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Posted: September 8, 2021 at 10:18 am

And the next change was when hedge funds came in. Now you are talking about the people who came in and give you the formula as they were in the movie. If you have these factors, this amount of action, we can earn 17 percent on our investment. Thats what I was told. Ive always heard things like this, so I didnt really care so much. To direct a movie, you need to have an alpha personality in the first place. Your instinct is Give me that chair, give me that whip. I will go there and make those lions behave. Well, sometimes the lion wins. Especially if the lion is not particularly interested in the concept of circus.

Martin ScorseseYour frequent collaborator, has recently been in the news saying that Marvel movies are not movies, but upset many people in the process. Do you have the same opinion?

No, they are cinemas. The YouTube cat video is also a movie. Its a little surprising that teenage comics, which we considered adolescent entertainment, have become an economically dominant genre. Each generation is informed by literature, theater, live television and film schools. Now we have a generation that is informed by video games and manga. It wasnt the filmmakers that changed, but the audience. And when the audience doesnt want a serious movie, its very difficult to make it. When they do, when they ask you, What should I think about womens freedom, gay rights, racial conditions, financial inequality? And the audience asks about these issues. Interested in, and you can make those movies. And we have. Especially in the 50s, 60s and 70s, I write about social issues once or twice a week. And they were financially successful because the audience wanted them. After that, something changed in the culture and the center dropped out. Those films are still made, but they are no longer the center of conversation.

What do you think has changed?

Well, that happened all over. Theres no Walter Cronkite, no Johnny Carson, no Hollywood studio movie. The center of gravity is gone. What happens then is that people retreat to the surrounding area. In other words, there is a world of Comic books, or a world of X or Y, Z, and it is very difficult to reassemble these people. It has been culturally lost. Will never come back.

I know you are now In Facebook prisonBut if not, why is it your favorite platform and how do you choose what to share there?

Well, I started as a film critic. And many of my friends on Facebook are critics, filmmakers, or cultural consumers. Therefore, Facebook is a great way to communicate. You see something interesting, you tell them about it.If I were on Facebook I would have mentioned something Swan rhymeThis is a completely strange movie starring Udo Kier. Its about the aging queen, the best beautician in the town of Sandusky, Ohio, trying to escape from his nursing home and discover his old world. Who knew that Sandusky, Ohio had gone to zero because of the homosexuality of American men? But thats where the filmmaker came from.

Well, thats what I would have posted on Facebook. But I couldnt.Because, of course, the focus [Features] I understand the world of this clickbait we live in. I wont talk about it because Focus asked me not to do that, but lets say the actress said something creepy. What happens is that clicks occur, and clicks and other clicks occur. Its fictitious and I made it up, but when I say Paul Schrader talked about Michelle Obamas big ass, click-click-click-click-click. And their employers are happy. yours The employer is happy because they will get a lot of clicks. Therefore, in that environment, it is not possible to predict who will implement the concept. So Focus said, Everyone is looking for a click, so its better to keep your mouth closed. Its the same in everything, including political correctness. We all know what reality is. We all know the language used in childhood, but it is still used today to define words that can no longer be used, whether sexually or geographically. But if you say I know those words, its almost as bad as using those words.

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Paul Schrader knows the perfect Clickbait headline for this interview -

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