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Asian grooming gangs NOT PROBED due to ‘political correctness … –

Posted: August 13, 2017 at 2:20 am

Ken Macdonald said there had been past reluctance to look into Muslim men who had been targeting white girls.

But speaking on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, Lord MacDonald said that was no longer the case after recent prosecutions.

The Liberal Democrat peer’s comments come after 18 people were convicted of or admitted offences in a series of trials related to child sexual exploitation in Newcastle.

He said: “I think there has been in the past a reluctance to investigate a category of crime that people might believe attaches to a particular community in circumstances where men may be targeting young women.


I don’t think any of us can pretend that in the past these cases have been examined as rigorously as they might have been

Lord Macdonald

Presenter John Humphrys cut in to clarify which part of the community he was referring to.

He said: In other words, we’re talking about – by and large – Muslim men who have been targeting white girls?”

Lord Macdonald replied: “Yes, exactly.”

Mr Humphrys then asked if political correctness had interfered with the course of justice.


1 of 11

The most dangerous residential streets in the UK

Lord Macdonald reiterated cases has not been looked into as they should have been.

He said: I think that’s no longer the case and I think the fact that these sorts of cases are now being brought successfully demonstrates that those sorts of so-called taboos no longer exist – but I don’t think any of us can pretend that in the past these cases have been examined as rigorously as they might have been.”

He added he hoped attitudes towards young women in these cases had changed.

He said: There’s obviously a serious issue about the way young women are regarded in these cases.

Regarded as trash, regarded as available for sex, and this seems to be a recurring theme – and I don’t think anyone thinks now we’ve got it.

“This is a major problem, it’s a major problem in particular communities and it has to be confronted not just by law enforcement but by communities themselves.”

Lord Macdonald said he expected more cases and added he was sure there were ongoing investigations.

He said: “I think it’s a real wake-up call for communities. Not all sex crime takes place in a single community, ofcoursewe knowthat,that’s obvious.

“But there is a particular issue about some men in some communities who feel these young girls are trash who are available for sex.

“We all knowthat,we’ve seenitin this case, we’ve seen it in other cases, we know it’s going on as we speak.

“Law enforcement has a response, the police have a response, prosecutors have a response, judges have a response, but communities need a response themselves.”

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Asian grooming gangs NOT PROBED due to ‘political correctness … –

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Ted Nugent Claims ‘Political Correctness’ Is Keeping Him Out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Ultimate Classic Rock

Posted: August 11, 2017 at 6:21 pm

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Unlike a number of classic rock artists, Ted Nugent says hed happily accept induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but he says he knows itll never happen, thanks to the self-inflicted and embarrassing scourge of political correctness that permeates the institution from the top down.

Discussing the issue with Q103FM in Albany (during an interview that you can listen to above), Nugent pinpointed his affiliation with the NRA as the main factor keeping him out specifically because Rolling Stone co-founder and publisher Jann Wenner, described by the guitarist as the boss hog at the Rock Hall, hates the gun-rights advocacy group.

I couldnt be more proud of that, cause the NRA is the ultimate family, grassroots organization that fights for the right to defend ourselves. What kind of numb nut would be against that? queried Nugent. And so Im on the board of directors of the NRA, Jan Wenner hates the Second Amendment, so thats the only reason Im not in the Rock and Roll of Fame. And until they get their heads out of their ass, Im more than happy to do what I do and do it with all the vim and vigor that I do it every night.

That being said, Nugent responded with an enthusiastic hell yes when asked whether hed accept induction, and added that hes watched a lot of the induction ceremonies and found them so moving. Were he to eventually make the cut, Nugent said hed lead the crowd in a prayer for their rock n roll forebears a moment he sees as reflecting the Halls true purpose of paying tribute to the genres true greats.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is paying tribute and homage to geniuses who gave us the ultimate soundtrack for our American Dream, said Nugent. Im all in, man, Im genuinely moved, and Im glad there is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Until then, however, he added that hes happy to remain a member of the We the People Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a club hes entered by virtue of more than five decades and six thousand shows piled up over a long career. Hey, write this down, he quipped. My name is Ted Nugent. I am the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Eat me!

Nugent is currently on the road for his Rockin America Again tour. You can get complete tour dates and ticket information at his official site.

Ted Nugent Albums Ranked Worst to Best

Next: Top 10 Ted Nugent Songs

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Ted Nugent Claims ‘Political Correctness’ Is Keeping Him Out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Ultimate Classic Rock

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‘Racist crimes’ Nigel Farage claims political correctness allows grooming gangs to thrive –

Posted: at 6:21 pm

Speaking on his LBC show, Farage insisted that more had to be done to put a stop to grooming gangs.

The remarks came after a court hearing earlier this week which saw 17 men and one woman convicted of rape, sexual assault, human trafficking and inciting prostitution as the city of Newcastle.

The crimes add to the growing list of UK towns blighted by the evil grooming gangs.

Shadow women and equalities secretary Sarah Champion claimed Asian grooming gangs were allowed to thrive because people are more afraid to be called a racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse.


The Labour MP for Rotherham said it was time to acknowledge that the majority of perpetrators have been British-Pakistani in the towns where such grooming cases have occurred.

Farage said: These are racist crimes and it’s been hidden for far too long in too many northern cities and a lot of elected political figures throughout the north of England in my view bear a very heavy responsibility.

But there’s been a change of tone and today Sarah Champion has completely changed course.

Im pleased to say she makes it clear that predominantly these crimes and I’m quoting her not me come from men who are part of the Pakistani community and it’s a pattern that we see over and over again.

These are racist crimes and it’s been hidden for far too long

Nigel Farage

The LBC host reiterated that he had been calling for a sensible conversation about the issue for years.

Farage finished: Goodness me it’s taken us years to get to the point where we can even have an intelligent conversation about it.

Heartbreaking details of how the 17 men routinely abused white girls emerged from the court case.

Those prosecuted were from the Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities and mainly British-born.

Most lived in the West End of Newcastle.

Today former Crown Prosecution Service chief Lord Macdonald of River Glaven said cases of Asian grooming gangs targeting white girls had not been looked into as they should have been.

He said: I think that’s no longer the case and I think the fact that these sorts of cases are now being brought successfully demonstrates that those sorts of so-called taboos no longer exist – but I don’t think any of us can pretend that in the past these cases have been examined as rigorously as they might have been.

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‘Racist crimes’ Nigel Farage claims political correctness allows grooming gangs to thrive –

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Political correctness, free speech and common sense – Victoria Advocate

Posted: at 6:21 pm

Political correctness, free speech and common sense
Victoria Advocate
The term political correctness has come into the American vernacular over the past 20 years or so. I, for one, find confusion with its use. What does it actually mean? Does it mean we can no longer debate issues that others find offensive? Does it mean

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Political correctness, free speech and common sense – Victoria Advocate

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Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Political Correctness – Virginia Connection Newspapers

Posted: at 6:21 pm

The Fairfax County School Board has voted to change the name of historic J.E.B. Stuart High School. According to news reports, the vote was 7 to 2 with 2 abstentions. They succumbed to the winds of political correctness. But this is political correctness run amok.

The taxpaying voters of Fairfax County need to take a hard look at what kind of irresponsible do-gooders liberals they have been electing to the School Board.

The controversy over the name change has not been worth all the time, energy and money being expended. The school was named after J.E.B. Stuart in 1959 to commemorate his ties to nearby Munsons Hill in 1861. It was a simple nod to local Civil War history. The school has been around 58 years. It has produced such noteworthy pro football players as Mike Bragg, Roger Stillwell, and Charlie Garner. The schools football stadium is named after the late Jerry Fauls, the legendary coach there from 1959 to 1979. He must be turning over in his grave. It sets a bad precedent to change the name of a school. It destroys the culture of the local community.

Let me remind everyone of what happened in the City of Alexandria back in 2004. At that time the president of the NAACP chapter in Alexandria demanded the School Board change the name of T.C. Williams High School. The school opened in 1965 and it was named in honor of Mr. T.C. Williams, who served as Alexandrias superintendent of schools from the 1930s up through the early 1960s. This was during the time of state-mandated segregation. Because of this, some misguided individuals over the years have suggested it is inappropriate to have the school named after him. But the complaint by the NAACP president fell on deaf ears. People have an emotional attachment to the name of their school. Our mayor at that time was Bill Euille (who happens to be black). He graduated from T.C. Williams High School in the class of 1968 (the schools second graduating class). Mayor Euille did not want to change the name. Like most alumni and longtime residents of Alexandria, he had an emotional attachment to the name of T.C. Williams High. The school became even more famous because of the 2000 Disney hit movie, Remember the Titans. No serious discussion was ever held to consider changing the name. Obviously, the authorities in the City of Alexandria’s have more common sense than the Fairfax County School Board

Greg Paspatis

T.C. High School Class of 1978

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Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Political Correctness – Virginia Connection Newspapers

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Reject dysfunctional lawmakers, political correctness at polls –

Posted: August 10, 2017 at 6:16 am


Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, has delayed the vote on the drastically needed military spending bill by at least six weeks by demanding an end to the National Defense Authorization Acts indefinite detention of suspects (read, terrorists). Our military has been decimated by Obamas sequestration and it will take years, even decades to rebuild its strength. The delay being caused by this radical senator is inexcusable.

I guess Paul wants us to make Kissy, Kissy and, ala Obama, release them from GTMO to rejoin ISIS, al-Qaida or other terrorist groups. Former GTMO detainees numbering 122 including 87 released by Obama have re-engaged in terrorism.

These terrorists are not prisoners of war, they are criminals in an undeclared war being waged by Muslim extremists. For the safety of our nation and that of the world, they cannot be released and GTMO, not the continental US, is the place to keep them.

Paul and Rep. Barbara Lee, D-California, who are both looking to repeal Authorization for Use of Military Force, need to have their heads examined but are most probably beyond the point of recovery. Our polarized, dysfunctional Congress gridlocks on the smallest of issues and loss of this power by the President could have us sitting there watching the world go up in flames.

Paul has additionally criticized the missile attack on the Shayrat Air Base in Syria from which weapons outlawed under the Chemical Weapons Convention had been deployed by Bashar al-Assad from that site and resulted in the mass murder of civilians. That attack certainly had greater justification than Clintons 1998 cruise missile strikes in Afghanistan and Sudan that he used to divert attention from his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

What America needs is the ouster at the polls of dysfunctional senators and representatives of both parties and the rejection of political correctness. Dominance by groups (LGBTQ or O whatever it calls itself today, ACLU and related splinter groups) that do not represent the thinking of the majority of American citizens will, if it does not end, eventually see the destruction of everything for which our nation stands.

R.S. Pino


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Reject dysfunctional lawmakers, political correctness at polls –

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Purge: Amid Leftist Fury, Google Fires Engineer Who Wrote Memo Criticizing Politically-Correct Groupthink – Townhall

Posted: at 6:16 am

Before we proceed any further on this subject, if you haven’t done so already, please stop what you’re doing and actuallyread the leaked internal memo that got a Google employee fired. Here it is. It’s only ten pages long, and its points are fairly digestible — even if the prose reads like it was written by, well, an analytically-minded engineer. It is essential that you consider its contents for yourself prior to consuming the deluge of terribly misleading headlines, reporting, and social media takes that have erupted from this controversy. Those who don’t bother to grapple with the original source material are liable to accept, at face value, that the memo’s author uncorked an “anti-diversity screed” that “embarrassed his employer” and created a “hostile work environment” by arguing that women “aren’t suited for” tech jobs. None of that is fair or accurate. In truth, the now-unemployed writer makes several core points:

(1) Google has a viewpoint diversity and political correctness problem that stifles dissenting views, especially those held by traditionally-minded and politically conservative employees. The company’s ideologically-monolithic culture makes open discussion very difficult, if not impossible.

(2) Diversity is a valuable and worthy goal (“I strongly believe in gender and racial diversity”), but forcibly implementing it through anti-merit discriminatory practices can be a harmful business practice. People should be treated as individuals, not as members of a preordained groups.

(3) Perhaps the dearth of women in certain tech jobs is not the result of rampant bias and discrimination, but rather is the product of choices, preferences and inherent abilities that arise from hard-wired differences between the sexes.

He includes an explanation of the spirit of his critique, writing, “open and honest discussion with those who disagree can highlight our blind spots and help us grow.” How naive, sighs Rich Lowry, who adds, “its one thing to disagree with the memo; its another to believe the views therein should be forbidden.” For his good-faith and reasoned attempt at raising a serious internal concern (replete with numerous concessions and olive branches), James Damore lost his job — laboratory pure confirmation of his diagnoses of institutional rigidity, intolerance, and blind spots. And thus, the End of Discussion mob claimed its latest scalp, just a few years after Silicon Valley’s ruthlessly-enforced groupthink hounded Brendan Eich from Mozilla for his thought crimes on same-sex marriage. Google did not respond to Damore’s challenges by encouraging its workforce to engage with his ideas via identifying worthwhile arguments and thoughtfully pushing back against others; they declared the very existence of his ideas “not okay” and showed him the door. In doing so, they blatantly ignored both the substance and tone of his commentary, with many in our lazy, biased media following suit. In a note to employees defending management’s decision to purge the heretic, Google’s CEO penned as astonishingly self-unaware and ironic sentence:

“Our co-workers shouldn’t have to worry…each time they open their mouths to speak in a meeting,” he wrote, having literally just fired a co-worker for effectively opening his mouth and speaking. He simultaneously sent a crystal clear, dissent-chilling signal to any other wrong-thinkers who may be lurking among Google’s lockstep bien pensants: Conservative traditionalists aren’t welcome in this rarefied community, so undercover interlopers had best keep their mouths shut. One of Google’s stated founding values is “freedom of expression.” What frauds, several times over. Meanwhile, those cheering on the firing are advancing a number of arguments, many of them weak. For instance: Aren’t conservatives supposedly in favor of private companies making hiring and firing decisions? Yes, we are. Google executives had the right to do what they’ve done (see update). But that does not exempt them from intense criticism for doing the wrong thing, especially as leaders of a corporate behemoth whose products and services are intertwined with the lives of tens of millions of Americans. As Charles C.W. Cooke observes, this lame “gotcha” is akin to complaining about the ACLU defending the KKK’s right to speak while also criticizing their speech. One can hold both of these thoughts in one’s head at the same time.

Then there’s the claim that a massive private corporation aggressively rooting out the expression of “problematic” views does not constitute a free speech threat because there’s no direct governmental action involved. This is narrowly correct, but broadly obtuse. If a sprawling and expanding swath of corporate America decides to shun anyone who holds, or even outwardly entertains, certain mainstream viewpoints, the far-reaching cultural implications are serious. To wit, are “out” conservatives or traditionalists becoming unemployable in growing sectors of the US workforce? If so, our worsening societal polarization and festering resentments will grow more entrenched. Furthermore, as legal expert Walter Olson wrote in an extended tweet storm today, it’s naive to pretend that the government doesn’t play a relevant role in all of this. A few of his points:

Read the whole thing for a more complete review of how federal bureaucrats put their ‘thumb on the scale’ by encouraging corporate policing of speech restrictions that the government itself is constrained from enforcing. I’d also recommend this piece by Robert VerBruggen, who skewers an essay that quickly circulated as a ‘definitive takedown’ of the original memo, noting that its author didn’t even attempt to refute Damore’s case regarding intrinsic differences (on average) between the sexes. Speaking of which, Damore obviously treads on provocative ground when he contends that on the whole, women and men sometimes excel at different things, are naturally drawn to certain types of jobs and careers, and hold divergent priorities. He does so quite politely and reasonably, but thought crimes are thought crimes, no matter how carefully packaged. But why is the underlying premise of his simple observations so obviously wrong, sexist, outrageous, etc?

Might there be a reason why the NBA is hugely, disproportionately dominated by black men (74 percent of the league vs. roughly 6.5 percent of the US population) that has nothing to do with malicious discrimination against people of other races? Why were 55 percent of undergraduates entering four-year American universities in 2016 women? And why is that emerging gender gap even more pronounced at journalism schools? Is this evidence of yet more bigotry and discriminatory injustice, crying out for pro-male remedies? Or could it be that certain demographic groups are more inclined toward certain work, talents and interests than others? That doesn’t mean that any one group is morally superior than any other, or that some cohorts deserve extra or fewer legal protections. Of course they aren’t, and don’t.

Nor does it mean (as Damore makes explicit) that significant numbers of impressive and talented individuals from “out” groups aren’t able to thrive while cutting against cultural or genetic norms. Exploring these questions as they pertain to hiring practices, and examining appropriate ‘solutions’ to apparent disparities (Damore offers a series of suggestions that reach beyond blunt-object identity bean-counting), might be a useful exercise — even if people reach disparate conclusions. But what Google announced the to the world yesterday is that the mere act of exploring such questions is strictly verboten. Some things are simply not to be discussed (heaven forfend someone “perpetuate gender stereotypes” through thoughtful inquiry), and the list of those things is growing. Hold on, though. If using generalizations rooted in demographic data and trends in order to optimize a business is an unpardonable sin, doesn’t Google have some explaining to do? Problematic:

Some additional hysterical reactions to Damore’s memo further expose the tactics of left-wing outrage warriors who weaponize political correctness as a means of pulverizing their opponents — which is the entire thesis of End of Discussion (a new edition of which was released a week ago). Some justified Damore’s firing as an appropriate measure against workplace “violence,” perpetuating the idiotic and speech-squelching conflation that “offensive” speech is tantamount to physical force. It’s not. Adults should be expected to work alongside people with whom they disagree; cowering in a corner and fretting about “safety” should not be indulged. Others weren’t satisfied by Google’s decision to sack Damore, demanding to know what would be done about his colleagues who reportedly expressed timid, private agreement with his ideas. Being cowed into silence isn’t sufficient, you see. There must be consequences for harboring malevolent sentiments in one’s heart. Search the g-chat records and unmask these monsters. And then there’s this important point, which helps illustrate why conservatives have spent so much time and energy worrying about the march of intolerance, authoritarianism and mob rule within academia:

Students earn degrees, matriculate into the workplace, and begin to dominate various professional subcultures — and eventually culture itself. If freedom from offense and allergy to intellectual pluralism and critical thinking are prevailing mores inside our institutions of higher learning, those ripples cannot and will not be contained to college campuses. They will spill over into other important corners of American life, corroding our ability to respect differences in opinion and values, while fetishizing differences in skin color and gender. Those are not signs of a healthy republic. I’ll leave you with this thought, via Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter:

I’m no conspiracy crackpot, and I don’t think we’re there yet. But in light of Google’s truly immense reach and power as a purveyor of information (and the sheer volume of personal data they control), this is a concern worth flagging. The leap from in-house ideological coercion to insidious, outward ideological censorship is frighteningly plausible. It must be guarded against aggressively through reliable internal controls. Based on what we now know about how Google’s leadership regards roughly half the country — with their hostility against apostates on full display — why shouldn’t non-liberals feel anxious about the possibility that the company might allow its biases to tilt the vast digital playing field? It’s plainer than ever that Google has a serious viewpoint diversity and political correctness problem. If you work there and agree, your marching orders are simple: Shut up, or get out. End of discussion.

UPDATE – Damore is making noises about wrongful termination and seems to be spoiling for a high-stakes legal fight. Things could get awfully interesting for Google in the near future.

Continue reading here:

Purge: Amid Leftist Fury, Google Fires Engineer Who Wrote Memo Criticizing Politically-Correct Groupthink – Townhall

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Broadway: The Great Comet Killed by Political Correctness, Bad … –

Posted: at 6:16 am

Home Theater Broadway: The Great Comet Killed by Political Correctness, Bad Producing and Really…

The Great Comet aka Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 is closing on September 3rd, the victim of stupidity. It was killed by political correctness, bad producing, and really bad PR.

I first saw The Great Comet on Gansevoort St. in a tent. It was dinner theater and quite amusing. Then it moved to a tent on West 45th St. When it was finally moved to the Imperial Theater on Broadway, pop star Josh Groban starred as Pierre. The box office was great. He and the show received Tony nominations.

But Groban could only stay so long. The producers knew this in February when they announced his replacement: a totally unknown actor from Hamilton named Okieriete Oak Onaodowan. Im sure hes very talented, but hes not a star or even a name anyone knows. Why did the producers think replacing Josh Groban with such a person regardless of color or nationality would be a good idea? Beats me.

If there was some push to get a black Pierre, why not Brian Stokes Mitchell? Norm Lewis? Leslie Odom, Jr? James Monroe Inglehart, from Aladdin? Did no black star want to do it? What about Usher? Jamie Foxx?

So then came Oak, as he is known. But he is known to few. So the box office literally went off a cliff. Overnight, the show dropped from an average $1 million a week take to around $840,000. The producers realized Oak despite his great talent was not drawing a crowd. The idea came to ask Mandy Patinkin to step in. Even for three weeks, that would get the box office back up and more.

But political correctness stepped in. Replace a black actor with a white actor? There was an outcry. Patinkin, who would have been a great Pierre, pulled out. It didnt matter that Oak, the black actor, had replaced Groban, a white actor. The whole thing is crazy. This had nothing to do with color. It had to do with saving the show. Theater is color blind. But its not star blind. This show required a name on the Marquee. Maybe Oak could have come back after Patinkin righted the ship.

But now, with no Mandy, no Oak, no nobody of an color, The Great Comet will close. All those jobs down the drain. And for what? Botched PR. Botched producing. Nobody wins, everyone loses. What a shame.

Roger Friedman began his Showbiz411 column in April 2009 after 10 years with Fox News. He writes for Parade magazine and has written for Details, Vogue, the New York Times, Post, and Daily News and many other publications. He is the writer and co-producer of “Only the Strong Survive,” a selection of the Cannes, Sundance, and Telluride Film festivals.


Broadway: The Great Comet Killed by Political Correctness, Bad … –

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Hypocrisy of modern science confronts political correctness – Beckley Register-Herald

Posted: August 9, 2017 at 5:17 am

As a Christian, pastor and devout creationist Ive always watched modern science beat on its chest in claiming to be king of the universe while appointing individuals such as Charles Darwin to be elevated to a god in public schools.

However, recently were seeing the actual hypocrisy of modern science as it is faced with a rather awkward confrontation with political correctness which now claims that DNA no longer determines the gender of mankind. This evil claims that gender is simply a choice or merely parental manipulation despite DNA fact.

As a parent of a son and a daughter, I find these claims completely hilarious. Shame on modern science for heralding out such accusations of scriptural contradiction and hypocrisy at Christianity over the years just to denounce the one most solid scientific fact they have going for them, our DNA. All I can say to science is, Seriously, is that all the fight you have in you to let political correctness embarrass you like that?

Christians all over the world are dying for their fundamental truths, but modern scientists cant even stand up to political correctness. What a weak Constitution after all! Our children know right well that true science is The Study of Gods Creation.

God Jehovah reigns and Christ is King!


Crab Orchard

Read the original here:

Hypocrisy of modern science confronts political correctness – Beckley Register-Herald

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Stop Making Google’s Decision to Fire Sexist Employee About ‘Political Correctness’ – Mediaite

Posted: at 5:17 am

Last week, a then-Google employees manifesto against diversity and inclusion in STEM drew sharp criticism and eager applause from the outlets youd expect. But Googles decision to terminate the employee, reported by Bloombergon Monday,is drawing controversy from both sides.

James Damore, the Google engineer who wrote the manifesto, confirmed his dismissal in an email to Bloomberg stating that he had been fired for perpetuating gender stereotypes. Damore additionally told Bloomberg that he is currently exploring all possible legal remedies.

Of course, firing someone on the basis of their beliefs is inherently controversial.But when all things are considered and put into context, Google made the right decision, and anyone who continues to stand by Damore and his backwards views clearly has a lot to learn about the issue of gender and STEM, and gender and the workplace in general.

In his memo, Damore suggested that the gender gap in STEM is due to the biological inferiority of women, who are just inherently born less smart and less capable than their male counterparts.

We need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism, he wrote.

He added: Differences in distributions of traits between men and women may in part explain why we dont have 50% representation of women in tech and leadership. Discrimination to reach equal representation is unfair, divisive, and bad for business.

This gender gap has nothing at all to do with generations upon generations of gendered barriers to access education and join the workforce, of course. And these gender gaps in lucrative fields, and the wage gaps that stem from them, are all fair because women are just inferior, period. Thats Damores hot take, at least.

Across all fields, today, the gender wage gap continues to exist despite modern laws meant to prevent it, and this is largely due to cultural biases that cant be legislated away. Maternal leave policies enforce gendered expectations and severely limit working womens opportunities for advancement, and subliminal and overt discrimination in perceptions of who is more experienced and authoritative do the same. Meanwhile, cultural forces and limited female role models in STEM jobs subliminally pressure women to enter lower-paying fields.

In the 21st century, as the STEM field has become one of the highest paying lines of work, its also become hotbed for sexism notably in the form of workplace sexual harassment and even assault. Roughly two-thirds of women in STEM reporting harassment or assault in the workplace; many of these women have little choice but to quit their work, unable to find help and support to deal with sexual abuse in male-dominated workplaces, where its predominantly men who are in positions of power to decide who stays and who goes, whats acceptable and what isnt.

In writing the manifesto, Damore may have been practicing his right to free speech, but in the STEM field, where women are sidelined, belittled, excluded and harassed as is, the sexist tirade was a direct attack on the already fragile world women in STEM are forced to exist in.

By keeping Damore on board, Google would have been validating, even legitimizing his views, and telling its female employees, telling female computer science students, telling young girls across the country that the idea they are inferior is a perfectly OK view to have.

Additionally and more to the point, every day, employees are fired from jobs for harassing women or uttering racist, exclusionary commentary that sharply contradict a companys values and mission statement.

Thats not excessive political correctness thats called running a company. Because in todays world, running a successful company requires more so much more than hiring entitled white men and looking away as they say and do whatever they want at the expense of everyone else. In todays world, running a successful company means establishing an environment where everyone, no matter their identity and background, feels welcome to share, create, and produce.

Inclusivity is a cornerstone of the STEM field not because of political correctness or ideological purity or any other reason the right would like to name its a cornerstone of STEM because inclusivity is what yields the best collaborations and the greatest innovations. To suggest that women and people of color are only being included because of political correctness and not merit isnt just offensive, its factually inaccurate.

And, on that note, Damores assertion that women arent in STEM because theyre incapable is wrong, but frankly, the idea that women arent in STEM because of active choices theyre making is wrong, too.There are far fewer female role models working in STEM jobs due to sexism of generations past; women comprise just 24 percent of the STEM workforce as of 2009, and so it may be difficult for young women to picture themselves in this line of work. On the other hand, adolescent boys have no shortage of men working in STEM jobs to identify with and aspire to be.Encouraging manifestos against women in STEM by doing nothing to fight them establishes hostile work environments which push women away, and discourage young women from getting on board and contributing.

Of course, at the end of the day, it would be a mistake to regard this issue of STEM and gender as one exclusive to Google. Bloombergs report also featured this haunting note

The imbroglio at Google is the latest in a long string of incidents concerning gender bias and diversity in the tech enclave.Uber Technologies Inc. Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick lost his job in June amid scandals over sexual harassment, discrimination and an aggressive culture. Ellen Paos gender-discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in 2015 also brought the issue to light, and more women are speaking up to say theyve been sidelined in the male-dominated industry, especially in engineering roles.

But ultimately, Damore may have been right about one thing: STEMis a difficult place for women to be right now. However, thats not due to shortcomings on their end, so much as it is to shortcomings in the characters of the men theyre forced to work with.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

See original here:

Stop Making Google’s Decision to Fire Sexist Employee About ‘Political Correctness’ – Mediaite

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