Posted: May 11, 2012 at 6:07 pm

Prometheism, or the Church of Prometheus, is a secular religion, or a diasporic nation, if you will, whose objective is to bring forth the next evolutionary wave, the next speciation. It combines Eugenics (and genetic engineering, or really any technology that will allow us to evolve, even if it's a post-biological one, as some believe it will eventually be possible), with a nationalist perspective, that is, the idea that we are a tribe, a nation, even a kindred of (eventually) genetically distinct individuals, with a distinct religion or philosophy. Our hope is that Prometheism will eventually develop into something the equivalent of Judaism, for example -- a religion and a group evolutionary strategy that its members will identify with, and unite in will to create a "virtual" nation in order to control its own evolution.

While Political Correctness and a dysgenic Egalitarian cult suffocate Western civilization, this appears to be one of the few ways out: to unite eugenicists, futurists and non-PC transhumanists into a nation that wishes active, deliberate evolution and progress. If the medias and the masses will not support eugenics, or any decent policy, for that matter, we will have to do it ourselves...


Will you be part of the next evolutionary wave ?


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