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Posted: September 1, 2021 at 12:09 am

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I applaud Dr. Antonuccis plea urging everyone to get vaccinated.For the record, I am against vaccine mandates except in certain special situations and I fervently believe that Lee Health presents one of these special situations.Lee Health should and must mandate vaccinations for its staff.I have heard the argument that many on the staff would quit rather than be vaccinated.Frankly, maybe this is something that needs to happen.

How can they advocate for action they themselves dont follow?Is it that everyone should be vaccinated except the Lee Health staff who come into contact day in, day out with COVID-19 patients?It makes no sense.The staff go home and no matter how they sanitize and take precautions, they put their families, neighbors and the community at risk each time they go out in public because the virus is so highly transmissible.

These individuals are doing heroic work and their dedication is commendable. But isnt it time for them to do what they ask of everyone else?

Charlotte Newton, Fort Myers

According to Rep.Byron Donalds, If I hadnt had COVID-19, I would have gotten vaccinated…. If somebody doesnt want to be vaccinated, to be blunt and with all due respect, thats no business of yours.

With all due respect Mr. Donalds, it is our business. Florida is a COVIDhotbed with a record 242 dying each day, because only 52 percentare fully vaccinated, and our governor has banned mask mandates. The vaccinated are generally protected from serious illness, but children under 12are totally vulnerable, as are many adults with health issues.

In addition, the unvaccinated thwart herd immunity and enable the virus to mutate into more serious variants. People like you, Mr. Donalds, who have recovered from COVID,arent immune and still need a vaccination to stop further spread.

It is disturbing that our self-professed libertarian-leaning congressman believes America is predicated not on our unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but on his license to kill. Mr. Donalds, forgive my bluntness, but your philosophy is not libertarian, its libertine.

Connie B Holzinger,Fort Myers

In the last twoyears of the Trump administration, the Democrats controlled the House. During that time, the House had 14 different Democrat-controlled committees launch 50 investigations into the Trump administration.

Some of the matters investigated were: obstruction, inflated assets, his family security clearances, slow aid to Puerto Rico, conflict of interest, national emergency declaration, emoluments, abuse of power, citizenship question on census, gag orders on staff, short term insurance plans, border security policies, move of FBI headquarters to suburb, border wall funds and, of course, Russia. Can anyone tell me how any of these investigations turned out?

Now we obviously have a crisis in Afghanistan and at our southern border along with many other issues (inflation, gas prices, deals with the Taliban, Hunter, origins of the virus, the virus itself, crime). Can you show me what committees of the House are investigating the Biden administration on anything? Does that indicate what the real motive of the Democrats has always been?

Ron Wobbeking, Naples

In the pantheon of American heroes, Washington, Lincoln and Eisenhower made contributions to our country that are enduring.

However, each man's historical record is not perfect. Washington lost more battles than he won; Lincoln's Civil War resulted in catastrophic loss of life; and Eisenhower's Normandy Invasion endured days of horrendous losses before success was achieved due to the incredible sacrifice and bravery of Allied troops.

As we watch the events in Afghanistan unfold in real time, one wonders if our impressions of yesterday's leaders would have changed if cable news, and live streaming coverage, had been at the battlefields of prior wars.

War was hell then, and war is hell now. One difference today being that we are subjected to instantaneous exposure, assessment and condemnation of leadership. That is not to say that President Biden is a Washington, a Lincolnor an Eisenhower. But it is to suggest that he is being attacked with instantaneous ridicule and daily denigration. Some criticisms are justified, but many are as valid as the integrity of the political pundits who deliver them to their voracious viewers. The long-term wisdom of history will determine Biden's legacy, not the transient trollers on the TVtube.

Manny Cacciola, Fort Myers

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