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10 Questions We Have After Watching The Old Guard | ScreenRant – Screen Rant

Posted: August 20, 2020 at 6:06 pm

Netflix's The Old Guard was a huge hit in 2020's streaming summer season. But fans have some questions about the Charlize Theron fantasy-action movie.

Though the summer movie season was pretty much canceled in 2020, there have been some solid films available for home viewing. One of the most popular choices this year has been Netflix's action-adventure,The Old Guard.

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The film starsCharlize Theron as the leader of a group of immortal warriors who have been fighting for good in the world for centuries. The movie was a massive hit and there is already plans for a sequel. But with the complex worldbuilding and fantasy elements of The Old Guard, there are still a lot of burning questions that fans want to have answered.

Theron delivers yet another badass action hero role with her performance as Andromache, aka Andy. She is the leader of the small group of warriors who have been fighting wars all over the world for countless years.

Despite spending centuries together, the rest of the team still doesn't know much about Andy. They know that she was the first of their kind and that she had lost allies along the way, but exactly how old she is still remains a closely guarded secret.

Along with living extended lives, the warriors have concluded that they must also cut ties with the rest of the world so they can protect their secrets. However, even with their extra precautions, how could they have lasted this long without being noticed?

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We see Andy get accidentally photographed by some tourists at one point, so she borrows their phone and deletes the photo. Do they do that every time they pop up in a picture? Doesn't she know about the iCloud? It seems like a sloppy way of covering their tracks.

Despite the unlikelihood of it, the team was able to remain under the radar for hundreds of years. But while the rest of the world remains oblivious, a man named Copley was able to learn about them and their powers and track them down.

Copley explains that there were hints and legends of them throughout history which he pieced together. But how did he go from hearing ancient legends of immortal warriors to mapping their entire existence? Did someone nudge him in the right direction?

Nile is the audience's introduction to the strange world. She is a soldier who is attacked and fatally wounded in battle, only to wake up later to find that she is miraculously healed. Andy quickly finds her and recruits her to the team.

Being new to this, Nile still has a lot of reservations and grapples with how her world has changed. One of her biggest struggles is not being able to see her family. Though Andy told her the dangers of reconnecting with them, will she attempt to see her loved onesagain?

The movie has a lot of heavy lifting to do with establishing the rules of this world. One of the major ones is that while these warriors are currently immortal, it doesn't last forever. At some random point for all of them, their powers will fade, and they can be killed.

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This rule is firmly established, but there is still a lot unclear about it. The loss of power could be related to a new immortal emerging as Nile's introduction coincided with Andy losing her power. It's also unclear if the immortality can return once it has been lost.

In the explanation of Andy's backstory, we learn the tragic story of Quynh, the first immortal Andy ever met. Andy and Quynh were partners in many battles over the years until they were imprisoned by those who thought they were demons.

Quynh was given the horrific fate of being locked in an iron chest and sunk to the bottom of the ocean where she would drown over and over again for centuries. However, the end of the movie reveals that somehow Quynh escaped her doomed fate.

When the world gets wind of these people with incredible immortal powers, it doesn't take long for greedy people to look for ways of exploiting this miracle. Copley reveals their existence to a pharmaceutical company in the hopes of using their powers to cure illnesses.

Of course, the corporate villains are only interested in profit and torture the immortals, taking their blood and tissue samples. Though the team eventually breaks free and kills the bad guys, could their blood be used to create new immortals?

Booker is a member of the team who feels their life as immortals is a curse and he seeks a way to be freed. He betrays the rest of the team to the corporate bad guys in hopes they will find a way to kill them for good. He eventually redeems himself but is still exiled from the group.

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At the end of the film, Quynh comes to visit Booker, revealing herself to be alive. How did Quynh know who Booker was? What does she want with him now that he is exiled? Does she blame Andy for what happened and is seeking revenge?

Instead of living the lives of daredevils, the team has dedicated their incredible powers to fighting against evil and helping people all over the world. As it turns out, their random acts of heroism had an even bigger impact than they knew.

Copley reveals that through his research into Andy and her escapades throughout the years that whenever she saves the day, she ends up saving the life of someone who will go on to make the world a better place. How does Andy know which lives to save that will benefit the world?

Shortly after finding Nile, Andy discovers that she can no longer heal and she seems to have lost her immortality. Despite this, she is still a phenomenal warrior and managed to fight her way through hordes of bad guys and survive.

But at the end of the film, she appears to be staying with the team. Will she just fight alongside them until she is killed? Will she attempt to go live the rest of her days in peace?

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A writer and film fan. I always enjoy keeping up with the latest films in theaters as well as discovering some hidden gems I may have overlooked. Glad to be a part of Screen Rant's positive and fun community and have the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

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10 Questions We Have After Watching The Old Guard | ScreenRant - Screen Rant

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Emotional character study ‘The Truth’ opens at the Ross this Friday – Daily Nebraskan

Posted: at 6:06 pm

With the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center reopening this Friday, Hirokazu Koreedas The Truth will be one of the first films to play on the theaters screens since its closure in March.

The French film, which stars Oscar nominees Catherine Deneuve and Ethan Hawke, as well as Oscar winner Juliette Binoche, tells the story of a reunion between a mother and daughter who have a rocky relationship to say the least.

The mother in this story, Fabienne (Deneuve), is an acclaimed French actress who is celebrating the recent and successful release of her autobiography. Lumir (Binoche), Fabiennes daughter, travels from the United States with her husband and daughter to visit her mother at her home in France. When Lumir arrives, tensions between her and her mother are high.

Fabienne disapproves of Lumirs husband Hank (Hawke), who is also an actor but has mostly been relegated to small TV roles and is preoccupied with her book and rehearsing lines for her latest film. Lumir takes the opportunity to read through her mothers autobiography, discovering that a majority of the book is falsified, depicting Fabienne as a present and supportive mother, when in reality she was distant and contributed very little to Lumirs upbringing.

Over the course of the film, Fabienne and Lumir are forced to confront their issues with one another. Lumir holds a bit of resentment toward her mother, whom she sees as fame-obsessed and selfish, while Fabienne sees her daughter as someone who never lived up to her potential. There are many scenes in the film of these two perspectives clashing. Fabienne and Lumir verbally spar with one another over a multitude of things, such as Lumirs job as a scriptwriter. The Characters evolve and the pair grow to understand one another more, which eventually leads to some semblance of forgiveness and a healthy relationship.

The narrative backdrop for these events is the aforementioned new film Fabienne is shooting. Though Fabienne is traditionally a dramatic actress that avoids genre films, her new movie delves into the realm of science fiction. It centers around a mother who never ages and watches her child grow up while she stays the same. This comes at a price, however, as the mother is only allowed to visit her child once every seven years. The mother in the film is played by a young up-and-coming actress, while Fabienne takes on the role of the elderly depiction of the child.

The plot of Fabiennes film serves to hold a mirror up to the mother/daughter relationship between Fabienne and Lumir. Just as Fabienne wasnt around for much of Lumirs life, the mother in the film barely sees her daughter. Additionally, the immortality of the mother is representative of Fabiennes fame and prominence as an actress. Through playing the role of the daughter in this film, Fabienne begins to see Lumirs perspective. She is able to gain a better understanding of why her relationship with Lumir is so strained, and she grows as a result of that.

There are a lot of heavy emotions at play in The Truth, and each of the performers in the film are fantastic at bringing them to life. Deneuve and Binoche have excellent chemistry as Fabienne and Lumir and play off each other extremely well. Their believable performances are a large part of why these characters work so well in the film. They legitimately feel like mother and daughter, which makes the emotional intricacies of their relationship feel all the more genuine.

Additionally, Hawke gives a solid performance as Lumirs husband, Hank. The characters arc in the film sees him reflecting upon both his career as an actor and his role as a father. He sees how Fabiennes career affected her relationship with Lumir, and he doesnt want the same to happen between himself and his daughter. He undergoes a lot of personal growth in the film, and Hawke is able to portray that very well.

The Truth is an interesting character study and analysis of how ones career can affect ones family. It showcases the idea that prioritizing work over family can lead to resentment and guilt. The film explores this idea through several perspectives, namely the relationship between Lumir and Fabienne, the mother and daughter in Fabiennes film, as well as Hank and his daughter. Its an emotional story, held up by stellar performances from the cast, which makes it a film that is certainly worth a watch.

The Truth is by no means a groundbreaking movie that everyone needs to rush out to see or eagerly search streaming services for, but its still a solidly entertaining and well-crafted film that deserves attention.

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Emotional character study 'The Truth' opens at the Ross this Friday - Daily Nebraskan

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Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (August 20) – NewsroomPost

Posted: at 6:06 pm

Message of the Day By Renooji


Just heal, because

Every feeling is energy. When we think, negatively or positively, our thoughts cut the passage of the energy. The volume of the energy is immense when our thoughts are very strong. All our troubles of life are due to our concentration of negative thoughts. Undesirable consequences are due to our losing our centre of balance and positive energy. One has to keep redirecting thoughts to positive things and further send the healing energies to change the events in life in the light. We must keep examining our intentions and thoughts in order to know where we are heading. Every pleasure has its pain and every idea of healing brings respite to the end result. Eventually we have to keep our mind focused on our own experiences with the divine grace guiding our spiritual path. Stay focused on the evenness of the mind, and allow the dawn of the fullest light to manifest divine knowledge within and without. Healing hugs of immortality. Love from the centre of soul consciousness.Renooji.

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Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (August 20) - NewsroomPost

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Why This Russian Billionaire Is Creating A Virtual Reality World For Music Festivals And Concerts – Forbes

Posted: at 6:06 pm

Mikhail Prokhorov.

With Covid-19 still a constant threat, Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov announced on Monday that his virtual reality and artificial intelligence company, Sensorium Corporation, is developing a new VR social platform, where users can attend attend virtual concerts, music festivals, and more.

Imagine watching your favorite artists in space, not a stage with absolute freedom to get as close as you want, Prokhorov said in an email to Forbes. VR is a new form of art.

The platform, called Sensorium Galaxy, is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2021. But there are still many unknowns. The company says it has attracted $100 million in investments from entertainment companies, but would not disclose the names of any investors. Despite claiming that it has great artists onboard, the company did not disclose which musicians or bands have signed on.

Virtual reality is still nascent, and as such, an unproven business. But Prokhorov is not the only billionaire betting on virtual reality. Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook, which spent $2 billion in 2014 to buy virtual reality hardware company Oculus, early this year launched Facebook Horizon, a VR platform that is open to a select group of beta users.

Now peoples world seems to be limited by a tiny screen in front of them, Prokhorov said in his email. The emergence of technologies that combine artificial intelligence with virtual reality represents an opportunity to fix the current situation, broadening digital communications through a new generation of virtual environments for social connections. A statement from the company on Monday said one of its goals is to achieve digital immortality.

The concert industry has cratered in 2020, with shows and festivals cancelled around the globe in an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19. While there have been some efforts to hold socially-distanced live shows, from Chicagos drive-in concerts to socially distanced shows in northern England, where attendees were separated on 500 raised metal platforms, the majority of live shows have been postponed. According to industry trade publication Pollstar, the live industry could lose up to $8.9 billion in revenue this year if the current situation continues.

The pandemic has also impacted Sensorium Galaxys timeline, with minor delays in terms of development, says Matias Lapushin, a spokesperson for the company. We have a huge [motion capture studio] where we virtually recreate artists in VR, but the crisis has obviously prevented us from doing so these past few months. However, all our partnerships are still in place and great artists are on board. Lapushin adds that the platform, where users can also chat and play games among other features, can be accessed with both through a VR headset and a personal computer.

Sensorium, founded by Prokhorov in 2018, is registered in the Cayman Islands, with offices in Moscow, Zurich and Los Angeles. It owns a 27% stake in Redpill VR, a Los Angeles-based tech company that is also using virtual reality for entertainment events. The company is using a 3D creation tool created by Epic Games, the maker of popular videogame Fortnite, for its virtual platform. Other partners include the charitable foundation of Sergei Polunin, a Ukrainian-born ballet dancer who in 2019 had an invitation to dance at the Paris Opera Ballet withdrawn due to homophobic comments he made on social media.

Prokhorov is a seemingly unlikely investor in a virtual reality entertainment company. His fortune originates from the messy Russian privatization era in the early 1990s, when he founded Onexim Bank with fellow billionaire oligarch Vladimir Potanin. At the time, the bank handled loans to the government and bankrupt state enterprises and eventually got control of Norilsk Nickel, a metals giant which the two men sold in 2008 to another Russian billionaire, Oleg Deripaska. That year, Prokhorov was on the Forbes Worlds Billionaires list at an estimated $19.5 billion. Forbes currently pegs his net worth at $11.4 billion.

But he differs from other oligarchs as well. Prokhorov bought the Nets, an NBA team, in 2010 for $200 million and worked with billionaire media mogul Jay-Z to move the team from New Jersey to Brooklyn. Prokhorov then sold the team and the arena rights in 2019 for an estimated $3.3 billion to billionaire Alibaba cofounder Joe Tsai.

He is known to frequent the Spanish island of Ibiza famous for its nightclubs. That may be why one of Sensorium Galaxys first content partners is Yann Pissenem, a DJ who owns two nightclubs on the island.

Prokhorov ran against Vladimir Putin as president for Russia in 2012, winning 8% of the vote. And hes the only oligarch to have appeared on The Daily Show with Stephen Colbert.

Though Prokhorov had told Forbes in 2013 that he planned to run for president again, it appears that he has put his political ambitions behind him.

He is not an active user of VR products, he said in his email, but explained that he is attracted by its potential. Virtual worlds are part of an evolution of human communication, said Prokhorov. Its a natural process, and people shouldnt feel scared about it In a virtual galaxy, the only limitation is your imagination.

Excerpt from:

Why This Russian Billionaire Is Creating A Virtual Reality World For Music Festivals And Concerts - Forbes

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Immortality or Bust – Film Threat

Posted: July 21, 2020 at 12:01 pm

Immortality or Bust follows the 2016 presidential candidacy of Zoltan Istvan from the Transhumanist Party. If someone believes that immortality is possible and wants to run for president, their name better be Zoltan.

Transhumanism is the belief or theory that the human race can evolve behind its current physical and mental limitations with the help of science and technology. Now, whether you believe in Transhumanism or not, it does not make this documentary in less interesting. Zoltans life story sounds like a sci-fi film.

In his twenties, Zoltan Istvan traveled the world on a sailboat by himself with five hundred books aboard. In his more recent years, he had the idea to drive across the country in a coffin bus (Yes, a coffin bus) to raise awareness of Transhumanism. While doing so, he also reveals that he was running for president in 2016. At this point, just about anyone run for president, except Kanye West, he was a bit late to the party.

During the documenting of his trip and candidacy, we are given information about how technology has evolved and how it relates to human life. At one point, Zoltan talks about a heart that runs on wifi and is meant to be a life-long replacement for a human heart. We are also taken into a facility that houses frozen human bodies in hopes of waking them up/bring them back to life when science has a way of doing so and curing whatever illnesses they may have.

Zoltan talks about a heart that runs on wifi and is meant to be a life-long replacement for a human heart.

This idea of wanting to extend life is one thing, but to be immortal is something I really question. Why would anyone want that? There are far too many ethical and moral issues that come with this idea. The documentary explores these issues a bit, but not enough. It is definitely a one-sided argument and an agenda-driven documentary. With that being side, it is still quite interesting. Zoltan (along with others) gives his reasons for wanting to look further into technology to help evolve the human lifespan. Although some might have decent reasons, some are just hilarious. Zoltan often uses sex as reasoning. He talks about being able to have a heart that can withstand sexual interactions when you are older and then talks about how technology can and has made way for people to experience sexual activities while being in completely separate locations.

There is somewhat of an uneasy moment in the film. The film opens with Zoltan and his mother crying, but it is not clear why. It is not until the end of the film. It is made clear. They are crying over Zoltans fathers dead body. I get that this can push his argument further, but its also something very personal that a normal human being would probably not want on camera.

Immortality or Bust could be a documentary that is meant to sway a persons view on Transhumanism, but it is also a story of an interesting man with interesting (or far-fetched) ideas. It is surprisingly a quick watch even though it is a little more than an hour and thirteen minutes in length. Much of the documentary will also make you think of classic sci-fi movies that show how technology can change the world. Its not a good thing when Zoltan keeps mentioning Jurassic Park in his argument. We all know what happens there.

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Immortality or Bust - Film Threat

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Keanu Reeves New Comic Book Is About An Immortal, But Its Not Autobiographical – Comic Years

Posted: at 12:01 pm

Keanu Reeves is an actor that has countless franchises to his name. From mainstream commercial films to critically acclaimed drama or indie hits, Reeves has done it all. Most recently, Reeves is having a career resurgence with the massive John Wick franchise. Not to mention his return to previous franchises in Bill And Ted and The Matrix. And now, the iconic actor is adding comic book creator and writer to his credits. Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comic book is a brand new title coming in October.

The brand new comic book titled BRZRKR is coming from Boom! Studios, written by Reeves himself. The title will be a twelve-issue limited series featuring co-writer Matt Kindt from Folklords and Bang!, as well as acclaimed artist Alessandro Vitti of Marvels Secret Warriors fame. The new title will also feature colorist Bill Crabtree from BRPD and letterer Clem Robins from Hellboy. The new violent series is about an immortal and his journey through time to discover more about his origins.

BRZRKR is Reeves debut as a comic book writer. The series is about Berzerker, a man who is half-mortal and half-God cursed with immortality. Being around for centuries, and fighting in every war he can find, his long life is at the expense of his sanity. His one true purpose is to discover the reason behind his existence, the secret behind his immortality, and how to end it. Its a common theme in stories featuring immortality such as Highlander and the recent Netflix movie The Old Guard.

The story of Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comic book sounds like a typical immortal story. An undying badass who seeks death due to his ability to not die. Brutal and violent are always the best ways to describe these stories. It also feels like theres a resurgence in this type of content, with Charlize Therons The Old Guard also dealing with familiar themes. But theres another aspect of BRZRKR that conspiracy theorists will have a field day with.

As famous as Reeves is for his on-screen talents, his off-screen personality is also quite infamous. Reevess personal life is full of tragedy, and his personality is also unlike most celebrities. This makes him very relatable and well liked by fans, but also makes Reeves the target of many memes. One such meme was when Reeves was photographed eating lunch alone on a bench, spawning the sad Keanu meme. Coincidentally, one of the covers for BRZRKR seemingly replicates that meme with the protagonist sitting on a bench in the rain.The cover has a very melancholy vibe.

Theres also the long-running inside joke about Reeves being immortal himself, given how well hes aged over the decades. So a comic book story created by Reeves himself about an immortal warrior seems fully like its leaning into all those stories and theories about himself.Which is kind of brilliant if you really thinkabout it. And very on-brand with Reevess self deprecating and quirky personality.

One of the best things about Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comic book is the eventual movie or series that well be getting. With Reeves penchant for franchises, it almost feels like a foregone conclusion that BRZRKR will become a live-action movie or TV series. Especially seeing how the protagonists look is modeled exactly after Reeves himself. Not to mention the fact that Boom! Studios also has a first-look deal currently in place with Netflix.So it definitely feels that thecomic book is a precursor to the eventual live-action franchise.

Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comic book is set to release in October.

So what do you think about Keanu Reeves as a comic book writer? Let us know in the comments below.

Shah Shahid is an entertainment writer, movie critic (so he thinks), host of the Split Screen Podcast (on Apple Podcasts & everywhere else) and filmy father on a mission to educate his girls on decades of film history. Armed with uncontrollable sarcasm and cautious optimism, Shah loves discussing film, television and comic book content until his wifes eyes glaze over. So save her by engaging him on his own blog at or on Twitter @theshahshahid.

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Keanu Reeves New Comic Book Is About An Immortal, But Its Not Autobiographical - Comic Years

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Here’s how you can win over 83 years of free Netflix service – Retail News Asia

Posted: at 12:01 pm

This year, thanks to the global pandemic, Netflix has proven to be a much-needed distraction for those stuck inside. During the second quarter, the company added more than 10 million new subscribers worldwide. And now one lucky person could end up winning 1,000 free months of Netflix service. That works out to more than 83 years of service. You read that right. Who knows? COVID-19 might be eradicated by then. Netflix calls it the immortal account.

To win the contest, you need to play a Netflix original game based on its new action film The Old Guard. This is themotion picture version of a graphic novel written by Greg Rucka. Starring Charlize Theron, the film is about a team of noble mercenaries who just cannot die. And this immortality is the reason why Netflix is giving away 83 years of service. As the streamer asks, But how long is immortality, really? Netflix cant promise a truly eternal subscription to its service, but it can offer the closest alternative: 1,000 months of service, which comes out to a bit over 83 years.

The grand prize winner must ring up the highest score while playing Netflixs The Old Guard video game. You must be at least 18 years of age and reside in one of the 50 U.S. states or the District of Columbia. The contest ends at 8 am PT on July 20th which means that time is a-wastin. You can play the game as often as youd like until the contest ends, and the top 10 scores will be posted on a leaderboard.

The grand prize winner will receive a special code good for 1,000 months of free Netflix service covering two screens. The person who achieves the second-highest score wins the second prize consisting of a code good for one year of free Netflix service for two screens. And the entrant who manages to get the third-highest score playing the game wins a code that can be used to obtain six free months of Netflix for a pair of screens. The codes must be redeemed within one month of their activation which is expected to take place on July 20th. The ARV (Approximate Retail Value) of all of the prizes adds up to $10,169.82.

The Old Guard video game mirrors the events of the movie and in the game, you play the lead character looking to fight off your enemies using a one-handed Labrys. The latter is a giant, double-bladed ax. Netflix hints that getting killed in the game slows you down, so to ring up a high score, you need to defeat enemies quickly, without getting hit.

While Netflix is the most popular subscription streamer in the world, the companys estimate for new subscribers during the current quarter was 2.5 million. That is less than half the 5.27 million expected on Wall Street and the company is blaming the shortfall on short-form video app TikTok. Netflix told stockholders that TikToks growth is astounding, showing the fluidity of internet entertainment. Instead of worrying about all these competitors, we continue to stick to our strategy of trying to improve our service and content every quarter faster than our peers. Our continued strong growth is a testament to this approach and the size of the entertainment market.

If the U.S. government gets its way, TikTok will be banned in the statesbecause it is owned by Chinese firm ByteDancer. The U.S. is concerned, as it is with all apps and products owned by a Chinese company, that ByteDancer is secretly collecting information that it sends to a server in Beijing. The company has denied this and no evidence to support the allegations has ever surfaced.

Besides TikTok, a number of new streamers could prove to be competition for Netflix. Disney+, launched last November, is off to a strong start. HBOMax and NBCUniversals Peacock are also available to iOS and Android users.

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Here's how you can win over 83 years of free Netflix service - Retail News Asia

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Meryl Streep’s Funniest Movie Characters and Their Best Moments – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Posted: at 12:01 pm

While Meryl Streep is often adulated for her dramatic turns Sophies Choice, The Iron Lady, The Deer Hunter the actress is no stranger to comedy. Several of her more humorous characters remain fan favorites. Meryl Streep can do it all, and getting viewers to laugh out loud as tears stream down their faces is one of her many talents.

Possibly the best campy cult movie of the 1990s, Death Becomes Her depicts a rivalry between two best friends turned enemies, with Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep leading the way.

Meryl Streep plays actress Madeline Ashton Menville, who discovers a potion that prevents aging perfect for an actress reaching the end of her prime. Yet, Madelines rival, Helen Sharp (Hawn), discovers the potion too. And, the immortality treatment comes with its consequences for both. For starters, they have to spray paint on some skin every now and again.

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As for best scenes, theres a moment in which Madeline cocks and shoots Helen with a big ol gun. Helen Sharp goes flying ten feet in the air, landing in the pool. Upon the realization that she may be dead, Madeline exclaims, These are the moments that make life worth living with a sense of joy and relief. Each word slowly slips through her mouth with a subtle air of superiority. Its just juicy.

Miranda Priestly is a woman on top of the world; she has it all, and good enough is inevitably subpar, while anything less than ingenious is idiotic. All those around her are committed to fulfilling her every unreasonable wish. She is a little empty on the inside, yet, as a result, her observable disposition is filled to the brim with wit, sarcasm, and unpredictability.

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There are many great Miranda Priestly scenes. The comment that its just drizzling amid a thunderstorm that cancels all flights is at the top of the list. Yet, who could forget when she schools Anne Hathaways character on cerulean blue and the path from designer decision to bin in a discount store? Fashion is never just stuff.

Meryl Streep captures Julia Childs energy perfectly, and the accent is on point too. She conveys the chefs loveable nature and determination to succeed. As for funny moments, what beats when she explains to her husband that what she loves to do is eat, going on to note that shes so good at it, as she says shes growing right in front of him. The scene is not only funny but quite beautiful, as it takes a moment to focus on the characters marriage and the humor and dynamic that defined the couples relationship.

The entire Mamma Mia movie is funny, using ABBA songs as both catalyst and commentary to drive the plot and reflect on it. The movie works because its an ensemble film, in which everyone steps up to the plate. Donnas funniest scenes often include her two best girlfriends, because the chemistry between the three actresses is palpable. Who can forget when all three girls are getting massages?

Meryl Streep dives into comedy headfirst, unafraid to venture out of the dramatic world to inspire a few laughs. And, when she does, she raises the bar. Her comedic timing is impeccable and her delivery is always perfectly in tune with whomever she is aiming to create.

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Meryl Streep's Funniest Movie Characters and Their Best Moments - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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A Conversation With Director Gina Prince-Bythewood : 1A – NPR

Posted: at 12:01 pm

Director Gina Prince-Bythewood's latest movie is called "The Old Guard." She's also directed "Love & Basketball" and "The Secret Life of Bees." Alberto E. Rodriguez/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images hide caption

Director Gina Prince-Bythewood's latest movie is called "The Old Guard." She's also directed "Love & Basketball" and "The Secret Life of Bees."

From Gilgamesh and the Holy Grail to "Altered Carbon," the hunt for immortality has been fodder for great fiction.

But "The Old Guard" has a different spin on the old story.

Netflix's new action drama tells the tale of a group of immortal warriors who keep saving the world. But they're starting to question whether the world is still worth it, after witnessing atrocity after atrocity for hundreds of years.

The film is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, a Hollywood veteran who has directed films like "Love & Basketball," "The Secret Life of Bees," and "Beyond the Lights."

She joined us to talk about her film and what being the first Black woman to direct a major comic-book movie means for her and the industry at large.

Like what you hear? Find more of our programs online.

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A Conversation With Director Gina Prince-Bythewood : 1A - NPR

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ATEMS graduation allows Class of 2020 to rise from the ashes of a broken year – Abilene Reporter-News

Posted: at 12:01 pm

Jeff Howle was able to deliver one of the most appropriate lines in high school graduation history Saturday morning.

As principal of the Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math and Science, which has the mascot of the Phoenix, Howle stood in front of his students, the Class of 2020and told them to rise.

ATEMS graduates move their tassels during commencement Saturday morning. The ceremony for the Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math and Science, whose graduation was delayed for over a month due to the pandemic, held their ceremony at Shotwell Stadium.(Photo: Ronald W. Erdrich/Reporter-News)

Not from their seats, but from the ashes of their destroyed senior year, cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not from their seats, but from their youth and naivete.

This group truly embodied the spirit of their namesake, the mythological bird that achieves immortality through its death and resurrection.

"My message to you all as we have gone through this worldwide pandemic together would be this:often the living of life is our greatest accomplishment," Howle said. "Never again should we take for granted sitting down at a restaurant, going to a friends house, seeing your grandparents, going to watch a game, going to the movies (or) going shopping at a store."

Robert Tinney walks back to the seats after graduating from ATEMS at Shotwell Stadium on Saturday.(Photo: Ronald W. Erdrich/Reporter-News)

Howle completed just his second year leading the faculty at ATEMS. But it was enough time for him to understand the group of students who stood in front of him as individuals but also as one.

He recognized the personalities they are, from athleticism to seriousness, competitiveness to politeness and from the Rubick's cube to the Lewis hair.

And their quirks. Such asDaniel Smith, who attended Saturday morning's graduation ceremony in uniform. Just not the uniform that one might expect.

As a re-enactor in several groups in town, including Abilene Axis & Allies, Smith wore a Soviet Union major's military uniform under his cap and gown.

It's nothing new. He's been participating in events since before high school and his classmates have just come to expect it from him.

"It's been my passion and my hobby for a long time," Smith said. "I like it, I feel comfortable in it and everyone knows me for the uniform. I've been wearing it since about eighth grade."

With a graduation toy stuffed in his jacket, Daniel Smith salutes in his Soviet major's uniform which he wore beneath his cap and gown at the ATEMS commencement.(Photo: Ronald W. Erdrich/Reporter-News)

It's not the only uniform he'll wear in his life, though.

While he reenacts as a Soviet, he's about to be a real-life U.S. Marine.Smith ships out for basic training later this year, he said.

There was a sense of accomplishment, Smith said. But, like the Phoenix, it's not where you've been but where you're going that is important.

"It's the start of new beginnings," Smith said.

Photojournalist Ronald W. Erdrich contributed to this report

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ATEMS graduation allows Class of 2020 to rise from the ashes of a broken year - Abilene Reporter-News

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