America needs to get back to honesty, thinking about the group – EH Extra

Posted: October 5, 2021 at 4:36 am

Radicals, mislabeled conservatives, threaten civil war, entertain conspiracies, are anti-mask and vaccination, with liberty that sounds suspiciously like a teenager saying dont tell me what to do, do what I say. Social responsibility appears mistaken for somehow being bossed around by political correctness. Hating government, spending is angrily called socialism or communism. Unless its in their own wallet or backyard. Then its acceptable. the loudest anti-government states harvest the most of other states money. Senators like McConnell of Kentucky vote against spending, then brag about all the money they brought into their states. A nice trick. Voters fall for it.

Red anti-vaxxer states lead the country in COVID-19 infections. ICUs overflow. Claiming liberty, reasonable safety precautions are rejected. Predictably, federal help is then demanded. Gratitude? Only more badmouthing of the hand that feeds them.

Have anti-government oldsters given up their Medicare because its socialism? They say they earned it? Millions in medical care? While children go without?

How many insurrectionists received government subsidies, unemployment (living off parents) receiving public pensions, or subsisting on stimulus payments? Fist on one hand, the other demanding a handout.

Why are multi-millionaire, supplement peddling right wing talkers working hard to convince basically good Americans that fellow good Americans are enemies, turning them against each other, caring less about the damage theyre causing. Big bucks. Political ambitions?

T. Carlson, like Trump an upper class inherited New York elite, talks rough to attract a working class audience (hes just like us) (?). Also like Trump, he admires dictatorships. Carlson did a weeks show in Hungary, praising its police state undemocratic system, badmouthing ours. Why doesnt he move there if its so great? He knows where his goodies are. Patriot? Or no.

Carlson won a defamation case against him. Fox lawyers argued: any discerning person knows he is being untruthful, hes not a journalist, hes an entertainer. In other words, his Fox attorneys admitted he lies. The judge agreed. Hate and lies are a good fundraiser when its what they want to hear.

Many show little concern for the compassion, love thy neighbor, helping others that supposedly are the core behaviors of the Christian principled nation were supposed to be. Those qualities require more strength, courage, and generosity than grievance, anger or violence.

Alternative facts (lying) for personal profit, without regard for the consequences or harm it causes, is wrong. It used to be honesty is the best policy was a cornerstone. Now, widespread use of dishonesty is used to get attention, get rich or gain power. Its wrong. Its not conservative. The National Motto: E. Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. It needs renewal. Re-instate the draft.


America needs to get back to honesty, thinking about the group - EH Extra

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