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State pier project to bring more jobs, offshore wind center to New London –

Posted: February 16, 2020 at 7:53 pm

NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) Improvements to the state pier in New London are going forward. Governor Ned Lamont says the project will bring more jobs and a world-class offshore wind center.

Governor Lamont announced Tuesday the state and its partners at Gateway Terminal, Orsted and Eversource, have reached a final agreement on a harbor development plan for the state pier in New London through a combined public-private investment of $157 million.

We got to think about a renewable carbon free future and wind power is our future, said Governor Ned Lamont.

Connecticut can be the Saudi Arabia of wind power, offshore wind generating power in a cost, very economical with everything else, at a price thats coming down dramatically.

This pier allows us to greatly accelerate maritime traffic in and out, interconnecting the rail service coming in.

The governor said the project will expand the use of carbon-free energy sources.

Danish-based company, Orsted, has built offshore wind centers around the globe.

Thomas Brostrom, the CEO of Orsted, told News 8, It basically takes a lot of fossil fuels away and replaces fossil fuels. It is as clean as you get. It basically harvests the strong winds that you see at sea and you bring them to shore.

The project will create hundreds of permanent jobs and is planned to become a transportation hub for companies. The first phase of the project will be infrastructure upgrades.

There will be a lot of transportation. A lot of the vessels will be coming out of there, supplies coming out of there so we see a lot of other needs.

Whether it is catering transportation needs, we are going to do some dredging there and of course port enhancements for a vessel that will be 500 feet long, 150 wide.

Construction is expected to begin in early 2021 and be completed by August 2022.

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State pier project to bring more jobs, offshore wind center to New London -

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UK has ‘washed its hands’ of offshore jobs – reNEWS

Posted: at 7:53 pm

Union GMB Scotland has accused the UK government of washing its hands of the responsibility to deliver local offshore wind jobs.

The workers group was responding to comments made by Scottish Secretary Alister Jack (pictured) who told parliament on Wednesday that fabrication taking place overseas is the market economy.

Jack was addressing a question about the fabrication in Indonesia of jacket foundations for EDF Renewables 450MW Neart na Gaoithe wind farm.

He also said the UK needs to find a better way of efficiently delivering offshore wind components.

GMB Scotland organiser Hazel Nolan said: Alister Jack has unwittingly revealed the truth: the UK government has washed their hands of their responsibility to deliver renewables jobs here in the UK.

Far from the market economy, what we are seeing is yards here in the UK being abandoned by our government and left to compete with heavily state subsidised yards abroad.

The Scottish and UK governments have failed to produce an industrial strategy to match the rhetoric on green jobs and its energy consumers here in the UK that are propping up this rigged market with spiralling energy bills.

EDF Renewables UK chief executive Matthieu Huesaid:We dont recognise many of the statistics being quoted here. However, only this week, we have outlined details of four supply chain events to be held in Scotland at which Scottish companies will be introduced to the Tier 1 contractors for Neart na Gaoithe."

He added: "We are committed to generating as much work as possible here in Scotland. The full extent of the benefit to the Scottish supply chain will become clear once all Tier 2 and Tier 3 contracts have been awarded.

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UK has 'washed its hands' of offshore jobs - reNEWS

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TenneT Gathers 2GW Offshore Grid Connection Team – Offshore WIND

Posted: at 7:53 pm

Transmission systems operator TenneT has entered into an innovation partnership with a number of companies to develop a 2GW offshore grid connection system.

Given that such a platform does not exist, a new platform design and a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system that allows increased power transfer is required, TenneT said.

To realise such a system, TenneT launched the design phase with five HVDC suppliers on the basis of an innovation partnership: ABB Power Grids, GE Renewable Energys Grid Solutions (Netherlands), Consortium Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co. Ltd. (GEIRI) & C-EPRI Electric Power Engineering Co. Ltd. (C-EPRI) (China), Siemens (Germany), and Xian Electric Engineering Co., Ltd (China).

The first two grid connections of this kind will be installed in the IJmuiden Ver offshore wind area in the Dutch North Sea.

Given the combination of the large distance to the coast and the size of the IJmuiden Ver wind energy area, a 2GW direct current (HVDC) solution, based on 525 kilovolts, appears to offer most economical advantages, according to TenneT.

The selected suppliers will develop this 2GW 525 kV HVDC solution based on criteria set by TenneT.

They will provide specific information on this to Iv-Offshore&Energy b.v., which is carrying out the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) study on behalf of TenneT. On this basis, a standardised platform design will be developed for all HVDC solutions.

The information from the joint R&D innovation phase will be used for the final design of the platform. TenneT will use this standardised design for the contracting of several 2GW grid connections, including IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Beta in the Dutch North Sea, the first two grid connections of this kind to be built

TenneT also plans to realise at least four 2GW offshore grid connection projects in Germany from 2029 onward.

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TenneT Gathers 2GW Offshore Grid Connection Team - Offshore WIND

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SPT Offshore to Deliver 2 Met Masts in China – Offshore WIND

Posted: at 7:53 pm

SPT Offshore has received an order from a Chinese client for the design, supply, installation, and support services for two meteorological mast structures.

The two met masts, designed by KCI the engineers B.V., are intended to measure the meteorological and oceanographic data required for the future offshore wind farm developments.

These masts are intended to be installed 30 kilometres offshore in the Yellow Sea at water depths of ~ 31 metres.

The support structure will be a mono-pod supported by a three-suction pile cluster due to its cost-efficiency for these soil conditions, according to KCI.

The advantages of suction pile foundations are less structural steel required compared to the traditional foundations, no necessity of the revolving heavy offshore cranes, no hammers, no mud mats, no pile guides, no levelling systems required, and silent installation, KCI said.

The foundation installation is reversible to enable relocation for re-use or decommissioning purposes.

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SPT Offshore to Deliver 2 Met Masts in China - Offshore WIND

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Africa Oil receives approval to acquire interest in South Africa’s block – Offshore Technology

Posted: at 7:53 pm

]]> The Government of South Africa has approved Africa Oils acquisition of a 20% participating interest and operatorship of Block 3B / 4B from Azinam. Credit: Steph Lee.

The Government of South Africa has approved Africa Oils acquisition of a 20% participating interest and operatorship of Block 3B / 4B from Azinam.

Situated in the Orange basin in offshore South Africa, Block 3B / 4B covers an area of 17,581km2. It has a maximum water depth of 2,500m.

Africa Oil will assume operatorship for the joint venture (JV) partners Azinam and Ricocure. They will respectively own a 20% and 60% participating interest in the block.

Operators are intending to drill several exploratory wells in the mid-Cretaceous oil play, the location of Block 3B / 4B.

Africa Oil president and CEO Keith Hill said: Together with our equity interests in Impact Oil and Gas and Africa Energy Corp., Africa Oil has a significant footprint in several emerging plays extending from South Africa to Namibia, where both Total and Shell plan to drill potential play-openers in 2020 and at the same time are increasing their positions in other blocks adjacent to Block 3B/4B.

From existing 3D seismic surveys, we have identified a number of similar prospects to those that the majors are targeting.

Africa Oil also said that it will participate in a $40m capital raising by Impact Oil and Gas. Impact intends to use these proceeds to fund its interest in high-impact 2020 drilling programmes.

These programmes include drilling the Venus-1 exploration well on block 2913B in offshore Namibia. They also include the drilling of Luiperd-1 well on block 11B/12B in offshore South Africa.

In February 2018, Africa Oil signed agreements to acquire a 25.2% equity interest in Impact Oil and Gas.

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Africa Oil receives approval to acquire interest in South Africa's block - Offshore Technology

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With focus on solar and offshore wind, Taiwan should not neglect geothermal – ThinkGeoEnergy

Posted: at 7:53 pm

More needs to be done to push geothermal development in Taiwan. Despite great potential, challenges remain and current development target is not sufficient for the renewable energy targets by the government.

Taiwan is progressing on its 20% renewables goal, but it becomes obvious that there are shortcomings of solar and wind. Land use for solar is a challenge and offshore wind is too costly and environmentally disruptive, so a recent article from Taiwan.

Another key challenges is the intermittency of those technologies in the power supply. With its focus on solar and wind, Taiwan has been neglecting other forms of renewable energy, such as geothermal energy, biofuel and marine power.

Taiwan has set itself a target of eliminating nuclear power by 2025, a rather tight deadline, as it also has a significant capacity of coal fired power plants.

Geothermal energy is therefore an attractive option for Taiwan with resources and development ambitions, we have been reporting on over the years.

Several geological surveys have been conducted by the government indicating a potential of up to 32 GW, which seems a bit high, yet highlights great potential for geothermal energy development in Taiwan. The geothermal goal of the government is though rather modest with a planned 200 MW geothermal power generation capacity by 2025.

There are though challenges due to the geology of Taiwan. Li Yi-heng, a senior researcher at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)s Energy & Environment Research Laboratories, sees the islands complex geological formations and vertical faults pose a major obstacle. The most accessible geothermal resources are adjacent to volcanoes, which means for Taiwan only at the volcano at Datum Mountain in the north of the island.

Additional, the areas with the most potential are within aboriginal lands, national parks, or slope lands essentially off limits to development. Another challenges are the lack of clear rules related to the ownership of the resource once it is descovered.

Taiwan has established attractive feed-in-tariffs for renewable energy, including geothermal energy. We reported on the update for 2020 in January of this year. A push for higher FIT by the Taiwan Geothermal Association was not fruitful.

Today, several small exploration proejcts are ongoing by state-owned enterprises Taiwan Power Co. and CPC Corp. Taiwan together with ITRI. The largest projects is at Datun Mountain has a planned development target of 150 MW of the total 200 MW goal for Taiwan.


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With focus on solar and offshore wind, Taiwan should not neglect geothermal - ThinkGeoEnergy

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EDF Takes 50% Stake in 1GW Irish Offshore Wind Farm – Offshore WIND

Posted: at 7:53 pm

The EDF Group has acquired a 50% interest in the 1GW Codling offshore wind farm project in Ireland from Hazel Shore.

Its subsidiary EDF Renewables, dedicated to wind and solar energy across the globe, will now partner with Fred Olsen Renewables Ltd, which already owns 50% to develop and build the project.

The Codling project is located south of Dublin 13 kilometres off the coast of County Wicklow.

The initial development work started in 2003. Codling is spread across two sites, one of which, Codling 1, is consented. As an indication, the capacity of the project should be around 1 GW of installed capacity.

This acquisition comes after the Irish government set out the countrys clear commitment to reduce carbon emissions. In fact, in July 2019, it adopted a Climate Action Plan which specifies, among other things, to grow renewables in order to provide 70% of electricity generation by 2030.

And offshore wind is expected to deliver at least 3.5GW in support of reaching this target.

Over the next couple of years, project development will continue with the intention that Codling will make a significant contribution to achieving the Irish Climate Action Plan targets.

EDF Renewables has a portfolio of offshore wind projects that exceeds 6GW under operations, under construction and in development in the United Kingdom, in France, in Belgium, in Germany, in China, and in the United States.

Bruno Bensasson, EDF Group Senior Executive Vice-President Renewable Energies and Chief Executive Officer of EDF Renewables, said: We are very pleased to join the Codling offshore wind project in partnership with Fred Olsen Renewables. We are committed to contributing to the Irish governments renewables goals. This important project clearly strengthens our strong ambition to be a leading global player in the offshore wind industry. This is consistent with the CAP 2030 strategy that aims to double EDFs renewable energy generation by 2030 and increase it to 50 GW net.

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EDF Takes 50% Stake in 1GW Irish Offshore Wind Farm - Offshore WIND

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Offshore worker tests negative for coronavirus – Shetland News

Posted: at 7:53 pm

A WORKER on a North Sea oil platform off Shetland who recently visited Thailand has tested negative for coronavirus.

Operator of the Tern Alpha platform TAQA confirmed on Saturday evening that the worker no longer needs to be kept in isolation.

However, the company said the worker who was said to have been displaying mild symptoms is being kept in voluntary isolation while their return to shore is arranged.

A further four workers on TAQA-operated platforms off Shetland have also been kept in isolation as a precautionary measure relating to coronavirus as they had recently visited affected regions.

However, they had no symptoms and are also due to return to shore.

Two of those four workers were on the North Cormorant platform, one was on Cormorant Alpha and another on Harding.

A TAQA spokesperson said on Saturday evening: TAQA can confirm that the individual on its Tern Alpha platform has tested negative for coronavirus and is well.

Health Protection Scotland have advised that there is now no need for ongoing isolation and that the individual can go about normal activities.

However, in line with other crew who have recently returned from the affected regions, the individual remains in voluntary isolation while we arrange his return to shore.

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Journalism comes at a price and because that price is not being paid in todays rapidly changing media world, most publishers - national and local - struggle financially despite very healthy audience figures.

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Support us from as little as 3 per month it only takes a minute to sign up. Thank you.

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Offshore worker tests negative for coronavirus - Shetland News

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Fed review of offshore wind projects raising concerns – Newsday

Posted: January 27, 2020 at 12:23 am

The Trump administrations unexpected review of potential impacts of offshore wind-energy projects could be published early this year,but it remains unclear whether publication will clear a logjam that has stalled one of the countrys first large-scale projects, and the dozen to follow.

Some who have been expecting the federal government to finalize additional areas off Long Island to be auctioned for lease say there are concerns the delays could stall the states ambitious goals for offshore wind.

I know there is concern about it in New York because the governor has announced the next gigawatt of offshore wind to be put out to bid sometime this year, said Gordian Raacke, executive director of Renewable Energy Long Island, an green-energy group in East Hampton.

Last year, when the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced an analysis of offshore wind projects slated for construction in U.S. waters, Vineyard Wind, the first affected by it, was caught off guard. Vineyard Wind is proposinga project off the Massachusetts coast.

We would have liked for the project to have already begun construction, a Vineyard Wind spokesman said Wednesday. Were still analyzing when we can begin construction. We obviously cant do that without the final okay from BOEM.

Since the review began, President Donald Trump has doubled down on his criticism of wind energy, arguing that overseas manufacturing of the turbines causes tremendous amount of fumes spewing into the air, while they devalue proximate homes and kill birds. Theyre noisy, they kill the birds. You want to see a bird graveyard? Go under a windmill someday.

Department of the Interior officials have said the review is aimed at making sure they get offshore wind right the first time. BOEM acting director Walter Cruickshank this month said the review will serve as both a base and a model for future projects.

But the review appears to have slowed BOEMs schedule for other project milestones.

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A BOEMspokesman this week said the agency, part of the Department of the Interior, anticipates publishing the draft review early this year, before opening the draft report to public comments. What happens next is unclear.

The schedule for next steps will be posted on BOEMs website once its finalized, the agency spokesman said.

The supplemental review, the agency said, is intended to help better address potential conflicts with other ocean uses, such as commercial fishing and navigation.

Bill White, managing director of East Wind LLC., which has identified four sites for turbines off Long Island, said his hope that New York Bight sites would be auctioned off in the first quarter of 2020 has now been reset to the third or fourth quarter. Were looking at up to a year delay, which is disappointing, he said.

Wed like to compete in this area, he said. Were respectfully urging the federal government to act with all due haste.

Federal investment tax credits for new projects expired in 2020, and delays in approving project sites could limit the number of bidders, White said.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, which is administering the bids for state energy contracts, said it has not received an update from BOEM on the planned new lease areas, or how the additional review will impact timing of new or announced projects. New York has awarded two, for up to 1,700 megawatts.

We are monitoring the situation closely and at this timewedo not have any reason to believe that this decision will delay development of New Yorks awarded offshore wind projects, a NYSERDA spokesman said.

NYSERDA early this year will ask the Public Service Commission for authorization to issue another 1,000 megawatt offshore wind solicitation by mid-2020,he said. In the past, NYSERDA has required that companies hold leases in order to bid.

Mark Harrington, a Newsday reporter since 1999, covers energy, wineries, Indian affairs and fisheries.

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Fed review of offshore wind projects raising concerns - Newsday

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2020 Expected to Transform the Offshore Supply Chain – The Maritime Executive

Posted: at 12:23 am

The Transocean Spitsbergen drilling rig. (Photo: Kenneth Engelsvold)

By The Maritime Executive 01-22-2020 07:01:43

The offshore supply chain started 2019 with the momentum of strong award levels of subsea equipment and FPSO hulls as well as improved floating rig rates. However, uneasiness has been building around the financial health of the offshore supply chain, and 2020 is likely to see a transformation, says Hoang Lu, from Wood Mackenzies upstream supply chain team.

Margins are razor thin and cost pressures continue to bear down. Meanwhile, the energy transition and threat of oversupply compete for attention. Ultimately, the offshore supply chain may take on a whole new look through 2020.

Wood Mackenzie forecasts that oil demand will peak in 2036, and the energy transition continues to accelerate towards that point.

Hybrid batteries have been a conduit of transformation, says Lu, noting Transoceans first-of-its-kind hybrid energy storage system deployed on the Spitsbergen semi-submersible in the North Sea. Transoceans patented hybrid power technology, developed in partnership with Aspin Kemp and Associates, reduces fuel consumption and increases a dynamically positioned rigs station-keeping reliability by capturing energy generated during normal rig operations that would otherwise be wasted, and storing it in batteries. This energy is then used to power the rigs thrusters.

Seadrill has made similar strides with the West Mira, another hybrid-powered floating rig employing a similar battery energy storage system. We expect any orders of newbuilds will require a renewable element, like Awilcos two green newbuilds currently on order.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are increasingly important, and, as a result, are shaping offshore supply chain brands. TechnipFMC announced it will now be known as Technip Energies to highlight its ambition to be a global energy transition player. BHGE has become the Baker Hughes Company in a similar pivot towards energy-focused technology. Look out for much more of this rebranding in the near future, says Lu.

A lower margin supply chain is a reality for the near term, he said. Contractors will likely seek ways to broaden their scope of services to balance portfolios with the growth of renewables. Offshore wind projects are increasing in complexity, with larger developments being installed ever further offshore. This presents new opportunities for the supply chain. The next phase of offshore will ultimately be highly competitive; adapting early is vital.

The Majors

Meanwhile, the exploration sector heads into 2020 facing increasing pressure from the energy transition, says Alana Tischuk from Wood Mackenzie's global exploration team. While capital discipline and portfolio high-grading remain key, the shift to a low-carbon world poses a fundamental challenge, and this year is likely to show the sectors direction of travel in the years ahead.

Some investors are questioning the need to explore at all given the vast discovered resource base yet to be developed," says Tischuk. However, lower-carbon opportunities very often have lower costs and better economics. The challenge is to achieve success at scale. Companies will drill in the hope of finding better resources than those they already have lower cost barrels with a higher margin.

She said that while new opportunities exist, these large, valuable prospects lie mostly in new and emerging plays. The Majors are likely to remain prominent participants in high-impact exploration plays. National oil companies (NOCs), which are less exposed to investor concerns, may also be able to step up their exploration game.

Some companies may announce a strategic move towards acquisition-led growth or new energy businesses. Others are boosting their gas portfolios, viewing it as the fuel that will power the energy transition.

Tischuk said the move towards gas shows that exploration is not mutually exclusive with a low-carbon future. A diverse inventory of low-breakeven opportunities will be key as the energy transition unfolds. Those prospects with a clear route to commercialisation are likeliest to be drilled. One of the characteristics of successful, independent explorers is quickly exiting plays where they have limited early success, she said.

Traditionally, Majors have held their acreage to the end of term, but we expect them to adopt the swift turnaround approach of their smaller, nimbler cousins. Many of the areas the Majors have added are ultra-frontier, giant blocks, added for minimal commitments. This trend of fast turnover of new acreage may not become apparent in 2020, but instead materialise in the next three years or so.

Globally, Wood Mackenzie expects 500-600 wildcats to be completed during 2020, adding around 15 billion barrels of oil equivalent resources, in line with industry performance since 2014. Investment should hold steady at between $25 billion-$30 billion, similar to that spent in 2019. However, spend could slip by as much as five -15 percentas cost efficiencies continue.

Tischuk said the Americas will continue to see increased levels of exploration this year, particularly Brazil and Mexico, as will sub-Saharan Africa. Total has high hopes for South Africa after making the giant Brulpadda gas condensate discovery in 2019. The company plans to drill up to four exploration wells in the country in 2020, three targeting oil in the deepwater Outeniqua Basin. The company will also drill its giant (twobillion barrel) Venus oil prospect in deepwater Namibia. Shell and Kosmos are also among the companies hunting giants offshore Namibia in 2020.

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2020 Expected to Transform the Offshore Supply Chain - The Maritime Executive

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