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There are 76 articles right now in the "Politics" section.[Last Update: January 4, 2001]


Political Correctness, Marxist Dogma and Censorship in the Western World:

Conway Zirkle and the Persistence of "Marxian Biology" in the Western Social Sciences by J.W. Jamieson

Does Head Start make a Difference ? by Janet Currie and Duncan Thomas

Ethnicity and Ideology by Gavan Tredoux

Ideology and Censorship in Behavior Genetics by Glayde Whitney

Raymond B. Cattell and the Fourth Inquisition by Glayde Whitney

The Problem of Equality by Kevin Lamb

Foreword to David Duke's book "My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding" by Glayde Whitney

Studies of Jewish Genetics and the Racial Double Standard: Is There a Hidden Agenda ? by Paul Grubach

Invisible Men by Peter Brimelow

Race, Excuse-Making and Crime by Jim McCloskey

The New Enemies of Evolutionary Science by J. Philippe Rushton

Statement of Professor Kevin MacDonald

Political Correctness in Britain: A Blueprint for Decline by Frank Ellis

Pride and Prejudice by Dinesh D'Souza

The Myth of a 'Stolen Legacy' by Mary Lefkowitz

'One-party Science' Poses Threat to Scientists' Intellectual Freedom by J. Philippe Rushton

Biased Tidings: The Media and The Cyril Burt Controversy by Kevin Lamb

Cyril Burt: Fraud or Framed ? - A Review by Chris Brand

Fallible Judgments (False Accusations of Fraud Against Educational Psychologist Cyril Burt) by Robert B. Joynson

In Defense of Bacon by Alan Soble

Science, Ideology, and the Media: The Cyril Burt Scandal by Raymond E. Fancher

The Burt Affair by Leila Zenderland

Victim of Scientific Hoax (Cyril Burt and the Genetic IQ Controversy) by J. Philippe Rushton

What the Double Standard Tells Us by Jared Taylor

Microsoft sued for "racial discrimination": the sociologist's fallacy in action... "Inequality of results means discrimination" (article 1) (article 2)


Eugenics and Dysgenics:

An Article Proposing Eugenics for Africa by Ssekitooleko Deo

The Case for Cloning by J. W. Jamieson

Eugenic Theory In Contemporary Mainland China by Sun Dong-Sheng, transl. by Max Desilets & Daniel Vining

Concerning Scientific Creativity - Hermann J. Muller and germinal repositories by J. W. Jamieson

How Relevant is the Nature-Nurture Controversy to Eugenics ? by William J. Andrews

Intelligence and Civilization by Linda Miller

Questions and Answer on Eugenics by Marian Van Court

The Human Situation and its Reparation by Robert Klark Graham

The Rising Curve by unknown author

Whatever Happened to Eugenics ? by Glayde Whitney

Discrimination and Differentiation: An Ethical Biological Issue by George Sunderland

A Call to Action by Marian Van Court

An Interview with Carl J. Bajema from The Eugenics Bulletin, Fall 1983

Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations - A Review by Marian Van Court

Eugenics: Economics for the Long Run by Edward M. Miller

How Can We Encourage Bright Young Couples to Have More Children ? by Nathaniel Weyl

An Interview with Robert K. Graham from The Eugenics Bulletin, Winter 1983

Unwanted Births and Dysgenic Reproduction in the United States by Marian Van Court

The Future of Man by Robert K. Graham

Our Eugenic Destiny from http://www.euvolution.com

The Genetic Decline of the West by Richard Lynn

IQ and Falling Birthrates by R.J. Herrnstein

Eugenics - Foundation of our Future by Paul Slavin

Articles against Eugenics or Genetic Engineering, and replies(if any):

A Reply: Why Eugenic Programs work by Simon Ouellette

Eugenics Watch
I have offered a link exchange to the webmaster of this site(so that visitors could hear from both sides of the question), but I did not receive any reply yet. It is not surprising, however, considering that their site consists mainly in propaganda that uses personal attacks, pavlovian conditioning and other emotional appeals to convince the visitors that eugenics is evil pseudo-science. Nonetheless, I link to Eugenics Watch because I think visitors should be allowed to hear from both sides(and perhaps realize the irrationality of the other).

...A review/rebuttal that whitewashes the book that is claimed(on Eugenics Watch) to whitewash eugenics.


White Nationalism:

Race and State - Is White Nationalism compatible with Democracy ? by Paul Grubach

The White Nationalist Premise 

The Promise of White Nationalism

A Review of Alien Nation by Tom Lathrop

Is Immigration the Answer to a Labor Shortage ? by Joseph L. Daleiden

An Interview with Jared Taylor by Allerlei

The Myth of Diversity

The Morality of Survival by Michael W. Masters

Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft: A Sociological View of the Decay of Modern Society

Occupied America III - Politics & Money by Yggdrasil



Caring For Posterity by Alan McGregor

Ethics and the Social Sciences - The Beyondist Solution by Raymond B. Cattell

A Review of "A New Morality from Science: Beyondism" by Richard Lynn

An Interview with Raymond B. Cattell


Plato's Republic, Meritocracy and Critique of Liberal-Egalitarian One-Man One-Vote Democracy:

The Republic by Plato

Who's For Democracy ? by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

The Dictatorship of the Intelligentsia by Kurt Saxon

The Illusion of Democracy by René Guenon



Freud and Jung - The Social Implications of Psychological Theory by Alexander Jacob

A hysterical article about Canadian politics and the "two-tiered" healthcare system by Simon Ouellette