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Posted: August 28, 2021 at 11:45 am

LOS ANGELES Earlier this year, HAPPYBOND partnered with rspin, a health and wellness platform founded by Halle Berry, to launch a line of functional elixir supplements for pets.

HAPPYBOND is a pet nutrition brand offering collagen supplements, treats and soon-to-be-announced complete-and-balanced pet food formulas. The new elixirs add to the companys functional pet offerings.

Elixirs are available in three formulas, each made in the United States with natural ingredients. The Shine On formula includes high concentrations of vitamin E and fatty acids to support skin and coat health, according to the company. The Tum Tamer formula targets gut health and digestive issues, and the Be Well Elixir is designed to support immune system strength.

Ingredients in these Elixirs include turmeric, vitamin C, zinc, flaxseed oil and papaya juice. All ingredients are active, and formulas do not contain any fillers.

Halle Berry (left) and Anja Skodda, partners on the HAPPYBOND x rspin Elixirs line. (Source: HAPPYBOND)

We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Halle, said Anja Skodda, chief executive officer of HAPPYBOND. HAPPYBOND and rspin align in so many ways. Halle is all about a healthy lifestyle and feeds her dogs with only the best ingredients. We both believe in preventative health for our pets and therefore created the series of elixirs together with the goal to extend those special bonding moments and keep our pets healthy and happy.

HAPPYBOND x rspin Elixirs can be added to a complete-and-balanced diet as a meal topper.

I couldnt be happier about our collaboration with Anja and HAPPYBOND, Berry said. I wanted to create rspin with the notion that modern wellness means tending to mind, body, and spirit. This also includes our pets. My dogs are so much more than beloved pets; they are family. HAPPYBOND takes this evolved notion of wellness and applies it to the well-being, health, and happiness of our furry children. When it comes to nourishing your pets, they couldnt be in better hands than with HAPPYBOND.

The Elixir line will be sold on happybond.com and re-spin.shop.com.

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Halle Berry partners with HAPPYBOND on functional Elixir line - Pet Food Processing

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