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Posted: October 15, 2021 at 9:12 pm

As a war veteran, member of the VFW and former POW for over six years with John McCain in the Hanoi Hilton, I have known and worked with Councilmember Kathy Lambert on veterans issues over the past 20 years.I have always found her to be competent, engaging, courteous, eloquent and filled with patriotic feelings for all her fellow Americans.

This rabid accusation against Councilmember Lambert being racist is outrageous. Kathy is NOT a racist. Its amazing how that word is thrown around these days.If you dont agree with someone, youre labeled a racist. This continual name calling being used as a tool each time political correctness is called out has to stop. This is what I call posturing politics at its best.

Kathy Lambert is a valued, intelligent, well-prepared and hardworking member on the council. She is a unifier, not a divider. And shes willing to reach out to fellow councilmembers to hear their side of the situation on any issue.

Shes a tireless worker for her constituents and I would say works harder and longer hours than most anyone else on that council. She is known for 2 a.m. emails and excellent customer service. She has the largest district in area to deal with and therefore has to travel further.

The radicals know she is effective and experienced and just want her off the council so they can bring in more of their Seattle philosophy to the eastside. And, we all know how well their radical policies work. Theyre making a mountain out of a photo rather than looking at the Seattle problems and issues, which they are trying to hide.

We here in rural King County have NOTHING in common with Seattle and we do not want to be represented by someone who will fit right in with Seattle thinking. Just look at who has endorsed her.

I recall when Dino Rossi was running for electionand the radicals tried to paint him as a Mafia boss with their fliers and advertisements. As a second-generation Italian American, I was offended by that. But I dont ever recall them ever apologizing to the Italian-American community. Kathy should not have to apologize for anything either.

She will be getting my vote wholeheartedly. I urge you also to vote for Kathy.Keep Seattles deplorable politics in Seattle!!! These days, when anyone disagrees with those who lean to the radical far left, they are automatically labelled as terrorists or racists.I know what those words mean. The entire country is in a mode of trying to eliminate any and all who disagree with their radical views. Dont let them use this heavy tool to deprive us of a voice that is independent and cares deeply about our entire community.

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Letter to the Editor: Keep Seattle politics out of rural King County - Woodinville Northwest News

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