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Greatest Demand of Cryonics Technology Market 2019 Predictable to Witness Sustainable Evolution Over 2024 Including Leading Vendors- Praxair,…

Posted: November 5, 2019 at 12:51 pm

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is the world leader incryonics,cryonicsresearch, andcryonics technology.Cryonicsis the practice of using ultra-cold temperature to preserve a human body with the intent of restoring good health when thetechnologybecomes available to do.

The Cryonics Technology Market to raise in terms of revenues and CAGR values during the forecast period 2019-2024

The report, titled Cryonics Technology Market defines and briefs readers about its products, applications, and specifications. The research lists key companies operating in the global market and also highlights the key changing trends adopted by the companies to maintain their dominance. By using SWOT analysis and Porters five force analysis tools, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of key companies are all mentioned in the report. All leading players in this global market are profiled with details such as product types, business overview, sales, manufacturing base, competitors, applications, and specifications.

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Top Key Players of Cryonics Technology Market: Praxair, Cellulis, Cryologics, Cryotherm, KrioRus, VWR, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Custom Biogenic Systems, Oregon Cryonics, Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Osiris Cryonics, Sigma-Aldrich

The Research Corporation report focuses on the Cryonics Technology Market provides the analysis report includes the drivers and restraints of the market space along with data regarding the innovative progress in the field. Moreover, it explains the essential constituents to gain stability and maintain a persistent evolution in this industry. It elaborates on the variety of techniques that are implemented by the present key players and sheds light upon the amendments required to suit the developments in the market.

Why make Cryonics Technology Market report more powerful:

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The region segments of Cryonics Technology Market are: United States, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Central & South America.

By Market Product: Slow freezing, Vitrification, Ultra-rapidBy Application: Animal husbandry, Fishery science, Medical science, Preservation of microbiology culture, Conserving plant biodiversity

In This Study, The Years Considered To Estimate The Size Of Cryonics Technology Market Are As Follows:

Table of Content:

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The Research Corporation symbolizes current market trends in the global industry. Our mastery in the field of market insights and analysis makes our company an ideal platform for clients seeking pioneering research in the lucrative global market fields.

At The Research Corporation we work diligently on delivering prudent market insights with sound market intelligence; with that we take pride in delivering comprehensive industry insights based on the market, market competitors, products and global customers. Through our erudite market approach, The Research Corporation has become synonymous to delivering best product service.


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Greatest Demand of Cryonics Technology Market 2019 Predictable to Witness Sustainable Evolution Over 2024 Including Leading Vendors- Praxair,...

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Health strategies of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft – Business Insider

Posted: at 12:51 pm

Dr. David Feinberg, the head of Google Health Reuters

Over the past year, Google has gotten deeper into healthcare, hiring Dr. David Feinberg to head up the Google Health division.

Feinberg's team is now responsible for coordinating health initiatives across Google, ranging from the company's search engine and map products, to its Android smartphone operating system, to more futuristic offerings in areas like artificial intelligence.

In his speech at a conferencein October, Feinberg said that one of his first main goals for the team will be to oversee how health-related searches come up, and work to improve that with the Google Search team.

Read more: We just got our first look at what Google's grand plans are for healthcare after it brought in a top doctor to lead its health team

Google Health is just one aspect of parent company Alphabet's healthcare strategy. Within Google, Google Cloud is working to ink cloud contracts with healthcare systems.Mayo Clinic in September signed Google as its cloud and AI partner.

There's also Verily, the life sciences arm of Alphabet, as well as Calico, its life-extension spinoff. Verily has its hands in projects spanning robotics to blood-sugar-tracking devices to work on addiction treatment. The company has also made investments in healthcare through its venture funds GV and Capital G as well as through Alphabet itself.

On Friday, Google reached a $2.1 billion deal to acquire Fitbit. The brand, best known for its fitness watches, also has a big business selling a health platform that combines coaching and fitness tracking to employers and health plans.

Beyond working with existing products, Feinberg's oversight includes the health team at Google AI, hardware components, and DeepMind Health. Both Google AI and DeepMind have pursued projects that analyze medical images like eye scans and scans of breast cancer cells, with the hope of aiding medical professionals in diagnosing and treating patients.

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Health strategies of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft - Business Insider

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25-year extension sought for operation of Lismore quarry – Northern Star

Posted: at 12:51 pm

AN APPLICATION has been lodged with Lismore City Council to enable a quarry to continue to operate for another 25 years.

The Riverbank Rd basalt rock quarry is owned and operated by Michael Santin of Santin Quarry Products.

The quarry -- which produces crushed road base, gravel and aggregate -- operates on a permanent basis, Monday to Saturday.

Town planner Malcolm Scott, who lodged the DA modification with the council on behalf of Mr Santin, explained in the documents that his client wanted to continue the operation of the approved quarry for another 25 years.

If approved, the quarry could continue to operate until May 2045.

A development application has been lodged with Lismore City Council to expand the life of Santin Quarry on Riverbank Rd, Lismore. Contributed

The DA modification does not seek to change the approved annual extraction rate, but Mr Scott's report explains the resource "is not exhausted and "Mr Santin intends (to) make a DA in due course to laterally expand the quarry beyond its current approved limits.

"The rock extracted and processed is solid columnar basalt, Mr Scott's report to the council explains.

"There is one other columnar basalt quarry in the Northern Rivers region and none in the Lismore City Council local government area.

The rock material is extracted by blasting, then collected by an excavator or front end loader before being crushed, screened and stockpiled into different and requested products.

It is then loaded onto trucks for transport.

A development application has been lodged with Lismore City Council to expand the life of Santin Quarry on Riverbank Rd, Lismore. Contributed

"The continued operation of the quarry is justifiable as it will produce extractive materials from a proven resource that is not available in the Lismore local government area and Northern Rivers region and which is very important for the building and construction industries and local, regional, state and national infrastructure projects, the report states.

"The quarry is close to Lismore and centrally located in the Northern Rivers region, minimising transport costs, emission of greenhouse gases and also financially contribute to LCC's road maintenance program.

A development application has been lodged with Lismore City Council to expand the life of Santin Quarry on Riverbank Rd, Lismore. Contributed

"The continued operation of the quarry makes a substantial contribution to local employment opportunities and contributes directly and indirectly to the local economy.

The application to extend the life of the quarry is on public exhibition until November 13.

For more information, visit

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25-year extension sought for operation of Lismore quarry - Northern Star

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2021 Polestar 1 Is a Plug-In Hybrid Concept Car Brought to Life – Car and Driver

Posted: at 12:51 pm

Ready or not, another automotive brand will hit the already crowded market in February 2020. That brand is Polestara joint venture between Volvo and its parent company, Chinese automaker Geelyand its first product is, naturally enough, the 2021 Polestar 1. Unlike the way that Mercedes-AMG models generally are hotted-up Mercedes-Benzes, Polestar models will not be modified Volvos. They will be unique vehicles, though they will share parts, platforms, and architectures with their corporate siblings. (Polestar has its own headquarters located in Volvo City in Gothenburg, Sweden.)

HIGHS: Elegant styling, solid performance, best electric range of any PHEV.

As a high-end 2+2 grand tourer with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, think of the Polestar 1 as a Swedish take on a BMW 8-series coupe. You'll be able to buy one through Polestar dealers, which will be primarily sales showrooms located in affluent city centers or shopping malls. Each Polestar store will be owned by an existing Volvo dealer, though only a minority of Volvo outlets will get one. Maintenance and service will be handled at these associated Volvo shops, though Polestar owners won't see this, as the cars will be picked up and returned to them at their convenience.

The 1 is built on a shortened version of Volvo's highly flexible SPA platform, which undergirds its XC90, S90, and V90 models. To produce a more closely coupled coupe, 7.9 inches were cut between the wheels of the short-wheelbase S90 and about seven inches were chopped off the rear overhang. The result is only 180.5 inches long, though it is 3.1 inches wider than an S90 and a significant 3.9 inches shorter, thanks to the sloping roofline, which has the perfect profile of a teardrop sliced in half.

The 1 exhibits a lovely, understated elegance that avoids the more pronounced flamboyance that has infected the German Luxury brands.

The bodywork is all carbon fiber, except for the bumpers in order to reduce weight and achieve sharper character lines than what can be drawn in steel. Those carbon-fiber body panels are said to be 500 pounds lighter than steel ones would have been. They're also likely cheaper, as too few 1s will be built to justify the expense of metal stamping dies. Only 500 examples will be built per year and only for three years. A mere 150 of them will make it to the United States per annum.

Though Polestar describes itself as the "technology spearhead" for the Geely/Volvo group, it also could be the styling icon, as the 1 exhibits a lovely, understated elegance that avoids the more pronounced flamboyance that has infected the German luxury brands. Inside, you'll find switchgear and the tablet-like Sensus infotainment system that is familiar from current Volvos. You'll have to wait for Polestar's second model, the four-door 2, to get its trick Android-based infotainment system. However, the upholstery, carbon-fiber accents, and metallic trim that completely encircle the cockpit delivers a richness to the experience.

LOWS: Compact interior packaging, synthetic driving feel, lofty price tag.

Unfortunately, while the front seating area is comfortable and generous, rear occupants are not so lucky. Between the lack of legroom and the plunging roofline, the second row is about as roomy as the back seat of a Porsche 911. That lack of volume extends to the trunk, which at four cubic feet, also is roughly 911-sized. Part of the blame for this tightness devolves onto the Polestar CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, who is a designer and thus programmed to sacrifice practicality for style. Fellow designer Henrik Fisker's Karma model suffered similar problems, with BMW 3-series levels of interior space in a car with a 7-series footprint. But the Polestar 1's 180.5-inch length doesn't helpit's five inches shorter than a current 3-series sedan. The 1's plug-in powertrain bears the rest of the blame.

Though a PHEV configuration provides the best of both electric and internal-combustion powerplants, the two powertrains take up more space than a single one. Up front sits a supercharged and turbocharged version of Volvo's 2.0-liter inline-four coupled to a 71-hp integrated starter-generator and an eight-speed automatic transmission. Under the trunk floor is a pair of 114-hp electric motors, one for each rear wheel.

What's more, Polestar wanted the 1 to have more range than any other PHEV, so the engineers crammed 34 kWh of the latest LG Chem lithium-ion pouch cells into the car. That's almost twice the energy capacity of a Chevrolet Volt, and it should be enough for at least 60 miles of pure electric range. (EPA figures have yet to be certified.) But since this platform was not designed for underfloor battery storage, those cells fill the broad central tunnel in the cabin and also take up space behind the rear seat, hence the truncated trunk.

This layout makes for an interesting powertrain that provides pure front-wheel drive when only the gas engine is running, pure rear-wheel drive on electric power alone, and all-wheel drive with various degrees of front-to-rear torque split in hybrid and max-power modes. The separate rear motors, however, do provide torque vectoring flexibility.

That arrangement pays off in the tight corners of our drive route on the undulating hillside roads between Silicon Valley and the Pacific Ocean, where the Polestar 1 demonstrates an agility and lack of understeer completely unexpected in a heavy and substantially sized vehicle. In fact, the 1 does quite well when pushed on fast, twisty roads. The constantly varying torque split is unnoticeable, the 21-inch Pirelli P Zero summer tires provide plenty of grip, the big Akebono-sourced brakes deftly dissipate speed, and the car is easy to precisely position, even on narrow two-lanes.

With a combined peak output of 619 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque, you'd expect the 1 to be quick, but the car does weigh roughly 5200 pounds, so Polestar only is claiming a modest zero-to-60-time of 4.2 seconds. That's hardly slow, but far from the sub three-second times posted by quicker electric cars, such as the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan (although we have yet to confirm the Taycan's acceleration for ourselves). We predict the 1's sprint to 60 mph will take 3.9 seconds; it feels every bit that quick and it does provide the instant throttle response we've come to expect from electrified powertrains.

Electric power can take you all the way to 100 mph before the motors are disengaged to prevent overheating.

We could do with a more natural feel from the Polestar's steering, which has a strong sense of self-centering that comes off as synthetic. And while its brake pedal is admirably firm, it can be touchy, especially when the B position is selected on the shifter to maximize regenerative braking. It will take more than a few hours in the driver's seat to thoroughly explore all of the driving modesHybrid, Pure Electric, AWD, Performance, and Individualbut Performance works best for serious motoring because the eight-speed transmission connected to the gas engine selects gears to keep the engine on boil and to minimize downshifts.

In Hybrid mode, on the other hand, the gas engine frequently turns on and off, and when you depress the accelerator the car tries to meet your need for more thrust by adding power to the electric motors, which is fine until they're maxed out and the gas engine fires to life with a noticeable bump. Running in pure electric mode cuts the available power roughly in half, but that's still plenty to keep up with normal traffic. Electric power can take you all the way to 100 mph before the motors are disengaged to prevent overheating.

While the Pirelli tires deliver good grip, their low, 30-series sidewalls make for a firm ride that not even the hlins dampers can dispel. There's also a fair bit of road noise that is likely tire related and perhaps not entirely appropriate for a GT car intended for long-distance travel. By the way, those hlins dampers are adjustable but only via knobs attached to their housings, so you'll need to pop the hood and jack up the rear end to fine-tune the suspension to your liking. Somehow, we don't see many owners bothering with it.

There are a few other odd touches to the Polestar 1, such as the lack of power adjustment for both the steering column position and the seat cushion's thigh extension. The glass top allows a huge amount of light to come through, but there is no meansmechanical or electricto shade it. The sun visors sit in recesses in the headliner and can't fold forward to lie flat on the windshield, nor can they swivel to cover the side windows.

These are perhaps the hallmarks of a concept car brought to life and only intended for a brief production run. And these cars will cost dearly, with a sticker price of $156,500 fully loaded. Your only options will be the selection of interior trim, wheel finish, and one of five exterior colors, each available in glossy or matte finishes, with the latter costing an additional $5000.

It's hard to say that the Polestar 1 is a great car at a great price. There are plenty of excellent luxury coupes on the market at the Polestar's entry point, plus or minus $50K. What this car offers are its high-tech PHEV powertrain, genuine elegance, and the certainty that you won't see them dotting city streets, not even in New York or Los Angeles. And if you hold onto your 1 long enough, we imagine you'll surely be invited to display it at Pebble Beach one day.

VEHICLE TYPEfront-engine, all-wheel-drive, 2+2-passenger 2-door coupe

BASE PRICE$156,500

POWERTRAINTurbocharged, supercharged, and intercooled DOHC 16-valve 2.0-liter inline-4, 326 hp, 321 lb-ft; 3 permanent-magnet synchronous AC motors, front: 71 hp, 119 lb-ft; rear (combined): 232 hp, 354 lb-ft; combined output, 619 hp, 738 lb-ft; 34.0-kWh lithium-ion battery pack

TRANSMISSION8-speed automatic

DIMENSIONSWheelbase: 107.9 in Length: 180.5 in Width: 77.1 inHeight: 53.2 in Passenger volume: 72 cu ftTrunk volume: 4 cu ftCurb weight (C/D est): 5200 lb

PERFORMANCE (C/D EST)60 mph: 3.9 sec100 mph: 11.7 secStanding -mile: 12.7 sec Top speed: 155 mph

EPA FUEL ECONOMY (C/DEST)Combined gasoline+electricity: 105 MPGeEV range: 60 miles

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2021 Polestar 1 Is a Plug-In Hybrid Concept Car Brought to Life - Car and Driver

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Liburdi Automation Celebrates Growth as Long-time Partner to Ontarios Nuclear Industry Expansion – Yahoo Finance

Posted: October 24, 2019 at 11:33 am

Hamilton, Ontario, Oct. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) is proud to congratulate Liburdi Automation in its continuous growth and successes as a Hamilton-grown business servicing Ontarios nuclear sector as well as that of Canada at large.

An OCNI member, Liburdi has been a recognized leader in providing reliable equipment and processes for orbital tube and pipe welding for over 40 years. Innovation backed by sound engineering and research has led Liburdi to a leadership role within the industry and a sought-after supplier of automated equipment used to weld aerospace and power generation components. Spurred on by the success of CANDU and the refurbishment projects undertaken by OPG and Bruce Power respectively, Liburdi is celebrating expansion in the community. Ensuring opportunity in Ontario for the next generation of innovative thinkers. This event will celebrate Liburdis growth in Ontarios nuclear sector, partnerships with key players in the industry as well as contributions to local jobs and economy.


Liburdis investment in new facilities support our long-term commitment to Canadas Nuclear industry. The expansion includes a fully automated inventory control system and a state-of-the-art centralized welder training facility. Not only will this investment support our clients, it will strengthen the 100s of local area vendors that support us.Rob Pistor, Managing Director, Liburdi Automation

Todays announcement of Liburdis expansion at its Hamilton facility is wonderful news and a great example of a home-grown success story. The innovation and vision shown by Liburdi means crucial support for our provinces nuclear energy industry and more opportunities for workers in the skilled trades.Donna Skelly, MPP for Flamborough Glanbrook and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade (Job Creation and Trade)

As the Councillor for Waterdown/Flamborough, I am so proud to have Liburdi helping to Build Community Together. This expansion signifies a true investment in our community with Liburdis recognized leadership and achievements in high quality engineering, automation and innovation. Located here in Waterdown/Flamborough in the city of Hamilton, this international success story represents opportunity for the next generation of highly skilled workers and continued growth in our local economic development.Judi Partridge, Councillor for Ward 15, City of Hamilton

Through innovation and dedication to quality, Liburdi has become a recognized leader, including the work with welding tools and specialists they have provided to Ontario Power Generation and CanAtom in support of the Darlington Refurbishment Project. On behalf of OPG, I would like to congratulate Liburdi and wish them continued success as they expand their organization.Bill Owens, Senior Vice President, Nuclear Refurbishment, Ontario Power Generation

The nuclear supply chain in Ontario is strong thanks to the contributions of companies like Liburdi Automation who supply automated equipment used to weld aerospace and power generation components needed to support the nuclear industry and ensure that families and businesses across the province have access to low-cost, clean, reliable, electricity. On behalf of Bruce Power I applaud Liburdi Automation for their ongoing support in enabling innovation, creating high-skilled jobs and driving economic growth across Ontario.Richard Horrobin, VP & Managing Director, Supply Chain, Bruce Power

OCNI is proud to recognize Liburdi Automation is key supplier to Canadas nuclear industry and congratulates Liburdi on its recent expansion into larger facilities driven by increasing work in support of the OPG Darlington and Bruce Power life extension projects. Liburdi has become a world leader in providing unique equipment and processes for automated and high precision welding in the aerospace and power generation industries since its founding by Joseph Liburdi 40 years ago.Dr. Ron Oberth, President and CEO of the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries


Ron OberthOrganization of Canadian Nuclear

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Liburdi Automation Celebrates Growth as Long-time Partner to Ontarios Nuclear Industry Expansion - Yahoo Finance

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Hair Wigs and Extension Market 2019-2023 | Evolving Opportunities With Aderans Co., Ltd. and Artnature Inc. | Technavio – Business Wire

Posted: at 11:33 am

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The global hair wigs and extension market is poised to grow by USD 4.01 billion during 2019-2023, progressing at a CAGR of nearly 10% during the forecast period. Request Free Sample Pages

Read the 109-page research report with TOC on "Hair Wigs and Extension Market Analysis Report by product (human hair wigs and extension and synthetic hair wigs and extension), by geography (North America, Europe, APAC, MEA, and South America), and segment forecasts, 2019 - 2023".

The market is driven by the rising demand for premium human hair goods. Also, the increasing prominence of celebrity and social media influencers is anticipated to further boost the growth of the hair wigs and extension market.

Developed countries of the world like the US, the UK, and France are the major importers of super quality human hair wigs and extension. This is because of the growing consumer awareness about the life cycle and quality of hair wigs and extensions. Similarly, North America and Europe are also witnessing an increased demand for human hair wigs and extensions made from virgin Caucasian hair. Consumers prefer human hair goods over synthetic composites because of various factors such as the ease of styling and maintenance, better quality, and durability. Additionally, the rising per capita income of consumers will also increase the sale of premium human hair goods, which will boost the market growth during the forecast period.

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Major Five Hair Wigs and Extension Market Companies:

Aderans Co., Ltd.

Aderans Co., Ltd., owns and operates the business under various segments such as overseas wig business, Aderans business, Bosley business, Fontaine business, other domestic business, and other overseas business. The company offers a range of custom-made and ready-made wigs and adult extensions for men and women.

Artnature Inc.

Artnature Inc. operates the business under three segments, which include mens business, ladies business, and ladies ready-made wigs business. The companys key offerings include a range of hair wigs and extensions under the Hair For Life Series, Art Sera Series, MRP Series, Pufeel Series, Style LaLa, and Beauty Up Series for men and women.

Evergreen Products Group Limited

Evergreen Products Group Limited has business operations under various segments, namely wigs; hair accessories, and others; high-end human hair extensions; and Halloween products. Some of the products offered by the company are a range of fashion wigs, lace wigs, hairpieces and accessories, hair extensions and weaves, toupees, and Halloween wigs.

Godrej Consumer Products Limited

Godrej Consumer Products Limited operates the business in India, Africa, Indonesia, and others. The companys key offerings include a range of hair wigs and extensions under the DARLING brand.


Rebecca operates the business under the following segments: human hair weaving, synthetic hair weaving, mannequin, toupee, and wig. The companys key offerings include a range of human hair and synthetic hair wigs and extensions for men and women.

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About Technavio

Technavio is a leading global technology research and advisory company. Their research and analysis focus on emerging market trends and provides actionable insights to help businesses identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions.

With over 500 specialized analysts, Technavios report library consists of more than 10,000 reports and counting, covering 800 technologies, spanning across 50 countries. Their client base consists of enterprises of all sizes, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. This growing client base relies on Technavios comprehensive coverage, extensive research, and actionable market insights to identify opportunities in existing and potential markets and assess their competitive positions within changing market scenarios.

If you are interested in more information, please contact our media team at

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Hair Wigs and Extension Market 2019-2023 | Evolving Opportunities With Aderans Co., Ltd. and Artnature Inc. | Technavio - Business Wire

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LyGenesis Closes $4 Million Convertible Debt Financing to Begin Clinical Development of its Liver Regeneration Technology – Yahoo Finance

Posted: at 11:33 am

Funds will support a Phase 2a clinical trial for patients with end stage liver disease in 2020

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- LyGenesis, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on organ regeneration, announced today that they have completed a total of $4 million in private financing of convertible notes from Juvenescence, Ltd. and Longevity Vision Fund. Their technology uses lymph nodes as bioreactors to regrow functioning organs within a patient's own body. This financing will enable LyGenesis's lead program in liver regeneration to transition into clinical development, beginning with a Phase 2a clinical trial for patients with end stage liver disease in 2020.

"We have advanced our liver regeneration program through preclinical trials and this financing will help us to rapidly transition into a clinical-stage biotechnology company," said Michael Hufford, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of LyGenesis. "Our ability to use the lymph node as a bioreactor for organogenesis is also generating interest from partner companies looking for an enabling technology so that their genetically modified cell therapies are able to engraft, proliferate, vascularize, and produce a therapeutic effect in patients."

"We are thrilled to continue our financial support of LyGenesis as they transition into clinical development," said Greg Bailey, MD, Co-Founder and CEO of Juvenescence, and a member of LyGenesis's Board of Directors. Sergey Young, founder of Longevity Vision Fund, said "The ability to regenerate functioning ectopic organs was science fiction just a few short years ago. The progress of LyGenesis's technology is emblematic of the rapid advances we are witnessing as biotechnology transitions from bench research, to preclinical models, and now into the clinic."

About LyGenesis, Inc.LyGenesis is a biotechnology company with an organ regeneration technology platform enabling a patient's lymph nodes to be used as bioreactors to regrow functioning ectopic organs. LyGenesis's lead allogeneic cell therapy program is focused on liver regeneration for patients with end stage liver disease. Its drug development pipeline includes thymus, pancreas, and kidney regeneration. Privately held, LyGenesis is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To learn more, please visit

About Juvenescence, Ltd.Juvenescence Limited is a life sciences company developing therapies to increase healthy human longevity. It was founded by Jim Mellon, Dr. Greg Bailey and Dr. Declan Doogan. The Juvenescence team are highly experienced drug developers, entrepreneurs and investors with a significant history of success in the life sciences sector. Juvenescence will create, partner with or invest in new companies with longevity-related therapeutics, by in-licensing compounds from academia and industry, or forming joint ventures to develop therapeutics for longevity. Juvenescence believes that recent advances in science have greatly improved our understanding of the biology of aging and seeks to develop therapeutics with the possibility of slowing, halting or potentially reversing elements of aging. To learn more, please visit

About Longevity Vision FundLongevity Vision Fundis a $100M life extension-focused investment fund dedicated to making longevity affordable and accessible to all. Founded by Sergey Young, the fund accelerates breakthroughs in longevity by investing in start-ups and companies that develop technologies, products, and services that extend human lifespans and overcome the negative effects of aging. The Fund provides funding to biotech and life extension-focused companies developing early diagnostics, AI in healthcare, and therapies addressing age-related diseases. To learn more, please visit

Media Contact:Michael Hufford,

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LyGenesis Closes $4 Million Convertible Debt Financing to Begin Clinical Development of its Liver Regeneration Technology - Yahoo Finance

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HSE: Thistle issues ‘appear specific to platform’ – Upstream Online

Posted: at 11:33 am

The UK offshore safety regulator has said its initial inquiries into the structural problems at the Thistle platform that led to the sudden evacuation of all 115 workers on board on Monday appear to be specific to that facility.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) said on Wednesday that EnQuest is helping its inspectors with its inquiries.

Lines of inquiry are being identified, an HSE spokesperson said on Wednesday.

The spokesperson added that while HSE does not comment about ongoing investigations: We will encourage EnQuest to provide information if any important safety matters arise that should to be shared, but at present the issues appear to be specific to the Thistle platform.

Yesterday an official with the RMT union called on EnQuest and the North Sea industry to be as open as possible in sharing details about what has happened.

We keep hearing from the industry about the need for learnings, sharing and openness," said Jake Molloy, RMT regional organiser in Aberdeen.

"Well, there are a number of jacket-based platforms in the North Sea are of this advanced age.

If there are learnings to be gained from what happened on Monday, lets hear about them and share them with the operators who have those older platforms."

EnQuest "proactively downmanned" Thistle, in Block 211/18, in what it called a "precautionary move" on Monday.

This followed an inspection of a support element on a redundant subsea storage tank.

Direct oil export was installed on Thistle in 2008 and the crude oil storage tank system, known as COST, was taken out of service.

The platform has been known to workers for years by its nickname "The Black Pig".

Located 200 kilometres north-east of Sumburgh, in the Shetlands, the development was the farthest north the offshore oil and gas industry had ventured by the time it started production in 1978.

Production hit a peak of 125,000 barrels per day in 1982.

When Thistle and the Deveron field were acquired by DNO 20 years later, production averaged 5500 barrels per day, and was declining.

Output is now understood to be less than 4000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

EnQuest said in its 2019 half-year results that Thistle has seen high levels of production and water injection efficiency, without giving specific production numbers.

The 60-slot platform was installed in 160-metre water depths then a record for fixed platforms. The then record-setting 30,600-tonne jacket with four main legs supports 36 modules arranged on three deck levels.

Five years ago, EnQuest launched a 300 million ($470 million) rejuvenation effort, dubbed Thistle LLX (late life extension).

The project was aimed at recovering an additional 35 million barrels of oil from the Thistle and Deveron fields.

Thistle changed hands again in 2004, to Lundin Petroleum, and then, following the demerging of the Swedish independents UK assets in 2010, EnQuest took over as operator.

Some 28 of the 36 modules comprise the production, utilities, drilling systems and facilities. The remaining eight, situated on the south-east end of the installation, contain living quarters, offices, the central control room, the helideck and workshops.

Fluids from the Thistle and Deveron reservoirs exported to the Brent Pipeline System.

Oil is also imported from the Dons field via an eight pipeline and the combined oil production is exported from Thistle platform via 16-inch export pipeline through the Brent Pipeline System to the EnQuest-operated Sullom Voe Terminal in Shetland.

The original gas compression system has been decommissioned and gas separated from the oil is now flared.

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HSE: Thistle issues 'appear specific to platform' - Upstream Online

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Alkane Resources" managing director appointed to Genesis Minerals Board of Directors – Proactive Investors Australia

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The companys latest drilling program has yielded broad, shallow high-grade intersections that demonstrate the potential for material project life extension.

s () managing director Nic Earner has been appointed to the Board of Minerals Ltd () as a non-executive director.

Earners nomination is in accordance with Alkanes rights under the subscription agreement and underwriting agreement with Genesis Minerals dated August 2, 2019.

Alkane is Genesis largest shareholder, currently holding 15% of the issued capital.

The investment in Genesis remains consistent with Alkanes strategic objective to grow its gold business, both organically through its Tomingley Gold Operations in NSW and through investment in junior Australian gold companies with projects that meet Alkanes investment criteria.

Earner is a chemical engineer with 25 years experience in technical and operational optimisation and managementand has held a number of executive roles in mining and processing.

Last month the company obtained further strong results from regional drilling south of the Tomingley Gold Operations (TGO) in NSW.

The company received further high-grade results from an ongoing 60,000-metre resource definition drilling program on San Antonia and Roswell prospects about 3-4 kilometres south of TGO.

Assays from the second 5,000 metres of this program returned up to 9 metres at 2.33 g/t from 24 metres and 44 metres at 2.76 g/t from 45 metres, including 3 metres at 16.6 g.t from 57 metres at San Antonio.

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Alkane Resources" managing director appointed to Genesis Minerals Board of Directors - Proactive Investors Australia

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Texas voters could give cancer research organization $3 billion in November – The Texas Tribune

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*Correction appended

Karlee Steele was diagnosed with an aggressive type of melanoma in 2015. Within weeks of the skin cancer forming, it spread to the lymph nodes under her right arm and looked like it might be deadly.

Doctors in Austin initially "said to me, 'OK, well, here's what you got. Here's what's going on,'" Steele said. "'You're probably not going to lose your hair.' But, I was like, 'I don't give a damn about losing my hair. Are you kidding me? I give a damn about losing my life.'"

Steele went to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where she would undergo surgery and chemotherapy. Before treatment, the tumor located near her right shoulder doubled in size every 10 days. While there, she also got involved with a clinical trial for an immunotherapy drug created by Jim Allison, who leads the immunotherapy program at MD Anderson. He receives funding for his research from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, a state organization that has become an international leader in the field in less than a decade since its creation.

After MD Anderson's aggressive treatment and Allison's drug, Steele has been cancer free for four and a half years, she said.

Next month, Texas voters decide on Proposition 6, a $3 billion bond for CPRIT to continue funding grants and other cancer research initiatives. It would be an extension of the institute's existing $3 billion bond, which voters approved in 2007. That money is expected to run out in 2021.

In the years since opening in 2009, the institute which was plagued during its first few years by a scandal involving mismanagement and poor oversight of spending helped create over 100,000 jobs in the state, invested in 1,500 research initiatives and kick-started 132 clinical drug trials, the organization says. On top of that, the institute has a special focus on cancer prevention in contrast to the federal government, which primarily focuses on research for treating the disease. This focus on prevention, such as grant-funded cancer screenings, is credited by experts with helping lower the state's cancer mortality rate by 8% between 2011 and 2016.

"So, advance (CPRIT) 12 years" the cancer research advancements could be even more revolutionary, Steele said. "If we're not contributing to this $3 billion now, what happens to Texas' (efforts)? We're so large, and we're on the forefront that it's almost like you can't not fund it."

Former State Rep. John Zerwas, R-Richmond, saw how radically cancer can change someone's life. In less than two years, he lost his wife and both parents to three different forms of the disease that 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with in their lifetimes.

So when it came time to consider extending funding for CPRIT, it wasn't even a question for him to spearhead the efforts.

"I may not have been touched (by cancer) a whole lot prior to that time, but I certainly had a full dose in 2012 and 2013," said Zerwas, who left his seat three weeks ago for a job at the University of Texas System. "The everyday person, if they haven't been touched yet by it, somehow in their circle of family and friends will be touched by it."

There are more than 100 different types of cancer, each requiring unique treatments.

Brought to MD Anderson from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York in 2012 in part by a $10 million grant from CPRIT, Allison would go on to win the 2018 Nobel prize for physiology and medicine. He won the award for creating a drug that enhances the immune system's ability to fight cancer on its own. It was the same treatment that saved Steele's life.

Allison said the CPRIT funding meant he no longer had to worry about battling for highly competitive grants from the National Institutes of Health.

"Having lived in Texas for a long time and turned to Texas Legislature over these decades, I was surprised that they would pass such a thing, to be honest," Allison said. The stability CPRIT brought also made progressing his work much easier. Federal grants "are fiercely competitive, so it just makes it very difficult to to take on a project that would take more than the cycle of a grant, which is usually three years or something. That really keeps you from taking the long view on" research.

However, in a state that prides itself on having a balanced budget, taking on billions in debt through bonds isn't something that usually attracts a lot of support from Texas Republicans, Zerwas acknowledged. He said CPRIT 12 years ago represented the state's desire to take bold steps in promoting business, science and technology.

The resolution that created CPRIT's latest bond request passed unanimously in the Senate and sailed through the House 132-14 with two present, not voting. Its few critics primarily expressed concerns over the mismanagement and improper spending scandal that dogged the agency in 2013, leading to the resignations of several executives. One of them was also indicted but later acquitted.

"While well-intentioned, CPRIT has not been a good steward of taxpayer dollars and cancer research is not a core function of government," the hardline conservative group Empower Texans wrote in its voter guide for the constitutional election.

But Zerwas said changes to the executive team of CPRIT, including hiring CEO Wayne Roberts, have resulted in better management and improved vetting of grant proposals since the scandal.

"When you're dealing with the size of these grants and distributions and it being public money and in fact money that you're issuing debt, you can't be too careful about that," Zerwas said. "They went through that, and they've emerged even stronger."

Medical research can be a lucrative area that leads many research institutes to be self-sufficient, but Zerwas, an anesthesiologist, said CPRIT's focus on doing base-level research, which is necessary but often not as profitable, means it needs occasional state support to stay on the leading edge.

Roberts said the agency, if Proposition 6 passes, is looking at spending the next 10 years expanding its areas of focus, including looking into childhood cancers, which are rare, making drugs for them incredibly expensive to research and produce, as well as Texas-focused issues, like the state's high incidence of liver cancer.

"If we don't get it, we run out of money," Roberts said. But he added: "If we're fortunate enough to be reauthorized on November the 5th, we will be taking a very deep dive at this point in time and delving into those and other opportunities."

CPRIT itself, as a state agency, cannot advocate during the upcoming election. Roberts said he worried about low turnout being something that could kill the proposition, but a recent poll suggests widespread support for the ballot measure, and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network said it is working to promote grassroots efforts in support of CPRIT, too.

"The first 10 years was it was a jumpstart," Zerwas said. "It demonstrated that if we invest money and we bring the brightest minds to the state of Texas and we immerse them in the culture that we have in terms of treatment of cancer ... we're going to make some discoveries, and we're going to find some cures and treatments for some of these very elusive diseases out there."

Disclosure: MD Anderson Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network have been financial supporters of The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that is funded in part by donations from members, foundations and corporate sponsors. Financial supporters play no role in the Tribune's journalism. Find a complete list of them here.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the surname of Wayne Roberts.

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Texas voters could give cancer research organization $3 billion in November - The Texas Tribune

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