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First-of-Its-Kind Study Hints at How Psilocybin Works in The Brain to Dissolve Ego – ScienceAlert

Posted: June 1, 2020 at 2:48 am

The psychedelic experience can be rough on a person's ego. Those who experiment with magic mushrooms and LSD often describe a dissolution of the self, otherwise known as ego-death, ego-loss, or ego-disintegration.

For some, the experience is life-changing; for others, it's downright terrifying. Yet despite anecdote after anecdote of good trips and bad trips, no one really knows what these drugs actually do to our perception of self.

The human brain's cortex is where the roots of self awareness are thought to lie, and growing evidence has shown the neurotransmitter, glutamate, is elevated in this region when someone is tripping.

But up until now we've only had observational evidence. Now, for the first time, researchers have looked directly into how taking psilocybin affects glutamate activity in the brain. And the evidence suggests thatour tripping experience, whether good or bad, might be linked to glutamate.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment, neuroscientists carefully analysed what happens to glutamate levels and a person's ego when taking psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms.

Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to monitor the brains of 60 healthy volunteers, the team found significant changes in activity in both the cortex and the hippocampus in those taking psilocybin.

Glutamate is the most common neurotransmitter in the brain, and it's known to be critical for fast signalling and information, especially in the cortex and hippocampus, the latter of which is thought to play a role in self esteem.

It also looks like psychedelics have a way of tapping into this system.

Interestingly enough, in the new clinical study, these two regions of the brain had quite different glutamate responses to psilocybin. While the authors found higher levels of glutamate in the prefrontal cortex during a trip, they actually found lower levels of glutamate in the hippocampus.

What's more, this may have something to do with whether a person has a good experience with their ego or a bad one.

"Analyses indicated that region-dependent alterations in glutamate were also correlated with different dimensions of ego dissolution," the authors write.

"Whereas changes in [cortical] glutamate were found to be the strongest predictor of negatively experienced ego dissolution, changes in hippocampal glutamate were found to be the strongest predictor of positively experienced ego dissolution."

Practically, we still don't really understand how this activity in the brain is linked to our ego, or even if it is. Still, it's been suggested that psychedelics decouple regions of the brain, so factual or autobiographical information is momentarily separated from a sense of personal identity.

"Our data add to this hypothesis, suggesting that modulations of hippocampal glutamate in particular may be a key mediator in the decoupling underlying feelings of (positive) ego dissolution," the authors suggest.

After decades of limited research, drugs like psilocybin, LSD and DMT are now finally being considered for their therapeutic benefits.

Understanding how these drugs work on a neurochemical basis could allow scientists to develop better treatments for those with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Although if we're going to be using these substances to treat mental health issues like anxiety, depression and addiction, we're going to need to also understand the way the drugs mess with our ego - hopefully without the bad trip to go along with it.

The study was published in Neuropsychopharmacology.

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First-of-Its-Kind Study Hints at How Psilocybin Works in The Brain to Dissolve Ego - ScienceAlert

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Codebase says psychedelic investee Red Light Holland debuts on CSE with ticker TRIP – Proactive Investors USA & Canada

Posted: at 2:48 am

Red Light Holland, based in the Netherlands, grows and sells premium magic truffles in the legal Dutch recreational market

Codebase Ventures Inc () (), a venture capital company investing in early-stage technology and cannabis companies, has announced that its psychedelic-selling investee Red Light Holland began trading on the CSE Friday under the ticker symbol TRIP.

Red Light Holland, based in the Netherlands, grows and sells premium magic truffles in the legal Dutch recreational market through retail stores known as Smart Shops and online.

Codebase invested in the company back in January through its subsidiary Titan Shrooms & Psychedelics Inc.

Titan is working to reduce the stigma around psychedelics and highlight their medicinal potential for mental health conditions, pain management and addiction. In addition to its investment in Red Light Holland, the company owns a 70% stake in a joint venture with mushroom biotech company Mycology Ventures.

Codebase Ventures, which consists of a small, hands-on team of financial and technology experts, invests in emerging technologies. It makes strategic investments in ambitious founders who aim to upend large markets.

Contact Andrew Kessel at [emailprotected]

Follow him on Twitter @andrew_kessel

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Codebase says psychedelic investee Red Light Holland debuts on CSE with ticker TRIP - Proactive Investors USA & Canada

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Todd Shapiro of Red Light Holland on ‘magic truffles’ and the multi-billion dollar psychedelics market – InvestorIntel

Posted: at 2:48 am

Psychedelics are a multibillion-dollar market.and that is what this industry is banking on. We are product based, we are a premium brand the Red Light Truffle will be available in smart shops and we potentially could even have products within the smart shops and on an advanced e-commerce platform by the end of Q3. We plan on setting up a facility that we hope one day will qualify for EU-GMP certification. That means that we can grow a perfect clean room medical grade truffle that could potentially be testedtruffles are sold legally in Netherlandswe think we can capitalize with a premium brand feel and with a micro dose responsible use product. States Todd Shapiro, Co-Founder, CEO and Director of Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP), in an interview with InvestorIntelsTracy Weslosky.

Todd went on to say that Red Light Holland will have two divisions Red Light Recreational and Red Light Health. The company is starting with recreational and will have a medical play in the future. Todd also said that Bruce Linton is the Chairman of Red Light Hollands Advisory Board. Bruce is the founder and former CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation. Under his leadership, Canopy Growth was the first cannabis producing company in North America to be listed on a major stock exchange (TSX) and included on a major stock index (S&P/TSX Composite Index). Canopy Growth was also the first cannabis-producing company to list on the New York Stock Exchange.

To access the complete interview,click here

Disclaimer: Red Light Holland an advertorial member of InvestorIntel Corp.



Editor: Raj Shah

Raj Shah has professional experience working for over a half a dozen years at financial firms such as Merrill Lynch and First Allied Securities Inc., ...


Todd Shapiro of Red Light Holland on 'magic truffles' and the multi-billion dollar psychedelics market - InvestorIntel

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This Trippy Oregon Theme Park Is A Low-Key Psychedelic Playground – Thrillist

Posted: May 15, 2020 at 8:01 am

My most vivid childhood memories of Enchanted Forest are of Storybrook Lane, the parks original attraction. It takes you down a leafy path full of storybook oddities: fairytale figurines that appear poised to come alive; a jumbo Humpty Dumpty grinning atop a wall; a dark, dank Alice In Wonderland tunnel carved out of a faux tree stump; and an anthropomorphic caterpillar perched on a larger-than-life neon pink mushroom.

While my perspective hasnt changed much in the 22 years since, I now have the precise words to describe the place: trippy as shit.

In theme and physical size, this peculiar amusement park in Turner, Oregon -- which turns 50 this year -- caters to small children. But over the years, it's also become a low-key psychedelic playground for grownups thanks to a combination of social media, nostalgia, legal cannabis, and hallucinogens. In a state that fully embraces weirdness, Enchanted Forest is a jewel perfectly at home among the trees just off the highway.

For Sara Rudolph, Enchanted Forest is a reversion to childhood, one thats typically facilitated by psychedelic mushrooms.Rudolph has been going to the park since she was three. She remembers being thrilled and a little alarmed by the folksy handmade attractions -- among them a giant slide you enter through a witch's gnarled maw and a rickety haunted house.

Her last visit to the park was last year, at the age of 43. She says she hasnt gone to Enchanted Forest entirely sober since she was about 16, and as an adult, 'shrooms help her recreate moments of adolescent wonder.



Charleston: The Ultimate Local's Guide

"There are all these little alcoves with puppets that definitely look like they come alive at night."

Its an immersive experience, something that we are very there for as children, but less so as adults," she says. "If you're high, you have more levels of that [childhood] experience. It's not just visual: You're actually more involved and more affected by the tactile nature of it.

Enchanted Forest can be trippy in a fun way -- or terrifying, depending on how high you are.

Its sort of homemade, which makes it extra creepy, Rudolph says. It's definitely not Disneyland. You're not sitting safe in a little cart. You're walking through it and it's kind of unpredictable and there are '70s-style, weird, lurid colors.

Enchanted Forest dates back to 1964, when Roger Tofte began building it on a 20-acre forested hill outside of Salem, according to the website. The park officially opened in 1971, with a piece of butcher paper that read OPEN alerting people to its existence.

Tofte, an artist and tinkerer who is now 90 years old, wanted to give kids in the sleepy city of Salem (the state capital, about an hour south of Portland) something to do. He built the park by hand with his wife, Mavis, and four kids.

Susan Vaslev, Toftes oldest daughter who now helps run Enchanted Forest, says there have been a couple of dips in attendance throughout the years that threatened the parks survival. The first was in the 1970s, when oil crises led to nationwide gas shortages, and the second was after 9/11. Currently, attendance is at a standstill as nonessential businesses are shuttered. Its 50th anniversary celebration is a big question mark.

Our biggest business is repeat visitors, Vaslev says. We're very thankful to them because that's what keeps us going.

The parks official Instagram -- which features photos of a smiling, wizened Tofte still repairing and shoring up the park by hand -- has over 10,000 followers. On it, youll find collections of fan art, vintage photos, and promos from the time the park was the subject of Travel Channels Ghost Adventures (the crew believed it was haunted). Threads on Twitter and Reddit, though, highlight the more underground aspects of the park.

Venture deep enough down the internet rabbit hole and youll find fan reviews of the Music From Enchanted Forest album, a collection of storybook-synth tunes composed by Vaslev that play on loop throughout the park. Search Reddit and youll find an Ask Me Anything thread with somebody claiming to be an employee in 2018.

What's the strangest thing you've caught visitors doing who didn't know you were watching? a user called IronicallyZen asked.

Definitely pot smoking! the employee responded. Young people think they could come in and sneak a smoke in the dwarf caves or bathrooms, but employees roam around constantly and they are for sure not getting away with it.

I couldnt imagine not going high.

Douglas Elkins, co-owner of Salems OG Collective Dispensary, says cannabis isn't necessarily the drug of choice for Enchanted Forest Visitors, but hes certainly heard of people doing acid and 'shrooms and going to Enchanted Forest.

Vaslev, however, vehemently denies the parks reputation as a destination for psychedelic enthusiasts.Rumors are rumors and not what we see in the park. We're very family-oriented, Vaslev says. If people come intoxicated, on alcohol or drugs or cannabis, we will ask them to leave or call the police.

I couldnt imagine not going high, says Crystal Contreras. It would seem kind of sad.

Contreras, 37, learned about Enchanted Forest after moving to Oregon as an adult.I heard that [taking psychedelics before going to the park] was a thing people do from a friend who grew up here, Contreras says.

Her inaugural visit was with a group of friends, who all took mushrooms. Because it was a sweltering summer day, Contreras opted to be the relatively sober friend and go very, very high on cannabis instead. She learned it was beneficial to have a high tolerance for spookiness.

Theres definitely a contrast between it being cute and fun and really creepy, Contreras says. It has a weird acid-trip aesthetic. There are all these little alcoves with puppets depicting scenes from fairy tales that definitely look like they come alive at night.

At one point, going through one of the little houses, Contreras says she, got a feeling that if I let my friends out of my sight they would disappear forever and Id never find them.

Contreras and Rudolph have advice for adults who decide to microdose before their trip to Enchanted Forest. The best ride, they both agree, is the new Challenge of Mondor, a target-shooting game that winds slowly through a dark tavern.

You get to chill out and shoot targets with a laser gun, who wouldnt like that? Contreras says.

Rudolph also recommends the Fantasy Fountains Water-Light Show -- a beautiful, dazzling water and light show that has 359 water jets, according to the parks website.

But she warns against the Ice Mountain Bobsled Roller Coaster, a Matterhorn knock-off that was the parks first ride.They put you in a little plastic capsule and it is incredibly claustrophobic, Rudolph says. If you're over five foot four, especially on drugs, maybe skip out.

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This Trippy Oregon Theme Park Is A Low-Key Psychedelic Playground - Thrillist

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EGF Theramed Appoints George Anstey to Board of Directors – Benzinga

Posted: at 8:01 am

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2020 / EGF THERAMED HEALTH CORP. (CSE:TMED, OTCQB:EVAHF) (the "Company") today announces the appointment of George Anstey, a cannabis industry specialist, to the Company's Board of Directors. Jeff Lipton has stepped down from the board to allow space for this appointment.

Mr. Anstey has well-rounded and lengthy experience in the cannabis industry, which continues to grow rapidly throughout North America, operating in extraction, production, and supply. Among his roles were working with commercial license holders such as Broken Coast Cannabis, which was acquired by Aphria in 2018 for C$230 million. He now consults on compliance matters for early-stage cannabis companies, helping these businesses to navigate license application requirements set by Health Canada. These skills have been easily transferred to the psychedelics market, where he serves as CEO of Pharmadelic Labs, a psilocybin biosynthesis research company in which the Company holds a 30% stake. George's appointment gives the Company an experienced voice as it expands operations.

The opportunities afforded by the role excited Mr. Anstey, who commented: "I spent an inordinate time in this field and, based on the existing lab assets that TMED has in Las Vegas, I feel that I can assist the Company to optimize the utility of this asset to build further value for our shareholders."

The Company is pleased to welcome Mr Anstey's experience. David Bentil, CEO of TMED, stated: "George brings great experience leading companies in both the cannabis and psychedelic markets. His skills are very desirable and with his input we are confident the Company will grow from strength to strength. We would like to thank Jeff Lipton for his services to the Company."


Pharmadelic Labs Corp. is a Nevada biotech company using state-of-the-art technology to create biosynthesis pathways for psilocybin. By editing the genome sequences of industrial brewing yeasts, the company is creating commercially viable compounds derived from psilocybin. The main advantages of this method are threefold: it is significantly quicker than growing and then extracting from mushrooms (days rather than weeks); very safe, through the use of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) products ready for use in industry; it ensures a controlled and uniform level of psilocybin throughout the finished product; and is much cheaper to produce on a mass scale than greenhouse growing.

Pharmadelic Labs aims to develop a portfolio of intellectual property around biosynthesis pathways using yeast and psilocybin. The company will be working with a wide range of partners across multiple industries, starting with pharmaceutical companies creating products for the nascent psychedelics market.



EGF Theramed is a consumer technology company engaged in the provision of biomedical online services for monitoring and treating common health problems. The Company, through its subsidiaries, has assets and technologies used in the extraction and purification of botanical extracts and the creation of extract formulations, as well as medical monitoring device technology. The Company is working to collaborate with other companies for medical technology, equipment protocols and laboratory SOPs.

Through the Company's recent acquisition of a 30% equity interest in Pharmadelic Labs Corp. it has begun to research psilocybin and psychedelic extraction and processing for its Las Vegas extraction lab.



Doug McFaul


Telephone: (778) 331 8505


CSE Micro-site:

US OTC Markets (OTCQB):

Frankfurt Borse:


George Anstey, CEO




All statements in this press release, other than statements of historical fact, are "forward-looking information" with respect to the Company within the meaning of applicable securities laws, including with respect to the expansion of its IP claims in Canada, the United States and other jurisdictions, information surrounding the psilocybin market, as well as the business plans of Pharmadelic Labs Corp. and the Company. The Company provides forward-looking statements for the purpose of conveying information about current expectations and plans relating to the future and readers are cautioned that such statements may not be appropriate for other purposes. By its nature, this information is subject to inherent risks and uncertainties that may be general or specific and which give rise to the possibility that expectations, forecasts, predictions, projections or conclusions will not prove to be accurate, that assumptions may not be correct, and that objectives, strategic goals and priorities will not be achieved. These risks and uncertainties include but are not limited those identified and reported in the Company's public filings under the Company's SEDAR profile at Although the Company has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual actions, events or results to differ materially from those described in forward-looking information, there may be other factors that cause actions, events or results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. There can be no assurance that such information will prove to be accurate as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking information, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise unless required by law.

SOURCE: EGF Theramed Health Corp.

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EGF Theramed Appoints George Anstey to Board of Directors - Benzinga

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Empower Clinics and EuroLife Brands Close Definitive Agreement and Sign Multi-Year Multi-National Licence Agreement –

Posted: at 8:01 am

Empower Clinics to power online education platform for patients, retail locations, national tele-medicine platform and their expanding network of franchisees with EuroLife's

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / May 15th, 2020 / EMPOWER CLINICS INC. (CSE: CBDT) (OTC: EPWCF) (Frankfurt 8EC) ("Empower" or the "Company"), a vertically integrated life sciences company, is pleased to announce that further to the letter of intent announced on February 25, 2020 it has signed a definitive agreement with EuroLife Brands ("EuroLife"), a vertically integrated enterprise focused on the pan-European hemp, cannabinoid, and health and wellness sector. The agreement grants Empower an exclusive license to EuroLife's "" cloud based online educational platform in certain international jurisdictions. Empower will use the web-based education technology platform to deliver brand, product, and industry knowledge to employees and over 165,000 patients across Empower's six corporate clinics in Arizona, Oregon, its first franchise in Oklahoma and nationwide tele-health platform.

Under the terms of the agreement, Empower has been granted an exclusive license of the platform in the United States and Mexico with an option to expand to other jurisdictions. The agreement includes a three-year term with a three-year renewable option. A licensing fee will be paid over the life of the agreement, consisting of a mixture of cash and stock totalling $460,000 CAD and includes comprehensive service level agreements from EuroLife and ongoing support from EuroLife team roles including VP of Technology, Senior Developer, Quality Assurance, Creative Designer, Program Management, Account Management and regular support from EuroLife's CEO.

"We needed a robust platform to reach our growing network of owned and franchised locations across the United States and EuroLife's education platform exceeds all of our requirements," said Steven McAuley, chairman and chief executive officer of Empower. "We now have the ability to reach our employees and the patients they serve through a safe, secure and informative online education portal. I believe the ability to deliver consistent product education quickly and efficiently is a competitive advantage that we will leverage as we continue to grow our patient count and number of locations."

"I am very pleased to announce the agreement with Empower to license our education portal to reach both employees and medical and retail consumers on an incredibly efficient basis," said Shawn Moniz, Chief Executive Officer, EuroLife Brands Inc. "I look forward to working with Steven and his incredible team at Empower as they expand their footprint across the United States." is a consumer education portal launched in 2018 for medical and recreational cannabis consumers. Through many discussions with industry stakeholders the management team discovered there was significant demand for a cloud-based education portal for licensed producers, retail dispensaries and other large to mid-sized companies in the cannabis sector.


Empower is a vertically integrated health & wellness brand with a network of corporate and franchised health & wellness clinics in the U.S. The Company is building its first hemp-derived CBD extraction facility and produces its proprietary line of cannabidiol (CBD) based products. The Company is a leading multi-state operator of a network of physician-staffed wellness clinics, focused on helping patients improve and protect their health, through innovative physician recommended treatment options. The Company has commenced activity on how to connect its significant data, to the potential of the efficacy of alternative treatment options related to hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) therapies, psilocybin and other psychedelic plant-based treatment options. The Company now offers COVID-19 testing options in the United States and physician-based consultations, to address COVID-19 concerns.

About EuroLife Brands Inc.

EuroLife Brands is a leading global markets cannabis brand empowering the medical, recreational and CPG cannabis industry worldwide through a data-driven CBD marketplace supported by exclusive and unbiased physician-backed cannabis education and detailed consumer analytics.


Steven McAuleyChief Executive Officer


Investors: Steven McAuley




Investors: Dustin Klein

SVP, Business Development



For French inquiries: Remy Scalabrini, Maricom Inc., E: [emailprotected], T: (888) 585-MARI


This news release contains certain "forward-looking statements" or "forward-looking information" (collectively "forward looking statements") within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws.All statements, other than statements of historical fact, are forward-looking statements and are based on expectations, estimates and projections as at the date of this news release.Forward-looking statements can frequently be identified by words such as "plans", "continues", "expects", "projects", "intends", "believes", "anticipates", "estimates", "may", "will", "potential", "proposed" and other similar words, or information that certain events or conditions "may" or "will" occur. Forward-looking statements in this news release include statements regarding: the Company's expected timing of filing of its Annual Filings, the Company's intention to create psilocybin and psychedelics divisions, that market research on advancements in psilocybin and psychedelics in North America and globally will create greater shareholder value, the Company's intention to open a hemp-based CBD extraction facility, the expected benefits to the Company and its shareholders as a result of the proposed acquisitions and partnerships; the effectiveness of the extraction technology; the expected benefits for Empower's patient base and customers; the benefits of CBD based products; the effect of the approval of the Farm Bill; the growth of the Company's patient list and that the Company will be positioned to be a market-leading service provider for complex patient requirements in 2019 and beyond; the ability of the Company to complete or execute phases One, Two, Three or Four of COVID-19 test programs, and Psychedelic substances remain illegal in most countries, so please reference your local laws in relation to medical or recreational use. Such statements are only projections, are based on assumptions known to management at this time, and are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results, performance or developments to differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements, including; that the Company may not open a hemp-based CBD extraction facility; that legislative changes may have an adverse effect on the Company's business and product development; that the Company may not be able to obtain adequate financing to pursue its business plan; general business, economic, competitive, political and social uncertainties; failure to obtain any necessary approvals in connection with the proposed acquisitions and partnerships; and other factors beyond the Company's control. No assurance can be given that any of the events anticipated by the forward-looking statements will occur or, if they do occur, what benefits the Company will obtain from them. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on the forward-looking statements in this release, which are qualified in their entirety by these cautionary statements. The Company is under no obligation, and expressly disclaims any intention or obligation, to update or revise any forward-looking statements in this release, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as expressly required by applicable laws.

SOURCE: Empower Clinics Inc.

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Empower Clinics and EuroLife Brands Close Definitive Agreement and Sign Multi-Year Multi-National Licence Agreement -

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Have a Good Trip Demystifies Psychedelics – The New Republic

Posted: May 14, 2020 at 5:18 pm

Irony, of course, is the main line to Have A Good Trips target audience: nostalgic Gen Xers and elder millennials whose interest in high-power hallucinogens has likely been piqued by the so-called psychedelic renaissance. There is, I suspect, a certain level of knowing irony in other quarters of the psychedelic revival, be it in the popularity of neo-psychedelic rock bands like Tame Impala or King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (whose names alone suggest forked tongues firmly in cheek) or the elevation of pilled Grateful Dead tie-dye tour shirts to pricy, haute couture attire. Modern psychedelic explorers engage with the culture but avoid the effusions of earnestness that made the fizzled cultural revolutions of the boomer generation feel so embarrassing. The third eye is awakened and already rolling.

But can you really remove sincerity from the psychedelic experience, which has long been vaunted for its ability to facilitate beautiful insights about the power of capital-l Love; insights that may scan like mush when the drugs effects have faded but feel, in that exalted moment, absolutely real? And more to the point, should you want to? After all, one of the characteristics of the psychedelic trip is its capacity to obliterate what Pollan calls the pitiless glare of irony. Its that feeling of openness or a universal oneness that reoccurs in psychedelic literature, cinema, and even the woolly anecdotes of friends. Irony has become a de facto cultural defense mechanism and is rendered vulnerable by drugs renowned for opening (or totally shattering) our psychic defenses.

Irony is perhaps useful in tempering a bit of the cultural bitterness associated with the movements of psychedelias last major saturation period: the 1960s. Psychedelic drugs fueled the artistic and political upheavals of America in the Age of Aquarius, which collapsed under the bummer-trip heaviness of Altamont, the Manson murders, and the national trauma of the Vietnam War. As author Tom ONeill puts it in Chaos, his recent history that rethinks the era, The decades subversive spirit had come on with too much fervor. Some reckoning was bound to come, or so it seemed in retrospect; the latent violence couldnt contain itself forever. This cultural comedown is often framed, in distinctly druggy terms, as a form of punishment for the ecstasies that preceded itlike a long, blue Monday of the American spirit.

The psychedelic revivals ironic edge cuts some of this, allowing the curious-minded to savor the hallucinatory fruits of the era without getting swept up in its politics, which, as we all know, were tainted and stupid and hopelessly nave. (New reporting about the period, including ONeills book, strongly suggests that this sense of hopelessness and navet was a deliberate strategy by the powers-that-be to neutralize the energized leftist movements of the 1960s, but thats another discussion altogether.) A veil of wizened, weary cynicism permits engagement in psychedelia without having to feel all that engaged with its history or its deeper, metaphysical implications.

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Have a Good Trip Demystifies Psychedelics - The New Republic

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Investing in Psychedelics – Energy and Capital

Posted: at 5:18 pm

I took two grams of mushrooms before heading out into the forest.

It was around 5:30 a.m. and the cool, morning rains were just starting to fade and transition into the warm blanket of an orange peel sunrise.

The bird songs were oddly melodic, my water jug was full, and it didnt take long for me to start melting into my surroundings.

The fruit of the staghorn sumac was glowing, and I could taste the sun-brewed staghorn tea that Id make this summer. I could even smell the raw wildflower honey and sprigs of mint that I always use to liven up the extract.

If youve never had it before, its very similar to lemonade. But up here in North Country, we dont grow lemons. And staghorn sumac is so hearty, it mocks the harsh winters and wet springs.

Im pretty sure that if an atom bomb landed squarely in the middle of Lake Champlain, the only thing remaining would be roaches and Staghorns.

I actually thought about this quite a bit on my journey.

Propped up against the withered white bark of an old yellow birch tree and gazing at all the beauty God created, I got lost in those Staghorn fruits, hypnotized by the intricacies of their soft, fuzzy clusters and geometric shapes.

And I started thinking about how this particular tree, which is littered all over the Adirondacks, is also common in the Middle East.

Culturally, these worlds couldnt be more different. Yet, here we are two complete universes separated by dirt, water, and politics but feasting upon the same fruit without any thought of physical distance or climatic diversity.

Disconnected by language, culture, and war but completely connected by nature.

Not to get all treehugger on you, but that experience really made me want to share a cup of sumac tea, with some like-minded Persians at a corner cafe in Tehran.

Yes, as you can imagine, it was a pleasant journey.

But these days, magic mushrooms are no longer being sought out solely by folks like me who simply enjoy a pleasant, psychedelic experience. Theyre being used to treat mental illness and with great success.

Last year, you may have seen the segment that 60 Minutes produced, which focused on psychedelic medicines.

During that segment, the world learned about a new treatment for smoking addiction that boasted an 86% success rate.

For the sake of comparison, the most successful pharmaceutical currently on the market enjoys a 35% success rate. If success," is what you want to call it.

The fact is, this country has a very serious mental illness and drug addiction crisis. And its going to get worse.

As reported by the Washington Post, the coronavirus pandemic is pushing America into a mental health crisis:

Nearly half of Americans report the coronavirus crisis is harming their mental health, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll. A federal emergency hotline for people in emotional distress registered a more than 1,000 percent increase in April compared with the same time last year. Last month, roughly 20,000 people texted that hotline, run by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Online therapy company Talkspace reported, a 65% jump in clients since mid-February. Text messages and transcribed therapy sessions collected anonymously by the company show coronavirus-related anxiety dominating patients concerns.

If we dont do something about it now, people are going to be suffering from these mental-health impacts for years to come, said Paul Gionfriddo, president of the advocacy group Mental Health America. That could further harm the economy as stress and anxiety debilitate some workers and further strain the medical system as people go to emergency rooms with panic attacks, overdoses and depression, he said.

Just as the country took drastic steps to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed by infections, experts say, it needs to brace for the coming wave of behavioral health needs.

Not to sound crass, but the reality is that theres never been a better time to bring to market new and potentially better treatments for mental illness. Certainly the FDA thinks so, as it has fast-tracked a number of new psychedelic medicines for clinical trials. And more are coming.

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This is great news for those who do suffer from mental illness and addiction.

And its also great news for investors.

You see, in addition to the hundreds of studies that suggest there are some very real benefits to treating mental illness and addiction with psychedelics

And in addition to new psychedelics decriminalization bills being introduced, debated, and yes, passed

And in addition to an overall loosening of stigmas regarding illegal drugs around the world

Perhaps the most well-known is entrepreneur Peter Thiel, who happens to boast a net worth of $2.3 billion.

Thiel recently ponied up big time to get a piece of ATAI Life Sciences, which is a biotech company developing psychedelic medicines for a variety of mental health issues.

Other stinking-rich investors who have recently put up their own millions in the psychedelics space include former CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation Bruce Linton (who amassed more than $200 million during his time with the company) and Shark Tank celebrity investor Kevin OLeary, who boasts a net worth of about $400 million.

There are more, but those are probably the most well-known and have no problem with people knowing about their investments in the psychedelics space.

Others arent so public, and I know some of them.

From elite family offices to high rollers in Silicon Valley, a lot of cash is starting to pour into this space. And when the rich folks start showing up to these parties, you know something big is about to go down.

Ill have more on this burgeoning opportunity in the coming weeks.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

Jeff Siegel

@JeffSiegel on Twitter

Jeff is the founder and managing editor of Green Chip Stocks, a private investment community that capitalizes on opportunities in alternative energy, organic food markets, legal cannabis, and socially responsible investing. He has been a featured guest on Fox, CNBC, and Bloomberg Asia, and is the author of the best-selling book, Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money on Green Chip Stocks. For more on Jeff, go to his editor's page.

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Investing in Psychedelics - Energy and Capital

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Psilocybin May be the Key to Treating a Range of Health Issues, Including Obesity –

Posted: at 5:18 pm

Psilocybin mushrooms may change the way we look at medicine and significantly help improve the health of millions of people around the world. That may be especially true when it comes to treating obesity, which has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a global epidemic, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result.

At the moment, a number of studies show psychedelic treatments, such as with psilocybin mushrooms can assist with issues such as substance dependency, PTSD, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and pain. Even Johns Hopkins Medicines Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research is focusing on psychedelics, including psilocybin for the treatment of eating disorders, depression, and PTSD. As the growth story unfolds, some of the companies to keep an eye on include The Yield Growth Corp.(CSE:BOSS)(OTC:BOSQF), Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ), Champignon Brands Inc. (OTC:SHRMF)(CSE:SHRM), Mind Medicine Inc. (OTC:MMEDF), and Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (CSE:RVV)(OTC:RVVTF).

The Yield Growth Corp.(CSE:BOSS)(OTCQB:BOSQF)BREAKING NEWS:The Yield Growth Corp. announced its majority owned subsidiary NeonMind has completed the design of a preclinical study to confirm that psilocybin (found in psychedelic mushrooms) is an effective treatment for weight loss and food craving. NeonMind engaged Translational Life Sciences Inc., a contract research organization, to design the study. The TLS team is composed of physicians and scientists who are recognized thought leaders in the fields of Neurology, Pharmacology, Diabetes, Addiction and Biochemistry and have significant experience in the clinical application of cannabinoid compounds.

The goal of the study is to use preclinical models to confirm that psilocybin is an effective treatment for weight loss and food craving. NeonMind will use models that have been widely adopted by the pharmaceutical industry to identify compounds with therapeutic efficacy. It plans to use results from this study as part of the requirements for a Health Canada clinical trial application to demonstrate potential efficacy and safety for novel compounds.

Obesity has been formally recognized by the World Health Organization as a global epidemic, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese. According to the WHO, in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 650 million were obese. Overweight and obesity is defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health.

According to the WHO, in its Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, a unique opportunity exists to formulate and implement an effective strategy for substantially reducing deaths and disease worldwide by improving diet and promoting physical activity. The global projected market for weight loss and weight management is estimated at US$245 billion, according to MarketsandMarkets.

NeonMind plans to complete the study in Canada in accordance with all Health Canada rules and regulations. Required permits and exemptions have not been yet applied for, but shall be obtained prior to the study taking place.

Other related developments from around the markets include:

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) will participate in Bernstein's 36thAnnual Strategic Decisions Virtual Conference on Wednesday, May 27th. Alex Gorsky, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer will represent the Company in a session scheduled at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Time).

Champignon Brands Inc. (OTC:SHRMF)(CSE:SHRM) announced its placement in an editorial published byNetworkNewsWire. The expansion of the functional food and drinks sector has created a new opportunity. While cannabis and CBD have taken these consumables beyond the traditional active ingredients of alcohol and caffeine, this diversification of the market has opened up consumers to new possibilities. Among those possibilities is the use of natural ingredients found in mushrooms.

Mind Medicine Inc. (OTC:MMEDF) in collaboration with University Hospital Basels Liechti Laboratory, has discovered and filed a patent application in the United States (preserving all worldwide rights) for a neutralizer technology intended to shorten and stop the effects of an LSD trip during a therapy session. This discovery, when further developed, may act as the off-switch to an LSD trip. MindMed is the leading psychedelic pharmaceutical company and the Liechti Laboratory is the leading research center focused on the pharmacology of psychedelic substances. This is the latest discovery based on surprising experimental results from work and collaboration conducted at the lab. The invention may help reduce the acute effects of a psychedelic drug and help shorten the hallucinogenic effects when required by a patient or medical professional. One of the many fears and stigmas associated with psychedelics are rare occurrences of bad trips. MindMed is seeking to equip therapists and other medical professionals with the resources and technology to better control the effects of dosing LSD in a clinical setting to improve the patient experience and patient outcomes. This advancement paves the way for greater therapeutic applications of LSD and shorter-acting psychedelic therapy treatments. MindMed believes this technology, when further developed, may one day be marketed as an added feature to shorten a therapy session and stop a session if the patient is not comfortable.

Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (CSE:RVV)(OTC:RVVTF) will investigate novel oral dosage forms of psilocybin, such as oral dissolvable thin films or tablets, based on the Companys wholly-owned patent-pending psilocybin formulations and its exclusive licensed drug delivery technology from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. We are expanding our psilocybin-based pharmaceutical portfolio with unique oral dosage and drug delivery forms that will target and have the potential to treat diseases and disorders currently not investigated with psychedelic compounds, said Michael Frank, Revives Chief Executive Officer. We are combining our robust intellectual property portfolio in both psychedelic formulations and our drug delivery technology which is unique within the industry, and leveraging our research partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to establish a specialty portfolio of psilocybin-based pharmaceuticals that we can advance to clinical trials and partnerships with other life sciences companies. Through initial evaluations with the Companys research team, it has been found there are several unique parallels between the Companys intellectual property portfolio of psilocybin-based formulations and delivery mechanism and the drug delivery technology, which is comprised of tannin-chitosan composites that have been studied with cannabidiol in the past. Revive intends to research both delivery mechanisms in parallel as each provides its own unique qualities such as the potential of rapid onset of action and time-release compositions. The future of psilocybin as a medication will come in many forms. The Company believes that the most optimal delivery method to pursue and unlock the potential of psilocybin to treat a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders will be in the form of both an oral dissolvable tablet and an oral thin film strip, commonly recognized as a Breath Strip. The Company is preparing its formulation development plans intending to pursue clinical studies for indications currently not being evaluated with psilocybin. We believe the combination of psilocybin and our tannin-chitosan delivery platform gives us a unique advantage.

Legal Disclaimer/ Except for the historical information presented herein, matters discussed in this article contains forward-looking statements that are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such statements. Winning Media which has a partnership with is not registered with any financial or securities regulatory authority and does not provide nor claims to provide investment advice or recommendations to readers of this release. For making specific investment decisions, readers should seek their own advice. Winning Media, which has a partnership with, is only compensated for its services in the form of cash-based compensation. Pursuant to an agreement between Winning Media (partners of and The Yield Growth Corp., Winning Media has been paid three thousand five hundred dollars for advertising and marketing services for The Yield Growth Corp. We own ZERO shares of The Yield Growth Corp. Please click here forfull disclaimer.

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Psilocybin May be the Key to Treating a Range of Health Issues, Including Obesity -

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Movie review: Netflix’s ‘Have a Good Trip’ is only a mild high – Eagle-Tribune

Posted: at 5:18 pm

We can't take trips these days for obvious reasons. But Netflix is offering a trip into the mind with a gentle new documentary about the world of hallucinogens.

Donick Carys Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics uses celebrities recounting their trips on LSD or mushroom to counteract built-up fears about psychotropic drugs even offering tips about how to use them better all against the backdrop of trippy '60s-style cartoons with rainbows and unwinding tongues.

This is a clearly pro-psychedelic film, not too preachy and not too pointed, with lazy science. There are really only two authoritative voices in the film, and they both endorse investigation into hallucinogens the alternative medicine guru Deepak Chopra (Were on a trip right now. Life is a trip, he says) and UCLA psychiatry professor Dr. Charles Grob. There are no dissenting voices.

So if you prefer your drug advice from celebrities, this is the film for you. David Cross, Nick Kroll, Ben Stiller, Natasha Lyonne, A$AP Rocky and Sarah Silverman are among those talking about their trips, both bad and good. Silverman found herself in the passenger seat of a car driven by a man so high hed forgotten how to drive.

That leads to one of the film's several drug tips, made to look like those The More You Know PSA: Dont drive while tripping. Control your setting. Dont ever look in the mirror. (You can see through your skin, Silverman warns.)

We learn that Lewis Black once got so high he forgot his own name and flipped through a dictionary for what seems like hours looking for clues. Rosie Perez tripped so bad once in the late 1980s that she was eventually doing the backstroke on a dance club floor.

These stories are often delightful and enhanced by great cartoons or re-creations acted by many of those interviewed but are we sure we need celebrity insights here? Rob Corddry has played a satirical journalist on The Daily Show, but were not sure hes the guy who should be dispensing advice about how the national scientific community handles testing on acid ("We blew it," he says, minus an expletive).

Two of the best anecdotes are by terrific storytellers who are no longer with us TV host and chef Anthony Bourdain and actress Carrie Fisher, both for whom the film is dedicated. (Which makes you wonder how long this film has been on the shelf).

Bourdain talks about his attempt to mimic Hunter S. Thompson by going on a road trip with a buddy to the Catskills with a pretty dizzying array of controlled substances quaaludes, weed, coke, beer, gin, hash and LSD. They picked up two hitchhiking exotic dancers, and thats when things took a turn.

Fisher confesses she took a lot of LSD over her life, including once in a park where she witnessed a talking acorn who insisted on showing her his choreography. I never saw anything that wasnt there. I just saw things that were there misbehave, she notes, brilliantly.

Some celebrities have clearly thought deeply about their trips, like Sting, who while high on peyote in the English countryside, helped a cow give birth: For me, the entire universe cracked open. And Reggie Watts uses this poetic metaphor for hallucinogens: Its like a stepladder to look over a brick wall thats a little bit too tall for you.

There are intriguing moments when the thread to a better movie is revealed, as when Perez confides that her LSD trip prompted her to seek out therapy to help ease her Roman Catholic guilt. Sting also reveals that some of his trips have helped him write songs. Really? Which ones? More concrete examples of how mushrooms or dropping acid aided life are sorely needed.

And another misfire: Writer and director Cary has decided to lighten the mood by periodically mocking the paranoid anti-drug public service announcements of the 80s with his own extended send-up that gets tiresome.

Adam Scott in a black leather jacket shows up in each, being ultra-serious about the evil of drugs. 'Knock, knock, knock.' Who is it?''Its a deranged drifter who wants to torture you for the next 12 hours, he says in one ad-within-the-film. Thats exactly what youre doing when you open your brain to hallucinogenics.

And the filmmaker has employed another marvelous off-kilter figure in Nick Offerman, pretending to be a scientist. Dont get me wrong, drugs can be dangerous, he tells us. But they can also be hilarious." But Offerman is neither in this film and so he is wasted. Like this film wasted but not in a good way.

Have a Good Trip, a Netflix release out today, is rated TV-MA for drug substances and language.

1 1/2 stars out of 4

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Movie review: Netflix's 'Have a Good Trip' is only a mild high - Eagle-Tribune

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