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The Flash Season 6 Review: 6 Ups & 1 Down From ‘The Last Temptation Of Barry Allen, Pt. 2’ – WhatCulture

Posted: December 6, 2019 at 8:52 pm

Contains spoilers from The Flash Season 6, Episode 8.

Barry Allen may have spent this season of The Flash convincing everyone around him that he was processing the news of his imminent death well and that we should all be focused on helping his Team Flash friends and colleagues come to terms with it instead, but it appears that this isn't all that true after all.

Yes, last week's installment, 'The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1', delved deep into the Scarlet Speedster's psyche - a result of him becoming infected with Bloodwork's disease - and highlighted just how desperate he is to live. And while nobody could surely blame him for feeling that way, this desperation led him down a surprisingly dark path.

But that was only the beginning for what we're now calling Dark Flash because this week's offering, the predictably titled 'The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2', highlighted the impact of Barry's moment of weakness and how, in spite of his newfound immortality, he has somewhat died inside. The urgency of his rampage made for a thrilling edge-of-seat adventure that successfully managed to set the stage for Crisis On Infinite Earths.

First, the negative...

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The Flash Season 6 Review: 6 Ups & 1 Down From 'The Last Temptation Of Barry Allen, Pt. 2' - WhatCulture

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How Hollywood Became Obsessed With De-aging Its Stars – The Atlantic

Posted: at 8:52 pm

Still, thats an oversimplification of the process, which took about 500 artists and two years to perfect. When it comes to de-aging, visual-effects artists aim not to re-create or copy the image of an actors younger self, but to interpret the character being played. In Smiths case, his clone in Gemini Man was trained as an assassin, so he couldnt have the lanky build of Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. On top of that, effects of this caliber require compromise: As much as dark lighting, long takes, and clever costuming help hide flaws in Juniors presentation, the film couldnt conceivably be told under such circumstances in every scene.

Lee admitted that the end result isnt perfectthe final, daylight-drenched scene looked goofy, he told mebut the film operated almost like a guinea pig for the cutting-edge technology he wanted to implement. As a director, Lee often pushes filmmaking boundaries, so the idea of furthering de-aging by building a full digital human sounded appealing. We are in a digital era, he explained, so to me its only logical to [de-age an actor] right in front of your eyes through digital effort.

Indeed, de-aging actors digitally is becoming the new normal in Hollywood. Though the practice of manipulating an actors look rather than casting age-appropriate performers has been around since the mid-2000sThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button being a prime examplevisual-effects artists have worked overtime on it this year. In March, the 90s-set Captain Marvel toyed with Samuel L. Jacksons appearance, erasing decades off his face. Marvel deployed the technique again in April, incorporating an estimated 200 aging and de-aging shots of various actors throughout Avengers: Endgame. Five months later, the horror sequel It Chapter Two de-aged its young cast members so that they would match their preteen looks from the first film. (Thanks, puberty!) And Martin Scorseses gangster epic The Irishman, released at the end of November, dialed back the ages of its stars, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesciall in their 70sto portray the lives of mobsters across entire lifetimes.

At a time when Hollywoods population of box-office-busting movie stars is dwindling, de-aging allows existing ones to be rebornor, at the very least, to ensure their longevity. For an industry that relies on rebooting franchises, its only logical that filmmakers would want to do the same to its bold-faced names. Consider the news that James Dean could be digitally resurrected to star in a new movie; taken to its bleakest, most Black Mirroresque extreme, the notion of re-creating deceased actors via visual-effects has implications that could pave the way for a new era of moviemaking.

Its a form of immortality, if you think about it, Olcun Tan, a visual-effects supervisor based in Los Angeles, told me. He pointed to Mickey Mouse as the optimal version of a movie star with staying power, a type of fictional character turned brand. To achieve everlasting fame, stars would go through the reverse, from being a household name to becoming a digitally reusable character, another tool in a filmmakers toolbox. Im not saying this is what the future will bring, because this is a little dark, but if you can imagine it, there is a likelihood it can happen, Tan said. Because if the film industry is trying to reverse current actors ages because it makes them money, you have to consider there is a likelihood theyll license their appearance at some point, even after those people are gone.

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How Hollywood Became Obsessed With De-aging Its Stars - The Atlantic

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Martin is verging on immortality – The Roar

Posted: November 30, 2019 at 10:12 am

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Sport analysts and commentators have long revered the players of old.

When we discuss the greats, lots of criticism falls on the current generation, with the standard of greatness elevated the more we part from legends we remember.

Considered a symptom of the glory days and time passed, legends are often cleared of their moments and remembered for their undeniable triumphs.

In todays all-access age, the modern player is denied the same mystique, but thats not to say that these legends are anything other than legends.

Take this into consideration when regarding the talent and potential of modern greats like Dustin Martin.

Not only is he the best player in the AFLs most damaging side, but Martin has achieved honours beyond most in an unbelievable three-year period.

Martin is not the greatest ever, although he might be in the discussion about Richmonds best.

Players like Royce Hart, Kevin Bartlett and Matthew Richardson are all exalted in Richmond history.

Retiring in 1977, Hart received outstanding honours in his ten-year career with four premierships, two Jack Dyer Medals and two Michael Roach Medals, as well recognition in the AFL Team of the Century and Australian Football Hall of Fame.

However, Kevin Bartlett stands at the top. Besides recording 403 games for Richmond between 1965 and 1983, Bartlett achieved five premierships, one Norm Smith Medal, five best and fairest awards (three in Premiership years), four Richmond leading goal-kicker prizes and Australian Football Hall of Fame Legend status.

But something needs to be said about Martins success achieved in the VFL/AFLs most expansive era.

(Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

In 2017, Martins made history more times than thought possible. He won the Brownlow Medal with a record 36 votes and became the first player to do so with a premiership and a Norm Smith Medal in the following week.

Martin had his name on everything that year, but at the start of 2018, we observed a different Dustin Martin. Despite excelling, Martins form dipped with his passion for the game fading fast.

Martin achieved every award achievable by a player in his position and seemingly had nothing left to strive for. The media pumped him up for the class exuded in 2017, at times over-hyping a man no longer before us.

The Tigers lost to Collingwood in the preliminary final that year despite leading the league and remaining undefeated at the MCG all season until that match.

Although like Richmond, Martin returned in 2019 as many premiership stars fell throughout the season. As all great leaders do, Martin lifted, guiding Richmond out of a struggle.

He slowly returned to his 2017 form before transcending it in the matches leading into finals. Of course, Richmonds near perfect system meant Martin carried less weight than most other teams would allow. But Martin had a purpose again and seized it fast.

He assisted the Tigers to their second premiership in three years, and in turn secured his second Norm Smith Medal. He joined stars Gary Ayres, Andrew McLeod and Luke Hodge as one of four players to win it twice, although Martin remains the only player to do it with Brownlow honours in the same year.

The Richmond star could retire tomorrow as one of the best players to ever grace the club.

But with a few more strong years, Martin may just take out the top spot in Richmonds history and be remembered as their greatest ever.

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Martin is verging on immortality - The Roar

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BOOKS IN BRIEF: ‘Living With Limericks,’ by Garrison Keillor, and ‘The Secrets We Kept,’ by Lara Prescott – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Posted: at 10:12 am

Living With LimericksBy Garrison Keillor. (Prairie Home Productions, 175 pages, $17.99.)

You can almost hear Garrison Keillor snickering like a naughty schoolboy as you leaf through his latest book, Living With Limericks, featuring dozens of mildly saucy rhymes, too tame for Playboy, too raunchy for the New Yorker. His obsession with flatulence is so deep, you may want to ground him for a week.

But between acts of juvenile delinquency, the former Prairie Home Companion host waxes wistfully through poems and anecdotes about childhood memories, surgeries and growing old. In many ways, the collection serves as a sneak preview to the memoir hes currently peddling to publishers.

He also bares his fangs, laying into everyone from Bob Dylan to local podcaster Nora McInerny, who wrote a scathing commentary about him for Time magazine shortly after he was accused of sexual misconduct. He never directly references the scandal, but he can be quite amusing while skirting at its hem.

Youre a phenomenon and a national treasure, he shares in a chapter about immortality. And then the earth turns and youre a guy spilling soup on his shirt.

When hes not playing the pity card, Keillor reminds us that he remains one of our most thoughtful wordsmiths and a generous one. At one point, he offers some helpful tips on how you too can improve your writing, something Dylan would never do.

Neal Justin

The Secrets We KeptBy Lara Prescott. (Knopf, 325 pages, $26.95.)

The dazzling prologue of The Secrets We Kept is a tough act to follow, but Lara Prescott pulls it off. Written in first-person plural, its from the perspective of women who toil in the secretarial pool at the CIA in the early 1950s. They tell us they are smarter and more skilled than the suits they work for and they close the prologue by asserting, Unlike some of the men, we could keep our secrets.

The plural chapters continue throughout the novel, but theyre interspersed with first-person accounts from several characters, including Irina, a Russian-American who quickly earns duties in addition to typing. Her job? Helping to smuggle into the U.S. a copy of Boris Pasternaks unpublished Doctor Zhivago, which the CIA intends to get into the hands of as many Americans and Russians as possible.

Prescott (yes, she was named after the heroine of Zhivago) also includes chapters featuring Pasternak and the real-life inspiration for Lara and, although theyre involving, theyre not as strong as the voices of the secretaries, who we miss every moment The Secrets We Kept isnt with them. Perhaps a sequel is in order, one where we find out what other secrets theyre keeping?


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BOOKS IN BRIEF: 'Living With Limericks,' by Garrison Keillor, and 'The Secrets We Kept,' by Lara Prescott - Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Derrick Henry’s Titans teammate interrupts interview by blasting Auburn’s Kick Six call – For The Win

Posted: at 10:12 am

Its impossible to think about the Iron Bowl without remembering the craziness of the Kick Six in the 2013 Alabama-Auburn game.

But on the off chance Tennessee Titans linebacker Daren Bates teammates forgot what happened, the Auburn alum was happy to remind them.While former Alabama running back Derrick Henry spoke to the media Thursday, Bates offered up a soundtrack for his teammates interview.

He interrupted Henrys interview by blasting the radio call of the Kick Six, when Alabama attempted to break the tie with what would have been a 57-yard field goal for the win. Instead, the Crimson Tide missed the kick, and Auburn cornerback Chris Davis was waiting in the end zone, caught the ball and returned it for the game-winning touchdown and Iron Bowl immortality.

Auburn won, 34-28, in surely the wildest ending to the Iron Bowl and one of the greatest plays in college football history.

Henry said there has been trash talking in the Titans locker room all week, adding: I love it though. Well after see Saturday how he feels.

But that wasnt the only thing Bates did this week to troll his Alabama alum Titans teammates. As linebacker Rashaan Evans spoke with the media, Bates hilariously played the Auburn fight song and danced in the background.

And the Titans Twitter account also shared photos of Henry and Evans during practice with Auburn signs on their backs with War. Damn. Eagle. written on them.

No. 5 Alabama takes on No. 15 Auburn on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET in a game the Crimson Tide need to win to keep their College Football Playoff hopes alive.

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Derrick Henry's Titans teammate interrupts interview by blasting Auburn's Kick Six call - For The Win

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‘I want to do well in the big competitions’ – Andy Murray not ready to take back seat – Tennis365

Posted: at 10:12 am

Andy Murray says he still hopes to get back to winning the biggest competitions, but his injury ordeal has helped him put tennis into perspective.

Murray was world number one when he was struck down by a hip injury that cost his two years of his career and appeared certain to end it.

However, after major surgery that involved adding metal components into his hip the true extent of which is shown in dramatic clarity in the new documentary Andy Murray: Resurfacing he is once again back on a tennis court and, most importantly, pain-free.

It remains to be seen whether Murray will be able to reach his former heights with a metal hip, but he says he can deal with it if he cant.

Obviously youd want to do well in all the big competitions, Murray told the BBC.

But I think thats one of the things that I took out of these last few years: that ultimately you realise what actually are the most important things.

Tennis is very important to me but its not ahead of my health, its not ahead of my family.

Tennis is great and winning matches is fantastic, but you realise when youve gone through a tough period and you get through it what the really important things are.

RELATED:Sporting immortality does not come easy Andy Murray: Resurfacing provides a unique portrait of an icon

Since returning this summer, the signs for Murray have certainly bee encouraging.

He won the doubles title at Queens alongside Feliciano Lopez, played both mens and mixed doubles at Wimbledon, played a full Asian swing of the ATP singles Tour, and won his final tournament of the year in Antwerp.

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'I want to do well in the big competitions' - Andy Murray not ready to take back seat - Tennis365

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Andy Murray explains why he was forced to miss recent Davis Cup ties – Tennis365

Posted: at 10:12 am

Andy Murray admits he was gutted to miss three of Great Britains recent Davis Cup rubbers, but insists it was probably the right decision.

The three-time Grand Slam winner made his return to Davis Cup action in Madrid last week as he won his singles clash against Tallon Griekspoor during GBs 2-1 win over the Netherlands.

However, he was then replaced in the singles by Kyle Edmund for the final round-robin tie against Kazakhstan while he was also forced to sit out the quarter-final win over Germany and the semi-final defeat at the hands of Spain.

Sporting immortality does not come easy Andy Murray: Resurfacing provides a unique portrait of an icon

Murray has now revealed that a groin problem was the reason why he missed the ties.

I had a scan straight after the match with Griekspoor because my groin area was sore, he said. I had noticed it a little bit for a couple of days in the build-up.

After playing in Antwerp I took 12 days off and didnt hit any balls, and then I slowly built up until I got over to Madrid. Then I started practising hard and I noticed it was a bit sore.

Its mild. But it was something which, if I had played on it, it could have got worse. And thats why it was difficult for me.

I wanted to try to play. I didnt know how many opportunities I would get to play again in the quarter-finals or semi-finals of the Davis Cup.

Obviously the other guys were playing really well and it looked like they can handle themselves. But I would have liked to have tried to play.

It was probably the right decision. I probably wouldnt have influenced the matches differently to any of the guys that played, ultimately.

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Andy Murray explains why he was forced to miss recent Davis Cup ties - Tennis365

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This Week in Buffalo: Biggest party night of the year – Buffalo News

Posted: at 10:12 am

For many in Buffalo, the opportunity to sleep in (or nap after the Turkey Trot) and the promise of a hearty meal Thursday means a chance to let loose Wednesday night.

That fact is not lost on bars, restaurants and clubs; Thanksgiving Eve is, as usual, absolutely loaded with parties, live music and general holiday revelry.

Expats in town for the week have a lot to consider, too, in addition to the enticing new venues that have joined the food and music scenes in the last year.

Philosofest IV, noon to 11 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27, at 12 Gates Brewing Co. (80 Earhart Drive, East Amherst). No cost.

How can you resist an event based on a legend involving the Philosopher's Stone? 12 Gates' name comes from Sir George Ripley's "Compound of Alchymy," and alchemists long searched for the mythical stone said to grant immortality and turn regular metals into gold. No word on whether the stone will make an appearance at the event.

But really, this is ultimately a brewery taproom party with beer releases (with outstanding names), live music and extended hours. Dirty Dangles double IPA packs a wallop at 8.6% ABV, while the Danger Zone stout was brewed with brandy-soaked oak chips (sounds fairly fascinating).

Tiny Music, a Stone Temple Pilots cover band, plays 8 to 11 p.m., following Mike & Mandy Music from 4-7.

[Photos: Smiles at Rock the Gates 2019 | Explore craft beer at 12 Gates]


Lowest of the Low, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27, at Town Ballroom (681 Main St.). Tickets are $32 in advance.

The inevitable: A Ron Hawkins holiday show (but it keeps happening because Lowest of the Low draws so well). The Canadian frontman and his bandmates tangle in Town Ballroom Wednesday, joining forces with Wolf Tickets and Ace of Wands. Word is that this show is already approaching capacity, too.

Lowest of the Low has been profiled so many times in The News it's hard to know what to focus on this Q&A by Tim O'Shei in 2017 and this Jeff Miers' review from 2012 are two good places to start.


Flip Hunger the Bird, doors at 7 p.m., show at 8 on Wednesday, Nov. 27, at the Cave (71 Military Road). Cost is $15 general admission, or $10 with the donation of a nonperishable food item.

One of Miers' suggestions for expats home for the holidays is a trip to the Cave, a short walk from the Sportsmen's Tavern in Black Rock and a key component of the Halls family's expansion project. This fundraiser on Thanksgiving Eve is a prime opportunity to take the critic's advice while supporting the Food Bank of WNY.

The Donny Frauenhofer Band, Farrow and Saranaide more different than they are similar in their musical approaches give listeners a refreshing variety.


The Night Before Thanksgiving featuring Folkfaces, 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27, at 42 North Brewing (25 Pine St., East Aurora). Admission is a canned good or winter clothing for Friends of the Night People.

The 42 North footprint is expanding in East Aurora, with four new Airbnbs, additional brewing space, a canning line with clean branding and lofty goals of becoming a major player in regional craft beer distribution; co-founder John Cimperman told The News' Scott Scanlon he's "in the business of selling an experience."

Folkfaces, a local Americana/roots band lauded by News contributor Mac McGuire, will perform on Thanksgiving Eve, just a few months after releasing wonderfully named album "Fat Ol' Rat."


Lazlo Hollyfeld, 9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27, at McGarret's (946 Elmwood Ave.). Cost is $7 at the door.

Respect tradition. Sonny Baker and friends have a mix of music planned for their annual Thanksgiving Eve show in "the bar that has no name" (but it does have a name, it's McGarret's).

Hollyfeld's history of covering bands they love in this case, the Talking Heads. again continues, while they'll also play "the music of themselves," (or original music, but we like how they put it). The band had a tune-up of its Talking Heads set roughly two weeks ago when they played Hydraulic Hearth's fifth anniversary.


Marquee Grand, 10 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27 at Mr. Goodbar (1110 Elmwood Ave.). No admission cost listed.

For a variety of reasons, Goodbar is a popular stomping grounds on Thanksgiving Eve and whenever expats return to Buffalo. A great beer list, cheap live music, underrated wings and unpretentious atmosphere are at the heart of its appeal, which were elaborated upon when the bar celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.

Marquee Grand is a four-piece rock band from Buffalo, also with new music on the way after a strong gig at the Alternative Buffalo Birthday Show. The group will release a single, "Maybe," on Dec. 6.


Beach Slang, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26, at Mohawk Place (47 E. Mohawk St.). Cost is $20 in advance.

New music is right around the corner for Philadelphia punk band Beach Slang, so Mohawk Place concertgoers could be in for a treat. The coming album title, "Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City," is the work of James Alex, the band's only stable presence over the course of its five-year history.

Local opener Mom Said No. has generated plenty of buzz this year, as well as some praise from Miers, who thinks they could be the next band to break out of Buffalo.


One-Eyed Cat Brewing holiday pop-up, 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26, at Moor Pat (78 E. Spring St., Williamsville). No cost to attend.

One-Eyed Cat Brewing has done things the right way in starting its brewery, building industry relationships by staging pop-ups around the area before settling on their main taproom location, inside an old church at 10678 Main St. in Clarence Hollow.

Another chance to try their beer comes Tuesday at craft beer-crazed Moor Pat, a short jaunt from their eventual location. OECB will have three brews to sample: a New England IPA, a Russian Imperial Pumpkin Stout and the house imperial stout. More details on these beers at the event page.


More options for Thanksgiving Eve

Jive Turkey Celebration at Duke's Bohemian Grove BarThanksgiving Eve Bash at the Cove with Hit-N-RunThanksgiving Eve party at Becker Farms/Vizcarra VineyardsStoutsgiving 2019 at Big Ditch Brewing Co.Strictly Hip at Tralf Music Hall


Continued: "The Irishman" at Dipson Amherst, North Park Theater. Read the review and the feature on Buffalo-born actor Patrick Gallo.


Sold out: Turkey Trot on Thursday in downtown Buffalo, but look back at last year's Smiles for good measure.


3 quick-hitters for this week

Thanksgiving Night party at New York Beer ProjectOpening of Lewiston Family Ice RinkPints for Progress No. 7 at Taylor Theater


5 events to look forward to this weekend

Hotel Henry holiday market beginsJingle Falls USA in Niagara FallsChristmas in EllicottvilleHandel's "Messiah" with BPO at OLV Basilica"The Nutcracker" at Shea's Buffalo

[Sold out for this weekend: World's Largest Disco; As I Lay Dying]


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This Week in Buffalo: Biggest party night of the year - Buffalo News

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6 Most Embarrassing Things To Ever Happen Inside A UFC Cage – WhatCulture

Posted: at 10:12 am

For every professional mixed martial artist in the world, when the cage door shuts, it's another opportunity to shine.

Moreover, for fans of the sport, it's the chance to watch mortal men and women try to achieve the sort of lasting legacy most folks can only dream of that keeps us coming back.

Of course, things don't always go according to plan. Often times, the path to MMA immortality is a treacherous one indeed.

Sure, anytime a UFC fighter steps in the cage, they run the risk of losing a bout in front of an audience of thousands sometimes even millions. However, losing isn't the worst thing that can happen to a fighter. After all, some of the greatest to have ever set foot inside the Octagon have several Ls on their records.

Most fighters eventually come to terms with a loss. However, suffering a humiliating mishap in the cage, the kind folks talk about years later, can be much harder to shake. In fact, embarrassing moments often become more synonymous with a fighter than their greatest achievement.

To provide examples of instances that would illustrate the previous points, let's take look at some of the UFC's most embarrassing moments.

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6 Most Embarrassing Things To Ever Happen Inside A UFC Cage - WhatCulture

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The state of immortality – The New Indian Express

Posted: November 23, 2019 at 12:26 pm

When the great death called delusionmistaking the body and its associate connections such as members of the family for the selfis conquered, one becomes fit to attain that state of immortality, says Sri Adi Sankaracharya in the Vivekachoodamani.

One method adopted by Vedanta is to condemn something that we have to withdraw our attention from. We pay attention to something because we think it gives us joy, it is eternal and it is real.

For these reasons, we identify with our own body and believe it to be real and suffer as a result.

So what is the physical body made up of? Though we know the contents well, the naturally well-packaged body, seamlessly covered by the skin, will never make us experience the true identity.

So the Acharya spells out its contentsskin, flesh, blood, nerve strings, fat, marrow and bones. The mixture of all these is filled and tightened with excretory matter.

The body is a result of the mixing of five elements in a mathematical formula called quintuplication or Pancheekaranam.

The shape, size, colour and health of the body we get is dependent on our past actions. This gross body is an abode or a counter for different experiences of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, thoughts and feelings. It is able to have the various experiences of perception in the waking state.

Through the help of the sense organs, the gross body comes in contact with gross objects such as garlands, sandalwood paste, other human bodies and objects of various sizes and shapes.

The individual consciousness considers this body to be the self and it has a variety of experiences in the waking state.

Just as a house gives shelter to the one who lives in the house, the body gives shelter to the individual who lives in the body, occupying it.

The special characteristics of the body arising out of its gross nature are that it is subject to old age and death.

It has many qualities such as being fat or thin. It goes through various states such as being a toddler, a little child and growing up.

There are many disciplines that the body is subject to such as living in the Varnashrama. The several other experiences are that the body is sometimes worshipped, some time belittled and at other time it is given many gifts and presents.

In this body are situated the organs of perception (eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin), the organs of action (mouth, hands and legs) and the organs of excretion and reproduction.

While the sense organs of perception help us understand the different objects, beings and situations around us, the organs of action helps us in expressing in this world through our actions.

The writer is Sevika, Chinmaya Mission, Coimbatore (; email:

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The state of immortality - The New Indian Express

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