a quality that is lacking in the current political arena, and I will do what I say, he said. I have common sense, not politically correct common sense, and I will use that to solve the majority of problems overnight because Im not going to be a career politician.

If elected, Killens said he would (allow border) patrol agencies to do their jobs and reject any attempt to cut law enforcement funding.

He opposes coronavirus mask and vaccination mandates and wants to reduce homelessness by creating a program (to) provide jobs and living arrangements so that (the homeless) can be productive and eventually take care of themselves without the government incentives, which continues to exacerbate the problem.


Resides: Near Redlands

Party: Republican

Platform: Its the sixth gubernatorial campaign for Newman, whose ballot designation is farmer/psychologist.

Dr. Newman is Pro-God, Pro-life, traditional marriage, U.S. Constitution, agriculture, business, and truckers, read a statement on his campaign website.

He supports returning those in the nation illegally to their country of origin, building a border wall and (guarding) it with the same security we use to secure our private homes, offices, and government buildings.

Newman is critical of California water policy-makers, whom he argues more heavily yielded to environmentalists pressure than to the needs of the end users. As a result, (millions) of gallons of water are wasted by dumping it into the Pacific Ocean.


Resides: Her campaign uses a Riverside mailing address

Party: Republican

Platform: She is running with the slogan Make California Gold Again. Stephens describes herself on her campaign website as a wife, mother of five beautiful children, a pastor, community leader, and motivational speaker.

We have incredible people, incredible businesses, and incredible resources, her website read. However, the people of California have been shut down, abused and not protected and have not been given the freedom to thrive. It is time for the people to be spoken for.

If elected, Stephens, who states she is pro-life and a defender of free speech and the right to bear arms, plans to cut taxes and regulations and (cut) billions of dollars of spending to unnecessary unproductive causes.

She supports school choice There has (been) so much unhealthy indoctrination in schools and allowing home-schooled kids and charter schoolchildren to take part in public school programs. Stephens also supports allowing people to opt out of vaccines without having to give a reason and opposes coronavirus restrictions on in-person worship services.


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