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Posted: September 8, 2021 at 10:19 am

Nicole Kidman is one of the most sought after television actresses of the moment, delivering chilling performances as the leads in Nine Perfect Strangers, The Undoing, and Big Little Lies over the last several years. Naturally the rumor mill quickly took into effect to tear down a strong and successful woman, churning out stories that the 54-year-old actress recently stormed off the set of her new Amazon show Expats. However, the production studio swiftly shut down these rumors, denying the claims and setting the record straight.

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This past weekend, Hong Kong based publication HK10 raised the allegations that Kidman angrily left the set of the new Amazon Productions show Expats after a disagreement with the director, Lulu Wang. These rumors were quickly ruled unfounded, however, as Amazon shared with Variety that there was no drama to be had.

Nicole wrapped as scheduled, she did not leave early. She always had other projects she was committed to. The production is not stalled or on hiatus, it was always going to continue shooting without her, an Amazon spokesperson revealed to the publication via email.

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This was not the first controversy that rose from set, and earlier this week it was revealed that Hong Kong, where Expats is filming, waived their quarantine mandates for Kidman upon her arrival to the country. The reasoning for waiving Kidmans quarantine was justified for the actress 'to carry out designated professional work, according to Hong Kong's Commerce and Economic Development Bureau via HK10. However, this was not well received by the general public although Kidman is vaccinated as stipulated in the agreement.

Kidman will serve as an executive producer on the show, which has also sparked concern over the political correctness of the premise, which was derived from Janice Y. K. Lee novel The Expatriates, and follows the story of privileged white expatriate women living in Hong Kong. Questions have been raised as to whether or not the show is tone deaf considering the current climate of Hong Kong at the moment, with Amazon catching significant flack. However, filming for the show continues, and is set to premiere on Amazon video with a date yet to be announced.

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So Awkward! Your Jaw Will Drop When You Hear The Rumors About Nicole Kidman On Her Latest TV Set - SheFinds

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